First Impressions: Bride of the Century

I wanted to do more Search Engine Fun posts…but man oh man all the search terms coming into Asian Addicts Anonymous are fairly tame. Some are kind of like questions, and I’ve answered some in my second post, particularly in regards to Crazy Love and Ouran High School Host Club…but really all I get are people looking for drama recaps. I guess that’s a good thing as that is what I have spent the majority of my four years blogging on. Yay me on being successful in that department.

But…since there really aren’t any questions, and I covered the funnest and randomest search terms in Part 1…I’ve really got no material for an ongoing series. Sad day. I really kind of wanted to try that and do something different, but if I keep it up, it would turn into you can find episode recap for xxx drama here and here and here. Woohoo. I’ve already compiled a list of all recaps on AAA so why repeat it?

So…since I haven’t watched any new episodes of any of the dramas I’m currently recapping and I have no new music to gush about…what to do?

Let’s talk about Lee Hong Gi’s Bride of the Century. I’ll probably continue watching to the end…but this drama…can it get any more typical?

Lee Hong Gi plays Choi Kang Ju. He’s a chaebol who is rich, arrogant, self centered and cold. Wow. That’s practically naming every male lead out there in dramaland these days. He was kidnapped when he was a kid by someone he trusted the most. Aw, shucks, kidnapping? After that he doesn’t let anyone get close save for his childhood friend Roo Mi. And all I can think about is Master’s Sun…he was kidnapped and developed some lovely psychoses thanks to that, too. So even though he’s quite the bad mannered person, he’s got that tragic little boy flaw that all most male leads have.

And what about the leading lady? Yang Jin Sung plays the duel roles of Na Doo Rim and Jang Yi Kyung. Wouldn’t you know she’s like a carbon copy of the woman who is his fiancée? So now we have some switched identities of a twin-like nature even though these two girls aren’t related whatsoever. Oh, and this girl is poor with a strong sense of justice and right and wrong. HOW on earth can anyone believe that she’s the same woman as Kang Ju’s fiancée is beyond me as the two girls are soooo opposite. Even if Kang Ju is not really knowledgeable about the woman he’s going to marry, the others around her should definitely know there is no way she’s the real deal. But, like always, she’s constantly belittling the male lead’s horrible attitude and treatment of people. I’m so recalling a Tsukushi at times always telling Domyouji off.

Oh…and let’s not forget Roo Mi. Jang Ah Jung plays Lee Roo Mi who is supposed to be Yi Kyung’s best friend, but who is really fighting her for Kang Ju oppa—who is the only man that Roo Mi could ever possibly love (even though we have ambiguous hints of maybe a lil spark of interest between Roo Mi and Kang Ji’s brother Kang In). Dramaland is ripe with “besties” who constantly backstab and steal husbands, fiancés, and boyfriends. Roo Mi is no different. Nope, nope. She’s fairly typical…doing things behind Yi Kyung’s back to land Kang Ju as her own.

Yang Jin Sung

I just loved this scene from episode 4 where Doo Rim lets out her crazy to save Jin Joo

Even the ambiguous sibling relationship is nothing new. It’s a bit rarer, but still a common drama plot for liking step siblings and adopted siblings—usually in dramas with big birth secrets. Sung Hyuk as Jang Yi Hyun seems to have…rather ambiguous feelings for Yi Kyung. At first I thought they were just stepsiblings, as Mrs. Ma wonders if Yi Hyun isn’t interested in finding his little sister because she’s not his “real” sister. But then we have mention that the Jang siblings are half siblings. So…it doesn’t matter if they aren’t 100%, that makes them “real” siblings, so that whole thing is kind of confusing right now. But…you know the love is there between these siblings even if we aren’t sure just what kind of love it is. But…I have to say, it’s a little disturbing for a brother to develop romantic feelings for a girl who is like a carbon copy of his little sister.

Mrs. Ma is fairly typical, too, doing whatever she can to get what she wants and save her daughter—even if it means hurting or betraying her stepson and sacrificing another woman’s life. And the bad relationship between a second wife and a husband who can’t get over his first love? Again, nothing new, but the funny thing is the Choi sons don’t seem too affected by their parents’ relationship. Maybe they just don’t show that unhappy side to the kids.

What is fairly new is the “curse”—not something you see too often. And this drama does have a supernatural flair what with the first brides of the eldest son’s all dying to supposedly appease a ghost of the family. It’s also interesting to watch what this ghost is doing. I’m trying to figure out the why of the girl’s actions, but we’ll have to watch to see.

So yeah. Nothing new. Lee Hong Gi’s acting isn’t amazingly bad or amazingly good. He’s fairly average. Yang Jin Sung isn’t all that bad as I hate Jang Yi Kyung, but love Na Doo Rim.

My main complaint about this drama is it’s fairly predictable and stock characters and the believability of some things. In only four episodes, again, it makes no sense that Doo Rim isn’t immediately outed as her character is the complete opposite of Yi Kyung’s. There’s no way she can believably be filling her doppleganger’s shoes.

I’m also really confused about Kang Ju and Roo Mi’s relationship. He get’s upset with Doo Rim when she accidentally falls on top of him and Roo Mi sees the two lying on the floor together. But then he turns around and gets upset with Roo Mi for embracing him where Ji Kyung/Doo Rim can see. So what the what. Which girl does he really like?

And…even if Yi Hyun’s affections for Doo Rim stem from her resemblance to Yi Kyung, it actually makes no sense how after…was it 3 or 4 episodes? He gave Doo Rim a scolding for nearly getting creamed by a van. Sure, she deserved scolding, but his telling her that Yi Kyung is important, but so is she to him…fell flat. Sure, he’s falling for her. You can see that, but that whole scene didn’t ring true. Not for me. Not enough buildup.

Ah…what drama was it…someone assumed someone else’s identity…Spring Love! In that drama, the twin from Japan assumed the twin from Taiwan’s identity. I think it would be funny, if, like in Spring Love, everyone came to prefer the fake to the real thing.

My curiosity is piqued. The drama isn’t horrible. I’m fairly certain I shall watch to the end. But, like I said, nothing really new. I really am watching for some of the cute interactions between Doo Rim and Kang Ju and the ghost story. I’m really curious why the ghost did her best to have Doo Rim swapped out with Yi Kyung. What is the purpose of that?


  • I was in the mood for something different today, and decided to give this show a shot. Must’ve been a bad time.. After the first 15 minutes (I seriously haven’t even seen Hong Ki yet) I turned it off and started Cruel City instead. 😛

    • I don’t think the first episode alone was enough to really get me interested or vested, so it doesn’t surprise me that you took off after 15 minutes. When you get into Fake Yi Kyung’s and Kang Ju’s interactions, that’s when it gets more enjoyable, but that’s not until part of the way through episode 2.

    • because i think the story is interesting, i really tried to finish the first episode because for me it’s really boring but when jin sung(doo rim) and hong ki met, its really cute

      • It was a slow start. If you only do a one episode watch to see if you’ll continue, it’s hard after the initial episode, but I think everyone fell in love with Doo Rim and Kang Ju once they finally met and started interacting.

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