Rummage #1 – The Tempest

Oh, I probably won’t do many of these at all (actually this just might be the first and last), but as I’m preparing for a major overhaul in my room, I’ve been going through my file folders and notebooks. I don’t throw anything away. Or…wait…that’s not true. I don’t throw any of my writing away no matter how god awful it really is, and I’m sure the majority of it is pure and utter rubbish. But, anywho, it’s always interesting going through these notebooks and folders. I can remember the moments when certain pieces were written and others I’m looking back and scratching my head wondering where the heck that came from.

I was a writing major in college. As part of our curriculum, we were forced to take a class completely dedicated to Shakespeare (which didn’t make me unhappy as I do like Shakespeare). Well, in the compilation of plays are historical notes, language explanations, etc. So, I took random notes from the pages and turned it into poetry! Is it anything to be proud of? Eh, probably not, but if you ever have time on your hands and nothing to do, it’s something fun to give it a try. Find notes, etc. and go to town (better yet have some fun with dialogues from various dramas that stick with you). It’s kind of in the vein of “found” poetry.

Flood of Emotions
Inspired by The Tempest by William Shakespeare

This song is a grief melody
winging its way to freedom
as my tears join the ocean,
dissolving my echoing pain.

This sorrow song must be sung
for the humans of death
need to own up to
the lacerations of cruelty
they raise upon our battered souls –
scarring our hearts.

These abominable masters
bottle pain,
but I refuse to be stopped up.
tries to keep me down,
makes me heavy,
so in it I would drown.
But this is a purgation of misery.

I am letting go of welling pain
in this grief melody
so it is sorrow that drowns
instead of me.

I’m not entirely sure which lines were from the actual notes, but I can hazard a fairly safe guess. It is always interesting as in my job I come across interviews with writers where people ask them about their creative process and how they work. To quote Korean band Toxic, I “just do it do it oh” – no process or methodology for me. As I’ve said before in the post about why I write (in that case read “write” as blog), it’s kind of because I have to. In the veins of creative writing…it’s something I haven’t done since I lost one of my two jobs. Funny, isn’t it? I have more time to devote to writing creatively now, but I don’t do it at all. Ah, the contradictions of life.

Now I really do want to try what I mentioned above and take drama quotes and turn them into something else. Maybe throw in some song lyrics, too. Any suggestions?

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  • I think it would be kinda interesting to show one thing you wrote long ago, and then ‘rewrite’ it? I mean….that way you could see how your writing now differs from your writing back then & how your perspectives have changed..if that makes sense..

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