Angel’s Revenge Episodes 19-20 Recap

Hmm, I’m not sure that Seon Yu is entirely correct when she tells Tae Jeong in episode 20 that she doesn’t deserve to be slapped as she was the innocent one while he is the liar. You have lies of omission…but can you have lies of implication? No, she might never have come out and said she was Tae Jeong’s lover…but she’s definitely implied it over and over in these episodes, hasn’t she? And didn’t she come right out and say that Sarang was her child? Oh..and I don’t have a clear enough shot to look…but don’t ultrasounds have dates and names on them? At least dates, right?

Ji Hui wants to ask Tae Jeong about the ultrasound, but decides to wait and goes to meet Dal Nyeo who has just received the news herself that Pyung Ho is in the hospital because of his heart. She and Tae Mi seem genuinely worried, but at the same time…it’s a little too late for concern—forced, genuine, or otherwise. Doesn’t she know her and her son are to blame for this? Of course she did tell Tae Mi she added fuel to the fire.

At the mall, wouldn’t you know when Ji Hui goes to by Tae Jeong’s “skin” she runs into Seon Yu buying the same brand? This surprises Ji Hui because it is a rather strong brand and not many people like it. Seon Yu says it is the only brand a man she knows uses. The two then go to a baby store where Seon Yu buys shoes for her baby “Sarang.” More and more things seem odd to Ji Hui and she asks Seon Yu for a phone number. Ji Hui lies that its about the accident, but we all know its about her sudden doubting of Tae Jeong. Ji Hui’s doubts are further led on by Dal Nyeo’s shocked appearance at the sight of Seon Yu. Of course, Dal Nyeo denies knowing the girl.

After brazenly meeting Ji Hui and Dal Nyeo, Seon Yu goes to Aran’s gallery next and talks to her. Tae Jeong is livid and goes into the gallery as well. Seon Yu teases him saying he took longer than she thought he would (she knew he had her followed). Tae Jeong would rather die than give up his ambition and marriage. Fine, if that is what his life is based on, then Seon Yu will make sure to haunt him and make him follow her around worrying about what she will do next. Tae Jeong snaps about her uncle dying and her not caring. This floors Seon Yu, but before more can be said, Aran notices her soon to be son-in-law and calls him over.

Of course Seon Yu rushes to the hospital. As much as she is bent on revenge, she does honestly care about her aunt and uncle. She even wonders if they should call back her cousin who is taking a studying vacation or a business vacation or whatever it was that they called it. Bong Hwang doesn’t want to do this as she knows her son’s temperament. Better to wait for now. To heap more worry on the Heos and Seon Yu, their landlord wants them to close the shop and move out since Bong Hwang can’t be there since she’s looking after her husband and worrying about the cost of his surgery.

On the Seo front, besides Ji Hui being in turmoil over just who Sarang and Seon Yu are, Wu Hyeon sees Ji Seok’s compass and remarks about how the boy’s mother was very beautiful. Samchon then goes to hurry to the dinner table with Ji Seok chasing after him and demanding more information which got Wu Hyeon all confused and worked up. Mrs. Gong comes out and tells Ji Seok to stop agitating Wu Hyeon and after Ji Seok storms off, Granny asks if Wu Hyeon remembers something…is the truth behind Ji Seok’s mother hidden in the child-like Wu Hyeon? I’m thinking grandma knows nothing at all and is only bluffing, but Wu Hyeon knows something. I also think that there’s a great chance Wu Hyeon wasn’t always the way he is…that explains why Mrs. Gong feels a deep regret and obligation to her son and grandson.

Aran catches this exchange and latter takes Wu Hyeon orange juice and cookies with a pleasant smile to get him to spill the beans. She tells him to whisper the name of Ji Seok’s mother into her ear. Wu Hyeon does so, but Aran doesn’t catch it. Thus Samchon yells “WU ARAN” repeatedly into her ear. She’s Ji Seok’s mother. Wu Hyeon then says that if she was really trying to be good to him, she would pay attention to what both her and Ji Seok like. Wu Hyeon prefers milk over orange juice. LOL. He gave Aran a major burn there. Serves her right. I really loved it when Samchon says her smile scared him as did her sudden niceness. He may have a childlike mentality right now, but that doesn’t not mean he’s stupid…which brings to mind Forrest Gump and Jenny right now.

Dal Nyeo goes to visit Pyung Ho and is most unwelcome. As it would happen, Ji Hui has also contacted Seon Yu about meeting in the hospital as she must have her curiosity satisfied. She gets there and sees Dal Nyeo begging Seon Yu to let it go and forgive them just once. What an incredibly selfish thing to ask. Yes, forgive and forget. Let’s forgive you all of your sins that you have committed against Seon Yu and her family. Dal Nyeo is definitely not playing with a full deck. Ji Hui then steps out and confronts Dal Nyeo who lies and says that she just remembered that day who Seon Yu was and was only begging her forgiveness for barging in on the sick relative that she knew long ago. When Ji Hui mentions that Tae Mi talked about the two families being practically in-laws, Dal Nyeo is quick to say that is because of Tae Mi’s relationship with the Heos’ son. Dal Nyeo then feigns illness and Ji Hui takes her home…but Ji Hui won’t let the subject drop.

Ji Hui heads back to the hospital once more. Seon Yu confesses to knowing Tae Jeong and his mother and then the man in question runs up and pleads with his fiancee not to listen to the crazy Seon Yu. Ji Hui is even more confused and hurt and not sure what to believe and rushes off. Tae Jeong turns and slaps Seon Yu who demands to know why he did so since she did nothing wrong. He was the one who turned her into Jin Yu, not the other way around. Seon Yu then vows to become the other woman and haunt him the rest of his life. I like her viciousness—she won’t just let him off. Of course, we all know that TJ won’t take any of this lying down and will spring up to retaliate any way he can.

Tae Jeong waits for Ji Hui outside of the house. He pleads that Seon Yu is crazy, framing him, etc. It’s been long over and he never thought she’d come back into his life to try to mess things up again. He can easily explain away all of her misdeeds, except for the ultrasound. He can only repeat that child is not his and he has no baby. He pleads for trust from her, but Ji Hui isn’t sure of just what to believe any more. She even tells her mother she wishes to postpone the wedding thinking that they’ve rushed things, but without a valid reason, Aran refuses to since Ji Hui was the one who kept pleading for it.

Ji Seok, unhappy over Ji Hui’s unhappy state takes Tae Jeong to a bar and asks him to spill. Tae Jeong refuses. This is between him and Ji Hui and no third party needs to be involved. Fine. It’s true this is between Tae Jeong and his sister, but if Tae Jeong continues to make his sister’s life miserable, then Ji Seok will have no choice but to move against him. Such a good big brother.

In order to get Seon Yu off his back and keep his college buddy quiet, Tae Jeong grants the buddy whatever rights he wants in return for something else. What else? Tae Jeong pays the Heos a visit and says if they won’t stop hounding him unjustly, then he will sue Pyung Ho for assault and have him jailed. This, of course, works up the poor man with his poor ticker even more. Seon Yu rushes after Tae Jeong and rips up the papers. She tells him to come at her however he wants, but to leave her innocent family out of this. Tae Jeong happily points out that Seon Yu still cares about her family and still has something to lose. If she won’t back off, he will continue going after them.

Enter Ji Hui who is livid. Didn’t Tae Jeong say he wasn’t going to see Seon Yu ever again—that this was all over? She can’t trust him any more and the wedding is off.

End episode 20.

Unfortunately, I don’t foresee them dragging out a wedding for 70 episodes, so we all know Ji Hui will crack and marry the arse. And I’m sure Seon Yu just might lose even more than she already has. For everything she loses, she will go at Tae Jeong all the more harder. If this ongoing war keeps hurting Ji Hui, then Ji Seok has no other recourse than to get involved himself, although I am sure there will be a battle in the company, too as Tae Jeong struggles to rise to power with his great ambition he’d rather die than lose.

You can see some quotes from Episodes 19 and 20 here: No screencaps from me, although Yoon So Yi had some deliciously vengeful looks in these episode and Wu Hyeon is a precious as ever. I am a bit amazed at how Tae Jeong and his family think they can fool anyone (Aran also) since they are all miserable liars. Ji Hui couldn’t be in her right mind if she easily believes everything he says.

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