Alice Nine to Release New Single SHINING

Alice NineYey! A new Alice Nine release is coming out this year. It seems like forever ago that they did their 3-month, 3-singles. Well…that was a year ago now. One thing you can say about this band is they go through fluxes where they produce a lot and then they have rest periods when you don’t hear anything new for a year or more.

On January 28th, Alice Nine announced on their official homepage that they are releasing a new single on February 26 entitled SHINING. They will also be holding a fan sign event on March 2nd for the new release. On the same day, they also released the dates for their Asian tour. I’d love to see them in the US…but I probably would never be able to afford to go see them as travel and concert tickets are always so expensive.

Aside from the title track “SHINING” and its instrumental track, there will one additional new track “from KURAYAMI” and depending on what version you buy you can also get a reprise of “Jellyfish” or “Tsubasa”. Anyways, it’s great news to brighten the day of Alice Nine lovers! The only sad thing is that, unlike the GazettE, you can’t get Alice Nine’s music (beyond 2 older albums) in the US iTunes store…or Amazon MP3 store…and I’m pretty sure Google Play doesn’t have them either. Bummer.

Check out a snippet of their upcoming single “Shining”:

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