Melody of Love Episode 8 Recap

I’m in love with Hyun Woo’s taking care of Deul Im and how they have an almost normal and cute time together before returning to bickering about the accident and the million won (roughly $1,000 USD). I really wish Soo Im would take all of Tae Kyung’s hints. Puh-lease! He’s been crushing on her forever and she totally blows off his confession. What to do except…not take it back, but not push the issue either. Tae Kyung is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Soo Im likes Hyun Woo and totally ignores his own feelings without misconstruing what he’s trying to say.

Deul Im discovers Hyun Woo spying on her and the two start bickering right away. Hyun Woo does ask why she didn’t show up as she promised she would and Deul Im just states something came up, but refuses to say she actually was begging not to get fired. After having a particularly hard day thanks to the diva and all, Deul Im is being “understanding” towards Hyun Woo. He’s obviously a poor salesman, so she will cut him some slack and text him her account number so he can pay her back in five installments. LOL. Hyun Woo cannot believe what he’s hearing, but in the end Deul Im is under the impression he will pay her back the money although he never once agreed to it. He was rather irate that he was concerned for her when she’s still harping on the money even though she was wrong.

At the cleaner’s Jung Nam is going to take the clothes back to the Han family, but Jin Soon volunteers as she doesn’t want her husband to go and get drunk yet again. When she gets there, Mi Ok is having a club meeting to decide the next charity event. The other two women invite Jin Soon to join them since she’s there. Jin Soon then lets it drop that she is Mi Ok’s high school classmate, which surprises the women. Jin Soon does manage to bite her tongue when they start talking about how smart Mi Ok bragged she was. This woman, lol. Jin Soon then proceeds to dump coffee in her lap trying to look at Mi Ok’s costly tea set. Ouch. I did love the part when the other women knew the two’s connection and said their children must be dating then. Jin Soon was quick to jump in and say that Soo Im is dating a fellow lawyer.

Jin Soon then runs into the job-hunting Jung Ja on her way out. Jung Ja lies and says she is considering offers, but isn’t quite happy with any of them. The two then decide to go grocery shopping together (as long as Jin Soon foots the bill). Oddly enough, Jin Soon is being very nice to Jung Ja. I was kind of surprised as she always seemed kind of sour to her sister-in-law before. Se Joon tries calling Jung Ja at that moment, but she quickly ignores the call. Se Joon then asks Sung Hoon what his mother does that she is so busy she can’t come to school. The poor boy. Se Joon leaves after making Sung Hoon promise tell his mom to come once more. Again Ja Hye accuses Tae Hee of not helping Sung Hoon out of trouble, which angers Tae Hee once again. Sheesh. Going in circles. At the market as Jung Ja is trying to get Jin Soon to buy crabs for the kids, Jung Ja catches sight of Se Joon and quickly pulls Jin Soon somewhere else to avoid meeting him. How long will these two dance around each other now?

Once they get home, Jin Soon does something even more shocking…she tells Jung Ja that she was right in getting a divorce! Jin Soon says she was the smartest girl in school, but look at her now. She’s poor from having married the wrong man while the dumbest girl in school is well off. Granny Jo doesn’t like hearing this—there’s nothing wrong with her son or the way he treats his wife. It’s just that Jin Soon hates being poor. If she came from a wealthier family she would have divorced her husband long ago. That’s…not right. I mean…how was he supposed to know his friend would literally destroy him and his family? And on top of that…marriage vows (at least in the traditional western ceremonies) have those lovely lines “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”—no matter what you’re supposed to stay together (as long as there is love…but I do know that emotion isn’t always enough).

The girls get home and Jina says it is good they are there because of the argument in the kitchen. Jin Soon comes out and Deul Im immediately asks for her mother’s account number so she can text it to Hyun Woo. This shocks both Jin Soon and Soo Im. Deul Im is getting the money? Deul Im explains that Hyun Woo is a poor salesman, so she is getting him to pay in monthly installments. Her aunt asks about the interest and Deul Im feels bad for forgetting such an important matter. Jin Soon doesn’t care as long as they get the million won back at long last.

When the two girls go back to their room, Soo Im wonders if Deul Im is developing affection for Hyun Woo, which Deul Im is quick to deny…as is Hyun Woo! He’s having a drink with Tae Kyung (who asked how things went with the dinner, etc.) when Tae Kyung says that maybe Hyun Woo is developing affection for Deul Im since they argue all of the time. Hyun Woo of course refutes such nonsense. How can he possibly like this unreasonable girl who keeps demanding a million won from him? I love that Tae Kyung says that Hyun Woo was also at fault for the accident. LOL. The topic does get back to Sang Hyun and Tae Kyung believes they just don’t suit and Hyun Woo assures his friend that his cousin will go to the show the next day and then they can talk some more.

Hyun Woo gets back home and is surprised to find Sang Hyun there. His cousin replies that his business meeting didn’t take as long as he thought. Hyun Woo says he should have just stayed with him and Tae Kyung and had dinner and drinks. Judge Park is upset that his son is acting as an intermediary between Tae Kyung and Sang Hyun. He should wash his hands of business between friends and family. Poor Hyun Woo. Of course, he doesn’t see anything wrong in being a bridge betwixt the two because Sang Hyun wants to invest in the arts and Tae Kyung is a talented director who is in need of funding. Talk does make it around to Hyun Woo having his first case at long last (since his dad was complaining about him being caseless) and all Judge Park can do is belittle his son’s attitude. There is nothing wrong with his attitude. Hyun Woo took on the case as his grandfather always said not to refuse people. Hyun Woo is also going to do his best on the case whether that means a victory or not. It’s quite obvious that Grandpa Park and Judge Park have very different views and it was Grandpa Park’s that were instilled into Hyun Woo.

After a conversation with his mother, Hyun Woo works hard on studying. He takes a break and pinches the end of his nose tiredly. He then recalls Deul Im singing in the practice room and smiles. The girl does have some talent doesn’t she? He then reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out pictures from his college days. These pictures make him flashback to when he and Tae Kyung and Soo Im were working on a musical together in college. Those were the good days for him.

Dr. Han is having a naughty dream about his one client when he wakes up to find Ho licking his face. This makes Dr. Han hate the dog even more and makes Mi Ok question what kind of bad thoughts her husband is having. She’s right, but of course Dr. Han tries to say he wasn’t having any impure dreams. Tae Kyung comes home and is not happy to be questioned about Soo Im having a lawyer boyfriend. Tae Kyung replies that as far as he knows, Soo Im is single. This makes Mi Ok believe it really is just posturing on Jin Soon’s part as Soo Im is the only thing she has to brag about. Dr. Han doesn’t think it would be too farfetched if Soo Im did have a lawyer boyfriend. I do like Tae Hee’s bickering with her uncle. In this scene she belittles his teaching as boring which makes him keep insisting that he will teach the kids a lesson by making the test extra hard. LOL. The way he dresses at school, I would have pegged him for a PE teacher.

The next day at work, Hyun Woo actually refuses help and case references for his first case as he wishes to try all on his own. If later he feels he needs assistance, he will not hesitate to ask his seniors for their help and support. He then rushes out of the meeting where he runs into Soo Im who is there to help him with his first case. Hyun Woo has no time for her as he is in a rush to make an important meeting. He rides off and Soo Im gets all depressed that he doesn’t spare her a backwards glance. Right. Take a clue, sweety. Sure, friends can wake up one day and finally realize they like you…but we all know that won’t happen in this case (I sincerely hope so at least because I’m sooo shipping Hyun Woo and Deul Im together). I don’t really think that Soo Im is a fitting match for Hyun Woo because she’s always more so on his father’s side than his own.

Hyun Woo’s important meeting is going to Tae Kyung’s musical with Sang Hyun. Deul Im watches from backstage while Hyun Woo and Sang Hyun watch from the audience. You can tell Sang Hyun likes what he sees. So much so that after the performance, he buys the cast and crew dinner! In Sook calls up Deul Im who is busy cleaning the studio and urges her to hurry up and join the dinner as the atmosphere is really good. Deul Im hesitates for awhile since she isn’t officially a member, but she does decide to go since In Sook deems it safe.

Unfortunately for Deul Im as soon as she arrives she runs into Diva Na Ri who immediately lights into her. She calls Deul Im a talentless leach desperately latching onto Tae Kyung. Ouch. Hyun Woo overhears all of this and you know he’s in pain for Deul Im as he knows she does have some talent after all. After this confrontation, the hurt Deul Im can only leave without going in to join the party. Which, I suppose is good as the party takes a sour note. Sang Hyun is willing to invest, but still hasn’t changed his mind about doing a Broadway production versus a Korean one. As much as he likes Tae Kyung’s works, he is an investor who wants a return which he believes a Broadway show would be more likely to garner. Of course we all know Tae Kyung’s thoughts on this and he angrily leaves the dinner with Hyun Woo chasing after him and begging him to be reasonable and meet Sang Hyun halfway. Ah, the men an women in this drama are so stubborn.

The upset Tae Kyung then gets a call from Soo Im which he answers right away. He immediately rushes to her side. She’s upset because of what happened with Hyun Woo, but she doesn’t tell this to Tae Kyung. She just talks about how life is lonely. How can she be lonely when he’s always there and willing to rush to her side no matter what? Tae Kyung basically confesses to her, but she kind of misses this fact…or chooses to ignore it. Poor Tae Kyung. He then makes her promise to tell him if she finds someone she likes and he will do the same (she lies and says she doesn’t have anyone). Sigh. No progress here. But…at least he did try to say his feelings much like Soo Im tried to do the same with Hyun Woo—both had disastrous results. Well…not disastrous, they both just got ignored.

Hyun Woo is biking home when he comes across Deul Im and offers her a ride since it’s late at night. Deul Im refuses until he tells her some stranger has been following her. The two actually enjoy a nice quiet ride for most of the way and Hyun Woo asks why she must do musicals and Deul Im explains how much she loves them. What about job security and financial security…what do her family say? Deul Im doesn’t care. It’s her dream, her life and she won’t let others decide for her. Nice! Now if only Hyun Woo could do the same with his own life. He breaks the nicer mood about talking about the accident and how she’s not asking him for money for once. The two end up stopping and bickering. Hyun Woo doesn’t see her all the way home, so he has no idea she lives with Soo Im yet. He happily watches her walk off, though. Yeah, now he’s more on the teasing stage versus being genuinely angry like before.

While Hyun Woo is happily watching Deul Im leave, Tae Kyung is in a brief moment of complete happiness since Soo Im is sleeping in a taxi with her head on his shoulder. She thanks him for everything and he leaves again just before Deul Im shows up. She teases her eonni for going out drinking. The two girls head in. Meanwhile, Judge Park takes a book up to Hyun Woo’s room to help with his first case and he is angry to find the musical pictures. He begins destroying them and Hyun Woo comes in. He has already let his father decide his path in life for him, but his father can’t destroy his precious memories, too. Sigh. Will these two men ever get along? We end the episode with Ji Young walking in on her husband slapping their son.

I think that Hyun Woo is right as well. There is no harm in him keeping his “memories” of what he loves. If he is doing what his father wants and he is being earnest in his work, then his father shouldn’t complain about the musical thing any more. But no. Judge Park has to be the huge stick in the mud that he is and insist on everything his way or no way.

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