2013: Looking Back

It’s New Year’s Eve! That means it’s a time to be nostalgic and retrospective, doesn’t it?

So, I did a very brief drama overview for 2013 in which I said I missed my goal of having recapped 15 dramas, but that’s okay since I didn’t slack off and kept the number the same as 2012. I’m currently working on my music reviews in which I encapsulate my favorites of 2013 by genre (i.e. kpop, jpop, etc.), by month even though I did all those monthly posts.

So, what happened in 2013 on Asian Addicts Anonymous? Well… let’s see. If I go by my lovely year-end report that WordPress so kindly provides, then AAA was viewed about 730,000 times this year alone. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Even more impressive would be the 451 posts that were written, by me alone this year as the 3 people I roped in to post occasionally had much busier lives this year, except, I did several 30-day challenges so that kept me blogging daily whether I wanted to or not 😛

The busiest day of 2013 in terms of traffic was June 25th in which AAA received 3,455 views in a single day. That being said, traffic was down this year in comparison to last year. Do I feel bad about that? Well, I won’t lie and say entirely that I don’t, but at the same time, keeping it in perspective, I concentrated mostly on Japanese dramas this year which does not bring in as big a crowd as Korean dramas do. Also, despite the drop from last year, the view counts and overall views is still fairly high, so nothing to be depressed about in the grand scheme of things.

So…what posts were the most popular on AAA this year?

  1. May Queen Episode 38 Recap (posted December 2012)
  2. Smile, Donghae Episode 41 Recap (posted October 2012)
  3. Crazy Love Episode 100 Recap (posted September 2013)
  4. Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 1 Recap (posted July 2011)
  5. Smile, Donghae Episodes 42-46 Recap (posted November 2012)

I guess what makes me sad about the top 5 posts this year is that only one of them is from 2013. Just goes to show that my selection of the 10 dramas I completely recapped this year weren’t all that popular 😛 But, I’m happy to choose dramas that don’t get a lot of love or coverage in general, so I don’t feel too slighted that no posts this year got as much love as older posts on AAA.

What were the top search terms for AAA this year?

  • korean dramas on Netflix (as far as pages go…that and my recaps page fought it out for the #1 page on AAA this year)
  • may queen
  • smile donghae
  • asian addicts anonymous
  • asian addicts

Is it a good thing that my site’s name made it in the top 5 search terms? I’m still peeved that May Queen brings in lots of traffic since I ended up hating the show with a passion. But…I guess…people can read about the shipwreck without having to endure watching it themselves. Kudos for the people who chose to do that instead of watching it.

What were the top referring sites that brought others to AAA?

In all honestly, most traffic comes from Google. But this question is referring to what sites are linking back to my own. So the top 5 referral sites were….*drumroll*

  • Soompi Forums (because every now and then NeeNee participates in drama discussions there)
  • Facebook (hard to believe since Facebook has gotten so evil over the past year)
  • Mad Dino Asylum
  • Dramabeans
  • Outside Seoul

This year AAA saw visitors from 191 countries! That never ceases to amaze me. The top three countries with the most views were the US, Singapore, and the Philippines. Ah, the birthplace of my stepmother. Looks like I will forever have a connection to the Philippines.

I would also like to take this time to thank my top commenters. I love discussing dramas and music and everything in between with you (heisui, Caitlyn, newkdramaaddict, redbeanmochi)! And to all the silent lurkers out there…a hearty thanks for stopping by even if you don’t end up saying anything at all.

Okay, now that all of that information is out of the way, let’s look at some other numbers shall we?

Of the 451 posts written, 213 of them were episode recaps of dramas. Zoinks. I wrote the most recaps in the month of April…a whopping 34! May saw 33 and June saw 30. After that it dipped quite low, but I’m still amazed that I managed to get that many done in a single month. I must have been crazy or had a lot of time on my hands those months. Of the recaps, at least 2 were covering specials from dramas that aired in 2012 (Rich Man, Poor Woman & ATARU).

Dramas recapped in 2013 (complete & incomplete)?


I completed 10 of them. Some are leftover dramas that I have failed to complete from 2010 and 2012, but did see recaps in 2013. One is a drama that is still airing, so it will be complete sometime next year.

Of the remaining 238 posts…only 6 were reviews this year and one of those reviews was an album review of Korean band Toxic’s first album; 3 were drama reviews (Piece, Ruk Patiharn, and Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay), and 2 were movie reviews (Ouran High School Host Club, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu).

So what were the other 238 posts about? The 30-day challenges, the music recommendations, themed-drama/music recommendations. And…I have no idea what else to tell you the truth. 😛 Oh, that’s right, I did a few posts about blogging, my thoughts on certain things, etc. Those were fun. I might do some more non-drama/music related things in the future as well.

Do I have any goals for 2014?

Well, for starters, due to various reasons, I have no other option but to changes hosts, so one goal is to get everything safely transferred to the new host by April. And since I am changing hosts…everyone that is currently following AAA will have to re-follow once everything is moved over. Sorry, there’s not really anything I can do about that.

As for recapping, I would like to get 12 dramas done. They don’t have to be new ones, I would love to finally finish recapping some of the dramas I let slip by the way side. If I can’t get 12, no big deal. I’d like to remain static instead of digress. So…10-12 dramas. Of the dramas I pick up to recap, I do have a particular goal of having at least one Korean, one Thai, one mainland, and one Taiwanese. I’ll probably stick mainly to Japanese dramas again as that is always what I tend to do. Whenever I fall in love with a kdrama, I find someone has already beaten me to the recap punch, so that’s why there isn’t too many of those any more even though it was Korean dramas that really got me into recapping 3 years ago.

As for music recommendations…yeah…I won’t go so wild next year. Oh, I’ll still do them, but not to the crazy extent they ended up getting starting with…June…I think of this year.

I would like to get a few more overall reviews in. Of movies I’ve watched or dramas I watched but didn’t recap, but the problem with the drama part is if I’m not recapping a drama, I don’t have any motivation to finish the drama even if I liked it. Do you really want to hear the numbers?

Japanese dramas:

  1. Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou (dropped after one episode, didn’t like it)
  2. Shotenin Michiru no Mi no Uebanashi (dropped after 2 episodes, didn’t really like the main character)
  3. Share House no Koibito (plan on finishing as I fell in love with this drama, but still I have only watched 2-3 episodes)
  4. Nobunaga no Chef (only watched the first episode)
  5. Otenki Onee-san (watched the first 5-6 episodes, maybe more, plan on finishing, but just haven’t for whatever reason)
  6. Starman ~ Kono Hoshi no Koi (watched the first 3 episodes, do love this drama, but didn’t finish it yet)
  7. Glass no Ie (watched the first 6 episodes…waiting on subs to be finished)

Korean dramas:

  1. Flower Boy Next Door (made it through 11 episodes)
  2. Thorn Flower (technical reasons as to why I have only managed 4 episodes so far)
  3. IRIS 2 (will I never finish this like I never finished the first one?)
  4. That Winter, The Wind Blows (made it through 1 episode…maybe only that one)
  5. Lee Soon Shin is the Best (first 2-3 episodes watched)
  6. Gu Family Book (1-2 episodes watched, want to finish)
  7. Nail Shop Paris (Dropped after first episode)
  8. Monstar (watched the first 4…maybe more…not sure why this hasn’t been finished)
  9. Heartless City (watched the first 4-6, just never gotten around to finishing)
  10. Dating Agency Cyrano (2-3 episodes)
  11. Shark (dropped after we hit the adult years, didn’t like it for some reason)
  12. I Hear Your Voice (made it to like episode 11—plan to finish)
  13. Goddess of Fire (so far 2-4 episodes watched)
  14. Who Are You (did I drop this on episode 6? horrible plot, horrible leading actress, not even my love of Kim Jae Wook could keep me watching)
  15. Her Legend (not sure which episode I checked out on, but I don’t plan on finishing it either. HATE the second female lead from May Queen)
  16. Good Doctor (made it to episode 4, plan on finishing)
  17. Secret (I’m on episode 15, but haven’t gotten around to watching the finale as of yet)
  18. Passionate Love (I’m on episode 4)
  19. Unemployed Romance (am I on 4, 5 or 6?)
  20. The Heirs (honestly lost interest in watching the entire thing in only 4 episodes)
  21. Marry Him If You Dare (clocked out after 4-6 episodes after learning about the ending)
  22. Reply 1994 (left off on episode 11…I definitely plan to finish even though I feel really bad for Chilbongie)
  23. Golden Rainbow (I’m on episode 6…but this one is still airing, right?)
  24. The Woman Who Married Three Times (dropped after like 2 episodes)

It’s kind of hard to tell you about the other dramas, like Taiwanese, Chinese, and Thai dramas as I really don’t keep track of them all that well, but do know they tack on quite a number, too. I still haven’t finished Pirssana, Beauties of the Emperor, and…a whole lot more.

So maybe a goal for 2014 is to finish dramas whether I am recapping them or not 😛 I also have this goal that really has nothing to do with me. I’ve been more engaged on Twitter and met new drama friends via that platform (follow @wolforion20), but I put a lot of effort into AAA’s Facebook page and…there really isn’t all that much engagement there save for like 2 people. I would like a bit more engagement there as I do post short bursts and share things that I don’t really feel like doing tiny blog posts about.

Since Chani is here for the New Year…I wonder if I should push her into making a post of New Years resolutions… eh, maybe not.

Anyways. After this rather long and rambling post, I sincerely wish all AAA followers and friends a happy and safe new year. May we meet again in 2014 for more music and dramas and good times.


  • Interesting! Good on you for your amazing work! Keep it up! (: Oh, and a very happy new year to you!

  • WHAT 730K VIEWS? THAT’S A LOT NEENEE!!! Anyways your yearly stats astound me. I cannot fathom how you posted so many posts all in one year. O__O I think the 30-day challenges must’ve added a lot of posts though. :3 Anyways I really like the way you gave an overall view of the accomplishments you made in 2013. It’s kinda like one of those cool infographics hehe. 😛 I will have to take a look at mine too…I also wonder if maybe some of my most-viewed posts were not even written in this year. T_T”

    • Yeah, I did the manga, drama, anime, and music…so that right there is…120 posts…or something like that. And then I did master posts for all the questions…so like 124 posts and that’s 1/4 of my posts for the year. Recaps took up like 1/2…I guess the other 1/4 was random posts and recommendations…

      Instead of doing “reviews” I like to look back at what happened and the numbers and it makes me feel mostly good. Infographics are really cool if you know how to do them 😛

      I wonder, too. It’s kind of sad when they aren’t, but then you have to feel good that certain posts still get love even if they are old. I get a lot of people going from my site to yours for Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps and reviews.

  • Great year! I can mirror your stats when he comes to the popular posts. My number 1 is actually Crazy Love, who can understand! As I tend to write mostly about dramas that no one is talking about, I find I have a comfortable niche. Enjoy it!

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