2013 Asian Music Review – Korean Edition

On the up side, I kind of kept my vow to share music recommendations. On the down side… I went a wee bit overboard in that department with crazy playlists and several posts for one month. The year is nearly over and would you believe I can’t really remember which songs came out this year…I have to go back and see which ones were released at the very beginning as time just seems to blur together. All and all, it was a good year for music, wasn’t it? As a review…it’s not really a “review” but a highlight of some favorites. I won’t be including OST tracks in this post, they’ll have their own…maybe.

First up is the Korean edition and while you may find a lot of idol groups making it in here, this year I really broadened my horizon with all kinds of Korean indie and rock music. I’m going to highlight a few favorites before breaking down monthly favorites. In fact, out of my top picks, you won’t see as many idols.

Okay, in no particular order since I have a hard time ranking songs, here are the TOP favorites of mine:

Special shout outs for the year! No, they didn’t necessarily make it in my all-time favorites of 2013, but I have to give them some individual love. First up is kpop rookie group Mr.Mr which debuted in the latter half of 2012 and had 2 singles and one mini-album this year. They also had a member change with the addition of a sixth vocalist. They were originally going to add a rapper, but he got injured before their comeback, so I have no idea if they will continue as 6 or go up to 7, but I always liked the fact they didn’t have a rapper. I do love them. I would like to recommend you check you their entire mini album Waiting for You as there are some other excellent songs.

Up next is another rookie group in the kpop world. SPEED. Oh, I did fall in love with them. I wasn’t a huge fan of their take on T-ARA’s “Lovey Dovey” but that’s because I really don’t like that song. Then they officially debuted and really, I enjoyed their entire first album.

In the indie world is Standing Egg. This band is awesome. They released 2 mini albums I think this year and both albums are great and worth a listen to. I’ve listened to both albums on constant repeat during the entire year, especially Ambler.

A great discovery this year was DICKPUNKS who apparently were Superstar K contestants along side of Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young. I absolutely LOVE this band. They’ve had some great releases this year (OST and non) and hopefully there will be even more releases from them next year.

Another awesome discovery was the rookie hip hop idol group BTS (which I think their name roughly translates into something like bullet proof boy scouts). They kind of reminded me of B.A.P with their fierce debut, but they quickly proved their individuality. They have gotten some flak from the non-idol hip hop world, but I still enjoy them and their music. They make all of their own raps, which is pretty cool. Not every idol group writes their own raps. Their songs are also good at addressing problems with youth, society, and adults of today. Both their albums (which have more tracks than a single or mini, but that’s still what they are called) are full of good songs.

Hmm, so much good music, how to choose what’s next? Okay, a monthly breakdown of favorites now. In January, Dalmatian came back with a name change to DMTN (which is an acronym now *shakes head*) and the song “Safety Zone.” LeeSsang collaborated with Eugene of The Seeya for “Tears” and that was an awesome song. I am not normally a huge fan of ALi. Sometimes I liked her takes on classics of Immortal Songs II and sometimes I didn’t. I really liked her song “Eraser” and “Do You Remember” which featured some members of kpop group C-Clown. 4Men came back with the non-OST song “It’s Me” – an explosive ballad. Korean American Eric Nam debuted with “Heaven’s Door” which always put a smile on my face. I was pleasantly surprised when CNBlue came back with a heavier rock sound than ever. I highly recommend this album, particularly the song “I’m Sorry.” And Boyfriend wasn’t very active in Korea since they were promoting in Japan, but their follow-up to “Janus” “I Yah” was great parting gift. Oh, and Kim Jae Joong released the rock heavy “Mine” – it was kind of epic. I would also be remiss in not mentioning Phantom. Their whole album is good, but “Like Cho Yong Pil” really is beautiful and held great meaning. Idol group Vixx started the year with a fierce, supernatural concept for “On and On” and the other songs (like “I Don’t Want to be an Idol”) on that release are awesome.

February saw the fun release “Soju Hanjan” from NO BRAIN featuring the vocals of their drummer. OST king Kan Jong Wook actually released an album! His song “Stupid” was excellent (well, all of his songs are excellent). Duo December saw one half enlist in the military and “Memories” was one of the last releases before DK started doing solo work. Little Giant Huh Gak came out with “1440” but I have to say that I preferred “Monodrama” more. My favorite krock duo ToXic released “Pheromone” – I’m happy they had a few releases this year. NU’EST released Hello with some great songs. Check out the entire album along with their title song “Yeobosaeyo.” EXID unit group Dasoni had the awesome song “Good Bye” – I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to their whole group, but shall now. The awesome vocal group Tritops came back with “Too foolish to you…” – I don’t think they have a song I don’t like. Girl’s Day came out with “White Day” to show appreciation for their fans. Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly project featuring Seong Si Kyeong “What Should I Do Tomorrow” had me falling in love with his monthly project series (which I think is supposed to be bringing back much loved songs from his entire career or something like that). Young band ICONIZE released “나는 끼가 넘치는 아이” [Naneun ggiga neomchineun ai] which left me wanting more from them.

Then comes spring. March saw a lot of spring-related releases pooping up. Rookie girl group D-UNIT came back with a fourth member and rapper with the song “Talk to My Face.” This is a girl group that I really do like for some reason. Kim Young Ho released the haunting song “I Let You Go” featuring Boohwal leader and guitarist Kim Tae Won. Probably my absolute favorite of Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly projects was released with “No Schedule” featuring Kim Yeon Woo with the sister song “Parting Taxi”. Before U-KISS lost Dongho this fall, they released “Standing Still” which is an awesome song. Even more awesome are the other songs on the album, so definitely check them out. I did not like Rania when they debuted with “Dr. Feelgood” or whatever that song’s name was. But with “Style” and now “Just Go” I really find myself liking…some…of their songs. Beon Jin Seop released the beautiful ballad “Sarangi (A wisdom tooth)” and Girl’s Day saw their first number 1 song with “Expect” – which I enjoyed. R&B duo 2Bic came out with the awesome ballad “Bye Bye Love” and my first kpop love Infinite released “Man in Love” which is perfect for spring. Phantom was quite prolific this year and this month saw the release of “Come As You Are” and AA finally came back with…“Come Back”…what a name, but there were a lot of songs referencing “come back” in the title this year. Has it been a long time since The Position released anything? He came back with the ballad “Spring Expectation” which is really good. Speaking of ballads, the idols of ballads 2Am came out with “One Spring Day” and all the songs on that album are really good, too. The Awesome band Peppertones released “Thank You” – I fell in love with this band. And while other people didn’t really like the release of unit group ZE:A- Five, I did find myself liking their song “The Day We Broke Up” for some reason. M-TIFUL came back with another sorrow-filled ballad, “How Can I Smile” and last, but not least, Lee Hi released “Rose” which I preferred much more than her first release “It’s Over.”

April saw Choiza from Dynamic Duo release “Eopseo” which I really liked which is surprising since I’m not inclined to like a lot of hip hop or rap music. Hip hop trio Electroboyz released their third installment of “Ma Boy” featuring Nana of After School. The normally acoustic trio Lunafly released a fun pop song for the spring with “Fly to Love” and K.Will released a very spring like song with “Love Blossom” (all songs on that album are also awesome as it’s K.Will! Just check out “Lay Back,” too). Zion.T released “Babay” featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and I surprisingly LOVED this song. And while I did not like “Shaking Heart” as much as “Far Away Young Love” it was still a song I listened to on repeat (along with all other songs on that album). I don’t think I’d heard of Hong Dae Kwang until this year and I fell in love with his sorrowful song “Far Away” and I don’t know why but I keep confusing N-Sonic with N-Train…two very different groups with two very different sounds. Even though it’s a heavy dance track, I did really enjoy “Come Back To Me” (yes, yet another song with such a title). 15&’s “Somebody to Love” was cute and refreshing – perfect for spring. Not sure why, but I fell in love with SALTNPAPER’s “Hats” and had to go out and buy the whole album (it rocks, check it out). Jay Park has always been hit or miss with me, and this month it was a hit with “Joah” and I found Roy Park with the song “Bom Bom Bom” (I have never followed Superstar K so I didn’t know him before). Amazing vocalist LYn released “Breakable Heart” featuring Yong Jun Hyung. The funny and awesome Rose Motel released “Old Lover” – I am happy I discovered them on the second season of Top Band. Bohemian vocalist Yong Jin teams up with Yoo Seong Eun for the heart-filled ballad “Don’t Be Sick.” Geeks whom I was kind of on the fence about, released “Wash Away” featuring Ailee and I can honestly say that I really like them now.

In May, December’s DK released a solo album as his partner is currently serving out his mandatory military service. “Going Home” is a beautiful ballad and the video is a nice tribute to his partner. After a long time away, Kim Woo Joo returned with “Ibyeoli” and it’s hard to believe he’s my age (yay to 85ers) and can play a teenager so well. N-Sonic came out with “Lie” which sounds like it borrows from SuJu’s “Bonanama” during the chorus. The conqueror of kittens came out with “What’s Happening” – B1A4 can pull off funny and cute without being annoying. How do they do that? BNR collaborated with Ann for the awesome song “Did Not Say Anything” while Vixx came out with yet another strong concept – “Hyde” – and the song lyrics and dance and costumes fit that concept to a “T.” I discovered Togeworl with the cute “Number 1” which was yet another MV utilizing social media like Facebook. APink’s Jeong Eun Ji teamed up with Huh Gak for “Short Hair” which had a cute finger puppet MV. Rock band Icy Cider came out with “Art People” which really showcases their bright and mischievous personalities in the MV. 100% came back with “Want U Back” but I preferred “Only You” more from that album. Freaky band member Hong Hye Joo released her solo album featuring the song “Let’s Go Home.”

Yay! Half way through the year. What Korean music goodies were discovered in June? EXO came out with the weird genre-defying “Wolf” that became strangely addictive…but that song is nowhere near my favorite. You really just need to check out their entire first full album (i.e. “Black Pearl” and “Peter Pan”). MBLAQ came back with “Smoky Girl” which is a different genre of music for them and despite it being highly repetitious at times, I did find myself liking the song. Rookie group Boys Republic debuts with “Party Rock” which is strangely addictive. Super Junior-M member Henry debuted as a solo artist with “Trap” which featured SuJu’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Taemin. Tae Wan (aka C-Luv” collaborated with Dok2 for the single “Trust Me” which was pretty awesome. Girl group ChoColat came back with “Black Tinkerbell” which makes the second song of theirs I liked. Korean band Monni came out with the awesome unplugged song “Drinking”: I fell in love with them after watching Top Band 2. 1sagain collaborated with Park Su Min for “Rain” and 2PM came back with high notes that make me shudder…how can men hit a note so high? I really did enjoy “A.D.T.O.Y” and “Come Back When You Hear This Song” in spite of the freakish high notes. Koyote came out with the digital single “Marry Me” which was surprisingly sweet. New girl group 2Eyes came out with a fierce concept with the song “Don’t Mess With Me” which slowly grew on me the more I heard it. Iconic rocker YB released the fun song “Mystery” and Ulala Session released the heartfelt ballad “I’ll Be There.” Ivy came back with the addictive track “I Dance” which was a nice change from the ballad I fell in love with last year. After School came back with “First Love” which was a great song. Lee Seung Chul dropped two great songs: “The Day to Love” and “My Love” – a ballad and an upbeat love song. Park Ha Ki released the beautiful ballad “You Still Live in My Heart” and Kim Ye Rim came out with the strangely enjoyable monotone “All Right.” B.A.P released the relaxing tune “Coffee Shop” while Roy Kim came out with “Love Love Love” – another acoustic goodie. Bow Lee’s “A Letter to 10 Years Ago” is a beautiful and soft song. Smalltalk released his first album which had lots of excellent tracks.

July opened with “That Song” from Colla Voice. A good song to start the month with. Jewelry made their official comeback with “Hot & Cold” while 2NE1 came back with a very summery song “Falling In Love”. After spending a long time promoting in Japan, SHU-I made their official Korean comeback with “Gijugjima” (not sure on the English translation atm) while  A-Jax made a comeback with “Insane” which was strangely addictive to me. Kim Ji Soo released “5 More Minutes” and “Please” which were both great songs. Gu Hye Sun released “It’s You” while band Say Yes debuted with “It Feels Good” which has a bit of a CNBlue feel to it. Rookie girl group AOA released “Moya” and JYJ member Junsu came out with a solo album that contained the amazing song “11AM”. The adorkably cute John Park released “Baby” (his singing voice is sooo different from his speaking voice). MyName made a comeback with “Baby I’m Sorry” – great song, sad MV. I surprisingly found myself liking Apink’s “No No No” and I discovered 9 to 6 with their great song “It’s You” (another common song title this year). Son Seung Yeon’s song “I’m Not Crazy” is amazing and I am really liking Geeks now; “Fly Away” is a great song. SG Wannabe’s Kim Jinho came back after a long hiatus and he had a fun rock song “Chimaek” on his album along with the touching ballad “At Han River”. Untouchable’s “Call Me” featuring Andrew Choi was a great combo of rap and Andrew’s sweet vocals and Ailee’s vocals always impress; I like her song “U & I”. Sunnyside’s collaboration with YouU member Song Ha Ye, “First Love” was sweet. After the sweet cuteness of “Man in Love” Infinite is back with the dance song “Destiny” which still echoes in my head from time to time. It’s nice to have lots of Toxic this year. “Pheromone” was good and “Countdown” was good and they finally put out one of my favorite songs – “Into the Night” (the video has bad audio quality, mianhae) – on CD! Juwon left AA and before they revealed his “replacement” we got “Midnight Taxi” featuring only 3 of the remaining 4 members. Koyote’s “Hollywood” has a hilarious MV to go with the great song. After two dark and powerful releases, Vixx released “G.R.8.U” which is a softer and sweeter pop song. I actually fell in love with Sunny Dayz’s “너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐”. QueenJ’s “Jururuk” is an awesome ballad while Exo released a repackaged first album featuring the addictive “Growl”. Awesome krock band Litter released “Breakers” and Kim Hyun Joong’s “Your Story” was even better than his title song (though I did actually like his title song this time).

Phew, so many good releases in the summer! So what goodies did August bring? Hip hop group M.I.B released “Dash” which was strangely addictive. 24K who debuted with a fierce dance song came back with the cute “U R So Cute” which has a fun MV. San E was quite active during the last half of the year. I really loved his “Story of Someone I know” and all of his videos are great and really tell the story of the song as well. The awesome ballad trio of Bohemian came out with “Send, Bye, Sorry” (which the title ws supposed to be a play on their name). Lunafly released the fun acoustic “Yeouya” which goes back to more of their original sound. Lee Ji An released her album Thank You which features the sweet song “Gomawo Geogi Isseoseo” and Korean band Thornapple released “Rain and Even Cicadas Cry” which strangely draws you in. The awesome Ulala Session released a hip hop/trot mix “Fonky” featuring Trot King Seol Woon Do and B.A.P went to Detroit to film their MV for “Badman” so it holds a special place in my heart (since I’m a Michigander). Rookie group M.pire released “Can’t Be Friends With You” which I liked for the slight rock edge. The kpop twins Tasty came back after…what a year?…with “Mamama” which was written by Infinite H (Hoya & Dong Woo) while Bigstar came out with “Run and Run” or “Hang Out” depending on which translation of the title you see. ZE:A came back as a full group with “Ghost of the Wind” and duo D-Day released “Shiny Day” while the adorable rookie NC.A debuted with “My Student Teacher” which had a cute MV. MBLAQ released Love Beat which had the pretty song “No Love” (well, it sounds pretty, but I’m sure the lyrics are probably depressing). SS501 maknae Kim Hyung Jun teams up with Kota for the cute song “Always Love You” and Min Yeon Jae teamed up with Yun Min Su of VIBE for the awesome song “Do Not Love that Person” – such a powerful song and Kang Seung Yoon released his awesome third single “Stealer”. Phantom released “I Already Know” while Seungri of Big Bang released “Gotta Talk to You”. AA introduced their new member with “Okay About It” which I ended up liking for the most part and History released “Tell Me Love” which I liked even better than their debut song. Honey-G released “Baboya” and “My Love” with a very interesting, if not weird MV starring the mighty Lee Hyori. Henry followed up “Trap” with “1-4-3” featuring f(x)’s Amber while NU’EST released “Sleep Talking”. Korean American band Royal Pirates made their Korean debut with “Shout Out” – love them! Seong Si Kyung released the pleasing ballad “Even Now” which an MV like a mini movie while awesome girl group SPICA released “Tonight” which I think was produced by Lee Hyori or at least co-written. Seo Moon Tak released “The Sun Swallowed the Moon” which has a really awesome chorus. Then there was Brave Girls’ “For You” which I fell in love with right away.

September brings the last of the summer songs and the start of fall ballad season. Oddly enough, Song G’s “Damn I Miss You” was a favorite of mine for the month. G-Dragon released his solo album this month and “Crooked” has to be my favorite song from it, but “Who You?” is pretty good, too. Following in the vein of Vixx, BTOB released “Thriller” with a zombie prince concept…I feel it was released a month too early. F-ve Dolls went through major line up changes with the release of “Not Going To Love” which is a pretty ballad; another great ballad is Zia and Lee Hae Ri’s (Davichi) “If You Loved Me”. Powerful vocalist Ailee collaborates with pianist Yiruma with “Higher” and hip hop group Electroboyz released the song “Let It Rain”. Taibian’s “Who’s Stopping You” was a great discovery this month. After what seems like a long time, FT Island came back with their 6th album with the song “Memory” written by Lee Hong Gi. Singer/actor Im Chan Jeong released the heartfelt ballad “He is By Your Side” and the prolific Insooni released the awesome “Beautiful Girl”. Busker Busker’s “Love, At First” is an awesome acoustic sound and speaking of more stripped down sounds, H-Eugene’s “Trash” is a great song. Then there’s My-B’s “Hold Me” and after nearly a year, Piggy Dolls made a successful comeback with “Butterflies”. Rookie Roo came out with “In My World” as part of the Clef Project. Korean band Startline released the awesome “Now We Go On” and Drunken Tiger released “The Cure” with MFBTY members which is another awesome song. I fell in love with BPPOP’s ballad “Never Let You Go” and Lee Jung’s “I Am Sorry”. Navi came back with the fun “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight” and that’s it for favorites this month.

October saw the return of Block B with “Very Good” after all of their drama. I really liked their pre-comeback song “Be the Light”, in fact this almost made my favorite of the entire year list. Jung Joon Young’s songs “Spotless Mind” and “Sense of An Ending” were also awesome. The cute girls of Tiny-G got a mature makeover with “Miss You” which is addictive. Rapper Kim Jin Pyo collaborated with talented vocalist LYn for the song “Walking Dead” (not sure if this is just an movie-like MV or it’s really an OST track). I actually liked “Number Nine” by T-ARA which is surprising as I don’t like a lot of their songs for some reason. Boys Republic came back with rock-edged song “You Are Special” and Vixx collaborated with Okdal for the cute song “Girls, Why?” and MyName released the mature song “Day by Day” featuring D.O. (rapper not EXO member). Another “Zombie” song, this time by the awesome band Startline. Pure finally released a new song! Um…the song (“Wedding Day”) is good, but I really hate that dance. I don’t lie, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, all aren’t genres I normally enjoy, likewise with trance and electronica, but I strangely love R&B king Moon Myung Jin’s “Listen”. As One and Bumkey collaborated on the awesome song “What Are We” and Kpop Star season 2 star Shin Ji Hoon made her official debut with “Right There” – a very beautiful ballad for the young lady. SS501’s ballad prince Heo Yong Saeng released “Momi Yaghan Ai” before enlisting in the military. Talented vocal group Timber released the haunting ballad “3 Days” while Kim Bo Hyeong of Spica released “Crazy Girl” which is another great ballad. I fell in love with Jjun’s “Way to Your Heart” for some reason and K.Will released a toned down ballad “You Don’t Know Love” while Yu Seung Woo collaborated with San E on “U Who?” Urban Zakapa released the awesome song “Walk Backwards” and oddly enough, I liked ToppDogg’s debut song “Follow Me” even though it is a very heavy dance song. D-Day released the song “Do You See” which is a gorgeous ballad. Another great ballad is Lee Ji An’s “Memory”. Acourve’s debut acoustic single “What I Want to Say” is a great song and project group Trouble Maker came back with “Now” which I surprisingly liked more than “Troublemaker”. Popopera duo La Boheme’s “Thankful” is a beautiful ballad. Roo’s “Even You Don’t Love Me” is a beautiful ballad and Kim Jae Joong’s “Just Another Girl” is a powerful rock ballad. The Papers featuring Lee Seong Gyeong released “I Love You” and U-KISS came back as a 6 member group with “Shes’ Mine”. Han So Hyeon, member of 3rd Coast and guest vocalist of Standing Egg, released her first solo album and the song “Sorry” is totally awesome. Sang Woong released the awesome ballad “Bonaeyo…” and one-man band Oren released the haunting melody “A” (giyeok). The Jaywalker rounds up the best of the best of October with “I Don’t See You”.

The November favorites are kicked off with 24 Days’s “In This Love”. This song didn’t make my top favorites of 2013, but it only narrowly missed out of that list. 2NE1 releases songs I either love or hate for some reason. This year, they released mostly songs that I love and “Missing You” is no exception. This, again, nearly made it into my all-time faves of the year. Cotton Factory’s bonus track “Once a 5 Minutes” is truly a bonus indeed. It’s a beautiful song. Jin’s “Gone” is an awesome ballad with a sad and drama-like MV. LedApple released the awesome ballad “With the Wind” which really showcased Hanbyul’s vocals. Lee Juck released the powerful “Lie Lie Lie” after a long hiatus while the adorable NC.A followed up “My Student Teacher” with another young love song “Oh My God”. Probably my all-time favorite ballad group Noel released another awesome ballad with “Being Forgotten” and on a release roll, San E has “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (feat. Verbal Jint) and “Breakup Dinner” (feat. Phantom’s Sanchez) off his second album. Hanul released his first digital single featuring Ye In –  “I Am” – which I just love. Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol partnered up and brought in Kim Jo Han for Infinity Challenge‘s song festival and I love their song “Please Don’t Go My Girl”. Another great festival song was Primary and Park Myung Soo’s “I Got C” featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. But my absolute favorite festival song was Jung Jun Ha’s and Kim C’s collaboration “Will Be Gone” which also featured Lee Sora’s vocals and Beenzino’s rapping. I fell in love with Bertrand Hahn’s haunting numetal song “The Massacre” which is about the Korean War. After releasing their 6th album, FT Island are back with their 5th mini album and the awesome rock ballad “Madly”. Former Mate member Jung Junil released the awesome and haunting ballad “Next Winter” and Pro C collaborates with K.Will for the song “Bad Memory”. The great acoustic band Softy Wav released the dialogue-like song “Breaking off” while this month saw Taeyang of Big Bang releasing his own solo album. I did become addicted to “Ringa Linga” for some reason. ZE:A released “Step by Step” and Kim Ye Rim released “Goodbye 20” which I enjoyed more than her other releases after “All Right” for some reason. Min Yeon Jae collaborates with 4Men for the song “The Airplane Girl” which I fell in love with. Vixx had two great songs with “Only U” and “Voodoo Doll” (even though I really can’t stomach the MV…gore/horror and I don’t get along well). The young Shin Ji Hoon follows up her debut song with “Hurtful” – another ballad. Transfixion released the addicting song “Tonight” – probably my favorite song by them to date. I totally fell in love with History’s “What Am I To You” and Tasty’s “Day’n Night”. Jeong Hye Won’s ballad “Nagger” is beautiful.

In lieu of doing a straight-up December post, it’s added in the year-end review. Yay for more M.I.B! I really like their song “Talk About You” featuring Yun Bo Mi. I really recommend checking out Younha’s entire album Subsonic. I can’t pick just one song from it as all are great. I’m not usually a huge fan of straight-up instrumental tracks, but I found myself falling in love with Raonjaena’s “New Begin, Of The Day” – it’s gorgeous. Just like you can tell a ZE:A song, 9Muses really do have a common sound to their songs, but I still like them. “Glue” is a good song. The kings of harmony Sweet Sorrow released “Again and Again” featuring Park Ji Yoon. Quattro Code released “Buteo Isseullaeyo” which is really a great song. Urban Zakapa released the haunting song “Blind” and Swimmin’ Fish released the breakup song “Good-Bye”. After a few upbeat songs, Tony is back to his sad roots with “Tears” and CNBlue guitarist Lee Jong Hyeon partnered up with Juniel for the sweet song “Love Falls”. Son Seung Yeon released the awesome “I Can Hear Your Voice” and Lee Seung Hwan partners up with Kim Ye Rim for the song “Soap” – what a title for the beautiful ballad. T-ARA released a winter album and “Hide & Seek” is a pretty ballad off of it. The comedian with the golden voice Shin Bora finally released an album! “Ggong Ggong” is a beautiful ballad. Another favorite ballad group of mine Monday Kiz released “Kiss” which is another great ballad from them. Not to be left out of the winter album loop, EXO came out with “Miracles in December” which only features the vocals of the main vocalists (i.e. Baekhyun, Chen, DO & Luhan in the Chinese version). SuJu unit group Donghae and Eunhyuk released “Still You” while Brown City collaborated with Kilo for the song “Neo Gateun Saram Nan”. To.S partnered up with Do Yeon for the beautiful melody “Where I Am” and ToppDogg followed up their strong debut song with the softer “Cigarette”. Koyote teamed up with cute child actress Kal So Won for the heartwarming “After Winter”. Yoon Jong Shin released the soft ballad “From January to June” and Bigstar released the MV for “Standing Alone” while Kim Bum Soo released the song “Higher”.

This is a bit redundant, but if you were wondering just WHICH songs out of the bajillion I’ve put in playlists that are my favorites…this would be it. 😛 Enjoy!


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