Melody of Love Episode 14 Recap

I have a feeling that I might end up disliking Sang Hyun as his character really did something that disappointed me in this episode. Soo Im keeping mum about Tae Kyung and Deul Im is just ridiculous—what is the point? And another thing, I can’t believe it takes like 20-25 episodes before Deul Im realizes the truth about Hyun Woo being the person who helped her, not Sang Hyun. Daily dramas. They really know how to draw something out to the point of frustration.

So, in this episode you see Hyun Woo really worked up about what he saw transpire between Sang Hyun and Deul Im. He asks his cousin if he knows Deul Im and Sang Hyun doesn’t really. She’s just an actress who wants to take him out because he complimented her performance—she must know that he’s an investor. This, of course, gets Hyun Woo thinking the worst of Deul Im. He confronts her about what transpired as well and she gets angry. She only invited Sang Hyun out for a meal as thanks, but she refuses to say the full reason why. Thus Hyun Woo really thinks she’s putting herself out there and not using her own merits/abilities.

He’s so worked up he can’t even concentrate at work properly. Surprise, surprise. However, even though he’s spacing out at the normal meetings, his cohorts aren’t as picky about this as they see him as their ticket to winning over Judge Park to rule in their favor. Tsk, tsk. Oddly enough, Hyun Woo is completely oblivious to this fact. Soo Im shows up to his office while he’s making a phone call and scolding Deul Im once more. She asks what the call is about and Hyun Woo says it’s just someone who made him mad. Soo Im is there to help him on his case as Judge Park is really worried and so is she—it’s a hard case to win and it’s most likely the plaintiff who will get the favorable ruling.

Soo Im and Hyun Woo go to the crime scene again and notice a different CCTV. They request the video tapes, but the people aren’t sure if they have them. Soo Im doesn’t want Hyun Woo to get his hopes up too much since it’s likely the police have already seen them and they probably won’t help prove his client’s innocence. She makes him promise to call her if he gets any word about the videos. Hyun Woo then asks her why a girl would invite a guy she barely knows out to lunch. Soo Im says it’s obvious the girl must like him. LIKE HIM? Hyun Woo doesn’t like this idea at all. How can Deul Im like Sang Hyun when she barely knows him? Soo Im says length of acquaintance doesn’t necessarily mean anything and she hints that Hyun Woo really doesn’t understand women. She tries to invite him out to lunch to get it through his head that she likes him, but he’s as blind as ever.

Hyun Woo makes his way home where he learns that Grandpa Park has passed the driving portion of his test. Sang Hyun offers to buy Grandpa a car as congratulations. Awkward. Hyun Woo butts in that he was going to buy Grandpa a car as soon as he won his first case. Sang Hyun says they can split the cost. After dinner they go up to Hyun Woo’s room where Hyun Woo scolds Sang Hyun for making the offer. Sang Hyun tells him not to worry as he will buy the car and say Hyun Woo contributed if he’s that afraid of losing the case. Enter Ji Young. She tells Sang Hyun that his father is asking her to set Sang Hyun up with a nice girl. Sang Hyun laughs. He’s supposed to be there on business and his father’s trying to marry him off. Ji Young then asks Hyun Woo about going on an arranged date—she has the perfect girl picked out. Hyun Woo declines as there is just too much on his plate right now. Sang Hyun then asks about Soo Im and both Ji Young and Hyun Woo assert she is nothing more than a close friend. After Ji Young leaves, Hyun Woo does ask if Sang Hyun will really meet with Deul Im. Sang Hyun remains rather nonchalant and noncommittal about the whole affair.

While all that drama was going on, Mi Ok visits Jin Soon to express her concerns that Dr. Han is having an affair because of the cologne and red necktie. Jin Soon relays this to Jung Nam and tells him to find out. She also tells her husband that Granny Jo wants to go to a hot springs trip with her senior friends, but they don’t have the money to send her. Granny Jo was complaining how her son couldn’t afford to send her like her friends’ sons could.

So Jung Nam seeks out Dr. Han and the two go to fancy bar. Their they run into that certain female patient who is prone to flirting. Jung Nam does seem concerned about her and the worried Dr. Han asserts that there is nothing there. So just why did he meet her after work that one day?

Of course Jung Nam comes home drunk again and meets Deul Im at the door. He asks why she is out so late and she happily says she likes to go out and drink on occasion—she must have got that from him. Jung Nam then asks how old she is. Deul Im laughs, her father can’t remember how old she is? Need you any more proof she’s the adopted daughter? Anywho, they get the drunk Jung Nam inside and he tells Deul Im to give up musicals and marry well. Deul Im refuses to marry (or give up musicals) and vows to live with her parents for the rest of her life. Jung Nam waves this off and before he passes out tells his wife they have to send his mother on the hot springs trip.

On the school front, Jung Ja is still hiding the fact she really works at that café. How long can she keep this up, though? But she and Se Joon do have a cute flirtation going on. On the way home from school, Tae Hee gives Sung Hoon his sneakers back and the boy who picked on her earlier sees this and starts causing trouble again. When Sung Hoon grabs his wrist, Se Joon pops up and the other guy runs off. Se Joon scolds Sung Hoon and Jae Hye has had enough. She demands that Tae Hee tell the teacher everything. Tae Hee refuses and runs off and Se Joon is very unhappy to learn that he may have misunderstood poor Sung Hoon all of this time.

He follows his niece home and demands the truth from her. Tae Hee is very upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. Such stuff isn’t important as she can’t afford to let her grades drop. Just what is with this girl? Her attitude is so annoying and why does she put studying and grades above everything else? Se Joon says that she should be able to tell right from wrong and what is more important. Tae Hee does eventually confess everything, but yells that everything is all Sung Hoon’s fault for meddling. Poor, poor Sung Hoon. Mi Ok even chimes in and says she doesn’t want Tae Hee to have anything to do with that student and even wonders if she should transfer her daughter to a different class.

The next day Hyun Woo is still worked up over the lunch. He rushes to theater only to run into Tae Kyung who reveals everyone was sent home for a day off. Thus Deul Im isn’t there. The angry Hyun Woo then demands lunch. This throws Tae Kyung for a loop as he’s arranged to meet Soo Im and doesn’t want Hyun Woo to join them (as Tae Kyung is slowly and carefully wooing her this way…Soo Im talks about how clueless Hyun Woo is, but she’s no better). At the restaurant, Hyun Woo teases Soo Im about meeting with Tae Kyung like that which she denies is nothing like he thinks and which Tae Kyung says slightly differently. Enter Sang Hyun and the producer. Sang Hyun doesn’t care that he’s standing Deul Im up. She’ll eventually leave when he doesn’t show up. Grr. Although…he probably doesn’t have her cell number. This freaks Hyun Woo out and he rushes out of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Deul Im is all dolled up in the dress Soo Im let her borrow. She’s wondering where Sang Hyun is as it has been more than an hour. Hyun Woo then shows up and that’s where this episode ends.

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