Angel’s Revenge Episodes 14-15 Recap

Again, really, the only thing that makes this drama worth watching is our OTP when they are together…and samchun isn’t too bad, so all these episodes focusing heavily on Tae Jeong and Ji Hui’s family kind of don’t interest me all that much… But, we have forward progress for revenge! Our nun, in the words of 90s hair band Twisted sister ain’t “gonna take it any more”! Of course…she has a ways to go as her butt kicking skills go right down hill when confronting Tae Jeong for whatever reason…

Expecting a stellar recap? Don’t.

So Sister Maria, aka Seon Yu, rushes out of the convent forsaking her chance of becoming a nun due to her sister’s unjust death. While her world is spinning and crashing apart even more with each new revelation, Tae Jeong’s is coming together and his carefully planted seeds are bearing fruit. Aran is no longer against the marriage as long as Tae Jeong can protect Ji Hui like he protects his mother and rightfully get back that which has been taken from her daughter (i.e. basically everything Ji Seok has). Tae Jeong, of course as the confidence that he can protect Ji Hui and help her get what is rightfully hers—if he didn’t have that, then he wouldn’t have started this whole relationship. Oh, to be sure. He wouldn’t start something he thinks he would fail.

So Aran gathers her family up for a special lunch to discuss the marriage…and other things. Aran and Mrs. Gong talk about getting the children married as quickly as possible to avoid rumors and the whole pregnancy scandal. Aran then asks her mother-in-law to make Tae Jeong the managing whatever of the main company. I think it’s the managing director. This floors everyone, but Ji Seok, being Ji Seok and wishing to keep harmony between himself, his sister, and his stepmother, easily concedes that this is a good idea, but we all know Granny Gong does not think this way at all. Aran explains herself later as she doesn’t want people to think they are marrying a defective daughter off to a common man from bad roots. While Granny Gong gets this, she remains rather uncommitted to Aran’s plea, but Aran being Aran thinks that she has won.

Boy does Aran get a shock at the special board meeting. Heeheehee. I laugh in delicious snarky glee.

Anywho, before we can get to that scene, there’s all this drama with Seon Yu and her family first… oh, and Ji Seok as well. She is at the scene of the crime handing out fliers asking for witnesses…I think she also went back to Jin Yu’s town to pass out fliers there, too. This worries Pung Ho as Seon Yu isn’t looking after herself at all. He does finally get her to go home with him. Since the watch ended up being a dead end, they decide to try for the driver. He’s still in a coma, though, but his wife promises to call as soon as he wakes up. When he does, Seon Yu and Pung Ho fly to his side. They assure the wife they have no ill intent as they just want the truth. The driver then confesses he tried to miss Jin Yu (didn’t try hard enough to me, ahem) but ended up hitting her. He cries that he needs to go and help her. Awww. Burnt crispy driver is a good man at heart. I don’t know HOW he managed to see it, but he does confess to seeing a man with Jin Yu, but the man didn’t help her and just left her behind. This solidifies it in Jin Yu’s mind that Tae Jeong did something awful…well, duh! She runs to the police to beg them to help, but they can’t do nothing until the driver is stabilized.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok is called to the company by Grandma. What does she want that she can’t say at home? She tells her grandson that if he lets Tae Jeong take the Managing Director position, then she will keep mum on his mother. If Ji Seok had listened to her, then she would allow him to meet his birth mother. Way to give the guy some more inner conflict. Ji Seok unhappily leaves with her edict that he think it over once more. Granny sits in her office looking ill and tired and begs for forgiveness as it is all for Ji Seok’s sake. Now just WHAT is going on here? Is she lying? Hiding the fact that his mother is really dead or something like that? Or does she not know at all? We’ll find out… very slowly I’m sure.

We do get a kendo match. Leading men need to be good at fighting, you know. So Ji Seok is getting his butt handed to him on the kendo mat. He recalls his grandmother’s words, becomes incited and gains the upper hand. He then calls out his sister for lunch. They have something at a roadside stand and Ji Seok asks cryptically for forgiveness before even doing anything. He doesn’t want Ji Hui to hate him when he doesn’t have a choice. Of course, he doesn’t explain anything. Ji Hui is a bit worried about this, but what can she do? Actually, for a smart girl she’s stupid. After all that hooplah with Aran and Tae Jeong, she should realize just why Ji Seok would be apologizing, but she doesn’t.

And thus the day of the board meeting arrives. So…driver’s wife calls up Tae Jeong worried about money since her husband needs surgery STAT and the victim’s family have been hanging around for days now. This freaks Tae Jeong out. So on the day of the meeting, what does he do? He runs to the hospital instead where he slips in the room and begs the man to die for him. And WHY would fried crispy die for him? To make this drama interesting. Before Tae Jeong can physically harm the driver (he was going to do something), Seon Yu rushes in. She demands to know why he is there and he knocks her to the ground with the element of surprise.

Tae Jeong heads back to the office when he gets a call from Ji Hui about Granny Gong naming Ji Seok instead of him. Of course, Aran is spitting mad by that decision and Tae Jeong’s disappearance. What does Tae Jeong do? He smoothly lies that he had gotten wind of the decision beforehand and decided to stay away. This mollifies Ji Hui, but Aran is still very vexed by the whole ordeal.

Oh…and lets not forget that Seon Yu confronts Tae Jeong… I think she like leaps in front of his car… She tells him he has nothing to worry about since the driver is now dead. Tae Jeong at first insists he has done nothing wrong, but then finally confesses since with the watch ordeal and the driver dead, Seon Yu has no more evidence on him and can’t make him face justice. Seon Yu basically tells him not to bet on it and boy is she thrown for a doozy when he does confess how much of a monster he really is. He then shoves her to the ground once more and speeds around her.

Actually…Seon Yu and her entire family are feathers in the wind. I’m surprised Tae Jeong hasn’t tried to do anything to them. Although, it does look like from upcoming episodes that Pung Ho might not make it to the end of this drama. All those chest pains and he hasn’t been looking very well. Oh, and now Tae Jeong’s friend is another feather as Seon Yu went to him about Jin Yu’s untimely demise and Tae Jeong’s connection and he refused to change his story, but you could tell he was definitely rattled.

Seon Yu rushes home and finds Jin Yu’s baby book. So Tae Jeong will even deny the child, huh? Seon Yu will make sure her last piece of proof (the ultrasound and Tae Jeong’s parental rights document) will be put to good use (only it won’t be entirely…). That’s where this episode ends. I had to laugh at the dramatic music and kudos to Yoon So Yi’s very dramatic and angry stare.

Yoon So YiThere’s stuff with Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi being unhappy with being forced to move in the night to run from Jin Yu’s family. They are also unhappy with the house Tae Jeong got for them and even more unhappy to learn that Tae Jeong will be living with the in laws instead of with them or on his own. Dal Nyeo complains to the goodhearted Ji Hui who so lavishly furnished the new house for them. Tsk. After getting all of that stuff, to complain like a whining baby. Dal Nyeo, Dal Nyeo…she can’t stay a good human for long. She always goes back to materialistic mother.

We also have Ji Hui and Tae Jeong shopping for the wedding. Gag me. Ji Hui did look lovely in the outfits they put her in, but Tae Jeong could really care less. He should show some more interest now that his dream is about to come true…even with the Ji Seok and Seon Yu road blocks. You know it will come true for a moment only to be (hopefully) gloriously shattered.

I’ll try to get some more up tonight maybe.

I’ll leave you with Twisted Sister’s official and cheesy video. The entire song lyrics don’t really fit, but it’s suitable as Seon Yu isn’t going to take it anymore.


  • Twisted Sister!!!! LOL How appropriate, NeeNee! I’m hating her uncle and aunt the most at the moment, they really so ghetto but props to them for being so concerned over their niece though.

    As for TaeJeong, where do I even begin? What a dumbass! Did he think he’ll never get caught in the hospital? I’m pissy…!!!!

    • Tae Jeong’s getting away with everyone is a mixture of smarts, cruelty and plain dumb luck on occasion. But, now that his friend is even against him, how many more feathers will blow loose in the wind to haunt him? I’m guessing a lot. The more he tries to bury his past, the more it will dig itself out of the grave to come back to him.

  • Her aunt and uncle are just as dumb! So glad we are past this!!

  • I don’t hate the aunt and uncle…but they do seem a wee bit extraneous and all that jazz. While the characters seem rather pointless as characters go, you can feel the love for their nieces. At least Seon Yu and Jin Yu weren’t stuck with family who hated them and wanted nothing to do with them.

  • Am I the only one who realize/remembers that Jin Yu was pregnant? I mean yes she is dead but why is no one wondering what happened to the baby????? they must have done an autopsy and saw signs of recent birth. I’m honestly wondering how long it will take them to ask how about the baby or they just assumed she died with it. An an error in ur recap, i’m pretty sure Jin Yu said she was having a girl but when u comment about the baby you address it as being a male.

    • Nope. Not an error. Jin Yu was indeed pregnant with a boy. It is a very big plot hole to not have anyone question the baby issue. I am guessing Jin Yu’s family assumed the baby died with Jin Yu, etc. I can’t remember if Jin Yu ended up getting burned during that accident, but that might be why supposedly authorities knew nothing. Dramas don’t expect intelligent watchers to question the illogically done plots.

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