Hakuba no Ouji-sama Episode 12 Recap

I’m kind of uncertain just exactly how I feel after watching this episode. I am disappointed that Hara didn’t choose Egawa over Ozu. I’m also disappointed that the two chose to run away for a weekend instead of trying to work things out—the mess just keeps getting messier.

So…yeah. What do we get with our penultimate episode of Hakuba no Ouji-sama? Basically more bad decision making and timing. Ozu has already made his choice—he can’t forget Hara. Now it’s up to her—Mr. Right, Egawa, or Mr. Taken, Ozu. Which will she choose? Given Hara’s track record…it’s safe to say it won’t be Egawa. She’s lived her whole life not doing what she wants so now she’s going to make up for that it seems. And while that’s not exactly wrong…they should have really considered consequences first.

Ozu calls up Kaori and tells her he won’t be able to make it to the dinner. Kaori’s response? Since it’s not something she wishes to hear, she chooses to ignore his comment and hang up on him after saying she expects him to be there. I’m sorry, but all the signs are there that Ozu no longer loves Kaori in that way. Yes, I know she’s going through a hard time with her grandmother and her parents’ expectations, but really, she is only bringing misery on herself for holding on to “Kou-kun.” I really don’t get these clingy girls in dramas.

The next day is Hara’s birthday. She leaves the plane ticket on her desk and leaves to be the good girl. She will go to the birthday party being thrown by her mother and choose Egawa. Oh, I felt so bad for him in this episode as he goes out and buys Hara a watch as a birthday present (as she said if she doesn’t feel rushed then she’ll never make a decision) and writes out a beautiful card about hoping she can endure the wait and cherish the watch until he gets back from South America (in 3 years).

Hara’s mother is relieved to hear that Egawa has no strings (like a fiancée or wife) and encourages Hara to choose Egawa since her daughter will never meet such a perfect man again. Hara also agrees this is true. She then reveals that she needs to make a decision soon as Egawa will be leaving the country soon. Mr. Hara is all aflutter that Egawa will be coming to the family party for his daughter as he really likes the man and is relieved that his daughter found someone so reliable. But all of this…is too much for Hara. She knows what she should do, but that isn’t what she wants to do. So she apologizes to her mother and runs out of the house.

Hara flies to her apartment where she desperately searches for the blown away plane ticket. Is this God’s sign that she should go back and choose Egawa? Nope, she finally finds the ticket under her couch and rushes to the airport where Ozu has pretty much given up hope of seeing her. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to get in touch with Ozu and Hara. It doesn’t take long for the everyone to put together again that they are both out of reach at the same time so they must be together.

Hara barely makes it to the airport in time and panicking, she tells Ozu what happened. He tells her to calm down and says he is happy that she made it. He then takes her hand and they go off together. Of course, since neither of them actually tried telling others how they really feel and working through their problems first, they leave one hell of mess behind. And for what? The first part of the trip is really awkward. Hara worries over the decision she made and wonders if her happiness is right since it is causing so many other people pain. However, she and Ozu slowly lose their awkwardness.

Of course, as soon as that happens, a new awkwardness comes when Ozu finally turns on his phone and hears all the messages from Kaori, his father, his mother, his coworker, and his little sister. Then he gets a call from Imamura bawling him out for taking away Egawa’s chance at happiness. Actually, Imamura, being royally ticked off by Ozu, is washing his hand of his good friend. He even tells the worrying Egawa to be angry, too. Nah, that’s just not in Egawa’s nature—he’s got too soft and kind a heart.

Hara comes out after bathing and Ozu does give her an out. He tells her she can call Egawa and blame everything on Ozu and tell the older man that she will be going home the next day. Hara pushes the phone away and asks what Ozu thinks. He wants to be with her. She wants to be with him, too. End of story.

The two share a beautiful night together and the next morning, Ozu wakes to see Hara staring at him. She tells him she had a wonderful dream where she finally fulfilled her desire to be a writer. Ozu asks if she wishes to continue the dream and she replies she does not since she wants to spend as much time together with him as possible. Ozu then takes her to a very special place of his. His parents took him there when they were still a family and talked about all the good times they shared, thus he wishes that he can do the same with his own children.

And that’s it for episode 12. Our final episode shows lots of chaos raining down on our couple. The honeymoon can’t last forever can it? Kaori dresses down Ozu for treating her like he did, even Egawa throws a punch asking if Ozu even has the power to take responsibility for his own actions. Meanwhile, the two are in deep doodoo at work. Will one or both of them lose their jobs? Oh…and Hara’s at a hospital. Either she’s pregnant (which doesn’t seem too likely given the time frame) or she’ll find out that she possibly can’t have children which would explain the ending scene of the preview where she says she believes she won’t be able to help Ozu achieve his dream (in reference to bringing his own children to their getaway later in life?).

Again, I did want Hara to choose Egawa for various reasons. I personally don’t hate Ozu, but he hasn’t cleaned up his baggage. Actually, these two are made for each other because their inability to make final decisions and carry things out is dragging things on and hurting everyone. Here’s hoping that after everything, these people can finally find happiness.


  • What a mess! Why do I like it despite the relentless indecisiveness of the main characters? After all the angst they better get their love that the title seemed to promise. Thanks for the recap. I am agreeing with you all the way.

    • I know, in spite of the myriad of faults…I still like this drama which makes no sense, lol. I agrees, as much as I was rooting for Egawa to get the girl, after all this carp, they better get their love.

      I think the full title is “Prince of Hakuba: The Right Time for Pure Love” … so hopefully their “pure love” will be actualized.

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