Angel’s Revenge Episodes 32-33 Recap

Perpetually behind, that I am. In these two episodes I have found new respect for Bong Chang. I didn’t hate her character, but she seemed your typical simple minded silly woman. I liked her jab to Dal Nyeo when they met and what made it even more perfect was the smile and happy way she said what she said. I admit to tittering a little bit at this point. Dal Nyeo’s reactions are really really really getting on my nerves. She cannot understand why Pung Ho oppa is being so cold and cruel. Really? After everything your son has done, you don’t get it yet? And can you imagine Pung Ho’s reaction if he knew Dal Nyeo through Jin Yu’s son away? Dal Nyeo constantly complaining about people not understanding her feelings and missing her grandson…this is the bed she helped make. Suck it up already. I guess…at least she’s human enough to feel badly about what happened…but that doesn’t excuse her duplicity in the matter at all. And as predicted, Mr. Jacky Jerkface who has managed to marry into the Seo family doesn’t care about his wife or unborn child. Who would have thought that (total sarcasm here if you can’t tell)?

So Ji Seok wants to know how his brother-in-law knows the woman he loves. Tae Jeong immediately lies and says he’s meeting Seon Yu about the idea she proposed during the interviews. He wants to adopt the plan, but was afraid of copyright so he came to ask Seon Yu to sell the idea to L Foods. Seon Yu smirks a bit at this outright lie. Ji Seok sits down next to Seon Yu. Is his brother really that passionate about his job? LOL. Well…yes and no. When Tae Jeong asks how Ji Seok knows Seon Yu, Ji Seok reminds him about the girl he told Ji Hui about. Yep, this confirms Seon Yu is the woman that Ji Seok likes. This definitely doesn’t make Tae Jeong happy. In the guise of the lie he’s already told, he asks Seon Yu how much money she wants. Seon Yu smiles and says she doesn’t want money. She can earn money on her own, she really wants a job a L Foods. That Tae Jeong obviously can’t do. That’s fine as Seon Yu already has Ji Seok’s job offer. This really makes Ji Seok happy that Seon Yu agreed so quickly, but of course it annoys Tae Jeong even more.

Ji Seok walks Seon Yu out of the café and she asks him why he came back. Oh, that’s right. The more he’s with her, the more her character seems to be rubbing off on him. He sits her down on a bench and pulls out the shoebox. This surprises Seon Yu. He tells her not to be worried or obligated as he is just repaying the kindness that she showed him when they first parted ways. He wants those shoes to bring her good luck. Uri OTP, so cute.

How shocking, Aran wants Tae Jeong to watch the restaurant and Ji Seok. She’s afraid her stepson has some nefarious scheme that will hurt them all in the end. Tae Jeong…it’s hard to tell if he really feels threatened by Ji Seok’s existence as the sole son and heir to the Seo family and L Foods. Would Tae Jeong have gone against Ji Seok from the beginning without Aran’s urging to claw his way to the top? Anyways, Tae Jeong will happily comply and work against Ji Seok in order to kick Seon Yu out for good. Ji Hui catches him looking at the employee records from the restaurant, but he quickly takes the records away and says it’s just something he needs to look into. Ji Hui then shows him the sonogram and says their baby looks like her. It looks kind of like a little ball now… Tae Jeong is confused and not too interested. This really hurts and disappoints Ji Hui. She’s even more disappointed when she explains that the child they are having is a girl and she gets no reaction from Tae Jeong. He’s disappointed like his mother that it’s a girl, too, isn’t he? I don’t think he could care less at this point. He does assert that he doesn’t care and he wants a pretty baby girl just like his wife. With no emotion in that statement, how is Ji Hui supposed to believe him?

Let’s be honest, in this show it’s very easy to tell when people are lying. So…WHY is it that no one else can tell? Aran is so obvious with her emotions and while Tae Jeong is a little less obvious, you can still tell. Same with his mommy. Maybe it’s just the problem with certain types of daily dramas.

Ah, before I forget, that night at the Heo household, Bong Hwang is lighting into her sister for not working. Bong Chang then asks for Pung Ho to do a pizza franchise with her since he has tons of experience. This makes Bong Hwang very happy and the partnership is quickly agreed upon. Enter Seon Yu who reveals she is starting work at a family restaurant and it’s happiness all around.

The next morning Tae Jeong confronts Seon Yu who is leaving for work. Of course Seon Yu is going to work with Ji Seok because her with Ji Seok is what he fears the most, isn’t it? Tae Jeong then accuses her of using Ji Seok to marry into the Seo family. This actually floors Seon Yu, but she is quick to go along with Tae Jeong’s warped thoughts. Of course she’s using Ji Seok. Didn’t Tae Jeong further himself by marrying Ji Hui? Why can’t she do the same? This leads Tae Jeong to call in Ji Seok’s restaurant manager Yu who has been applying for a transfer to the main office for years. If she really wants to work at the main office, then Tae Jeong has a proposal for her.

Jeong In and Gyuri are shocked to see their favorite ex-nun at the restaurant. Is she there to keep an eye on them? Or to eat? But the restaurant isn’t open yet. Jeong In then talks about how worried and surprised they were when they thought Seon Yu was working in the bar. Seon Yu smiles brightly and says she is there to watch over them and says they all need to get in and get to work. The two young girls aren’t happy to find out that Seon Yu will be working at the restaurant, too. Yu then introduces the new branch manager and it’s none other than the girls’ ahjussi. Great. Not only do they have Seon Yu to contend with, now Ji Seok is working their, too. LOL. They sound like two unhappy teenagers who have discovered their parents are working where they are.

Ji Seok sits down with Seon Yu after the morning introduction. How come she didn’t look surprised that he is the branch manager? Seon Yu says she had an inkling he was more important than he let on as he got the girls and her a job there. Ji Seok then says he is really happy that she is there working with him as he really needs her help. Of course he won’t exactly explain the situation either. He only says that he needs to raise profits. Seon Yu goes out to work and Ji Seok has a meeting with Yu. He’s going over data and figures trying to comprehend why the restaurant in a good location isn’t doing so hot. The conclusion? There are too many similar competitors, but Italian restaurants.

In the restaurant, Seon Yu is happily greeting customers when Yu comes and tells her to take a table’s order. Seon Yu hands over the menu and when she squats down, the customer very obviously knocks over her own drink and starts getting enraged at Seon Yu. Our poor former nun takes the woman into the bathroom and helps her get cleaned up. While she is distracted, the woman takes off her ring and throws it in the trash. The two then go back out into the restaurant and Ji Seok comes out and promises to pay for dry cleaning costs as he urges Seon Yu to go change. Speaking of fake acting that is soooo obvious…this customer is very obviously kicking up a fuss for no reason. Anywho, after Seon Yu leaves she starts calling the girl a thief as her ring is missing.

Ji Seok and the woman are in the bathroom looking for it while the staff gather outside the door. Gyuri and Ji Seok and Jeong In all know that Seon Yu, especially being a former nun, would not steal. The customer demands to search Seon Yu’s locker and the idiot agrees to this and there is the ring! How’d it get there from the trash can? It was Manager Yu’s doing. The customer immediately demands Seon Yu’s removal. Ji Seok can’t agree to this as he doesn’t believe Seon Yu would really steal. Thus the woman storms out and complains to the main branch. What a first day of work. Both Seon Yu and Ji Seok should know something is rotten in the state of L Foods for this to happen. The fact that they both don’t immediately think of Aran/Tae Jeong is actually pretty shocking to me. Something when bad…on your FIRST day…they both have enemies…and they don’t think it’s a set up?

Meanwhile, Ji Hui is having a shopping date with Ji Hui. The two women are very happy (Dal Nyeo is being spoilt by her daughter-in-law). Then they go to the baby store. Ji Hui is cooing over the cute girl things while Dal Nyeo only has her grandson on her mind. This hurts Ji Hui some more. Dal Nyeo is really disappointed in Ji Hui having a girl, isn’t she? Dal Nyeo asserts she likes the color blue and then goes on to say that she’s sponsoring an orphanage and wants to send them clothes. This makes Ji Hui happy. Which orphanage? L Foods does charitable work and they can add the orphanage to their list. This angers Dal Nyeo (and worries her). She doesn’t want Tae Jeong or people to know she’s doing this. Fine. Ji Hui then happily goes and picks out clothes for the children there. She really does have a good heart. But I really think she’s going to turn bad. Dal Nyeo complains about how Ji Hui can’t understand that Dal Nyeo can’t give her grandson the clothes Ji Hui buys. AND WHY WOULD Dal Nyeo EXPECT JI HUI TO UNDERSTAND THAT!? Ji Hui doesn’t even really know of Sarang’s existence (beyond the ultrasound and Seon Yu’s “lies”).

On her way home, Dal Nyeo runs into Pung Ho and Chang. Pung Ho continues his coldness while Chang greets Dal Nyeo eonni very warmly. As soon as Pung Ho finds out that Dal Nyeo has a coffee shop in that neighborhood where they want to buy their pizza franchise restaurant, Pung Ho immediately leaves. Dal Nyeo then tries again to invite Chang for some tea, but Bong Chang smiles brightly and says she may be slow, but she knows that isn’t right. She’s heard everything from her sister and brother-in-law about Jin Yu. She smiles widely and tells Dal Nyeo that she has some advice to give her as a mother. What advice? “You shouldn’t live like that.” Assa! Bong Chang then brightly walks away leaving Dal Nyeo seething about how the smiling insults are worse than anything Bong Hwang has to offer. This scene made me respect the silly Bong Chang more as a character.

Dal Nyeo then goes into her coffee shop where Tae Mi scolds her for not letting her go shopping, too. Dal Nyeo then talks about her precious baby boy. Tae Mi has no idea what her mom is talking about. She’s also surprised to hear that Dal Nyeo is donating baby clothes to an orphanage. Her mother never donates. Dal Nyeo sends her away and talks about how frustrated she is that she can’t talk freely about nor see her poor little grandson. Sigh. This woman. She has no right to complain. She sacrificed Sarang for Tae Jeong. Can’t she understand that decision is wrong by how she is hurting over Sarang’s absence?

Aran gleefully reveals the restaurant incident to Mrs. Gong and Wu Hyeon. Mrs. Gong quickly asks the newly arrived Tae Jeong if everything Aran is saying is true. Tae Jeong confirms it is and Mrs. Gong runs into her office to call Ji Seok. Of course Ji Hui is concerned while her mother gleefully talks about Ji Seok’s big mistake to start. Wu Hyeon then scolds Aran for saying out the bad things and then apologizing. If it’s that unpleasant, she shouldn’t say it at all. LOL. Awww, uri samchon is so astute (I am still wondering if my niggling suspicion that he’s really Ji Seok’s father is right…probably not, but that’s just what I feel at times, especially after learning that Ji Seok’s mother disappeared after an accident and it appears Wu Hyeon wasn’t always this way and that would explain why Mrs. Gong is really apologetic to both Wu Hyeon and Ji Seok).

Does anyone else want to slap that smile off Aran’s mouth? She pretends to be concerned, but you can see her fighting back that smile and the way she delivers the message about Ji Seok’s wrongdoings. Even if she isn’t directly involved, you know she’s dancing a jig inside that Ji Seok is failing epically from the beginning.

At the Heo house, Pung Ho and Chang tell Bong Hwang everything. As much as Bong Hwang doesn’t want to be in the same neighborhood as Na Madame’s coffee shop, they are the innocent ones. Why should they let Dal Nyeo stop them from doing business in a good neighborhood in a an excellent location? She tells Chang to go sign the contract the next day. Seon Yu dejectedly comes in, but tries to hide her low spirits. She goes into her room and wonders about the guest’s strange actions. NOW you find them strange?

Yu is worrying because Ji Seok requested all CCTV footage. Of course, she’s safe since the locker rooms and bathrooms don’t have CCTVs in them…or directly outside of them either. Ji Seok sends her home and gets a call from the worried Mrs. Gong who demands he just fire that employee right way. Ji Seok says he can’t fire an innocent person and assures Mrs. Gong he will handle everything. When he hangs up, he sees that Yu had a long talk with the guest as she walked in. Suspicious, ne? He then goes through all the footage once more. He’s a smart cookie, uri Ji Seok-ssi.

He goes out of his office and Jeong In is there cleaning. He SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT watching the CCTV footage. He asks after Manager Yu and Seon Yu. Yu isn’t there yet and Seon Yu was called into the main office. Uh oh. Ji Seok  quickly rushes out to save the day. Wouldn’t you know it he comes across Manager Yu talking to Tae Jeong about the incident! (Tae Jeong caught sight of Yu and Ji Hui on ahead…of course Ji Hui ended up seeing him talking to Yu since the elevators are GLASS!!!!! Tae Jeong is such an idiot at times.) Ji Seok is livid. He says he needs to talk to his brother-in-law and storms into Tae Jeong’s office like its still his. He warned Tae Jeong didn’t he? He warned him not to stab him in the back. Ji Seok could have revealed everything from the beginning, but he didn’t. He wants to keep the family peace. Tae Jeong had better stop.

Feathers in the wind. Try as hard as he might, Tae Jeong can never regather all that he scattered. His fathers in the wind will haunt him to his bitter end. Sure, he’s smart and manages to get away with a lot of things, but he can’t completely cover his tracks at all. And Ji Hui is wounded even more to learn Tae Jeong struck another blow at her brother (she thinks its all due to her mother right now).

Ji Seok leaves and runs into Aran. He confronts her about her deviousness. Aran really doesn’t have a clue this time, but that’s besides the point. She frankly tells him that she hates him and he should never have been born. The she and Ji Hui wouldn’t be like this. Seon Yu overhears this entire conversation and you know she’s hurting for Ji Seok. He leaves Aran and catches sight of Seon Yu. Here he came to save her and there she had to overhear him being scolded by his mother. The two go outside and Seon Yu touches his hand and promises to be a wall for him to vent to. Ji Seok replies she’s a very warm wall making Seon Yu quickly withdraw her hand. He should have kept his mouth shut, lol. Ji Seok then explains the situation and how he’s not going to give up and he will work until Aran accepts him. I highly doubt that will happen unless Tae Jeong finally turns around and bites the hand that feeds him. THAT would be the only reason for her to accept Ji Seok.

Seon Yu looks guilty to hear that Tae Jeong is attacking Ji Seok with Aran. She, I believe, thinks this is her fault and has nothing to do with Aran. She knows Tae Jeong’s twisted personality. There is a high probability he would have struck at Ji Seok without encouragement to get what he wants even without her involvement. Seon Yu apologizes over and over and Ji Seok says there is nothing for her to be sorry about. He promises to not get her involved in his messy family affairs any more.

At the restaurant, Ji Seok tells Yu to resign or he will seek action against her and bring the whole sordid mess out into the open. Nice. Seon Yu then hears from Jeong In how Ji Seok spent all night checking out the CCTV footage just to save her. Awww, warm fuzzies. Enter Ji Hui. She misses seeing Seon Yu and heads for the office. She drops off the plant and apologizes for her mother and husband. It hurts her deeply that the people she love are striking at her brother whom she loves dearly. Ji Seok tells her not to worry. Even if Aran and Tae Jeong are like that, the siblings don’t have to change, right?

Meanwhile, Tae Jeong has arrived after learning that his wife when to the restaurant. He tries to drag Seon Yu out before Ji Hui can see her and at this exact time Ji Hui and Ji Seok come out of the office. Will Ji Hui learn who Seon Yu is here?

Stay tuned to find out.

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