Angel’s Revenge Episodes 9-10 Recap

Sooo…yeah. I’m all for plots that don’t necessarily conform to reality…but this was just ridunkulous in a BIG way. WHERE can I possibly start? And to add insult to injury, I did not get my cute fix of Ji Seok and Seon Yu. Why dramaland gods? Okay, I do know why, but still…there cuteness makes my day.

So Jin Yu is stuck out on the road and tries to flag down a truck of which the driver is half asleep. And what does he do when he notices the very pregnant lady? He honks his horn and flashes his lights…but does he swerve or brake or anything like that? Heck no. So he hits Jin Yu and goes flying into a guardrail. Because Tae Jeong can’t stop himself from looking back, he freaks out and returns to the scene where he further proves just how much a monster he has become. The dying Jin Yu asks him to take care of their baby and that just turns him cold. The panicking man rushes off into the night.

But not before being seen by mummy who is on her way to see Jin Yu to convince her to put the baby up for adoption for everyone’s sake. I guess she gets out there because she saw her song and the mess. Dal Nyeo…is…shocked I guess to see the bloody Jin Yu. She tells the woman she will call an ambulance, but then she never does as she frets over her son and Jin Yu’s condition. Jin Yu then says the baby is coming and Dal Nyeo keeps encouraging her to push. Out pops the baby which Dal Nyeo immediately shoves INSIDE her jacket. Jin Yu then passes out (or dies) and the gas leaking from the truck catches on fire and there’s an explosion. Dal Nyeo, with baby in coat, runs away to save herself.

Ahem. Babies are attached to their mommies when they are born. What is it with movies and dramas where the baby pops out and is immediately umbilical cord free? And, yes, I know there was prolly no sharp objects and nothing sanitary…but to toss a newborn baby into your COAT and clasp it there…yikes! And to top it off, Dal Nyeo runs out before the police show up and takes the baby with her. She doesn’t go to a hospital and cleans it up, feeds it formula and DROPS it off in front of an orphanage after giving it Jin Yu’s ring and promising to return. Aigoo. I won’t go there any more, it’s just plain ridiculous.

So what is Tae Jeong doing? He drives back to Jin Yu’s place. Not quite certain as to why. There he sees Aran and quickly hides from site. He gets a call and lies and says that he’s in a meeting and NOT hiding away his pregnant girlfriend. He then has the audacity to hang up on Aran. She can’t believe it. He must be feeling pretty secure now, huh? After she leaves, Tae Jeong strips out of his coat and suit jacket and burns them to get rid of Jin Yu’s blood stains. While he’s at it, he should just throw himself into the flames.

Our nun is eating with Ji Seok and anxiously glancing at her watch. She turns down dessert as she really has somewhere to be. Ji Seok goes to pay and learns that his cards have been cut off courtesy of Granny. It would figure she’d use such a tactic to get him to do what she wants. Seon Yu complains about Ji Seok always lying and pays for the meal with her own card. Nuns have credit cards? She then gets a call and its from the police telling her that Jin Yu is dead. Seon Yu cannot believe this. She rushes out and hops in a taxi.

Meanwhile, her aunt and uncle are at Dal Nyeo’s residence. Tae Mi has no idea where her mother is and this makes Pung Ho happy as it must mean she’s bringing Jin Yu back. He and Bong Hwang happily start planning the redecoration of their spare room when Pung Ho gets the call from Seon Yu who is bawling in the taxi and delivering the news of the accident. They rush to Seon Yu’s side where the see the body that has Jin Yu’s rosary bracelet. Pung Ho takes a look under the cover and keeps Seon Yu from looking as he doesn’t want her to  see JIn Yu’s burned face.

Ji Seok returns home where he scolds his granny for cutting off his funds. Granny says if he doesn’t work, no money. Makes sense. Ji Seok then says he has every intention of working. He then lists off a string of companies that aren’t his grandmother’s. This upsets Granny. Why won’t he come back to work in his own company. Ji Seok replies that it was his father’s and his grandmother was the one who grew it to what it is today. Granny then alludes to some incident in which she wronged both her disabled son and Ji Seok. When will we get that whole story? Ji Seok does not feel she owes him anything and keeps insisting he will do as he wants and Granny is just as insistent that she will stop him until he does as she wants.

Tae Jeong goes into the office where Aran calls him to see him so she can dress him down and get him to confess to hiding JIn Yu. Of course Tae Jeong doesn’t bat an eyelash and keeps insisting on her overactive imagination. Enter the angry Ji Hui. She bawls at her mother for being suspicious and crazy and then nearly passes out herself. Sheesh. Tae Jeong takes her out of the office and wants to take her straight to the doctor, but Ji Hui says it’s been going on for a few days now and should pass. Um…if you’ve been feeling dizzy for awhile now…shouldn’t you check it out instead?

Dal Nyeo returns home and tells her daughter to tell everyone she was home all night. Too late as the Heos know better. Dal Nyeo then throws herself in bed (after Tae Mi saw the bloodstain on her coat and questioned it). The worried Tae Mi does call up Tae Jeong and tell him that their mother went to visit Jin Yu and something must have happened as Dal Nyeo has been acting rather odd. This freaks Tae Jeong out and he immediately goes to see Mommy. She confesses she did go to see Jin Yu and then saw her lying on the road. She also saw her son leaving the scene. He didn’t do anything bad, right? Tae Jeong insists that he didn’t as Jin Yu was already dead. Of course Dal Nyeo knows he is lying, so I’m not sure she’s 100% certain of him doing no wrong. She then asks about the baby and Tae Jeong is happy to have that burden gone. Now his past is clear and he can start fresh with Ji Hui. Blech.

Meanwhile, Seon Yu is blaming her tardiness for Jin Yu’s death. If only she had arrived on time, then Jin Yu wouldn’t be out on the road. Um…truthfully, if her sister was really worried, you know Jin Yu would have called before walking up and down a road waiting…especially in her pregnant state. Why they can’t think anything is amiss and just try to place blame (well, Seon Yu is doing this, not her aunt and uncle) is beyond me. Pung Ho then calls up  Dal Nyeo who Tae Jeong makes lie. Dal Nyeo says she was at a sauna and fell asleep and was going to see Jin Yu today. Pung Ho then says that Jin Yu died and Tae Jeong urges mommy to go to the funeral against her wishes.

Ji Seok seeks out Seon Yu as he’s worried about the other night and now he can’t get in touch with her. The nun at the convent then reveals that Seon Yu is unavailable do to her eonni dying. This really hits Ji Seok. He goes to the funeral home where he sees Seon Yu sitting by herself. He immediately offers his condolences and heartfelt apology for keeping her away at that important time. Seon Yu says it is not his fault, but her own. Like most things concerned with Seon Yu, Ji Seok takes full responsibility. Seon Yu’s response when he keeps asking what he can do? Leave and never come back as she can’t stand seeing him any more. Waaaah! I mean, I get. She’s blaming him and herself right now. I thought it was so sweet when Ji Seok explained why he took her out to dinner…but then again, that really wasn’t the right time since Seon Yu is still reeling from her eonni’s death.

Dal Nyeo shows up. She promises to tell Tae Jeong to go visit, but we all know he’s not human enough to show up. Dal Nyeo insists she didn’t see Jin Yu. She then laments about the baby boy who was so handsome. Yeah, let’s see how long she can keep a secret. Dal Nyeo then backtracks and says she believed the baby could be a boy…or maybe a girl. Who knows? She then says it’s all her fault. At least she’s partly right as it is partly her fault. But it’s mostly Tae Jeong’s.

Guess what? Coming off Jin Yu’s unwanted pregnancy, Ji Hui starts thinking and counting and is wondering if her dizzy spells might be because she’s in the family way. Tae Jeong takes her to get checked out and, yep, she’s preggers! Tae Jeong…isn’t all that thrilled. I mean, yeah, this will get him what he wants, but it’s kind of hard to be 100% happy. He then recalls that same scene where he talked to Jin Yu about wanting a daughter like her and she had said she wanted a son like him. Here’s hoping Jin Yu’s baby ends up NOTHING like his evil father.

At the Seo household, Aran is talking to Granny about getting Tae Jeong relocated oversees to break him and Ji Hui up. Ji Hui then steps in and reveals her pregnancy. Aran throws a royal fit and tries to drag Ji Hui out to have an abortion right away. Granny says no to this. It’s a bad thing to dispose of a baby like that. They haven no other recourse but to let the two marry. Aran doesn’t like this. What about when Ji Seok liked the chauffer’s daughter? Isn’t Granny being unfair when she separated those two, but will allow Ji Hui to marry someone with such a low background? Shakes head. One, I’m pretty certain that woman wasn’t pregnant, and it’s more of a natural reaction to want Ji Hui to marry the man she loves if she’s pregnant with his child…or the other reaction is to marry her off to a rich man who doesn’t know or doesn’t care or to have her secreted away to have the baby and give it up…NOT to have an abortion.

We end with Seon Yu learning that a man came and dragged Jin Yu away on the night she died and wouldn’t you know that Tae jeong discovered his engagement watch missing?

We all know that there won’t be enough proof found to get Tae jeong, so that is why Seon Yu will begin her revenge. We also know that Ji Seok and Seon Yu will probably end up combining forces to take on Tae Jeong and Aran. It could be interesting still.


  • I’ve learned to just suspend disbelief! Dramas don’t make sense 1/2 of the time. And yes, there was a lot that didn’t make sense to me. Like why wasn’t there a cause of death? What about the baby? I almost felt like the poor aga was totally forgotten. JY’s body wasn’t burned beyond recognition. You’d think the medical examiner would have noticed something. Guess I watched too much God’s Quiz!

    • I suspend disbelief all the time…until I hit something where it just don’t work. I was kind of surprised that they didn’t notice there was NO baby inside mommy. Unless they didn’t bother with an autopsy or anything…

      Yes, God’s Quiz can ruin normal dramas. LOVED that show.

      • The hell, shouldn’t the morgue feel emptiness around her tummy? *facepalm* I hate letting this go… I can’t let it go! The nest is f*cking empty!!!!

        • I can’t believe that I actually totally FORGOT to rant about that part…how sad. You would think they would look into the matter a lot more closely. Sigh. Of all things to not make sense…they pick EVERYTHING about the baby.

          • When will they ever make a sensible and thoughtful drama? I guess all the housewives of Korea never questions much? I hate to say this but it seems like they never doubt anything and simply engage with the story. Prove me wrong, SK housewives! Prove me wrong!

  • Ah you ladies have talked about all the things in these eps that had me totally going WTH. The scene with the baby is just so ridunkulous, that it’s hard to overlook. I too try to go with the flow of the show and suspend rational thinking but every once in a while there is a scene that makes me question if the ppl filming/editing/directing are seeing what I’m seeing.
    None the less, I will cont on because I’m ready for TJ to start shaking in his boots a bit.

  • Can you continue with the recap of this drama. It is very interesting and many of us are looking forward to your recap.

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