Melody of Love Episode 15 Recap

Aigoo. If I haven’t already cheated and watched an episode here and there through the currently aired episodes, I wouldn’t be so annoyed. Yes, I know this is a daily drama. Yes, I know that means redundancy and very long drown out plots. Yes, I still watch. But…I’m still annoyed by some things. 😛 So what has got NeeNee’s goat? It’s this lovely misunderstanding between Sang Hyun, Hyun Woo, and Deul Im and I know it persists for like 20+ episodes. Sheesh. Which, granted…in regular drama episdoes is only like 10+, but still. WAY too long spent on this. And WAY too long spent on all these people remaining ignorant of just how connected they are.

So Deul Im is livid that Hyun Woo has arrived instead of Sang Hyun. Of course, Hyun Woo won’t explain that he knows for a fact that Sang Hyun isn’t coming and just insists that Deul Im eats with him since she’s been waiting for nearly an hour. Deul Im, being the annoying girl that she is, refuses and goes to rush out. Hyun Woo catches her wrist and pulls her back around, only to have her fall into his chest. Awkward. During this, Soo Im’s borrowed earring falls to the floor. Hyun Woo sees it and picks it up after Deul Im leaves. He doesn’t put two and two together. He just thinks that it’s a very similar looking earring. LOL.

Let’s see…what else happened? Ah, Soo Im visits Judge Park and tells him how she just saw Hyun Woo (after Tae Kyung complained that all she talked about was Hyun Woo at lunch and she defends this as being worried because of his sudden disappearance) and how she’s helping him with his case. She then brings up that Hyun Woo talked about Ji Young arranging a date. Judge Park is shocked and completely unhappy.

Jung Nam goes out to visit Dr. Han again. Even though he insisted to Jin Soon that Dr. Han is clean, he still believes that Dr. Han’s after work meeting is with a female client. He accompanies Dr. Han to the bar where Judge Park arrives (this is after Jung Nam spent lecturing him about responsibilities and how women never let go of men’s mistakes). Jung Nam feels abashed and when compared to Judge Park and Dr. Han, you can tell he feels inferior. He quickly excuses himself from the bar, upsetting Dr. Han.

As soon as Judge Park gets home he confronts Ji Young who says that considering Judge Park’s feelings about Hyun Woo, his marriage should be left completely up to her. Hyun Woo arrives home and is happy to have his father on his side about the arranged date matter, but Grandpa Park then steps in and insists that Ji Young handle everything. Coming from the US…having a parent handling your marriage is just weird. It brings to mind the older periods of time from European and US history that we’ve long gone past. Yes, family should count in marriage, but what really matters at the heart of things is the feelings between the husband and wife and if they are happy.

Dr. Han gets home drunk as a skunk upsetting Mi Ok who was grilling Tae Hee with Se Joon about the incident that happened earlier. Of course, Se Joon does say that Tae Hee must never do anything like that again as it was wrong. Anywho, Mi Ok demands to know where her husband’s been (after she was warned this will make him upset and tired of her). He replies he was with Judge Park and Mi Ok wonders if that is true. Dr. Han assures her that the good judge can’t lie so go ahead and call him up. Aigoo.

Meanwhile Jung Nam arrives home all depressed about how low he feels and snaps at Jung Ja who snaps back that their financial woes are all his fault. Then Soo Im comes home looking all depressed soon followed by the depressed Deul Im. Jung Ja is amazed—why is everyone so down? Soo Im notices her earrings are missing and immediately asks Sung Hoon if he’s seen them. Jung Ja doesn’t like this as she feels it implies her son is a thief. That isn’t it, it’s just the earrings are really important. Soo Im then notices Deul Im wearing the earrings and goes off—especially when she notices one is missing. She screams at Deul Im. Wow. The calm and collected Soo Im has melted down completely. Jung Nam yells at her for overreacting over a pair of earrings and then yells at Deul Im again.

Deul Im grabs her pillow and sleeps in Granny Jo’s room as she can’t sleep with the angry Soo Im and feels that her eonni is being unfair. Seriously…both Deul Im and Soo Im are in the wrong mutually. Deul Im is wrong for wearing the earrings without asking and Soo Im is wrong to be yelling and demanding her sister go out late at night to find it and bring it back. Yes, the earrings are very important, but its really Soo Im unfairly venting anger because of the arranged date matter, too. Anywho, Granny Jo gets Deul Im to sing for her and this mystifies Jin Soon that Deul Im can sing for her grandmother after losing her sister’s earrings. Jung Nam tells Jin Soon to have a talk with Soo Im about letting go of material things as you keep nothing forever, but Jin Soon doesn’t want to as she knows how important they are to their daughter.

The next day Soo Im is still angry at her little sister and won’t say much beyond find the earring and bring it home. Deul Im goes to the café before heading to the theater, but no luck. Thus she gets in big trouble from Tae Kyung for being late. Then Na Ri kicks her out of the studio while the rest of them practice. So Deul Im is stuck cleaning and practicing by herself once more. She gets a call from Hyun Woo, but refuses to meet with him. This annoys Hyun Woo as he’s been expecting her call all day about the earring. He forgets this as he gets the call about the tapes being ready.

Hyun Woo heads out and Soo Im joins him. They look at the footage and do find some that prove Hyun Woo’s client is innocent, but at the same time, it’s still pretty circumstantial. Hyun Woo knows this and plans on meeting with the woman…who happens to be Dr. Han’s “Miss Curtains”—go figure. That woman gets around. Soo Im then ends up running into Ji Young who invites her for tea. Ji Young tells her that Judge Park was angry and Soo Im apologizes as she didn’t mean for that to happen. Ji Young then says she shouldn’t be saying this, but Soo Im needs to understand that Ji Young wants Hyun Woo to marry into a good family.

Excuse moi, but wealth, prestige, education, and breeding does NOT equate to a good family necessarily.

Meanwhile, Deul Im runs into Sang Hyun who apologizes for standing her up. Deul Im asserts it is okay and she only waited an hour which makes Sang Hyun really feel bad. The two then agree to grab a quick bite and Deul Im takes Sang Hyun for ddukbokki. Snag Hyun, having lived in the US for a good portion of his life, can’t really take spicy foods. Deul Im gets up and promises to keep him in water. She then forks over a piece and he gingerly tries it only to start coughing. She says he really can’t handle spicy food and gives him the water. Sang Hyun gulps it down. It’s spicy, but good. Deul Im tells him to be careful and not eat too much or he’ll have the bathroom runs from the food. Looks like Sang Hyun is taking a shine to the straightforward Deul Im.

The two part ways and this is seen by the returning Hyun Woo. He stops to talk to Deul Im who tries to breeze by him. Hyun Woo stops her and asks about a certain missing object. Deul Im remembers the earring and demands it back. Hyun Woo chides her for not noticing and then says he can’t give it back since it’s not on him. He’s also too busy to go back and get it. If she really wants it, come to his office. And Deul Im does just that. She sees the sleazy Miss Curtains crying with Hyun Woo. Looks like the woman is dropping the suit. Good.

End episode. And we all know that Deul Im will think the worst about Hyun Woo and that crying woman.

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