Angel’s Revenge Episodes 11-12 Recap

Yay! And that…is just for the very minute Seon Yu and Ji Seok interaction we get. Seriously. It’s not much, but it’s enough. There’s just something about those two I just love so I somewhat lose interest when they aren’t on screen… I must say that while Kwon Yool can do aegyo rather well…isn’t he a bit old to be acting cutesy and well… very teenagery at times? But still…he’s adorkable in his cuteness with his grandmother.

Seon Yu is not happy to learn that Jin Yu’s landlord saw Jin Yu being dragged away at night by a man. Is she certain? Yes, she is. This really makes the landlady feel bad, because what if that was the cause of Jin Yu’s death? Seon Yu then asks for a description…surely that man wouldn’t be Tae Jeong?

So… let’s see. Aran is still livid and wants Granny Gong to see things her way, but for Granny Gong there is no other way now that Ji Hui is pregnant. Still…Aran refuses to accept the unacceptable background of Jang Tae Jeong. Ah, Wu Hyeon. So loveable. While Ji Hui is apologizing to Tae Jeong for coming into such a bad situation, she takes the time to introduce him to her uncle. Wu Hyeon addresses him very formally and Ji Hui says to call him Jang “seobang” I believe… which is usually a term when referring to the man married to your female relative. But even when calling him that, Wu Hyeon still formalizes it. He’s so cute. I LURVED it when he gleefully said that Aran was mad because she hates him. LOL.

Choi Jae Won

Tae Jeong leaves and his façade drops. He’s angry at what Aran said about him lacking the basics and he vows to show her. Yeah, we all know that he’ll probably have fun doing evil to mommy-in-law at some point. Anywho, he then runs into Seon Yu. He tries to get around her, but she tells him she has a witness who could put in at Jin Yu’s the night she died. Thus Tae Jeong goes with her. The landlady does recognize him, but when Tae Jeong intimidates her and asks how certain she is and other specifics, the landlady clams up and gets confused. This makes the snarky man snarkier and he takes off. Seon Yu chases him down and tells him she only wants to know the reason behind her sister’s death. Did, heaven forbid, Jin Yu throw herself in front of that vehicle after meeting with Tae Jeong? He’s not sympathetic with Seon Yu and tells her to go cry to her family. Ouch.

Yoon So Yi, Park Jung Chul

Tae Jeong calls up mommy who is busy missing her grandbaby. He asks if anyone saw her the night of the accident. Dal Nyeo is fairly certain that no one did, but she starts freaking out since Tae Jeong’s asking. He assures her he hasn’t heard anything and then asks about the driver. He goes to the hospital and learns from the driver’s wife that he hasn’t made a sound or move since being hospitalized. While it is horrible that someone died and he was at fault…there’s nothing that can be done at this point. Tae Jeong then tells her to make sure she contacts him if her hubby comes around.

Park Jung Chul

While he’s doing sneaky things, Seon Yu is begging to have her sister’s case reinvestigated, but the cop refuses since the case was officially closed after being ruled an accident. She then goes to the scene of the accident and wonders again just what happened and if Tae Jeong did really go see her. Seon Yu will not be satisfied until she knows the truth. Was it foul play? Was it suicide? Was it really just an accident? As they said in kdrama Secret, if the person who had found the girl on the road had called in right away, she might have survived. Since Tae Jeong witnessed the accident and abandoned Jin Yu…he could be held liable even if he wasn’t involved.

At the convent, Jeong In and another teen are waiting outside for Ji Seok—who looks very good in that outfit. They hand over their applications and Ji Seok totally doesn’t believe that Jeong In’s picture is really her. So…he really is making sure to get the kids’ jobs. That’s nice. He then asks after Seon Yu. Jeong In is definitely getting suspicious of his always asking after the loveable nun-in-training. Of course Ji Seok won’t own up to anything 😛 Anywho, he’s sad to learn that Seon Yu still hasn’t returned to the convent and Jeong In doesn’t know if she’s still with her aunt and uncle or if she’s gone into seclusion at the other convent.

Kwon Yool, Go Bo Kyul

It’s so cute, as soon as Ji Seok gets home Wu Hyeon has to run up and tell him the gossip as he’s been anxiously awaiting his nephew. Ji Seok is shocked to learn that his little sister is pregnant and that his stepmother had a fainting fit. He’s very happy that he decided to come home as late as possible. Wu Hyeon then copies everything Aran said about Eun Seo. Ji Hui comes in and scolds Wu Hyeon for mentioning the woman, but Ji Seok takes it in stride and tells his dongsaeng that they need to talk.

Choi Jae Won, Moon Bo Ryung, Kwon Yool

And talk they do. Would you believe that he is the very first person to offer Ji Hui any congratulations? He’s such a good oppa. It is interesting that he asks if Tae Jeong never said that to her. Nope, he never did. But that’s all okay since Ji Hui is totally head over heels. Ah…and when Ji Hui asks if its okay for her to marry before him, he assures her if she waits for him, the baby will be born and in college. LOL. Ji Hui does ask about Ji Seok having a girl and he’s pretty noncommittal. Sure…he was with a “person” but a girlfriend…not really. After she leaves, he says to himself that a nun is NOT a “woman”. He then recalls Seon Yu’s hair blowing in the wind and needs to shake himself from impure thoughts I’m sure.

Moon Bo Ryung, Kwon Yool

Remember that guy from an earlier episode who threatened to use Jin Yu’s existence to get what he wants (a contract with L Food)? He’s back and Tae Jeong promises him a contract if he can keep his word. Sure…he’ll do anything. Famous last words. I’m pretty dang sure that Tae Jeong (who likes to keep his own hands as clean…figuratively speaking…as possible) is asking him to make sure our truck driver NEVER wakes up. But I could be wrong since we don’t see the end to that question.

We then get Ji Seok’s silly aegyo towards Gong. She hits him, reminds him of his age and scolds him for not listening to her. Ji Seok knows how old he is, but he will always remain her adorable grandson since he wants nothing to do with that company. He wishes Grandmother would focus on Ji Hui and her baby instead.

Jung Young Sook, Kwon Yool

Ji Hui is going to work (who where skimpy shorts with tights in the middle of winter while preggers to boot?) when Aran asks the girl to go with her. They go to a hospital and Ji Hui is over the moon as she got to see her baby and hear it’s heartbeat (at only 6 weeks!). Of course Aran isn’t doing this out of the goodness of her black heart. She wants the baby gone—now. The doctor refuses and then breaks the bad news—this could possibly be the only baby Ji Hui has as she has a very weak uterus. This does soften Aran up a bit even though she does not want the baby. It looks like she also had a hard time conceiving and was only ever able to have Ji Hui.

Moon Bo Ryung, Kim Chung

Ji Hui meets with Tae Jeong and asks after his watch. He assures her he put it in a safe place as he didn’t want to lose such a precious item. He then thinks back after he tears his office, his car, and his apartment apart. Carp! It must be at Jin Yu’s!

Seon Yu sleeps on the cold floor of Jin Yu’s place. Pung Ho and Bong Hwang come and scold her for not coming home with them. Seon Yu is cajoled into eating something and she then confesses what the landlady said. Proof. Can they find proof? They find Jin Yu’s baby journal out under a bush and they all know she’d never willingly leave that behind. They also find Tae Jeong’s watch with his initials on the back. Dun, dun, dun. Tae Jeong is NOT happy to see they beat him to the punch.

Yoon So Yi, Lee Dal Hyung, Choi Wan Jung

The Heos and Seon Yu return home. Pung Ho is all for going after Tae Jeong himself to get him to confess (after beating him up some) and Seon Yu is all for taking the watch to the police to get them to reopen the case. Um…Pause. Yes, we all know that Tae Jeong would have taken the evidence with him…but if you really wanted the law involved, why contaminate the scene of the crime (kidnapping) and take the evidence with you? The cops will only have your word that the watch was found at Jin Yu’s place…is that really enough?

Choi Wan Jung, Lee Dal Hyung

Tae Jeong desperately searches a store that carries that watch. He’s told the same thing over and over. It’s a limited edition and only two watches were imported to Korea. He does manage to track down a street vendor who offers to set him up with a fake version. And what will he do with this fake? Replace the real one with it! Um…okay. I guess by doing that, he could make the Heos look like unhappy frauds who can’t get over their relative’s death.

Park Jung Chul Lee Eun Kyung, Park Jung Chul

Anywho, Seon Yu and the Heos go to the police station. The cop again tells them the case is closed. Even though it does sound suspicious that a man was seen dragging Jin Yu into a car…he doesn’t think it’s possible to do anything as they have already thoroughly investigated. Right. Too many holes if you ask me. Anywho, the Heos lay down on the floor and refuse to budge while Seon Yu sits silently and waits. This does eventually get the cop to agree to take the watch and everything else into consideration and reinvestigate (starting with Tae Jeong).

Lee Dal Hyung, Yoon So Yi, Choi Wan Jung

Seon Yu then gets a call from mother superior who urges her to come back to the convent if she’s sent Veronica (Jin Yu’s Christian name) off. Seon Yu promise to go back to the convent later that day. Her aunt and uncle come out and are worried as Seon Yu looks rather unwell and has a fever, but Seon Yu assures them she will be fine. Right. She’ll be fine. Meanwhile, Dal Nyeo is having nightmares about her grandson. She does have more a conscience than her son, I will give her that. But will she really do right by Sarang? Oh, and she finally tells Tae Mi that Jin Yu passed away. Tae Mi is shocked and saddened that mother and child are dead. Dal Nyeo then throws the news that Ji Hui is pregnant, so no use mourning the dead when there is a new baby to be born. Meh.

Lee Eun Kyung, Jung Yi Yun

Seon Yu is heading…to the convent originally I guess. She looks down at her rosary bracelet and recalls when she graduated from high school Tae Jeong and Jin Yu took her out for Chinese food to celebrate. Again, it amazes me how different Tae Jeong is in all of these flashbacks. Was he really a closet psycho all of this time? It’s kind of a huge shock of a difference…too much so, especially since it really didn’t look like he minded Jin Yu or her sister at all for all that time. This flashback makes Jin Yu decide to go pay a visit to Tae Jeong instead.

Lee Se Eun, Park Jung Chul, Yoon So Yi

Wu Hyeon is massaging Gong’s shoulders when Aran comes out. She has apparently changed her mind. But her thoughts are to send Ji Hui away to give birth and then give that baby up for adoption because she really can’t stand to see Ji Hui marry that man. Ji Seok happens to overhear her talking about how she is certain Tae Jeong was seeing another woman (who may also be carrying his child). He then recalls the argument outside of L Foods where the man threatened Tae Jeong by mentioning the “wife” he had in college. Ji Seok is a good, suspicious older brother.

Seo Family

Did I hear right? Did Tae Jeong call Ji Seok “hyungnim”? Is he really younger than Ji Seok or is he supposed to call him as older since he’s marrying the younger sibling? That’s neither here nor there. Ji Seok asks to meet with him. Meanwhile, Seon Yu is at L Foods and going to see Tae Jeong when she happens to get on the same elevator with Ji Hui and notices the watch. Of course, Tae Jeong comes up before Seon Yu can approach her after the alight. Ji Hui asks why Seon Yu called after her, but Seon Yu tells her it was nothing. Tae Jeong then gets all angry and demands to know what Seon Yu is doing. Seon Yu talks about wanting to know the truth once more and talks about how she lost her eonni and she also can’t bear to lose him as well as she does consider him family. That doesn’t melt his icicle of a heart at all.

Moon Bo Ryung, Yoon So Yi, Park Jung Chul

After that confrontation, Seon Yu is considerably weaker. She stumbles and nearly falls. She then crosses a road and nearly gets hit by a motorcycle. Thankfully, Ji Seok is in the vicinity because he’s supposed to be meeting with Tae Jeong. He sees the listless Seon Yu and tackles her to safety. And boy does he give her an earful for nearly getting herself killed. He goes to touch her forehead, but she flinches away. Tough. He still touches it and is horrified to feel how hot she is. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she refuses as she needs to get back to the convent. Fine. He’ll drive her. She refuses this offer as well, but Ji Seok won’t take no for an answer. He pulls her to the car and puts her inside. He knows she doesn’t want to see him, so she doesn’t have to look at him. When Seon Yu does, he tells her to avert her eyes. He has to do this for her. He then goes around to the driver’s side and Seon Yu can’t help but to stare at him.

Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

And we end with Dal Nyeo paying a visit to the Heos’ house. She intentionally spills hot porridge on Pung Ho to get him and his wife out of the way so she can search the house. She locks herself in a room and manages to find the watch (WHY do they have that instead of Mr. Policeman?). She drops the watches causing the Heos to hear and try to get into the room. Dal Nyeo panics. Now which is real and which is fake?

Lee Dal Hyung, Lee Eun Kyung

Aigoo. Really? Tae Jeong sends his mother to do that job when we all know how jittery and useless she is? Tsk, tsk. I still can’t believe that Seon Yu teared up and cried over losing him as well as her sister. Sure, he was a swell guy in the past…but this man doesn’t warrant tears. In the words of country artist Toby Keith – “he ain’t worth missing”.


  • mil gracias a ti NeeNee y felicidades por el buen trabajo sabes que me encanta leer en tu blog (a million thanks to you NeeNee and congratulations i really love to read in your blog) i hope that i said it right in english.

    now from this episodes i really love that our OTP have thier moments just like you said its not much just its enough to put a smile on my face.

    greetings from Spain!

    • De nada! & I am happy that you love to read it 🙂 Ah, Spanish. I wish I had learned it more proficiently in high school and college. But, yay me! I did recognize for the most part what you wrote 🙂

      Yeah, their moments are so great (even if they don’t have their really cute interactions from earlier). Their time on the screen just makes me happy.

  • I was beside myself with the stupidity! You have evidence and you have it in your pocket? Some woman who doesn’t live in your house locks herself in one of your rooms and you don’t question it? And you are right, Ji-seok was looking good in the leather and dark shades!

    • I couldn’t believe the cop gave them the evidence to take back and he just left it in his coat pocket, either. What eejits. Ah, Ji Seok-ssi. He looks good in anything, but that outfit was killer 😉

  • As has been pointed out the fact that the cop didn’t keep the watch is ridiculous *saying it in my mind NeeNee as you wrote in a prev recap* Oh and the scene where TJ’s omma spills the food was just bad.

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