Korean Band: The Breeze

The Breeze

Photo Credit: The Breeze’s Official Naver Cafe
Left to Right: Jeong Tae Kyun, Lee Yeon Woo, Kang Bul Sae, No Ju Hwan

Korean indie band The Breeze formed in 2003. Their music styling is more of the alternative persuasion. Although, their Facebook page lists their genre of music as “post grunge.” I really don’t know enough about music and genres to distinguish too much between them and when I try, I fear I fail miserably, lol.

I discovered this band last year as they celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of their 3rd full length album Alive. The band consists of 4 members: Kang Bul Sae, No Ju Hwan, Jeong Tae Kyun, and Lee Yeon Woo. It was love at first listen to their title song “Try to Remember You.” You know that moment? Ah, it was just like when I first heard the song “Someday” by MEGA STICK and I was immediately gushing and sharing everywhere. I was head over heels and I kept watching the video and listening to the song constantly. In fact, I loved that song so much, it made it into my All Time Favorite Korean Songs from 2013. Okay, enough gushing.

People tend to think that the front man (aka the vocalist) is the leader of the band, but that’s not true for quite a few bands. With the GazettE, Kai, the drummer is the leader. It’s the same for Alice Nine. I was actually kind of surprised to learn that their drummer Nao is their leader. In The Breeze, it is guitarist No Ju Hwan who is the leader. Fun fact for you all.

I absolutely LOVE Kang Bul Sae’s voice. And the band’s overall sound is definitely a style and genre that I’m completely into and have been a fan of since my teenage years. And I don’t mean to say their sound isn’t Korean at all…but I am reminded of some of my favorite American rock bands with their music. I HIGHLY recommend checking this band out as they are awesome. I just wish it was easier to get your hands on their early albums. So far I only have their last album and the digital single they released this past December.

Even though they have just celebrated 10 years and are on their 11th, they actually haven’t had a very prolific career. For those wondering that just means that in spite of their long career, they don’t have that many albums to show for it. But we all know it is quality and not quantity that count, don’t we? While they may not have a lot of albums or singles under their belt, they are AMAZING!!! There is not a song on their 3rd album that I don’t love. In fact, it’s one of the few albums I have en toto on my iPod.

Official sites

Café Daum: http://cafe.daum.net/thebreeze
Café Naver: http://cafe.naver.com/gogobreeze
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bandthebreeze/


Jeong Tae KyunNo Ju HwanLee Yeon WooKang Bul Sae


길 [Gil]
Single released 5 December 2013
Buy on iTunes
01 길 [Gil; Road]
02 길 (instrumental)

Album released 31 October 2013
Buy on iTunes | YesAsia
01 Divide
02 Wise Saying
03 나만의 Number [Namanui Number; Only My Number]
04 내가 제일 쎄 [Naega Jeil; I am the Strongest]
05 후끈해 [Huggeunhae; Warm Up]
06 Try to Remember You
07 This Time
08 소년 [Sonyeon;The Boy]
09 뒷모습 [Doetmoseup; Appearance from Behind]

Digital EP
Released 2011
01. 너무나 눈부신 [Neomuna Nunbusin; So Dazzling]
02 Alone Again
03그대를 사랑할수록 [Geudaereul Saranghalsurok; I Love You More]
04 Winter Story

Chosen Festival 2010
Digital single released 2010
01 가엾은 사람아 [Gayeobseun Sarama; Poor Man]
02 나를 사랑하지 마세요 [Nareul Saranghaji Maseyo; Do Not Love Me]
03 틈 [Teum; Break]

Begin Anew
Single album released 29 October 2009
Buy on YesAsia
01 real life
02 촛 불 (title)
03 I will be there
04 촛 불 (instrumental)
05 I will be there (instrumental)

Album released 15 July 2004
01 Runway
02 Mr. 오달수 [Mr. Oh Dal Su]
03 뭐라할까 [Mworahalkka]
04 Breeze
05 기합 [Gihap; Fired Up]
06 무뢰한 [Muroehan; Tough]
07 New Type
08 왜? [Wae?; Why?]
09 독[Dok; Poison]
10 windsurfer
11 라벤더 [Labendeo; Lavender]

The Breeze
Album released 6 January 2003
01 잊지마.Com [ijjima.com]
02 그냥 [Geunyang; Just]
03 Youngster
04 넌 어디에 [Neon Eodie; Where are you]
05 바보야 [Baboya; Fool]
06 군대간다 [Gundaeganda]
07 Delay
08 I Won’t Cry
09 You Know?
10 니가 필요해 [Niga Pilyohae; I Need You]
11 틈 [Teum; Break]
12 Babel

Fun Facts

  • [2004] Korean movie Temptation of Wolves insert song 뭐라할까 [Mwolahalkka]
  • [2006] Korean drama Someday title track 나를 사랑하지 마세요 [Nareul Saranghaji Maseyo; Do Not Love Me]
  • [2011] The Breeze had a cameo in Korean drama 49 Days! They were performing “real life” live in some scene. I really need to watch that drama one of these days.
  • [2012] Ollie Music Indie Awards March Artist Prize
  • The vocalist Kang Bul Sae can play the guitar as I’ve seen him playing it in one of The Breeze’s radio interviews, but in the videos and concert footage, I actually haven’t seen him playing the guitar.


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