Melody of Love Episode 4 Recap

Whoops. It’s been awhile. I mean to catch up on this show and that…so didn’t happen during my holiday break which is officially over this Sunday. Poop. Anywho. Happy 2014 everyone! Wishing y’all good luck, food fortune, good music, and good dramas like this one.

We pick up where we left off with Deul Im happily cleaning when her arch nemesis of the bike accident arrives and slips. She quickly rushes to his rescue and as soon as she realizes who it is, she drops him on the floor. Hyun Woo is outraged and in shock to find her there. He quickly gets to his feet and insists over and over again that he will not pay her the money she demands. She tries to stop him from leaving, but he tells her to stay there and pushes her out of the way. Of course, Deul Im being Deul Im, doesn’t listen and runs around the theater looking for him.

Hyun Woo seeks out Tae Kyung and tries to get him to get rid of the “crazy” Deul Im, but Tae Kyung won’t listen to this advice. He then asks for the information he requested. Hyun Woo hands over some paperwork and asks if Tae Kyung is looking for investors. Tae Kyung isn’t, his producer or whomever is looking for one. Hyun Woo promises to handle the contract and all the red tape for when the time arises. He then gets a call from Deul Im and complains to Tae Kyung how much the girl is a total stalker.

As a side note: Deul Im has Hyun Woo’s number saved under $1,000 (baek man won?) and he has her number stored under Stalker. Kinda cute.

Anywho, Tae Kyung goes to the practice room where Deul Im is scolding her phone since Hyun Woo isn’t picking up. She tells her boss she is done, but Tae Kyung swipes a table with his finger…really? Is that the best she can do? Deul Im promises to do it again, better. Tae Kyung then tells her she needs to go hang up posters after finishing the practice room. Deul Im goes out to do his bidding and has no luck getting the posters to stick to the brick wall successfully. Hyun Woo sees her struggle to do this and unfortunately, just can’t pass the poor girl by. He quickly shows her the proper way and of course Deul Im is anything but grateful. The two end up bickering for the umpteenth time about the accident and agree to meet in a café the next day and Deul Im will bring her sister lawyer.

Soo Im goes home and her mother asks her about the lunch meeting with Tae Kyung. Soo Im replies that Tae Kyung’s company isn’t hiring so she wasn’t able to broach the subject about him possibly taking on Deul Im. LOL. Ah, got to love dramas and situational irony. Mi Ok arrives with her newly bought puppy and immediately starts chatting up Soo Im. It looks like she really does consider Soo Im as a daughter-in-law basically which is funny as she was so adamant about her son not having anything to do with Jin Soon’s daughter at their money club meeting. After Mi Ok leaves, Jin Soon returns to the house where she gets scolded by her mother-in-law for her poor treatment of Deul Im. Yeah…she doesn’t treat the baby of the family very nicely.

Meanwhile, Jung Ja is out job hunting to get Jin Soon off her back and to support her two children. Of course, the problem being her age and the fact that she looked after her kids all this time instead of working. Thus she has no skills and is too old. Right. Too old. She’s not that old, but I guess Korean businesses in dramas really hate hiring “ahjummas” but in reality, we all know that stay-at-home moms do have the rough end of the stick if they get divorced and need to find work on their own since they don’t have the skills or experience per se.

Jung Ja then heads to the market to pick up food for dinner even though she really doesn’t have the money. It’s her way of contributing and helping out so she’s not a burden to her brother’s family. There she runs into Se Joon who decides to pay her back in a fun way. A certain stall is having a special if you buy two. Well, two is way too many for his household or Jung Ja’s, so he suggests in going in on the deal together. He then takes his half and runs saying that Jung Ja will foot the bill. Of course Jung Ja tries to get out of it, but with no success.

Se Joon goes home and starts preparing dinner. He chortles as he sees his payback veggies. Enter his niece who complains of him only preparing vegetables for dinner. She needs meet for her brain for studying, too. Again uncle is worried about his beloved niece’s study habits. Tae Kyung and his dad return home and not too long after so does Mi Ok. No one in the family (save her brother Se Joon) is happy to see the puppy she brought home. Awww. Dr. Han even tells his wife she must get rid of it (he thinks it’s just payback for him refusing her botox treatments). Mi Ok is upset and refuses. It doesn’t really look like she suffers from lack of love from her family…so why this desperate need for a puppy to lavish affection on like a baby?

At the Gong household, Jung Ja lies and says that her job hunting is going well. She has many offers to sift through and consider. She is scolded for being picky and told to take one right away. Enter Deul Im who happily tells her family she has been at work the entire day. Of course…no one believes her. I don’t think Deul Im would really have a penchant for lying about a job, so why doesn’t anyone believe her that she got work? This upsets our young woman and she runs into her room instead of eating dinner much to Granny Jo’s unhappiness.

Deul Im’s worried eonni follows her and even she doesn’t really believe that Deul Im has found a job. Seriously? What a big sister. That being said, Soo Im is still supportive and does agree to meet with Hyun Woo the next day to talk over the bike incident. I still can’t believe that she hasn’t put two and two together with all the pieces of information she has gotten from both Deul Im and Hyun Woo. Ah, and to make matters worse for Deul Im, she essentially loses her room to Jung Ja! She cannot believe she has to  give up her bed and everything for her aunt. Thus she ends up crashing in Soo Im’s room.

Hyun Woo returns home, his back still in pain from his fall on the hard floor. He asks after his grandfather’s driving test. Grandpa Park still isn’t quite ready and Hyun Woo offers his help again. Grandpa Park comments on his smart suit and Hyun Woo complains about it being stifling which irritates judge Park like always. Hyun Woo then excuses himself and goes upstairs where his concerned mother asks about his back. He says it was only a slight accident and he is fine. She decides to get him something to put on it to help ease the pain. While Ji Young is boiling towels for her son’s back, Judge Park enters and she lights into him for his treatment of Hyun Woo and how horrible a father he is for not noticing his son’s obvious pain. You tell him, woman! I like how she said she would not continue to accept her husband’s behavior of their child.

Deul Im applies a patch from her fall as well and calls up Hyun Woo who is lying in bed with his hot towel on his sore back. The two argue as always and set up their meeting about the accident. Judge Park enters and overhears the last part of his son’s conversation and is immediately worried that his son has made trouble yet again. Hyun Woo assures Judge Park that isn’t the case. I did like how Judge Park waved his son down when Hyun Woo tried to stand when he entered. That was nice…too bad he can’t be nicer over all. His constant belittling and pushing Hyun Woo to follow in his “respectable” footsteps will only push his son farther and farther away.

The next day Jin Soon is horrified to see her husband in his suit. She complains to Granny Jo about Jung Nam going to the con artist’s grave again. Even the nice Granny Jo doesn’t want her son going. Jung Nam explains the man was his friend and has no one else. At the grave sight, Jung Nam apologizes for the poor state of the grave and cries as he tells his dead friend that his daughter has grown up well. Great. Birth secret. Typical. So who is it? It seems more likely to be Deul Im since she is the one treated the worst by her mother. Since Jin Soon can’t stand the dead friend, it wouldn’t make sense for her to really shower affection on his daughter.

Soo Im is on her way to meet her sister when she runs into Judge Park who invites her out. Of course she accepts his invitation. Bad eonni. I don’t know if this is because of her career, her affection for Hyun Woo, or both, but it can’t be good for her to keep dropping everything for Judge Park. During their coffee they talk about Hyun Woo. Of course Judge Park is worried about his son and his son’s future and Soo Im is trying to assure him that Hyun Woo will be just fine. I don’t really think his son is 100% cut out to follow in his footsteps, but Hyun Woo might prove me wrong. It’s not like he’s stupid, but we all know where his real passion lie. Soo Im gets a call from her sister and she promises to be there shortly.

Deul Im is alone when Hyun Woo arrives, but she assures him that her sister will be there soon—within 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes of waiting, the two argue and argue and argue. Will there come a time when they don’t fight when they meet? After exactly 10 minutes, Hyun Woo is fed up and had enough. He leaves and it’s right after that Soo Im arrives. Deul Im calls him to tell him of her sister’s arrival but he ignores the call as she’s wasted enough of his time. Deul Im tells Soo Im that he isn’t answering and Soo Im asks to see the license plate of the bike so she can track him down. Unfortunately…none of Deul Im’s pictures came out well. LOL. Typical.

Deul Im rushes off to work where she gets another scolding from Tae Kyung about not properly doing her job. Deul Im apologizes and says she was finishing poster duty. Tae Kyung tells her that cleaning the studio comes first before posters. Deul Im promises to work hard and get things right. She is then introduced to the group as the new trainee and she is warmly welcomed by them.

Meanwhile, Jung Nam meets with Jung Ja’s ex in hopes to get the two to reconcile for the children’s sakes. Of course…Jung Ja’s ex doesn’t seem all that willing to mend fences. I really think it is low to go behind Jung Ja’s back like this. She had a valid reason for divorcing the man. Just because you have had children together doesn’t mean you should suffer through an unhappy marriage full of mistrust due to cheating. Which is exactly what Jung Ja says to her mother and sister-in-law basically.

Jung Nam arrives home and Jin Soon immediately starts lighting in to him about going to visit his dead friend who scammed them. Just as she is about to complain about all the bad things the man has done, the girls arrive home and Jung Nam anxiously tries to quiet his wife. Secrets, secrets, secrets.

I’m really behind on this drama, but will slowly and surely…catch up I hope. Or at least come close so I’m not horribly behind by like 40-50 episodes.

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