Angel’s Revenge Episodes 16-18 Recap

Alas, not nearly enough couple time…and I’m not 100% happy with Seon Yu’s vow of revenge including a vow to never love again. Oh, sure, she’ll break that vow, we all know she will (unless this be one of those dramas with a highly disappointing and depressing ending—it could happen), but because she made it…and because Ji Seok is in that family that caused her sister’s downfall…it’s going to cause a lot of headache and heartbreak. Now that Seon Yu is on the path to revenge, forsaking her vows to become a nun, the show will hopefully be delightfully fun. So far, her stalking methods and wiggling her way into Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s life are nice. Now…we just need Ji Seok on board. You know he’ll help because of his sister being caught in Tae Jeong’s honey trap and because Tae Jeong hurt the woman he loved horribly (plus, who knows what Tae Jeong’s thirst for power will do to the Seo family on a whole).

So Seon Yu digs through her things until she finds the paper Tae Jeong gave her signing away his parental rights. This is her final piece of evidence that she will use to stop the wedding. She can’t have Tae Jeong living the fairy tale life after what he did to her eonni and the baby. I do wonder when Dal Nyeo will let the cat out of the bag that Sarang is very much alive (I liked how when Ji Hui asked in the previous episode for the enamel ring and Dal Nyeo clammed up since she put that ring with the baby and can’t get it back). Anywho, she rushes off to catch Ji Hui only Ji Hui isn’t at the office, but at the restaurant for the meeting between the in-laws. Seon Yu is horrified to hear this and demands Ji Hui tell her right away where she is as her life’s on the line. Hearing this, Ji Hui agrees to have her secretary tell Seon Yu the meeting place.

While all that drama is going, Ji Seok is avoiding the meeting because of Aran…and because he doesn’t want to hurt Ji Hui. So he gets on over to TGIF’s where he got the convent girls jobs. Jeong In is less than thrilled to see him and to serve him and this makes Ji Seok tease her all the more about her poor attitude and serving skills. LOL. I do like that Jeong In will still be in the background. I wonder if she will get mixed up in the revenge plot, too? Who knows? Right now she’s Ji Seok’s link to “the hag” and you know he won’t break that easily.

Okay, so Tae Jeong picks up his mommy who spent a buttload on some gaudy expensive clothes. Yeah… I was in a store once that sells higher end clothes at higher end prices. One of those pieces was a gaudy gold sequined dress priced at over $100. The store clerk who followed us around because heaven forbid we were teenagers looking at prom dresses, was very unhappy with me when I said you went to that store to look like a cheap hooker for $100 or more. She deserved it. But, the moral of this story is high end does not equate immediately to tasteful and refined. Tae Jeong wants her to change, but she has no clothes since she forgot to pack any in the move. Well…shouldn’t that be one of the first things you grab? He only tells her to lighten up on the makeup as he rushes out the door. Her “lightening” the makeup was just her rubbing off the lipstick. Tone down the eye shadow woman.

Ji Hui waits in the front of  the restaurant for Seon Yu’s arrival and greets her grandmother and uncle. Then Tae Jeong and company arrive. He introduces his mom and sister to the Seo family. Uncle is very cute. Dal Nyeo doesn’t get that there’s a little something wrong with him at first, but when she does she starts speaking very loudly, upsetting poor Wu Hyeon. Anywho, Tae Jeong leaves to go look for Ji Hui when he sees Seon Yu heading straight for her. Tae Jeong makes the interception and drags her out of the restaurant into…WHY is there a deserted field near by? Okay, so he drags her into the car and then to the field, but still…

The two squabble. Tae Jeong wants Seon Yu to quit coming around him and Ji Hui. Seon Yu refuses and waves the proof of his daddy-hood in his face. Nice. So what does Tae Jeong do? He pushes her down (so she hits her head on the ONLY rock in that particular clearing—a large one at that) and he burns the paper. He does also tell her if she keeps sticking to him like the last bit of rice in a rice cooker, he’ll have no qualms about erasing her and her family like he did Jin Yu. The helpless nun just lies their in despair and disbelief (and probably some raging anger…and a headache).

Back at the restaurant, both families are getting upset over Tae Jeong’s prolonged absence, plus they can’t get in touch with him. He’s losing more and more brownie points with Aran, but she does happily point out Ji Seok’s bad manners in not showing up as well…she told him not, but she leaves that bit out. Ji Hui goes out to call him once more when she runs into him with tall grass on his coat and a scratch on his neck. He tells her he’s fine and ushers her in. He then drops the bomb that he was hit by a car while looking for Ji Hui. The owner took him to the hospital right away and everything is fine. Aigoo. The way he said it…couldn’t everyone tell it was a falsehood? But, at least during the long wait we had Wu Hyeon’s and Dal Nyeo’s interactions to amuse. Those two are cute together with Wu Hyeon laughing at Dal Nyeo’s lack of etiquette (and the “pineapple” on her chest). Then when dinner starts, Dal Nyeo won’t shut up about how little alcohol the waiter pours. She worked in a bar for a long time, she knows how to do it right. She then proposes a toast for everyone to drink up in one shot. Ji Hui is amused, but no one else is.

When the families go to their respective homes, Wu Hyeon tells mommy just how much he liked Dal Nyeo because she was fun, but Tae Jeong isn’t fun. So he’s happy with the perm ahjumma. This horrifies Aran that her brother-in-law is happy with Dal Nyeo…that makes her even more undesirable. So she tells Granny Gong that she needs must take Dal Nyeo in hand and groom her to be a better in-law than this, or they will lose face. Granny tells her to just concentrate on the wedding and then Aran makes another snarky comment about Ji Seok not showing up. Grrr. Meanwhile, Tae Jeong goes home with his mom and sister and they both scold Dal Nyeo, although Tae Mi lights into her brother about his bar comment. Sure, Tae Mi was embarrassed by their mother’s actions, but that bar work allowed them to be fed and clothed, so he can’t disparage that like he is. Good for Tae Mi. She isn’t just a vapid and shallow airhead…all of the time. Actually, she’s the only one you can’t complain of about the whole mess with Jin Yu as she doesn’t know anything at all.

Seon Yu is unconscious and it’s getting colder and colder. Angel Jin Yu comes and begs her sister to wake up. Seon Yu does, but her eonni is gone when she opens her eyes. Meanwhile, Ji Seok drops the kids off at the convent. One girl asks if Ji Seok is doing all of this because he has feelings for his date partner Jeong In. Ji Seok is horrified. Of course not! Jeong In then explains that Ji Seok has feelings for Sister Maria, not her. The young girl then takes Ji Seok’s hand and puts it over his heart and tells him to search out his true feelings. This sends the teens into titters and they leave Ji Seok and his red ears alone. Ji Seok goes to head out where he runs into the injured Seon Yu. he calls out her name, but she ignores him and stumbles past…and ten she falls to the ground freaking him out. Ji Seok rushes her to the hospital.

When Seon Yu comes to, there is Ji Seok. He asks what happened to put her into such a state with disheveled clothes and a concussion, but Seon Yu won’t say and only thanks him and apologizes for the imposition. She then goes to get out of bed, but Ji Seok asks her to remember their promise. She is supposed to smile again and all that jazz—now look at her. He reminds her about the concussion and tells her to stay put for the night and rest to recover. Seon Yu does obey this edict for now. He then goes out to call his grandmother. He apologizes for missing the dinner and says a friend fell ill unexpectedly and he had to take them to the hospital. He assures Mrs. Gong that he is fine, but his friend is really hurt. When Granny hangs up with him she says it isn’t his friend, but his heart that is hurting…well…yes and no all the same time.

The next morning when Seon Yu wakes up she sees the sleeping Ji Seok on the couch across the room. I think she’s touched, but not enough to stick around. When Ji Seok wakes up, she’s gone (and his coat had been carefully tucked around him). He rushes out of the hospital, but she is nowhere in sight. This makes Ji Seok-ssi worry about her all day long…and its his first day of work which he arrives late to thanks to coming from the hospital and he gets lots of flack from Aran for showing up late and dressed in the same clothes. You can see Ji Seok is hurting at every barb, but he refuses to defend himself and Aran only stops when Mrs. Gong shows up to meet with Ji Seok about the company. Figures.

Seon Yu goes back to the convent where she goes to confession for the last time. She confesses that she killed a person… (indirectly as Tae Jeong loves to remind her—her meddling is what caused Jin Yu’s death, not his abandoning her) She will accept punishment for this sin, but before that, she will take revenge on those that killed her most beloved person. The priest warns that fighting sin with more sin will send Seon Yu to Hell. Seon Yu replies that without Jin Yu she is already there. She then vows to never love again as that is what she can do for her sister. Because we all know that Jin Yu wanted her baby sister to be miserable and lonely and eaten away by hate for the rest of her life. Tsk, tsk. Oh…I’m all for revenge…but Seon Yu’s extreme…shakes head. She then parts ways with Mother Superior who tells her the door is always open…but Seon Yu says she can never return as she has a tomb in her heart…not to mention the whole consumed by hatred thing…

Thus Seon Yu leaves the convent and not too long afterward, Ji Seok shows up looking for her. He isn’t happy to learn that Seon Yu has forsaken the convent and left. Where did she go and is she all right? This  question will keep eating away at him and eating away at him. He really worries since he knows she was an orphan and her sole sister died. He doesn’t know she has an aunt and uncle who are preparing a room in their little house just for her (that was to be the baby’s and Jin Yu’s room).

Seon Yu is a bad niece. She leaves the convent without telling her aunt and uncle and never gets in touch with them at all. Knowing that she was meeting with Tae Jeong or Dal Nyeo, the two just can’t rest in peace. Look at what happened on the night Jin Yu met Tae Jeong for the last time! Pung Ho tries calling Tae Jeong and when that doesn’t work he visits him. Tae Jeong keeps insisting he doesn’t know where the girl is. So Bong Hwang and Pung Ho hunt down Dal Nyeo (they staked out her home until they caught her sneaking back in for clothes) and shake her down. Dal Nyeo doesn’t know anything for reals this time. But Tae Mi isn’t happy to hear all of this stuff that the Heos are saying. She can insist that they didn’t meet with Seon Yu because they really didn’t. The Heos take this at face value as Tae Mi isn’t really the one who lies. They leave and Tae Mi demands the truth, but Dal Nyeo won’t give it.

So what does Seon Yu do? She cuts her hair. And then she goes to Tae Jeong’s apartment complex where she gets backed into by Ji Hui who wasn’t paying attention while on the phone. Okay…so Seon Yu probably just staked out the garage and happened to get lucky and threw herself into the situation. Ji Hui is worried and takes her up to Tae Jeong’s apartment. He’s not thrilled to come home to Seon Yu on his couch with his fiancée. Thankfully for him, Ji Hui takes his surprise at face value for coming home to a total stranger instead of what it really was. Seon Yu takes her leave after promising to see them both again. Tae Jeong says he forgot his cell in the car and chases after only to have her gone already. He then calls her, but she won’t answer her phone. Just what is she doing. Ah….hahahaha.

So Pung Ho goes back to Tae Jeong after another sleepless night. Tae Jeong is angry once more. He says that Seon Yu has been sticking around him and hounding him. Pung Ho really thinks that Tae Jeong must have hurt Seon Yu since she still isn’t home. The angry Tae Jeong leaves and poor Pung Ho collapses from chest pain. I did forget to say earlier that when Pung Ho visited him for the first time, Tae Jeong panicked and went to the field to find Seon Yu gone. Worry over the nun at all or only for himself? Sometimes…hard to tell, but it has to be himself, right?

Thankfully for Pung Ho, Ji Seok and his uncle are leaving to get lunch and happen across him and take him to the ER. Bong Hwang shows up and offers them a meal if they tell her their names since they saved her husband’s life. Wu Hyeon gives his name, but Ji Seok stops his uncle from giving his as well and they take their leave. Bong Hwang is happy to have such an angel help her husband. She then tries to wake the man up to tell him the news she has of Seon Yu (who returned to the house to get the sonogram of Sarang and to tell her aunt she won’t be around and apologizes).

Seon Yu calls up Ji Hui and arranges to meet her at a coffee shop. Ji Hui agrees to this  and leaves Dal Nyeo with her very own coffee shop—a gift from Aran so she won’t be entirely embarrassed by her new in-laws. Oh…and there was a scene earlier where Aran really lied horribly about Dal Nyeo’s background to a friend. Dal Nyeo is the first daughter-in-law now of a very prominent family who has traditional recipes passed down to her and is an expert at making hanboks. Snort. So, after calling Ji Hui, Seon Yu calls Tae Jeong…that was where he was angrily rushing when he met Pung Ho.

Tae Jeong gets there first and Seon Yu slips the sonogram into his pocket and then vows to be “his woman”. This means she’s going to take on the role of her dead sister and torment him to death. Got to love her declaration of war. Tae Jeong throws his water in her face and Ji Hui is livid! Hahahaha. Seon Yu makes up a very convincing lie and Ji Hui tells him to stop being so overprotective of her. LOL. Good job Seon Yu. And all this drama after Tae Jeong through a mini hissy fit when his friend met Ji Hui (after trying to blackmail him into more handouts). Why isn’t Ji Hui more suspicious?

TJ: What are you trying to do?

SY: Well…try to guess what it is I’m doing.

TJ: Just tell me what you want.

SY: Will you do as I ask? [long pause] Then don’t get married.

TJ: What?

SY: The marriage stems from your greed. You have blood on your hands. So I can’t let you do that…. [lots cut from this part] My eonni is dead, but I’m still alive. In place of my eonni, I can be your woman. What would Ji Hui think of that? My eonni hid from that woman, but I won’t. Instead of my eonni, I’m going to mess up your life.

Later, Ji Hui and Dal Nyeo are meeting for a mother-daughter outing to buy a ring and clothes. Ji Hui goes over to Tae Jeong’s to sort through his closet and get rid of the old clothes and get some other clothes cleaned. There she comes across the coat he was wearing at the coffee shop. She goes through the pockets so she can take it for cleaning and comes up wit the sonogram which as “Our Beloved Sarang” written on it.

Heehee. Seon Yu’s on the right track for revenge…even if her declaration of war was a very unique one that shocked me and had me going back to hear it once more.

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