New Discovery: 엑티비티 (Activity)

Thanks to discovering Bar Eden Hall’s YouTube channel where videos of Korean indie artists playing live are posted, I discovered this awesome Korean band called 엑티비티 (Activity)! It was a love at first listen…to a LIVE video. Half the time live videos aren’t the most stellar, mainly just because the video and sound quality are generally low, but these are HD and the sound is rather good.

I had promised myself no new music. No new music. NeeNee must save her pennies up. I couldn’t resist buying their EP on iTunes, though. Drat. I have willpower not to buy so many things, even things I need and I wound up buying MORE music. It’s an illness that I just can’t seem to purge myself of entirely.

Activity formed only a year ago on February 6, 2013. They are young, but oh so good! They are another four member band. I say another, because I just did my write up of Korean indie band The Breeze last week and they are a four member band as well. Anywho, Activity consists of members Lee Eun Su (vocals, guitar, composer, leader), Yun Woo (piano, sound maker, composer), Park Ji Hun (bass), Seop…or is it Seob…I’m really bad with g/k and b/p in romanizing Hangul Sub (drums).

Piano in a band? Yes, please. I really love Japanese band WEAVER whose vocalist plays the piano. I think it adds a certain attraction and charm.

If I compare Activity to a Korean band that I already know, I have to say that sometimes their sound and the vocals remind me a bit of Axiz. Eun Su has a very beautiful voice for the slower, ballad-like portions of songs, but then he has that rock growl/scream that he lets rip at certain parts for a harder sound. 좋아. 너무 너무 좋아! Joha. Neomu neomu Joha!

Anywho, if you like rock, check out this great indie band. If you really like them, show them some support and buy their EP on iTunes. You can definitely bet some of their songs from this album are making my February Favorites Playlist!

Neo Nal Tteona i Jari EP너 날 떠난 이 자리 [Neo Nal Tteonan I Jari; The Place You Left Me]
Released 4 February 2014
Buy on iTunes

01 그리워서 그리워 [Geuriwoseo Geuriwo; Something to do with “Missing” but not 100% certain of title translation]
02 너 날 떠난 이 자리 [Neo Nal Tteonan I Jari; The Place You Left Me]
03 행복한 눈물만 [Haengbokhan Nunmulman; Happy Tears]
04 Get Up
05 바라본다 [Barabunda; Looks (not sure if that’s right)]
06 Horror

Here is their official Facebook page:

And here is a sampling of a live song that I fell for (I think from the band’s official YouTube):

And here is a song without an official release yet (T_T):


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