Angel’s Revenge Episodes 29-31 Recap

This show has ways to amuse even they are rather simple. Aran has only been used to Ji Seok’s returned coldness and hostility so her reaction when he called her mother for the first time and apologized for hurting her by looking for his birth mother was really priceless. I was laughing even though her reaction wasn’t too over the top…it was just amusing. Aran measures people by her own personality. She only uses “kindness” as a screen for her duplicity. She can’t believe Ji Seok is really turning over a new leaf. He must be trying to wheedle his way into her good graces so that he can stab her and Ji Hui and Tae Jeong in the back, right?

And to add to my amusement was Ji Seok’s words to Jang Tae Jeong. Mr. Jacky Jerkface  thinks he got away scott free, but wouldn’t you know Ji Seok lets Tae Jeong know that Ji Seok knows Tae Jeong messed with the contract. Next time you have something to say, say it to my face. No more of this behind the back stuff. Burn! Even if Ji Seok didn’t like Seon Yu, Tae Jeong is going to have problems with him. I love Ji Seok. He’s good at honeyed barbs. Of course, he does honestly want to try to get along with his family and not have wars and friction…but we all know that he won’t stand for the carp that a certain Jerkface is trying to pull.

To add even more to my amusement was Wu Hyeon. When Aran is doing everything she can to push the newly come back Ji Seok to America (I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling with her fake smile and fake reasonableness), Samchon states that if she likes the US so much, she can go there instead of Ji Seok. Assa! I really do love the interactions between Wu Hyeon and Aran as they can be highly amusing like this and even though he’s not “normal”, uri samchon isn’t stupid and he’s pretty good at grasping the situation and throwing out his own barbs. Although with Wu Hyeon, you know his barbs are really without malice as they are laced with honesty.

There was also this great scene in these episodes where Ji Seok decides to return Seon Yu’s kindness to him by buying her shoes. Soooo sweet…even if I personally thought the shoes were rather…ugly. I suppose they are fashionable, but I’m not a shoe lover. I hate shoes. Wae? You try finding shoes that are 8.5 wide. It’s next to impossible. No cute shoes for me…plus I have weak ankles and bad knees so I really hate high heels, too. Enough digressing, he was just so adorable. The saleswoman looked sufficiently freaked when he looked down at her own feet for an estimate and then he uses his hands to ask for a she “this big”…which looked rather long actually, lol. I hope they fit Seon Yu.

After he buys the shoes for Seon Yu’s interview he’s also cutely waiting outside of L Foods trying to figure out the best way to give it to her. I like the part where he practiced kneeling and then thought that was a little too much. Indeed, it would have been. I really would have liked to see what would have happened if he had successfully delivered them to Seon Yu for her interview.

I don’t know why, but twice married divorcees seem to be popular in daily dramas—especially on KBS. Melody of Love has a twice married, twice divorced aunt with two kids living with the leading ladies’ family. Now we are introduced to Bong Hwang’s sister who has just divorced for the second time because her husband cheated on her. This is becoming rather common as that is the reason Jeong Ja divorced both her husbands in MOL. Anywho, not really caring for the sister, but the Bangtong is adorable with his dialect and actions. He can easily win over the fierce Bong Hwang and keep her from being too hard on his mother.

And as much as I had these little scenes to give me some joy and glee…there were other scenes that didn’t too much. Seon Yu is an idiot. WHY she would trust Tae Jeong’s friend is beyond me. Sure, she wanted to get the scammed money back from the shop, but to actually trust that man who’s done wrong for Tae Jeong MULTIPLE TIMES now is just pure idiocy on her part. She deserved to have her revenge somewhat thwarted out of her own stupidity for blindly following a friend of Tae Jeong’s. I did like how fierce she was. Home come whenever Tae Jeong got physical with her and those disgruntled factory workers an that drunk Lech, did she become a powerless female? Get her with the opening where she drop kicked Ji Seok and now this kidnapping scene, and she’s got the move and skills. Tsk, tsk. Bad character writing write there.

Ji Hui. I don’t hate her, but I can’t pity her either. Sure, Tae Jeong’s lie kind of ruined Seon Yu’s truth, but Ji Hui has been warned. Seon Yu even told her Jin Yu’s story (well, not in it’s entirety, but most of it). So now she’s being eaten away with jealousy and suspicion because of Tae Jeong’s countless lies and Seon Yu’s constant presence? SHE mad that choice. I did love it when Seon Yu threw back Ji Hui’s words that she will choose Tae Jeong and trust him. If that’s the other woman’s choice, she had better stick with it to the bitter end. I’m waiting for Ji Hui to hit the fan when she finally learns just who the woman is that her older brother loves. It should prove interesting.

Oh…and Ji Hui brought up Jin Yu again, terrifying Dal Nyeo. Seon Yu has one final piece of proof and with that, Ji Hui can no longer be in denial. Seon Yu has the picture of Jin Yu on her phone, pregnant, but she also has the pictures to prove that she and Jin Yu are sisters. Ji Hui is a smart cookie despite making stupid decisions. If she sees the picture of Seon Yu and Jin Yu and recalls Jin Yu’s involvement with Dal Nyeo and her pregnancy, Ji Hui should realize just what a horrible decision she made. To top it off, Aran is bound and determined that Tae Jeong will help make Ji Hui the chairwoman. Of course, Tae Jeong has other plans. His dream is bigger than Aran’s. He will be the chairman, not Ji Hui. Face it, Ji Hui, you’re a stepping stone and a stepping stone only.

Totally frustrating is that Seon Yu figured out Ji Seok’s identity first when she saw him talking to Ji Hui. This floored her. Props to her for not thinking of using the innocent Ji Seok necessarily to further her plans against Tae Jeong. I want no toying with his feelings (even though we all know that even if Seon Yu hasn’t realized it yet, she likes Ji Seok as a man). Ah, well, that part isn’t the frustrating part. That part comes when Ji Seok is tending to the bedraggled Seon Yu and demanding to know what is going on. Seon Yu fantasizes about telling him about Tae Jeong, only to not go through with it.

But I suppose that doesn’t matter since Ji Seok goes to give the shoes he bought for Seon Yu to her finally and catches in a café talking to Tae Jeong. He actually approaches them and asks what’s going on instead of watching and wondering. Yay. What lies will Tae Jeong come up with about Seon Yu? We all know that Ji Seok will be less likely to believe them after knowing more about Seon Yu’s story than Ji Hui. He’s aware of Seon Yu’s deceased sister who meant everything to her.

Ah, Tae Jeong. What gall he has. He’s terrified that even though Seon Yu failed the interview thanks to the kidnapping and Mrs. Gong refusing to give the bedraggled woman another chance, that she will stick close by Ji Seok and take away Tae Jeong’s carefully orchestrated position by becoming the wife of the chairman (aka Ji Seok). I honestly don’t think Seon Yu would ever go quite that far for revenge. She’s okay with hurting Tae Jeong, but not innocent people, especially Ji Seok as she knows the pain he’s going through as well. I don’t think she wants to hurt Ji Hui, but Ji Hui made a choice and her unhappiness does rest partially on her own decision. Anywho, so Tae Jeong calls Seon Yu out. He apologizes for everything, says he’s hurting about Jin Yu and the baby, too. Blah, blah. He’ll give the shop money back and send Seon Yu off to finish her studies like she wanted. At least Seon Yu knows he isn’t being sincere. If he had been truly sorry, he would not have taken things to such extremes to protect himself. Very true. She knows he’s afraid and she also knows why—Seo Ji Seok. Speak his name and he will come. Seon Yu wasn’t very happy to see him either.

Is anyone else curious as to WHY Seon Yu was quick to turn down Ji Seok’s confession, but not so quick to agree to his offer to join him Jeong In, and Gyuri at the restaurant to work? This girl, I tell ya. She doesn’t make the best of decisions either, does she?

Really looking forward to see what’s going to happen in episode 32!

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