Instinct x WEAVER – Light

OMG! I am soooo excited about this. I’ve loved WEAVER for years since their participation in the Sunao ni Narenakute soundtrack wiht “Hard to Say I Love You” and I discovered Instinct just last year thanks to their theme for a Thai drama… I have that single downloaded to my iPod, along with the acoustic version of WEAVER’s “Hard to Say I Love You.”

The song combines the power of WEAVER’s piano enthused music with Instinct’s awesome rock skills! We get lyrics in Japanese, Thai, and English. Overall an excellent collaboration. The two groups originally collaborated together during Big Mountain Music Festival 5 in Khao Yai Thailand. Yes,  I was totally gushing like a fan girl at the awesomeness of this collaboration. I don’t gush like a fan girl all that often.


  • I will have to check out more of WEAVER’s songs!

    • They are awesome! Asketch uploaded a bunch of live performances from them. Nothing like watching them in HQ and seeing them perform live…sort of.

  • Weaver!!!!! I’m so embarrassed I didn’t even know about this, thanks for bringing “light” to the situation, hahaha. Also my first time encounter with a Thai rock star. I like this, moreso esp when Yuji sings XD

    • That’s because Yuji is awesome 😉 LOL, punny wit. Apparently they joined forces for an Asian music festival and then released this official version. Instinct is very good. I discovered them thanks to their participation in a drama OST I think. Been in love with their music ever since. And WEAVER? Has it been 4 years since Sunao ni Narenakute? Ahhh, that track of theirs was instant love. And when I think of Sunao, I think of Eita, and when I think of Eita, I always inevitably think of you, lol.

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