Anticipated Cdrama The Lady & The Liar

I admit, I don’t watch too many Chinese or Taiwanese dramas. I don’t know why. Maybe because there is easier access to Japanese and Korean. But every now and then a Chinese or Taiwanese drama comes along that I really want to watch. Right now, thanks to seeing the official trailers and clips from upcoming Chinese drama 千金女賊 (The Lady & The Liar), I am really anticipating this drama which is supposedly set to air in…2015, I think.

The drama stars Hawick Lau [Bai Zheng Ji] (who recently married longtime girlfriend actress Yang Mi), Tony Yang [Jian Wen], Tang Yan [Jiang Xin], and Yang Rong [Du Xiao Han]. This drama is loosely based on the manga Hakushaku Reijo by Hosokawa Chieko and is being produced by Chen Yu Shan (she worked on highly popular Lang Ling Wang). The story follows poor orphan Jiang Xin who learns she is the daughter of a wealthy family. On her journey to meet the family, another girl Du Xiao Han uses an accident as a means to assume Jiang Xin’s identity. Jiang Xin ends up with amnesia and is taken in by Bai Zheng Ji. It turns out that Bai Zheng Ji (current head of the Shanghai mob) is best friends with Jiang Xin’s first love Jian Wen [a doctor who is the son of the former Shanghai mob boss]. Of course our amnesiac lady will slowly regain her memories and will fall for the liar.

Doesn’t the trailer look good? Or at least interesting?



  • It looks good for TONY HEHEHE!!!!!

    • I’m excited for more of Tony since I fell in love with him thanks to the not-so-great Love Forward. And Hauwick is a great actor. I didn’t know he was the evil husband in Sealed with a Kiss or whatever it was called.


  • ^@heisui

    I’m also anticipating this! I can’t wait for its release, but it isn’t going to come until 2015.

    • I know! I was all excited seeing the teasers and then I saw that big 2015 and wanted to cry. Sheesh. That long? *pouts*

      • I’m hoping for a 2015 airdate! I’m very busy this year for drama. 😦 sad lyf!

        • Awww. Well, then it’s good that I *think* it’s supposed to be airing next year. Maybe we can try to watch this drama together 🙂 when it does finally air.

          • Yes, yes we should! It’s a drama date that I have penned it!

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