Melody of Love Episode 16 Recap

I am thinking, yes I am very behind btw, but anywho, thinking that I will try marathoning and posting the basics of what happens because this is a daily drama. And…let’s face it..regular dramas have a hard time keeping the flow of the plot and dragging things out and daily dramas are 10 times worse. Yes, I always complain about this fact when it comes to dailies. Does that mean I stop watching them? No. They are like crack at times with cheesy acting, cheesy (or long drawn out and frustrating) plots, and yet oh so endearing for some strange reason.

Do you know? It takes Hyeonu (the correct romanization) 60 episodes to figure out Deul Im and Su Im are sisters? It takes just as long for Deul Im to realize Sang Hyun’s connection to Hyeonu, too. It shouldn’t have taken that long, but apparently that is one thing this drama is very good at—drawing out all these lovely connections that no one even realizes they have. Of course Hyeonu knew the truth about his cousin all this time obviously just like Su Im figured things out slightly faster (not all that much, but still…).

On to this episode. I was wondering why Deul Im was sending such shocked and disgusted looks Hyeonu’s way. I did NOT notice that she saw him at a hotel with Dr. Han’s client. When I watched this episode, I could see the Motel sign. So Deul Im spies him and a crying woman and automatically jumps to conclusions—he tried to force the woman to enter the hotel with him against her will! Because…that is SO logical…NOT! There are many reasons, and yes, that could be one of them…but to jump to that one out of all the possibilities? Oh, Deul Im-ssi.

Anywho, Hyeonu is very happy to see her…until she keeps treating him like dirt. He hands over the earring and is very angry that she is not thanking him or even treating him to a meal. He does say he wishes to go somewhere warn and talk and Deul Im immediately thinks he’s trying to drag her into a hotel now. LOL. Of course she doesn’t say that right out front and just yells at him and leaves making poor Hyeonu so confused so he yells back he never wishes to see her again. Right. Like that will happen.

Su Im is still reeling from Ji Yeong’s intense dislike of her and her family background. When she comes home and sees a customer bawling her dad out because he couldn’t get a set stain out of silk, she loses it. She complains to mommy and daddy about her hard knock life. She had to support herself through college, she only had one pair of shoes for several years…blah, blah. Why am I not sympathetic? I’m just not. Quite honestly there are people much worse off. She had a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and food on her plate. Truthfully, yeah, you don’t get to enjoy a “normal” teenage and young adult life while being poor, but again, others have it much worse. Deul Im comes back and scolds Su Im for yelling at their father like that. Deul Im then reminds her eonni that she has gotten everything over the years while Deul Im hasn’t gotten much of what she has. Does this placate our newly created drama queen? Heck no.

Su Im runs into her room to change. Deul Im gives back the earring and gets no thanks and a firm warning never to touch Su Im’s precious earrings again. Deul Im leaves as she feels her eonni is still being mean and Jin Sun enters and wonders just what is going on with her eldest daughter. Well…she has already figured out it has something to do with the lawyer’s family not taking a shine to Su Im’s background. Still…Su Im shouldn’t have melted down on her father like that. It’s nice to know that Deul Im has some maturity and family values…even if she whines in the next minute about unfair treatment.

Jeong Nam goes out for a drink and runs into Dr. Han. They both complain about their families and how each one has it better, lol. You do see what Dr. Han complains about. He goes home and wants a hug from his daughter and she runs away. His wife treats him just as coldly as he treats her at times. Poor man is also constantly checked up on which urns Mi Ok a scolding later from Jin Sun.

Hyeonu officially settles his case so his coworkers want to celebrate…with his father. Why Hyeonu can’t see they want to use him to gain honorable favor with his father is beyond me. so Hyeonu goes home and spreads the cheer. His father tells him he just got lucky, but he does want Su Im invited over for dinner since she helped out on the case. Hyeonu agrees as does his mother…very reluctantly. Although Ji Young is still very vocal that she doesn’t want Judge Park pressuring his son to choose Su Im. Hyeonu invites Su Im for dinner, but she’s reluctant because of his mother, but she immediately brightens when he says it’s his mother’s invitation (that she was forced into giving).

Deul Im catches him chatting happily with a different woman and finds him even more distasteful (because she couldn’t see it was Su Im). She complains about him and his womanizing ways and Su Im is even surprised that Deul Im thought about the hotel incident like that. Ah. and Sang Hyun and Hyeonu talk about Deul Im. Hyeonu doesn’t like that his cousin thinks the young girl is cute. Meanwhile, Tae Gyeong is working hard on his proposal for investment and takes his uncle’s advice to use it as a way to wiggle more into Su Im’s heart by showing it to her last and getting her input as girl’s life to feel needed and that their opinion matters.

Speaking of Se Jun, he and Jeong Ja have another meeting. She’s trying to read a book of poetry on a break from work and keeps dozing off. He manages to catch her when she wakes back up and wouldn’t you know it’s his favorite book of poems? He recites one, enamoring Jeong Ja. She then recites a poem in turn. Se Jun notices the apron and Jeong Ja remembers she has to get back to work and she runs off leaving Se Jun more and more curious about her…especially whether or not she’s married. At the same time, Sung Hoon reveals to Ja Hye who is picking on Tae Hee that the girl finally did tell the truth.

That’s…pretty much it in this episode. I still love this drama even though I’m horribly behind and it’s horribly dragged out. I can’t wait to get to the cute couple moments between Deul Im and Hyeonu.

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