C-ClOWN Releases Justice MV

Last month, kpop group C-Clown released their digital single “Tell Me” in advance of their comeback this month. Today they have dropped their video for their title song 암행어사 (Amhaengeosa; Justice). It’s a new style of song for the group…but then again, I don’t really think C-Clown has a definitive song style. “Solo” was different from “Far Away Young Love” which was different from “Shaking Heart” and so on.

In the vein of fierce releases, C-Clown may not be able to compete with the likes of BTS, but they can hold their own with their own style. Speaking of style…um…not 100% sure how I feel about all the members’ makeovers. It’s definitely a different look.

I’m happy to start the new year off with their digital single and now their official comeback. “Justice” is a very fun and addictive song that you should definitely check out. I’ll update when I can find a link to their album to purchase.

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