Valentine’s Day Music Recommendations – 2014

I did Valentine’s Day drama recommendations a year or two or so ago and that was a pretty extensive list. Sure, lots of new dramas have aired since then and all that jazz, but I don’t feel in the drama recommending mood at the moment. So let’s look at some music for Valentine’s day, shall we? Yes…these will be very kpop heavy…but I’ll try to throw in some other songs, too.

Are you looking to confess? Well, you’re in luck…I guess? BTS has their latest release of “Boy in Luv” which has guys stalking confessing their love to one lucky high schooler.

How about showing your significant other that you really do know how much they care in their own quiet little ways? Check out Fahrenheit’s “Momo” from the ToGetHer OST.

Does Valentine’s day get you sentimental about your first love? Why not check out Lee Seung Gi’s “Return” which stars my all-time favorite child actress Kim Yoo Jung?

Or maybe it gets you sentimental about a different love that for some reason ended. Check out Peter Ho’s “I Remember Love” from the Summer’s Desire OST.

Now…I’m not really sure this would qualify as an upbeat or positive love song, but if you believe in love at first sight… then maybe Kim Sung Kyu’s “60 Seconds” is the right song for you.

Had a bad breakup? Missing your ex like crazy now that it’s the official day for couples to rub it in your face that your single? You might want to check out the GazettE’s “Reila” – T_T such an impassioned song by Ruki in which he sings to his dead girlfriend who committed suicide…not sure if that was based on a real experience or not… but, alas, I don’t have a link for that song. You’ll have to check out the sad love song “Pledge” instead.

Again, with a breakup song…appropriate for some Valentine’s Days. This is about how you’ve moved on and how those people should look at you know. Check out Kim Jae Joong’s “Just Another Girl” and Ailee’s “I’ll Show You.”

Do you have a secret love? Then check out B.A.P’s “Secret Love” and 24K’s “Secret Love”…aigoo, song titles.

Do you like someone, but just can’t figure out how they feel about you? Bust out into History’s “What am I to You?”

Are you afraid of confessing your feelings out of fear that the person you like might not like you back and could disappear from your life? Check out C-Clown’s “Far Away Young Love.”

I could come up with lots more song recommendations based on the situation and the content of the lyrics or MVs. But, I think I’m done for now. Enjoy and have a happy Valentine’s Day whether single or in a relationship.


  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Hmm I need to catch up on HISTORY’s songs!

    • Definitely, they’ve had some good follow ups to their debut release.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

    Here’s one song I hope you’ll enjoy in return:

    • Thank you! Yu Seong Wu is so adorable and has such a nice voice!

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