Melody of Love Episode 3 Recap

Sigh. My only complaint is that dramaland is in love with birth secrets. With the hints dropped (was it in episode 4 instead?), there is a good chance that one of the Gong sisters is NOT a Gong. I think with Korean dramas, it’s usually the one that’s treated the worst that ends up not being the biological child. In some Chinese and Taiwanese and Thai dramas, the non-biological child is actually treated better than the biological child. Go figure. And then there’s some weird things that Judge Park said in regards to his son that really got his wife angry… Is there yet another secret there?

Truthfully, I don’t think there is a necessity for many dramas to bust out the whole birth secret plot…or terminal illness plot…or amnesia plot… They’re done over and over and over again and if not done particularly well or adding something new, kind of makes things go a little stale for me. But, you know it’s the trend to make sure you have all the popular elements possible these days whether we’re talking about literature, music, movies, or television.

While I do not necessarily like that we’ll have some major secrets cropping up in regards to parentage, I am already in love with Jung Ja and Se Joon and nothing has really happened between them romantically or anything, they just have a cute dynamic going on right now.

So after Deul Im’s hiccup on stage thanks to her shock over seeing Hyun Woo, Tae Kyung refuses to let her try again. This attempt really allows him to see how she acts on stage and her ability to cover mistakes. Deul Im is depressed thinking that this means she won’t get hired which means this is all Hyun Woo’s fault again. If I were to comment on acting…Hyung Jun’s is lacking. He’s not completely awful, but he’s not all that amazing either. I hope that as this long drama goes one his acting will improve. It’s not something that calls a screeching halt to my watching him…he doesn’t annoy me and I don’t expect as good of acting necessarily in dailies as with prime time dramas and he is a relative newbie at acting. Wishing him all the luck in the future.

Hyun Woo sits down with Tae Kyung and asks about Deul Im. Why was she there? She missed the audition the other day and pleaded for another chance. So…is Tae Kyung going to hire her? He doesn’t know yet. Why? Well, obviously that girl isn’t normal!!! LOL. I’m a bit surprised that Hyun Woo didn’t announce right then and there that she’s the crazy bike girl that won’t leave him alone, but he keeps that a secret and just keeps trying to tell his friend not to hire Deul Im. Tae Kyung points out that it’s his decision—not Hyun Woo’s.

Tae Kyung leaves and meets Soo Im in the hallway. What a pleasant surprise. She actually came! Tae Kyung tells her he’ll be in the neighborhood tomorrow and asks if she wishes to meet for lunch. Soo Im actually quickly agrees and says it is perfect timing as she has something she wants to discuss with him. This makes Tae Kyung happy. I’m sure we can guess what she wants to talk with him about—Deul Im. I mean…she is essentially being held up as the epitome of everything—the best lawyer, the best daughter, the best sister. Anywho, Soo Im goes into the room to wait for the show to start and there sits Hyun Woo who has come to watch the show, too.

At the Gong cleaners, Jung Nam is getting ready to go out and Jin Soon is lecturing him to make sure he gets the clothes delivered to the right place. Sheesh. She loves to harp this woman. Jung Nam then wonders about Deul Im. She hasn’t called nor has she returned home. Granny Jo scolds Jin Soon for telling her own daughter not to come home. Never a peaceful day for this family.

Jung Ja takes her kids to meet with her ex-husband. Jini happily greets her father while Sung Hoon has to be told to act proper and he gives a very cold greeting which makes his stepdad unhappy. Jung Ja tells him to give the kids money for food. He forks out a whopping $10 and tells Sung Hoon to keep the change. Big spender. Jung Ja, once the kids are gone, starts in on him about child support. Noh tells her that he has no money and even lost the house. He’s living in a cramped little room. Besides, he’d rather take Jini with him than give Jung Ja money to raise her. Jung Ja scoffs at this since he was never any help raising the kids. Jini then comes over and puts on the act that her mother asked her to. She pleads with daddy to give them money since they don’t have anything. Under his cute daughter’s please, he’s putty. However, he only gives them the equivalent of $300. What does Jung Ja do with the money? Uses it to buy meat for a barbecue.

I’m not saying Jung Ja is a bad mother or a bad person in general. She is quite strong in ways. She does love her kids and does want to do right by them, but she goes about things in the totally wrong way. Sung Hoon reminds her about his teacher wanting to meet with her and she refuses because every time she goes to school she hears bad news about her son. Thus she tells Sung Hoon to lie and says she’s too busy to go and this annoys the young man. I don’t blame him.

At the market, Jung Ja has her meat in hand when she hears a woman saying that baskets of persimmons are now on sale for a steal. She rushes over and ends up grabbing the same basket as Se Joon! It was the last basket and both insist they got it first. In the struggle over the basket, the persimmons fall to the ground and smash. Jung Ja tells him that he can have them and quickly runs away. Se Joon goes to pursue her, but is stopped by the stall lady and made to pay for the ruined fruit.

Se Joon goes back home fuming where he is greeted by his niece who tells him no tofu or some other food as that makes her sleepy and she needs to study for her upcoming exams. Se Joon tells her that he’s worried about her. She needs a good night’s rest, too. Wasn’t he the one who told her to keep herself at the top of the class? That’s because he was acting as her teacher then. Now he’s her uncle and telling her to relax a little and study less. LOL. Cute. Dr. Han then comes in and out comes his wife in time to hear him talking to Tae Hee and Se Joon about being tired after a long day at school. So she’s the bad one since she has nothing to do all day? She’s still in her snit.

Dr. Han tries to figure out what’s wrong and she brings up that while she married a doctor, he keeps total control over the money leaving her with none. Dr. Han replies they wouldn’t have any money left if he let her handle their affairs. Mi Ok then accuses him of being cheap and not wanting to do botox on her. Dr. Han assures her that is not the case. He loves her just the way it is and doesn’t want to ruin her pretty face that doesn’t need any help with botox or little adjustments. I think that’s sweet, but Mi Ok just keeps angrily insisting that he’s cheap, cheap, cheap. Aigoo.

Meanwhile, Soo Im and Hyun Woo are happily enjoying Tae Kyung’s musical. He’s happy that the performance is going well, but really doesn’t seem happy seeing his two good friends looking all chummy in the distance. Deul Im tries calling her eonni at this time, but Soo Im ignores it since it’s during the performance. Thus Deul Im is caught by her father and dragged into the Gong house where her father calls for scissors so that he can chop off her hair as she promised to shave her head and become a monk if she caused trouble again. Deul Im says that was of course a lie. Jin Soon gets the scissors while Granny Jo protests and gets the two little kids to grab onto their uncle’s legs so Deul Im can make her escape. She barely manages to get into her room and lock the door before her mother and father start banging on it.

At dinner, Granny Jo asks how the meeting with Mr. Noh went. Not very good. He barely gave her any money. Jo is not happy that her daughter bought groceries with the money instead of saving it up so she can move out on her own and support her children. Jung Ja says she will look for a job as she is young and capable enough. She then turns the conversation to Deul Im who has yet come to greet her. The Gong parents say to leave the girl alone as she’ll come out when she’s hungry enough. Of course Granny Jo ignores them and sends Jini in to get her cousin.

Jini likes to talk like an adult. I don’t think she understands half of what she says herself, but she still says it. I have to say that some children actors can pass off doing this quite well. While little Shin Bi is not a bad actress by child standards, she just doesn’t do the adult lingo as well as some other children actors can. But she’s still good an she is adorable. She demands her cousin go out and eat and learn from her mistakes. Deul Im tells her once again to stop talking like an adult. She’ll just starve herself. Jini tells her to stop acting like a child and pulls her out to the dinner table where Granny Jo feeds her a lettuce wrap after a bit of fake protest.

Meanwhile the production has ended and Tae Kyung asks what the two thought. They both agreed it was good. Tae Kyung then starts in on Hyun Woo again. Why doesn’t he come back? Soo Im is annoyed. Hyun Woo just started his law career, so why is Tae Kyung trying to take him off the straight and narrow again? Tae Kyung jokingly says they all know Hyun Woo will quit in a matter of time and come back to the stage anyways. Why waste time? LOL. This gets Soo Im’s goat even more, but Hyun Woo cuts in and wonders why they are talking and deciding his life for him? Yep. EVERYONE wishes to tell him what to do with his life, but he takes their comments more in stride than he does with his parents’.

Tae Kyung asks the other two out for drinks only to have his cast and crew remind him about the after party. Dang. He was hoping to get out of it. Hyun Woo tells him he must go. Tae Kyung asks if his friends will join him, but Soo Im refuses as she has a case early in the morning and Hyun Woo must refuse since he’s Soo Im’s ride. Again, this doesn’t make our musical director very happy.

During the car ride home, Hyun Woo asks why Soo Im was so sensitive with Tae Kyung talking about Hyun Woo’s life. Because Hyun Woo just made his start as a lawyer, he can’t be waylaid now. Hyun Woo, smiling without meaning it, says that it was his decision to go to law school and become a lawyer. He won’t give it up even though it isn’t what he wants to do with his life. Soo Im then says this is the reason his parents are worried and he should know this and try not to worry them. Poor guy. He really needs someone on his side that isn’t telling him what to do.

Soo Im comes home and the Gong parents ask why she’s coming in late. She tells them she was at Tae Kyung’s theater. This makes her mother unhappy since she’s been bickering with Mi Ok. Soo Im then says she wants to talk to Tae Kyung about hiring on Deul Im. She goes into her baby sister’s room and sits at the vanity. What did their parents say? Soo Im says she was recommending Deul Im to shave her head and become a monk. Deul Im says it is to bring good fortune to the family so why not have her make the sacrifice then. Soo Im does ask her sister about her constant scrapes, unemployment, and dreams. Deul Im is defensive. She is having a hard time, too and no luck. She does vow to get the $1,000 back from Hyun Woo before throwing herself under the covers.

In the Gong parents’ room Jung Nam asks his wife to dry clean his suit. Why? It’s that time of year again—he needs to visit the grave site. Jin Soon is not happy to hear this at all. After all of these years, he’s still going? Why? Because that person has no one else. Jin Soon is not happy that her husband is still visiting this person’s grave and refuses to dry clean his suit to help him out. Such a petty woman at times. Again, her behavior matches Deul Im’s spot on again.

Hyun Woo gets home and is grilled about where he’s been. His father is NOT happy to learn he watched Tae Kyung’s musical. Hyun Woo explains that he is helping out a friend by buying tickets since Tae Kyung’s company isn’t doing the best right now. Judge Park says he can have a hobby like this only after he’s established himself in the law field. Until then, he should be using his spare time to read up on cases and precedents. Poor Hyun Woo. Oh, and he gets lectured about his slacks and blazer. He should be wearing a suit instead. Hyun Woo complains saying he feels stifled in full suits and that earns him more ire from his father. Judge Park orders his son to start wearing suits from the next day on.

Hyun Woo unhappily trudges upstairs followed by his mother who scolds him for not watching how he dressed and for telling his father that he went to see a musical. Hyun Woo says he just doesn’t understand why he would have to lie. He’s not doing anything wrong and is acting as his father directed. He unhappily says that no matter what he does, Judge Park will never be satisfied. Too true. Judge Park is hypercritical of Hyun Woo just like Jin Soon is hypercritical of Deul Im. The only difference is that Hyun Woo is wealthy and has no perfect older sibling to be held to standard with.

At school the next day, it is lunch time and Se Joon is roaming around. He stops in his niece’s classroom where she is studying yet again. Did she eat lunch? Yes. Se Joon again tells her not to bury herself in studies. He then turns to the sleeping Sung Hoon. Did he remind his mother? Nothing. Se Joon slaps his stick down hard and tells the boy to stop pretending to sleep. Sung Hoon springs up and rushes out of the classroom. Tae Hee asks her uncle why he keeps insisting on meeting Sung Hoon’s mother. Not liking his niece’s tone, he reminds her they are in school and he’s a teacher now. LOL.

Se Joon then makes his rounds outside where he sees kids pass by without greeting him. He yells, but gets ignored. Is he that ineffective? He then happens to catch a student dancing. He watches appreciatively. The girl notices him and stops. He tries to talk to her about studying more for her mother’s sake, but the girl walks off ignoring him. Today is not his day it seems. He then goes to a restaurant for lunch where the waitress gives him an extra egg [I believe this is Sunshine as May Zuri]. He smiles and thanks her. She says he deserves it for working hard with the kids all day. Se Joon then hands over a book of poetry and tells her it is good and will help her Korean improve even more. May takes it happily and walks off while Se Joon starts digging into his meal once again. She takes a peek back and smiles happily. Looks like he has a secret admirer!

Deul Im goes to the shop to help her mother out. Jin Soon refuses to leave her daughter alone or have her doing anything in the shop as they just had a thief steal a customer’s clothes. Deul Im apologizes again and promises to get the money somehow. Jin Soon does send her daughter out to collect laundry and warns her not to go anywhere else as she is grounded until further notice. Um…Deul Im is technically an adult, not a high school student…can she really still be grounded?

Deul Im heads out and tries calling Hyun Woo, but gets no response. So he’s ignoring her completely now? Yes, he is at work in another meeting. The gangster client wants an answer ASAP about representation for the rape case. Both of the other lawyers refuse saying it is too hard a case and can potentially hurt their reputations. Hyun Woo speaks up and says that they should at least sit down and hear the man out. His boss says he admires his enthusiasm, but Hyun Woo needs to learn the reality of the real legal world when cases aren’t taken based on facts alone, but what they can do for the firm. Yeah…Hyun Woo and the law profession really don’t go all that well together, do they?

Mi Ok pays her husband a visit at work. His desk nurse compliments her on her youthful appearance—you can’t tell she’s in her 50s. No, you really can’t. Mi Ok complains of more and more wrinkles, etc. and asks what her husband is doing. He’s currently busy with a patient. He tells her the work she could get done and when she complains of her husband being unhappy with the cost, Dr. Han stresses it’s not all that bad and she’s pretty enough that she doesn’t need much. Enter Mi Ok. The patient leaves and Dr. Han scolds her for rushing in. When she demands botox again, Dr. Han puts his foot down once more and says no. This upsets Mi Ok so she refuses lunch with him and tries to call her son who politely declines since he’s already eating with Soo Im. After that rejection, Mi Ok sees a puppy and gets a very happy look on her face.

Soo Im questions Tae Kyung about the call and he explains Mi Ok has been feeling rather depressed of late. Soo Im says her own mother is like that as well, so it must be the two women have reached that phase in their lives. LOL. Tae Kyung then proposes that they do a trip to a hot springs with their mothers to try to cheer them up. Soo Im doesn’t seem 100% keen on that idea, but does agree to broach the subject with Jin Soon. She then asks about Tae Kyung hiring new people for his company. Tae Kyung tells her about the auditions, but how there was no standouts and he has decided not to hire anyone. Why the sudden interest? Soo Im says she is just wondering and doesn’t broach the subject of him giving Deul Im a try.

After lunch, Tae Kyung goes back to work where he asks his producer about Deul Im. What does she think? The woman replies that she doesn’t have much of an impression. Why? Did Tae Kyung see something in her? He must have as he does call her up and tell her to come in. This makes Deul Im super happy and she rushes straight to the theater instead of going home with the collected laundry. She thanks him for the job and he tells her that he did not hire her yet. Is she really willing to do anything? Yes. Then she can start out as a trainee and do cleaning and odd jobs. Deul Im isn’t entirely happy with this news, but she won’t refuse the offer as it means she can finally get her foot in the door somewhere!

Deul Im starts immediately by cleaning up the practice studio. Hyun Woo walks in and slips and Deul Im drops the broom and rushes to catch him. She and Hyun Woo are both shocked to see one another.

And that’s where the episode ends. I like the cute reversal at the end where we have the girl saving the boy from falling. It was really a cute scene and boy does Baek Sung Hyun have one expressive face. His shock and relief are expressed so well.


  • Episode 4 but we don’t know which girl. The older one? Her personality is so different. But it must have been someone close. Okay. My only complaint is the lead girl is EXTREMELY annoying. I guess I’ll overlook her for awhile.. Okay, I’ll try real hard to ignore her!

    • I’ve seen worse leading ladies, I’m watching a drama where I really don’t like the main actress at all.

      I’m trying to figure it out, too. With a few exceptions, its usually the child that gets treated the worst, and Deul Im is the one who is treated worse than her perfect eonni…but then again…Soo Im does seem not to fit with the family and their rambunctiousness, does she?

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