Angel’s Revenge Episode 28 Recap

Seon Yu is falling way behind Tae Jeong. He’s proactively doing his best to destroy her and her family while all she does is mutter about how she will haunt him and make him pay for his sins. Um…ACTIONS. We need actions right now, not mere words. Although, I’m sure she and Ji Seok will both end up working in the same department at L Foods and taking down Tae Jeong. But still. All talk does not make Lee Seon Yu scary.

Yoon So Yi, Park Jung ChulYoon So Yi

Seon Yu vows to haunt Tae Jeong as she knows his only fear is her since she is the key to his sordid past. Ji Hui catches the declaration from war from afar and is not happy. The unhappy Seon Yu goes home to the restaurant where her aunt and uncle are making food for the neighbors to say goodbye. Ji Seok is also there as he stopped by for food since he’s living all on his lonesome. Seon Yu asks to talk to him and immediately rejects him. Ji Seok doesn’t care about this. He will wait and wait for her to reconsider. They both make very valid arguments. Seon Yu is right to point out that if Ji Seok can’t face up to his own issues, there is no way he can help her through her difficulties. Ji Seok also awesomely rebutted that his feelings were sincere and from the heart and not him running away and needing someone to love. See the full conversation here: Seon Yu’s Rejection & Ji Seok’s Plea.

Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

The shareholders confront Mrs. Gong about Ji Seok and Mrs. Gong confronts Aran as she isn’t dumb and knows her daughter-in-law was behind the board coming after Ji Seok. Aran says business and family are two different things and Mrs. Gong reminds Aran that Ji Seok must have a chance to explain himself first. Aran makes a wise ass remark about Ji Seok leaving because of Mrs. Gong and waks away and Mrs. Gong nearly faints. Wu Hyeon gets her to her office and calls Mr. Kim who Mrs. Gong requested to find Ji Seok and bring him back ASAP.

Bong Hwang confronts Seon Yu about her glum face and the girl tears up and finally reveals they were conned by Tae Jeong and his friends. This floors and angers Bong Hwang. Can they get their money back? Nope. The man is long gone and his phone is disconnected. Bong Hwang wants to march straight to Tae Jeong and fight, but Seon Yu stops her since there is no use when Tae Jeong gloats over the lack of proof. This really hurts Bong Hwang. That’s what happened with Jin Yu’s case, too. Seon Yu’s plan of revenge? To stick to Tae Jeong’s side like rice so he knows how to be afraid. Um…right. Good plan.

Wu Hyeon and Mr. Kim go to see Ji Seok. Wu Hyeon is very agitated and begs Ji Seok to come back because Mrs. Gong isn’t going to see the doctor nor is she taking her medicine like she should—all she asks for is Ji Seok. Mr. Kim then explains what Aran has been doing. Ji Seok definitely doesn’t look happy. Even though he’s hurting that his grandmother lied, you know he still cares for the old woman. Meanwhile, Aran is worried about Tae Jeong and the contract. There is no way to prove it was him right? Of course not. He’ll slip up the more he tries to hide, you know it.

Kwon Yool

Ji Hui tries to feel out her husband to see if he went with Seon Yu after leaving the office, but Tae Jeong isn’t biting. He went straight to the airport from the office, which he did. Ji Hui then looks at his phone and dials a number. She isn’t happy to learn that number is Seon Yu’s. Um…she has Seon Yu’s number as well so shouldn’t she be able to recognize it? I have this feeling that she might end up being a jealous and psychotic wife. I really hope she doesn’t get that bad. Seon Yu finds a posting for a job at L Foods while, Ji Seok recalls Seon Yu’s words and it’s like a light bulb goes off. What? Will he go back to granny and solve his problems to prove himself to her?

Bong Hwang goes and nearly busts down Dal Nyeo’s door. She rants about the sins of Tae Jeong and demands compensation. Dal Nyeo is floored. There is no way her son would do something like that. Snort. Right. She calls up Tae Jeong and is horrified to learn it is the truth. She scolds him for doing something so extreme and Tae Jeong yells at her to plead innocence and kick Bong Hwang out. Like that will be so easy. Ji Hui overhears him yelling and demands to know what is going on, but Tae Jeong says it’s a petty matter with his mother and none of her concern. This doesn’t make Ji Hui happy at all since her husband is hiding things from her all of the time.

Seon Yu goes to turn in her application to L Foods and sees Tae Jeong with his Mother-in-Law. They are heading to the special board meeting. The board demands Ji Seok’s explanation, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Aran tells everyone to calm down and vote for a new managing director as that is what the company needs at this moment. Aish. The board tells Mrs. Gong to accept Ji Seok’s resignation and they will nominate Jang Tae Jeong in Ji Seok’s place. When Mrs. Gong remains silent, she is threatened. If won’t listen to them, she will lose her position. Mrs. Gong cannot believe this. Enter Ji Seok. He apologies for his tardiness and leaving before the contract mishap. The board member demands to the truth and Ji Seok lies outright that the mistake was his fault because he left without double checking that everything was as it should be. Well…he is right that he bears partial responsibility for that case…but to take full blame…tsk. Mrs. Gong is not happy while Aran is ecstatic. He’ll quite the company to atone for his mistake right? Absolutely not. He will resign from the position, but will remain at the company to prove himself and help in any way he can.

Kwon Yool

I chortled happily that even though Ji Seok gave up the position, he is NOT giving in and doing whatever Aran wants him to do. I know he doesn’t really want to fight her or hurt Ji Hui, but he also can’t be an eternal doormat either.

Mrs. Gong asks why Ji Seok took responsibility when he wasn’t at fault. Ji Seok’s reasoning is that he doesn’t want to spend his whole life fighting and being enemies. He wants to be a family that doesn’t fight. He had always hated the family he was born into. His grandmother led him to the Seo house when he was seven and now it’s time for him to act willingly. Mrs. Gong apologizes for using his mother to bring him home. He sits closer to his grandmother and tells her not to worry. He will wait for her to tell him when she’s ready about his mother. Mrs. Gong tears up and thanks Ji Seok.

Kwon Yool

Aran congratulates Tae Jeong about successfully covering the contract incident so that there was no proof thus forcing Ji Seok to accept the mistake. WHY talk about such matters in a clear voice in the hallway of the company? So Ji Hui can overhear and learn what a rotten man her husband is, of course. Eyeroll. Seriously. If you’re going to do nefarious things, DON’T discuss it out in the open at the COMPANY for Pete’s sake.

When Seon Yu gets home there is Ji Seok. He’s been waiting a long time. Seon Yu tells him to go home since she has already said everything she wanted to say. Ji Seok tells her to listen to him. I was sad that he downgraded himself to a mere acquaintance, but he told her he found the courage to face the family he hated and constantly ran away from. He did well, right? Can she please tell him that? See the full quote from Ji Seok here: I’m here as a friend, not a man.

Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

Awwww. He’s like a little puppy wagging its tail at its master waiting for the pat on the head for a good deed. I am kind of wondering WHY Seon Yu’s face had that shocked expression. Did she not think that Ji Seok would muster up his courage and go forward so soon? That’s a possibility. If he can finally confront his own demons, don’t you think he can help you with yours?

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