Melody of Love Episode 6 Recap

I really am enjoying the relationship between the two cousins. Hyun Woo and Sang Hyun have that really good brother/friend relationship…which can be ruined by Judge Park if he pushes too hard about Sang Hyun’s perfection.

On the ride to the Park household, Sang Hyun tells Hyun Woo that he should stick to musicals. Hyun Woo begs him to mention that in Judge Park’s presence. LOL. Sang Hyun laughs and says with his cute accented English “That is none of my business.” Plus…we all know how Judge Park would respond anyways. The two get to the house and Sang Hyun is warmly greeted by Ji Young and Judge Park. You can feel Woo Hyun’s discomfort as his father pulls his cousin into that hug. Guess he’s not feeling the love and I don’t really blame him as Judge Park doesn’t show much, if any, affection towards his only son.

Grandpa Park joins the family and they all sit down. Ji Young tells her nephew that she has prepared the room next door to Hyun Woo’s. Sang Hyun immediately refuses the offer. He has already found his own place as he doesn’t want to be an imposition. As happy as Ji Young is to have her nephew in Korea, she isn’t very happy about her husband’s constant comparison and nitpicking of their son. Again, can’t blame her. Sure, Hyun Woo has a temper and all that, but just because he likes musicals more than law…should that drive a wedge like it is? Then again…there are hints suggesting that there’s something amiss in the Park household when it comes to Judge Park being Hyun Woo’s father. Judge Park had to mention Soo Im and now Sang Hyun is interested in meeting Hyun Woo’s “girlfriend”—she so isn’t.

After Sang Hyun gets settled into his new apartment, he calls his father to let him know he’s safely arrived and visited his aunt. We then cut to Hyun Woo who goes to his room after cleaning up. He immediately recalls that Deul Im did not make the appointment as promised and he wonders if something bad happened to her. Awww! Concern for his stalker. Isn’t that sweet? Unfortunately for Deul Im, no matter how hard she cries, begs, and apologizes, Tae Kyung is not willing to forgive her. He doesn’t want her back in his company at all. Poor girl. Sure, wearing that diva’s costume wasn’t the best choice…but does that warrant getting the boot?

The dispirited girl heads home where she turns down dinner. Her father tells her that a friend has an opening as a secretary. Deul Im reminds him of her job and Jin Soon tells her to stop lying. Sheesh. WAE? Why does her own mother keep thinking she’s lying about having a job as Deul Im doesn’t really seem the type of girl to lie about such a thing. Anywho, they then begin grilling her about her job. How much does she earn? Deul Im never thought about that. LOL. I wonder if she will technically get any money as a trainee or not? Of course, Deul Im won’t tell her parents about how she also just got fired. Why? We all know Deul Im won’t take Tae Kyung’s firing her as the final answer.

Deul Im storms into her and Soo Im’s room and Soo Im, the eternal peacekeeper follows her to figure out what is wrong. Deul Im does open up to her sister about getting fired. Deul Im then mentions her college sunbae who has his own theater company. While he may not be hiring, she can put Deul Im into contact with him. Deul Im refuses. She will do this on her own. Good for her! Though in certain cases there is nothing wrong with using connections.

Deul Im leaves really early the next morning and goes to the theater to start cleaning. Go Min [Kim Tae Hyung] and In Sook [Jung Yi Yeon) arrive to practice and are shocked to see her. Wasn’t she fired the other day? She was, but Deul Im vows to continue work just like always until Tae Kyung changes her mind. She leaves to go put up posters and In Sook and Go Min look at each other in worry. The Director is not one who changes his mind…ever. So is this all hopeless, then?

I don’t think so. Deul Im is diligently hanging the posters for the show (lol, just like a certain annoying lawyer taught her to) and Tae Kyung sees this on his way to the theater. He looks shocked, of course, but I think he admires Deul Im’s dedication in spite of everything. Hmm, sigh. with 100 or so episodes…will Kim Hyung Jun’s acting improve? He’s not the worst actor in the world, but his facial expression and delivery could be better. Then again…he does have his moments where he can shine a little.

Soo Im is always running into Judge Park, I swear. Judge Park happily greets her and asks if Hyun Woo mentioned dinner. Soo Im reploies that he hasn’t done so and Judge Park personally invites her over for dinner with the family. Soo Im, who is over the moon, quickly accepts the invitation. Afterwards she drops by Shinhwa to pay Hyun Woo a visit. His boss and the other two cronies spy her and are hoping she is there to join their firm. No such luck. She’s only their to see Hyun Woo who complains about having no cases to work on saying he’s essentially getting paid for doing nothing. She tells him about the dinner invitation and asks what gift she should bring. Hyun Woo assures her nothing as it is not an important dinner nor a big deal. Soo Im, of course, only complains about him being unhelpful. We all know she will get them a gift.

After school, Sung Hoon, Tae Hee, and Ja Hye are all cleaning the classroom when Se Joon enters. He immediately scolds Sung Hoon for getting involved in yet another fight. This time he asks for Jung Ja’s number right away since she still hasn’t come in to talk to him yet. Sung Hoon unhappily gives Se Joon the number and leaves the classroom. Ja Hye turns on Tae Hee and demands to know why the other girl didn’t stick up for Sung Hoon who was just defending her. Very true. First the girl runs away and now she doesn’t tell the real reason he had a fight. Bad friend. Her response? “Did I tell him to fight?”

The depressed Jung Ja is at the market again. She spies Se Joon and decides to get back at him by doing the same thing he did to her. She calls him over and shows him a special deal where you get two items for $10. They should split it since she doesn’t need two. Se Joon agrees and as Jung Ja is about to run off saying he can pay, Se Joon beats her to the punch leaving Jung Ja footing the bill once again. In this game, no one can beat Se Joon.

As Se Joon is leaving the market he remembers he wanted to call Sung Hoon’s mother. Jung Ja answers the phone snappishly. When Se Joon introduces himself as Sung Hoon’s teacher, she changes to a sweet tone. Did Sung Hoon tell her that he asked to see her. Yes…but she’s just been so busy. Se Joon won’t listen to her excuses and I think he sets up an appointment with her for the  following day that Jung Ja tries to worm her way out of, but Se Joon, again, won’t listen to her excuses. Jung Ja goes home and asks her son if he got in trouble over fighting again, why else would his teacher wish to see her? Sung Hoon says it’s not because of fighting and tells her not to go if she doesn’t want to.

Jung Nam goes off to the Han household to collect their laundry for dry cleaning, making Jin Soon complain yet again. Granny Jo tells her to be kinder to Jung Nam as he’s been a very good husband to her in the long run. Jin Soon can’t say that Jung Nam has been rotten…but nor has he been a perfect hubby. Eyeroll. Quibbling.

Jung Nam runs into Dr. Han who is on his way up. Turns out they are college buddies! I think it’s Jung Nam who is the sunbae. Dr. Han invites him up for a drink and Jung Nam keeps insisting he is only their for laundry, but he still ends up drinking. He complains of only have women in his household and how he longs for a son like Tae Kyung. Dr. Han waves this off and talks about how good Jung Nam’s daughters are. Still, not better than a son, someone he can talk to. It turns out that Jung Nam invested money in Dr. Han’s hospital. That was before his best friend royally screwed him over. Jung Nam cries about his mother having to go work in the markets at her age because of him losing everything. Dr. Han tries to comfort him, but to no avail. Their drunken talking and yelling gets on Mi Ok’s and Tae Hee’s nerves. These women.

Tae Kyung ends up taking the drunk Jung Nam home where Jung Nam talks about how he’d love to have him for a son. Aww. I love how parents are laying claims to other people’s children. Judge Park wants Soo Im for his daughter-in-law while Jung Nam would like to have Tae Kyung for his. LOL. Jung Nam then causes a huge ruckus shouting for his mother and crying about how sorry he is. Tae Kyung helps get the drunk man into his room and he leaves just before Deul Im comes home. It was cute to see Jung Nam standing up to his wife in his drunken state. Not that he’s browbeaten really…but he let her have it about the gravesite and spending the pittance to keep it up.

Sang Hyun visits his cousin in his office. Sang Hyun confesses that he himself would rather invest money into the arts versus what his father would like him to invest in. Really? This catches Hyun Woo’s interest. What about musicals? They’ve come along way. Sang Hyun doesn’t bit right away as he believes that Korea has some catching up to do, but we all know that Hyun Woo will probably end up introducing Sang Hyun to Tae Kyung who is in desperate need of funds to keep his theater alive.

During their talk, a man comes in and raises a huge stink about the firm not taking their case. Hyun Woo promise to see what is going on. It turns out that man is the gangster with the rape case. His boss and associates again iterate it will damage their reputation to take on such a case. Hyun Woo doesn’t understand. They are lawyers aren’t they? They shouldn’t care about image and the like and should care about taking on cases. He then asks to handle the rape case himself. This could either go really good for him or really bad. Time will tell.

Hyun Woo then goes to Tae Kyung’s theater and asks how desperate he is for an investor. Hyun Woo then mentions his cousin who is looking for something to invest in. Hyun Woo asks if Tae Kyung would be interested in meeting him and Tae Kyung happily accepts. Hyun Woo then asks after Deul Im and his ecstatic to hear she got fired. Tae Kyung then invites him for a meal, but Hyun Woo must refuse since he has to take Soo Im to his house for dinner. Of course this doesn’t make Tae Kyung happy. Even if Tae Kyung knows there is no interest on Hyun Woo’s end, I’m sure he knows that isn’t the case on Soo Im’s end. And we all know that a girl having dinner with parents means a BIG THING no matter what Hyun Woo denies (since he’s not interested in her in that way).

Deul Im is out hanging up posters. The only problem is she’s hanging them over someone else’s! Not good. Men come up and make a stink about this and Deul Im tells them their posters are everywhere so they should let her have that section. The men get riled and tear down her poster and go to rip them all up. Hyun Woo sees the damsel in distress and rushes in to help only to get knocked into a wall. Deul Im is in a fury. She takes off her shoe and starts beating the men and yelling. They eventually run away. Deul Im hobbles over to Hyun Woo and both are shocked to see one another. End episode.

After seeing the scenes for episode 7, I can’t wait. You can see that Deul Im has gotten underneath Hyun Woo’s skin and he is probably starting to like her already.

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