Melody of Love Episode 2 Recap

This show does amuse me, yes it does. It’s funny how alike Deul Im and her mother are and of course those are the two that butt heads the most vocally. These two say and do the same things in the episode if you watch closely enough. In episode one Deul Im complains of the accident to Hyun Woo by saying he was slow and in her way (imagine if it were cars instead of bikes, that could be scary) and in this episode when Jin Soon brains her husband with a hanger, it’s because he was slow and in the way.

Anywho, the great catch-up on recapping is in full swing (don’t worry I won’t neglect Ando Lloyd or Hakuba). I’ll probably always be a week or so behind, though because it’s really tough catching up with daily dramas.

Anyways, we open right where we left off with the customer seeing her destroyed clothes on Deul Im and Deul Im making a run for it while her parents give chase. She manages to turn a corner and hide behind a car successfully avoiding her parents’ wrath for the time being. But what will she do now that she can’t go home?

The upset Kong parents go back to the shop where Jin Soon hands over the money she forgot to take to her club meeting in order to pacify the angry customer. Hopefully she won’t spread rumors in the neighborhood that can effect their business. Jung Nam, rather than caring that his wife saved their bacon with paying out the money is livid that she had $1,000 hidden from him. Why is she hiding money from him? It’s fees for her club. Fees? He thought it was just a bunch of middle-aged women doing charity work—there’s money involved, too? The horror! I get where he’s coming from. That money adds up fast and even though this family doesn’t look horribly destitute (plus they have a successful lawyer in the family), we do learn that Daddy Kong got scammed and that’s why they are in a tight spot. Again, fairly typical.

Jin Soon and Jung Nam then go back to the house where Jung Ja and her children are mowing down on food. Sung Hoon seems very quiet and reserved while his baby sister is very cute and bright, but its safe to say that Jini really doesn’t have a grasp on the situation at her age. The kids are sent to sleep in Deul Im’s room while the grownups hash things out. Jini wishes to call daddy to tell him they are sleeping over at their uncle’s house and Sung Hoon tries to explain its not a sleepover, but Jini doesn’t understand. Sung Hoon gives up and just says they won’t be going home and they can’t call her father nor his father to let them know where they are.

Jung Ja explains her husband cheated on her so she had no other recourse but divorce. Her husband had no choice but to give her one since she witnessed the affair with her own eyes. Jung Ja remains firm against her family’s tirade of her irresponsibility and making both her children now grow up without fathers. Jung Ja says that all they need is her anyways. Not true. If possible, it is better to have both parents while growing up, even if they are divorced. We end this family dinner with Jung Ja yelling that she will get out of the Kong household within a month since Jung Nam and Jin Soon don’t want her and the kids around.

I’m not saying Jung Ja necessarily had to put up with a cheating husband, but she’s really doing her kids wrong by running away from both their fathers (unless they really are horrible scums…but we don’t know just how bad they are yet). I also know that this is her second divorce, but to treat her like dirt just because of that? They wouldn’t like my father in this family…divorced twice, married three times. Wonder if that will happen to Jung Ja?

Things quiet down and Jin Soon fills in her eldest daughter about the earlier situation with Deul Im. Soo Im is not happy that her mother gave that much money to the customer—it’s the lawyer in her. The customer really needs a receipt proving the worth of the clothes. Jin Soon says it doesn’t matter as they can’t afford bad rumors cropping up. Soo Im calls her baby sister who is hitting up friends to find a place to stay for the night (with no luck). Deul Im answers and gets lightly scolded by her eonni and told to come home, however, Jin Soon takes the phone and starts yelling at Deul Im telling her not to come home. Deul Im screams back that she’ll just go off and kill herself then and hangs up. Yeah. Great communication skills and way to handle that problem. Deul Im cries and says it’s all because of Hyun Woo. Right. She needs to own up to her own responsibility in all of this.

Hyun Woo is cleaning up the nasty scrape on his leg and recalling the accident. He was worried and sympathizing until Deul Im opened her unpleasant mouth. His mother [Kim Hye Sun as Yoon Ji Young] comes in to give him a pep talk about his father and work and doing well. He knows his father worries about him, right? Hyun Woo lightly brushes this off and says he’s being a good son now and he knows how much his father has done for him, so he will do his best. His mom leaves and his light appearance turns heavy. Yeah. Lots of bad feelings twixt father and son at the moment.

Ji Young goes downstairs where her husband and father-in-law are playing…othello? I know the name of this game, but can’t remember if that’s it or not. Grandpa Park is lecturing his son on the game in front of them and also about Judge Park’s way of handling Hyun Woo. Somehow I don’t see Judge Park giving much weight to his father’s words. The talk does get back around to the driver’s license and Grandpa Park insists on doing it as it’s the only thing in his life he has left to do. Awww. I like Grandpa Park.

Judge Park and Ji Young go up to their bedroom. Judge’s mood turns sour when he starts thinking of his son. Who does he take after that rascal? If he hadn’t been so involved in musicals and acting, he would have been a top notch lawyer by now. Ji Young tells her husband that Hyun Woo is finally doing as he should to placate her husband, but no go. Judge is having none of it and that comment about who their son takes after seems to really hurt her. What’s the story there? All in good time, I’m sure.

Soo Im and her father search all over for the missing Deul Im with no luck at all. They arrive outside their home where Jin Soon pops out. She firmly denies caring about her youngest child. She is only up because Jung Nam’s going out woke her up. Soo Im and Jung Nam scold her for being able to sleep when Deul Im is nowhere around. I can’t remember if it’s Jin Soon or Soo Im, but one of them says that Deul Im is fine and at a friend’s as that is what she did last time.

Well, she’s not. She is sleeping on a park bench covered with newspapers. A woman even stops and tosses a 100 won coin on top of her. Deul Im is not happy for being taken for a beggar. Everything is Hyun Woo’s fault. I hope that we get a nice, mature Deul Im who doesn’t keep blaming others eventually.

In the Han household, Mi Ok keeps letting her brother do all the cooking which makes the rest of the family unhappy. Dr. Han tries to figure out what is wrong with his wife, but can’t. Then in the middle of breakfast, Mi Ok declares she wants to start using botox. Everyone in the family, including her plastic surgeon husband is against it. LOL. She is perfect just the way she is. When she starts blustering, the table quickly clears out and Mi Ok wonders why her husband will do botox on his patients, but not her. I like that even though he’s in the cosmetics business, he doesn’t want his wife undergoing procedures. And truth be told she is an attractive woman still—she doesn’t need anything done.

Things are still tense at the Kong household with Deul Im having stayed out all night and Jung Ja and her kids still being there. Sung Hoon finishes breakfast quickly and heads off to school where he meets Tae Hee (I think) who is trying to climb the fence. Why? The gate is locked so they have no other choice but to climb the fence. The two make it over only to be greeted by Se Joon. He scolds the late kids for always being late. He again demands to know why Sung Hoon’s mother hasn’t come by to talk to him as he’s been trying to get her to the school for a long time now. I’m sure Sung Hoon’s kept mum on this subject to his mother, but he does promise to get her there. Se Joon then tells the tardy kids to hurry off to class before the teachers get there.

Deul Im calls out Soo Im to feed her. Soo Im again chides her sister for her wrongdoings and hands over money for Deul Im to take a taxi home. Deul Im refuses as she is certain her parents are still mad—especially after getting conned out of $1,000 by that customer. So Deul Im decides she needs to make things right by getting Hyun Woo to cough up the money. She keeps pestering him and pestering him on his first day of work until he actually leaves the case meeting he was in. This makes the two lawyers who didn’t really like him like him even less.

So what happens when these two meet? Hyun Woo throws out his knowledge of the law and tells Deul Im to talk to her lawyer sister and see whose side she takes—it won’t be Deul Im’s. No matter what, Deul Im insists on getting the money back and keeps pestering him. Hyun Woo is no dummy. He needs proof of how much the clothing costs before he’d shell anything out, and again, he knows he wasn’t in the wrong. I have to laugh every time Deul Im throws out taking it to the police as a hit and run…really? Silly girl. Hyun Woo then points out that bicycles must follow the same laws as cars, so it’s the rear ender’s fault.

Meanwhile Tae Kyung runs into Soo Im. She apologizes for never coming to see his show. Tae Kyung does say that she is likely to wait to long and miss it entirely. Soo Im apologizes again and says she will do her best to make sure she takes the time to go watch it. Tae Kyung chidingly tells her to not strain herself to do so. LOL. Poor guy. Will he always be on the short end of the stick?

Anywho, Soo Im is meeting Judge Park for lunch! Looks like he’s invited Hyun Woo as well. Our new lawyer is not happy about this set up at all, but Soo Im is over the moon about it. It’s so easy to tell what she’s thinking so I wonder if Hyun Woo and Tae Kyung have their suspicions… Of course, Judge Park has asked the two youngsters there as he wants Soo Im to guide his wayward son as he navigates the law field. Soo Im happily takes on this task. Looks like Judge Park is also considering her as daughter-in-law material, too, because he asks about her love life and she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I can already imagine the gross disapproval if/when Deul Im and Hyun Woo finally manage to start dating as we all know that’s where this drama will go.

Deul Im cleans up in a public restroom. She rips off the damaged sleeves completely and mentally prepares herself for one last ditch effort to join Tae Kyung’s troupe. Meanwhile, Tae Kyung has reviewed the tryouts video and is not pleased. There was no one who stood out. As much as he likes to take on at least one new person a year, it looks like this year is a total wash. Enter Deul Im. She is recognized and she again explains her story. Tae Kyung does decided to offer her a chance with no guarantee. If she fails, she fails. Yay! Will her parents be less mad if she succeeds in an audition for once?

As Deul Im takes the stage for her audition, Hyun Woo arrives on scene. He is missed by the rest of Tae Kyung’s company who would be happy if Hyun Woo returned. Deul Im starts singing and Tae Kyung’s expression changes. I think the song she is singing is from the Korean version of Jekyll & Hyde (“This is the Moment”) and it looks like Deul Im has that something he was looking for. Deul Im opens her eyes and there stands Hyun Woo at the back of the theater with a surprised expression. Deul Im makes a mistake and stops singing as she stares at him in horror.

End episode.

It’s a fun drama. And there is loads to discover and to happen. I can easily predict some more typical plot lines that will come up, but I know there are some I won’t be expecting and I’m looking forward to that. Plus…if they do a lot of behind the scenes stuff with musicals, I will be really happy. I’ve liked musicals since elementary school. My own singing leaves a lot to be desired, so I never tried out for any productions, but I’ve always went to see the ones I could.

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