Angel’s Revenge Episodes 21-23 Recap

Aigoo. Do you know what I can tell you about these three episodes? Episode 21: Tae Jeong wriggles back into Ji Hui’s good graces. Episode 22: Ji Hui confronts Seon Yu about the “truth” and Tae Jeong’s lie officially saves his arse. Episode 23: Pyung Ho tries to breakup the wedding with no luck and Ji Seok FINALLY reunites with his beloved nun…and discovers his grandmother’s lie. Do I really need to write out everything for that? Although, both Seon Yu and Tae Jeong are girding up for the long haul. Just who will be a victor in their war? And just how many people will become casualties along the way?

So we backtrack a little bit in episode 21 to see Ji Hui angry at Tae Jeong for visiting Seon Yu again after he had already promised not to. Boohoo. She rushes off with Tae Jeong trying to get her to stop and listen and Seon Yu smiling satisfactorily at the outcome. Her job is done, right? Oh so wrong. Anywho, she then pays a visit to Dal Nyeo who talks about how great a girl she is for dropping the whole matter until Seon Yu reveals Ji Hui’s outburst and warns Dal Nyeo to have Tae Jeong drop the lawsuit or else. Dal Nyeo then eats her words and calls Seon Yu the worst kind—nothing at all like angelic Jin Yu. Well…there’s angelic and then there’s a pushover. Although, maybe there was a part of Jin Yu who realized that her beloved Tae Jeong was morphing into a monster and thus why she went into hiding to have the baby in the first place.Angels Revenge 21 collage

Ji Hui doesn’t go home which worries everyone. Aran and Tae Jeong desperately try to get in touch with her to no avail…that is until the girl collapses and is found by the housekeeping staff at the exact moment Tae Jeong calls so he rushes to the hotel with a doctor. He scolds Ji Hui for nearly hurting the baby and herself and then all that junk that he told Jin Yu when he was still in college spews forth once more about how he wants to be a good father, blah, blah, woof ,woof. What a load of crap. Oh, back with Jin Yu, he might have meant it and maybe a part of him still does…if there’s any humanity left in that black little heart of his. Right now, we only know the loss of Ji Hui and the baby would drive him insane because he was this close to getting the life he really wanted. But…Ji Hui falls for it. However…she still isn’t sure what to do because she saw what happened to her parents’ marriage when the trust was gone and she doesn’t want that in her own. She was fine with Tae Jeong having a girlfriend in the past…but now that the girlfriend has a name and face…it’s all different.

Ji Seok is worrying over his baby sister and tells her that no matter what he will support her, so make the decision that is beset for her and her alone—it’s her life on the line after all. That rings a bell with Ji Hui. She arranges to meet Seon Yu and has her secretary com with her. She then bawls Seon Yu out for lying about being Tae Jeong’s lover. Well…who would have thought that Tae Jeong’s lie of making Seon Yu into Jin Yu would actually work in his favor? Seon Yu reveals that she wasn’t and then tells about Jin Yu and goes to bring out the proof, but Ji Hui is done listening. Now she only sees our nun as a crazy liar like Tae Jeong has said. Ji Hui storms off in a huff (she’s kind of crazy scary when she’s mad, you know…she could be a formidable opponent later). Seon Yu takes about the baby book and tears up. How can it be called a lie when there are still traces of her eonni and Sarang?Angel's Revenge 22 collage

Ji Hui goes to Tae Jeong and apologizes for doubting him. She then demands to know why he wasn’t completely truthful in the beginning to save them all of this grief. This shocks Tae Jeong and you know he’s not happy that Seon Yu told Ji Hui about Jin Yu, but he’s lucky that Ji Hui was already to stop believing a word that came out of Seon Yu’s mouth. Thus…the wedding is back on. However, we all knew this was an unstoppable plot point. The wedding must go on in order for Seon Yu to wholeheartedly pursue her revenge.

We do get a very awesome scene where Dal Nyeo was showing off her coffee shop and her status as the in-law of L Foods to her friends when Bong Hwang shows up and dresses her down and reveals the “break up”—it was hilarious and Dal Nyeo really deserved it as she has gone along to cover up her son’s sins for both their sakes. Social climbing evil monkeys. Yes, part of her does regret the wrong that was done, but not enough to really do what is right. Thus…I get slight satisfaction of this event even if it is all turned around when Dal Nyeo rushes to meet Ji Hui to beg her to take Tae Jeong back and Ji Hui hands over the wedding invite to let her know the wedding is still on. Of course, Seon Yu and Bong Hwang do their best to keep this information from Pyung Ho whose surgery has been scheduled now that Bong Hwang scared up the money.

Later Ji Seok asks Ji Hui if she’s certain. She smiles and says thanks to him she is certain she is making the right choice. Sure, her faith was shaken a bit, but now it’s solid once more. Ji Seok also reveals he’s decided to trust their grandmother as well. He will put his faith in her that she will keep the promise she made, so he will continue to work hard at the company.

The day of the wedding dawns and Seon Yu finds her uncle missing and the wedding invite on the bed. Uh-oh. Since she already knows that right now is not the time to act since Ji Hui has denounced her, had her banned from entering L Foods, etc., she knows crashing the wedding will do no good. Pyung Ho kicks up a stink, but no one gets to witness it. I did love it when he poured leftover ramen from the trash onto Tae Jeong. Served the arse right. Tae Mi points Seon Yu to the stairwell where the fight is taking place. She is livid at Tae Jeong hurting her sick uncle. She does vow that while she cannot stop this wedding, he will not reach the peak like he hopes, he will go rolling down before then. Yep. He shall. Of course, Tae Jeong vows that will never happen. He met with his friend while changing into clean clothes and told him the lawsuit is off as the authorities won’t be able to handle the problem, he will need a more drastic method. Oy.

Oh…and Dal Nyeo’s dress and makeup and demeanor before Pyung Ho rained on her parade? I’m sure you all can imagine. Who wears a tiara to their son’s wedding? And with that vapid yellow and green eye shadow to boot? And couldn’t she have gotten her hair done instead of her moppy mess? Anywho, so the marriage happens. Dal Nyeo was so nervous she nearly set the venue on fire when lighting the candle. Thankfully she put it out before it spread beyond the alter. Meanwhile, Wu Hyeon and Granny are anxiously waiting for Ji Seok who is late.Angel's Revenge 23 collage

WHY is he late? Again he thought he saw Seon Yu and chased after her. So cute. I loved it when Jeong In said his illness has become chronic and he must really like the “hag”. Yep. It is chronic. He finds Pyung Ho first who is sitting out on a bench. He introduces himself as the one who found him. Pyung Ho thanks him and mentions meeting his uncle the other day. Enter Seon Yu. Ji Seok lights right up. What fate they have as Seon Yu knew Ji Seok from the convent and he ends up being the one who saved her uncle. Ji Seok asks for her phone. Seon Yu is confused, but hands it over. He then dials his number and stores hers. He hands her phone back and tells her to save his number under Seo Ji Seok. He is also happy to have learned her name. When she asks why he did that, he reminds he of her bad habit of disappearing and then bids uncle and niece farewell so he can be there to see his little sister married.

Tae Jeong and Ji Hui make their way to Jeju for their honeymoon. Tae Jeong is disgustingly sweet and attentive. I wouldn’t normally find it necessarily disgusting, but since we know the devil behind the attractive and nice mask, you can’t find it endearing. Aran misses her baby girl and tries to comfort herself when samchon comes in. When he sees her cry he offers to blow on her eye to get whatever it is out. Awww. Even though they aren’t the closest, they do have their family moments. How rare. Of course, warm fuzzy moment will quickly pass as her claws come out as soon as Ji Seok arrives. She upbraids him for being late to Ji Hui’s wedding.Angel's Revenge 23-2 collage

Ji Seok calls up Seon Yu right away and tells her that he will get in touch often to make sure she doesn’t disappear again. The two then go out for coffee where Ji Seok demands his thank you meal for himself and his uncle. Seon Yu laughs and assures him that she’ll treat them both. Ji Seok says he will pick the place as he has somewhere to take Seon Yu and he knows she’ll be in for a treat. We all know he’ll take her to the restaurant where he got her girls’ jobs. Ahhh, I LOVE their moments together. Too few, too few. They are so cute together. You know what was also cute? When Wu Hyeon actually looked at Seon Yu in the face and put both his hands on his cheeks and stumbled over his words even more so than normal because she is just so pretty. LOL.

The surgery for Pyung Ho is a success. So the man isn’t dying yet, but I do have a feeling that he might not last to the end of the show. Who knows? Mi So’s father shocked me by surviving in Crazy Love. I wonder when the much talked about son will make his appearance? So…Seon Yu is supposed to meet Ji Seok and Wu Hyeon, but Ji Seok happens to learn where Grandpa Park is. He meets with the man to tell him to stop running as he will no longer look for him and question him. Grandpa Park then reveals that Ji Seok’s mommy went missing years ago and no one knows where she is. Uh-oh. Ji Seok runs home and goes straight to grandma to demand why she lied.

And that’s it!

Previews for the upcoming episodes don’t bode well. What happens when Ji Seok gets upset? He runs away. As much as he wants to be with Seon Yu and meet her more, he’s going to go back to the US now. Meh. Okay, so we all know that even if he leaves now, he’ll definitely come back, but I’d rather he just stayed. Now that he’s found a girl he’s interested in once more…why run away just because Granny Gong lied to him?


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