Song of the Week – 17 Feb 2014

I don’t know why, but I’m going to start doing posts for these now. 😛 This will probably help me remember so I don’t do too many songs repeatedly over and over again…I’m wont to do that entirely too often because I forget what songs I’ve done in the past.

So, like last week, I had a hard time choosing between two songs. This week, the two songs are very different just like last week. But I really do enjoy them both. So…check them out!

First up is Adison Lo (Luo Liwei) with his song “Rainbow Bridge” which is a very soft ballad track.

Next up is the rock-infused hip hop track off BTS’s latest “mini” album Skool Luv Affair – “Boy in Love”!

Ready to rock out to the new work week? It’s still freezing cold in the Midwest (and I’m sure elsewhere), and we have another half foot of snow in the forecast tonight…but…by Thursday it will be in the 40s and … RAINING!!!! What the what? Guess I should have chosen spring-like songs for the new crazy weather coming in. 😛

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