Search Engine Fun Part 2

Maybe I’ll make this a series… So, this is just what searches are bringing people to AAA. Not really anything fun, shucks, but that’s okay. You asked whatever Search Engine you choose to use and I will answer here! Not that these are necessarily questions per se, but that’s how I’m treating them. I’ll pick out a few dramas and highlight what brings people to AAA. I may end up doing this once a month or so. We’ll have to see.

This time the dramas I’ve picked out are Crazy Love and Ouran High School Host Club. One drama I kind of hate with a passion and the other drama I love with a passion.

Crazy Love

Aigoo, what is with all these people doing various search variations of Crazy Love looking for synopsis and info about the ending? Okay. You want to know about the ending? It was technically a happy one I guess, but it fell flat just like the entire drama did on a whole. You can read about episode 100 here and be glad that you didn’t physically watch the drama. You want to see write ups for the entire travesty? Check out the Crazy Love tag.

Oh? What’s this? You want pictures of various characters from Crazy Love? Well…I haven’t fixed all the broken images yet from those posts, but do check out the albums I have. Album No. 1, Album No. 2, Album No. 3, and the Official Stills I snagged. And with all of these pictures…I don’t have screenshots from all the episodes, but a good portion of the earlier ones. I’m sure you’ll find something that you were possibly looking for wading through all of them. I can’t believe someone wants a pick of Mi So and Min Jae kissing…I don’t know if I have any, but knock yourself out wading through over the 1,000 pictures from the drama I have.

What episode was the Pineapple Tower of over the top sweet infamy? Episode 47. Do you really want to know what happened to Yoon Mi So’s daughter? Yes, the poor child did indeed die after getting nailed by that truck. Oddly enough, Psycho #1 actually gave her a proper burial. Then again, Na Young didn’t hate the child and did feel badly about what happened. Just not badly enough in my book. Evil witch.

In which episode did Na Young attempt to have Mi So raped? Seriously? That is a curiosity you have? In that case, it’s the end of episode 11 and beginning of episode 12.

As for which episode Kyung Soo and Mi So held hands in a super market…that doesn’t ring a bell. In episode 56, the two were all lovey and dovey at a mall as Mi So took Kyung Soo out to buy some clothes. Is that what you’re looking for?

Ouran High School Host Club

Aww, you’re looking for piccies of the live action Honey? The character was brought to life by Chiba Yudai. His Black Honey was to die for. Do you remember Black Honey? He didn’t get all that much screen time in the drama…just one episode. How sad. Here’s a picture of Chiba as Honey to satisfy your curiosity.

Chiba Yudai as HoneyChiba Yudai

I’m not sure what exactly people searching for OHSHC and Yamamto Yusuke want, but I have TONS of pics of him from the drama. Here’s a taste where he shows his more serious side. Ah, Tama. I miss this drama. It deserved so much more than it’s less than stellar movie follow-up that some people are also looking for. Also in the pick is Kawaguchi Haruna. Her name alone is a search term.

I do have recaps of all the episodes, but for some reason, people still come to AAA looking for the first…nani? I don’t know. But you can find all OHSHC recaps by clicking the OHSHC tag.

You want to know which episode was the beach episode? Check out episode 5!!!! I was really surprised when they chose to include the bed scene with Haruhi and Kyoya in it. Not that anything happened at all with the two…but still. I was surprised for some reason.

And…that’s it. Most people come to AAA searching for the first episode as I said, so there wasn’t a WHOLE lot of OHSHC requests, so I picked what little there was since I loved this drama so much.

Stay tuned for next time! I’ll take other questions if people have them, lol, but I can’t guarantee satisfactory answers.


  • You’ll have to check your stats to see if more people come to this post based on the questions they searched!! 😛 I don’t think the dark Honey in the live action was as epic as the one in the anime!

  • Crazy Love is being broadcast in the Philippines, so perhaps some traffic comes from there.

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