Melody of Love Episode 7 Recap

I love Tae Kyung’s reaction to learning that Soo Im has gone over to Hyun Woo’s house for dinner. He needs must invite her to his own house for dinner as well. Tae Kyung will NOT be left behind! With Hyun Woo…I think he might have the vague feeling that Soo Im likes him, but he refuses to take her confession seriously. Of course, that means that she will do the same to poor Tae Kyung. How can she NOT see his puppy dog devotion to her? And speaking of…well…NOT devotion, but “affection”—why can’t Deul Im see that Hyun Woo does honestly care and honestly wishes to help on occasion?

Anywho…where did we leave off? So Deul Im is shocked to learn that Hyun Woo tried to come to her rescue. The two argue yet again. Hyun woo is horrified to have a bloodied lip and a possibly loose tooth. Deul Im does thank him reluctantly, but states she is NOT responsible for his injuries. She also once more demands her money. These two…how long until they move off of that bicycle accident? Still…they are so cute together. Their argument ends when Hyun Woo gets a call about the dinner and he rushes off.

Sang Hyun arrives just after Soo Im and invites her into the Park househould. Soo Im wishes to wait for Hyun Woo, but Sang Hyun won’t hear of it. Judge Park warmly greets her. Hyun Woo comes in late with his bloodied lip and Ji Young has to remind Judge Park there’s a guest. Ji Young is willing enough to like Soo Im as a prospective daughter-in-law until she learns that Soo Im’s family runs a dry cleaner’s. SNOB. Sure, you can want the best for your son, there’s nothing wrong with that. But just because a girl comes from a poor family who owns a dry cleaner’s does NOT mean they aren’t worthy. Not that I want Soo Im and Hyun Woo together, but still. Props to Sang Hyun for trying to say there’s nothing wrong with owning a dry cleaners (of course he was talking about big US chains).

Thanks to Tae Kyung’s knowledge that Soo Im is at Hyun Woo’s house meeting the family, he’s very annoyed and temperamental. When Deul Im comes in with the posters, the Diva is there and angrily demands once more that Tae Kyung take care of Deul Im. This makes the angry Tae Kyung snap back saying he’s the director, not Na Ri so that means she has no say in who stays or goes as her only job is to act her part. Assa! Our diva then says if Deul Im doesn’t go, she will and storms off. Poor Deul Im. In Sook quietly waves her away while Na Ri is distracted and yelling at Tae Kyung.

Hyun Woo parts ways with Soo Im who is worried that his mother doesn’t like her. Hyun Woo assures her that isn’t the case, but when he goes back inside, he asks his mother. Ji Young says that Soo Im is not Hyun Woo’s girlfriend, so as her husband’s guest, Ji Young did her duty. Right. Ji Young then later goes up and says she wishes to find a better match than Soo Im and boy does she take offense when Judge Park claims Soo Im is really too good to waste on their son. LOL. Hyun Woo also asks if Sang Hyun, who shows some interest in Soo Im, if he wants a proper introduction with the hopes to date. Since his uncle is viewing Soo Im as a potential daughter-in-law, no way. Hyun Woo then brings up investing in Tae Kyung’s company and Sang Hyun promises to check it out.

Jung Nam apologizes for his drunken behavior and Jin Soon doesn’t really seem all that ready to forgive him. The two girls arrive home and Deul Im promises that she will get the money back for her mother and even give the woman her very first paycheck. Jung Nam asks why his eldest is late and Deul Im tells them about her dinner at Hyun Woo’s. Jung Nam is outraged as they ignored proper order. The boy should meet with the girl’s parents’ first, not the other way around. Deul Im does say that she didn’t want to make a big deal out of everything and will make sure to invite Hyun Woo over to their house. Meanwhile, Sung Hoon asks if Jung Ja will go to his school as she’s supposed to and she asserts that she will.

Tae Kyung goes home and his family notices how down he is. Must have something to do with his theater company. Tae Kyung says he’s fine and goes into his room without eating. His uncle comes in and believes there must be a woman problem. Tae Kyung tries to deny this, but it’s fairly obvious that is the case. After Se Joon leaves him alone, Tae Kyung calls up Deul Im and is somewhat relieved to hear she’s already at home. He asks about her dinner, but she keeps things rather noncommittal. She doesn’t want to gush or make a big deal. The two then arrange to meet for some tea the next day. Deul im asks who her sister is meeting and Soo Im replies its her theater friend. Deul Im remains firm that she will take care of her own problems herself and doesn’t need Soo Im to recommend her.

The next day Jung Ja goes to school and wouldn’t you know she literally runs into Se Joon on the stairs? He catches her from falling and the two are shocked to see one another. Jung Ja mistakes him for a janitor and gives him grief before heading to the office where she learns that he’s her son’s homeroom teacher. Horrified, she makes a quick escape before Se Joon can turn from the copier and see her. She then answers his call and tells him something came up and she can’t make it before running for her life. I loved the part in the bathroom where she starts dreamily thinking about Se Joon’s strong arms. These two will definitely make a cute couple.

Mi Ok drops her clothes off at the cleaners and Granny Jo invites her for coffee. Mi Ok accepts and Jin Soon is not happy to learn that Mi Ok knows about Jung Ja’s second divorce. Mi Ok wishes to have Jin Soon’s input about the next charity project, but Jin Soon really doesn’t care one way or another. Mi Ok takes her leave and we cut to Tae Kyung and Soo Im having their tea/coffee date. Soo Im is touched that Tae Kyung remembers how she takes her beverage. Tae Kyung makes the overly cheesy comment that he remembers everything about her. Awww. Cheesy, but still cute. He then asks about the dinner with the Park family before insisting that Soo Im come over because Dr. Han misses. Her Soo Im recalls she hasn’t been there since college. Yes, she should probably pay her respects, although she is definitely more hesitant in accepting this invitation than she was when accepting Judge Park’s.

Mi Ok gets home with a puppy bed and is horrified that Tae Hee locked her precious baby Ho up in the bathroom. Tae Hee doesn’t care, the puppy was pooping everywhere and she doesn’t want to have to clean it up. Still…locking a puppy in the bathroom…? Better hope it’s not eating toilet paper or digging through the trash. The much happier Tae Kyung arrives and at dinner tells his family he met with Soo Im and she will be coming over to dinner. This makes Dr. Han very happy, but Mi Ok isn’t so sure she wants a daughter-in-law whose aunt has been divorced twice now. Se Joon says there is no reason to condemn a twice-divorced woman and Mi Ok says he had better meet a good woman since he’s never been married. Got to love how he’s standing up for Jung Ja before they “officially” meet.

Jung Ja arrives home and is NOT happy to see her ex.  Granny Jo comes out and invites him in, but Jung Ja drags him away. Jini comes out thinking she hears his voice, but Granny Jo covers for her daughter and ushers Jini in to eat. Jung Ja’s ex keeps insisting cheating was a misunderstanding and Jung Ja says the only reason she married him was because he promised he would never cheat on her. I guess after having her first husband do that to her, it was a very sensitive issue. She demands child support and leaves. Good riddance…though if he really does care about his daughter, he should get to see her.

Soo Im pays a surprise visit to Hyun Woo’s office, but he doesn’t really have time for her as Sang Hyun has agreed to meet with Tae Kyung and he has to rush over. While Hyun Woo introduces the two, Min advises Deul Im to give up a the situation is getting bad, but Deul Im won’t just give up. Good for her! She continues working hard and when the trio of men pass by, both Hyun Woo and Tae Kyung notice her and Hyun Woo feels sorry for her as he sees her bloody nose. Anywho, Sang Hyun would like Tae Kyung to consider doing an imported work from Broadway, but that just doesn’t jive with Tae Kyung—he prides himself on doing only original musicals. Sang Hyun is not too impressed with Tae Kyung’s stubbornness, but promises to come and see the musical for himself before making any final decisions.

After Sang Hyun parts ways with Hyun Woo, the lawyer goes back to the practice room and finds Deul Im singing Na Ri’s song from the current musical. Hyun Woo stands enraptured. Looks like Deul Im’s passion and talent have touched him. Will it get through to Tae Kyung, too? End episode.

I normally complain about draggy plots, especially when I have a good guess of where they are going, but so far…I don’t feel this way about this drama. Yay! I am looking forward to the slow building of Hyun Woo’s and Deul Im’s relationship. I’m also looking forward (fingers crossed) for him to go back to doing what he really loves instead of letting his father dictate his life. But then again…if Hyun Woo finds success with his first case and becomes happy in his career choice, I won’t complain.

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