Melody of Love Episode 1 Recap

Daily dramas are double-edged swords in many respects. Even if you have an idea of what will happen, it takes a long time to get there and you want to scream in frustration or bang your head on the wall with just how drawn out the plot can be. Add in the fact that sometimes acting in daily dramas may not be as good as in prime time miniseries and even your love for a drama can die out faster than a normal Asian drama. That doesn’t make daily dramas bad in the long run once you know what you’re expecting. Of course, that doesn’t keep my from whining or complaining later of laggy plots and some not-so-believable acting.

Anywho, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson with Smile, Donghae and Crazy Love…oh…and Thorn Flower, but no. Actually, I’d like to get Thorn Flower going on a more regular schedule, but I let my subscription lapse and lost the raws, so that will take some time. But, yeah, I haven’t.

Okay, so long story short—I’m taking on this drama. This is my morning drama that I watch before work. I find it charming in its own way even though it is very typical in many respects.

Kong Deul Im [Sistar’s Dasom] is a young unemployed woman who dreams of becoming a musical star. Unfortunately, luck just isn’t on her side and her parents Kong Jung Nam (Lee Jeong Kil) and Yoo Jin Soon (Kim Hye Ok) want her to wake up and be more like her successful older sister Kong Soo Im [Hwang Sun Hee] who is a top notch lawyer.

We open with Deul Im dreaming of being the lead in a musical only to be slapped on stage by the leading actor. What did she do wrong? Nothing, it’s really her mother Jin Soon slapping her awake. Deul Im is supposed to be watching the shop, not sleeping. Deul Im asks for cab fare to go to another audition, but her mother refuses to cough up the cash and reminds Deul Im she needs to stay at the shop since Jin Soon has an errand to run.

Jin Soon goes back into the house where her husband and mother-in-law [Bang Hyo Jung as Jo Gwi Boon] are eating. Jin Soon wonders why her husband didn’t put out all the food and Granny Jo says that men aren’t that capable. Why isn’t Jin Soon doing her job and setting the table? Jung Nam asks after his daughter and Jin Soon says that Deul Im has another audition, but not to worry, with no money there is no way she can go. Right. We all know how that works, don’t we? Jin Soon then says that she has only managed to collect one building’s laundry so her husband will have to do the rest since she has to run. Where to? It’s her club’s meeting day. She rushes out and Granny Jo complains that her daughter-in-law will just go and gripe about her husband and herself to the other women in the club.

Jung Nam goes to the shop and finds that Deul Im has fled the scene (after she “borrowed” a customer’s dry cleaning). He then goes out to take his bike to finish collecting laundry only to find it missing. Since Deul Im didn’t have any money, she took her father’s bicycle instead. She’s happily rushing to the audition when she gets stuck behind a young man who’s pleasantly biking slowly from side to side not letting her get by. She tries ringing her bell, but no luck. She gathers speed to try to rush past, only to go crashing into the man’s bike when he has to brake suddenly for a pedestrian that popped out of nowhere.

Both of them fall of their bikes and get banged up and dirty. Deul Im is horrified that her borrowed clothes are soiled and ripped. She demands compensation from the man [Baek Sung Hyun as Park Hyun Woo]. Hyun Woo immediately asks if she’s all right and she complains and says of course she isn’t and berates him for being in her way and stopping suddenly. Hyun Woo loses sympathy fast and says she was following too closely behind him so its her fault. Deul Im says she knows a lawyer and starts taking a bunch of pictures and gets Hyun Woo’s cell number. She will be in touch later for compensation, but she doesn’t have time now. She hurries off.

Hyun Woo arrives at his destination. It turns out that he is a lawyer! In fact, he’s visiting Shinhwa law firm where he will be working starting from the next day. It figures. It’s just like Crazy Love where Mi So quotes the law to a lawyer (and she was making that up). It turns out that Hyun Woo’s father Park Bum Jin [Sun Woo Jae Duk] is a famous judge who had to pull strings to get Hyun Woo accepted into the law firm since Hyun Woo barely passed the bar.

Soo Im is in court pleading for a mother to be able to meet the son she gave up for adoption. After the hearing, Soo Im sees Judge Park and happily greets him. It turns out that Hyun Woo is Soo Im’s sunbae! Why is it in these dramas that people are so connected to one another yet don’t even know each other? Since Soo Im is good friends and classmates with Hyun Woo, why wouldn’t her little sister know him as well? Anywho, Soo Im congratulates Judge Park on Hyun Woo passing the bar and getting a job. Judge Park happily asks Soo Im to take care of his son and guide him as he starts his law career as she is now the sunbae since she’s been working as a lawyer longer. Soo Im happily agrees to this and goes out to buy Hyun Woo a congratulatory gift.

Meanwhile, Jin Soon is at her club meeting. It’s for affluent housewives to do charity work. They are in the midst of planning a new project. The head, Goo Mi Ok [Kim Ye Ryeong] is praised left and right for all she does making Jin Soon very unhappy. Her unhappiness increases when Mi Ok asks about the dry cleaners. However, this does allow Jin Soon to brag about her affluent daughter Soo Im and how she only runs the shop to get exercise. Of course, Mi Ok then tries to bring her down by mentioning the unemployed Deul Im. Looks like these women have a private war going on. After the meeting, Jin Soon warns Mi Ok to stop talking down to her since Jin Soon is older or else Jin Soon will tell everyone about Mi Ok’s sordid past before she married a rich doctor. LOL. Frenemies!

Of course Deul Im arrives late to the audition. Han Tae Kyung [Kim Hyung Jun] and crew are finishing up and complaining about how there were no standouts among the crowd when she arrives. Deul Im explains her situation and pleads for a chance to sing only to have the female assistant belittle her and tell her they can’t bend the rules for Deul Im’s situation. She haughtily leaves a crying Deul Im who blames it all on Hyun Woo.

It turns out that not only is Hyun Woo Soo Im’s sunbae, but so is the musical director Han Tae Kyung! The three college friends meet up to celebrate Hyun Woo’s job. Tae Kyung teases Hyun Woo about barely passing the bar and telling him he should have stuck to be a musical actor. Soo Im tells Tae Kyung not to tempt Hyun Woo now that he’s straightening up his life. She then spills something on her and Tae Kyung immediately starts clucking over her. Hyun Woo teases the two and tells them to just start dating already. This makes Soo Im very uncomfortable, but you can tell Tae Kyung would be very happy if they dated.

After dinner, Soo Im takes the opportunity to drive Hyun Woo home since he doesn’t have his bike (because of his accident with Deul Im). Tae Kyung looks very unhappy about this arrangement and tries to get between the two, but with no success. In the car, Soo Im gives Hyun Woo her present. Since he gave her the diamond earrings when she got her job, she’s returning the favor. She then says how happy she is that they are in the same field and offers her services as a sunbae in any way she can help. I think Soo Im might like Hyun Woo as more than a friend. Just a hunch. I also believe Hyun Woo doesn’t and probably won’t see her as more than a friend.

The hurt and upset Deul Im decides to call and demand compensation from Hyun Woo. He doesn’t recognize the number and answers his phone only to become annoyed at Deul Im’s insistence of his wrongdoing. Soo Im cannot believe someone is threatening to sue Hyun Woo over such a matter. What will she say when she finds out its her baby sister? Soo Im advises Hyun Woo to not take anymore of Deul Im’s calls and let the matter rest. He quickly agrees to this.

He goes inside where he finds his grandfather Park Doo Sik [Park Woong] studying for his driving test. It looks like Judge Park’s relationship isn’t very good with his son. He warns Hyun Woo to be on his best behavior since he had to pull a lot of strings to get him into Shinhwa. Hyun Woo says he will do his best to save his father’s reputation. Even though Hyun Woo’s relationship with his father his rather cold at the moment, you can feel the love between him and Grandpa Park. They are cute together.

Tae Kyung goes to his father’s office after the dinner. It turns out his father is a plastic surgeon. Dr. Han [Jung Seung Ho as Han Joo Ho] is flirting horribly with a patient who uses her wiles on him to get him to lower her bill yet again. Enter Tae Kyung. The flirtation stops with the arrival a full grown son. The two then head home where Mi Ok is lecturing her daughter Tae Hee [Jung Da Bin] about being smart and becoming a doctor or a lawyer (this is because of Jin Soon’s insults earlier about Mi Ok being a dunce in school). She complains of Jin Soon and Soo Im to her husband and son, but Tae Kyung is quick to jump to Soo Im’s defense. Enter Mi Ok’s brother Goo Se Joon [Lee Joo Hyun] with the ingredients for dinner. Dr. Han quickly changes his tune and says he already ate while the others flee. Apparently Se Joon’s cooking is not good.

Soo Im comes home in time for the arrival of her aunt Kong Jung Ja [Jung Sia] and her two children Kim Sung Hoon [Kim Ji Hoon] and No Jin Yi [Shin Bi]. It turns out that Jung Ja has just divorced her second husband! This news is very unwelcome to the Kong household. To make matters worse, the customer whose clothes Deul Im borrowed comes looking for them and they are nowhere to be found. Enter Deul Im wearing the soiled and torn clothes and the customer is not happy. We end with Jin Soon and Jung Nam chasing after their youngest daughter.

It’s fun. Not too slapstick or cheesy and not heavy melodrama. It makes for a good morning drama to watch, not too heavy not too light, just about right. I have to laugh with the bike incident as the two talk like it’s a car accident. I’m anticipating the fireworks between Deul Im and Hyun Woo. It could be fun. Or it could be really annoying. We’ll see, won’t we?


  • I admire your ability to watch daily dramas. (I have never tried to watch one and I don’t think I ever will. T____T Too many episodes for me!!!! >_< Oh well maybe the tw-drama Two Fathers counts? But I haven't gotten far in that drama so I guess I really haven't watched a daily drama before. O_O

    • It’s hard to watch them at times, so I haven’t watched very many and so far…I’ve only completed 1 all the way through 😛

      I’m horrible in finishing dramas all in all.

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