Asian Music Recommendations – November 2013

I am doing something new again. In true playlist fashion, I’m giving you the complete list numbered by where the songs fall in the playlist. The songs with stars at the beginning are the ones that I really loved and listened to over and over again. Doing it this way really allows me to think long and hard about the music on this list and whether or not I really like it enough to recommend it. While not every song was a song I found myself replaying all the time, that doesn’t make the songs not good. Who knows, some of them might tickle your fancy even more than they did mine.

  1. 24 Days – “In this Love” which I sometimes think I really like and other times I think I don’t, but I think my final consensus is that I really do like this song. It’s got a great guitar break at the end.
  2. 25 Hours – “ฟิน (เพลงพิเศษจากเพียวริคุ) “ which I’m not a huge fan of how the verses are done, but I love the chorus.
  3. 2 Bic – “Love It” from The Good Doctor OST which has finally been released in full. I still need to finish the drama, but it was full of awesome songs and this soulful ballad is top notch.
  4. 2nd Dyz – Strange New World the whole mini album is great
  5. star2NE1 – “Missing You” I have been liking most of their releases this year and this song is just awesome and addictive for some reason.
  6. Show Luo – “Unfinished Commitments” It’s really nice to hear a ballad from him and the MV for the song is quite good.
  7. Cotton Factory – “Once A 5 Minutes” is a beautiful unplugged track
  8. StarDICKPUNKS – “Hello Girlfriend” is a beautiful ballad from this talented band and the video is pretty cool and funky.
  9. Kidoh of ToppDogg – “Trainee to Singer” it’s a great song composed, produced, arranged by Kidoh.
  10. 4MEN – “Thorn Love” from Empress Ki OST – this group keeps producing great songs for soundtracks.
  11. Baek Seung Heon – “Wait A Minute” it’s a rather catchy song and the more I listen to it, the more I find myself liking it. Definitely a highly repetitious chorus that’s easy to sing along with.
  12. Davichi – “The Letter” Davichi is really good at conveying the feelings within the lyrics. At times it is like they are singing through tears—that’s the feeling you get.
  13. Jin – “Gone” beautiful song and the MV is like scenes from a drama or movie that I would love to see
  14. Jo Hang Jo – “Love and Life”
  15. StarLedapple – “With the Wind” Wowza! Hanbyul rocks those high notes. This is a great song. Didn’t they have a song with wind in the title last winter, too?
  16. StarLee Juck – “Lie Lie Lie” Fall and winter, great seasons for heart wrenching ballads.
  17. M&N (Miryo & Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls) – “Tonight”
  18. NC.A – “Oh My God” A cute girl with cute, young songs and MVs I do have to say, it’s kind of odd to sing about being sorry and being sad that she was dumped with a smile on her face. It doesn’t match the lyrcs.
  19. NOEL – “Being Forgotten” Absolute LOVE NOEL’s ballads.
  20. StarSan E feat. Verbal Jint – “Where Did You Sleep” Yay for San E being active at the end of this year.
  21. WAX – “Love Wind” from Empress Ki OST. Like 4MEN’s song better, but this one is still great.
  22. Zion feat. Swings – “Blah Blah” I like the dialogue between the woman and man and the MV is funny.
  23. StarHanul feat. Ye In – “I Am”
  24. LOWFAT feat. โบว์ลิ่ง มานิดา – “Thinking”
  25. StarAnya (not 100% sure if that’s her name or not) – “รู้นะคิดอะไรอยู่” from Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry OST. Beautiful song, and now I really want to see this drama as it stars two of my favorite Thai actors and the scenes look really cute.
  26. Najam Su – “Cry Baby” funky and addictive song.
  27. etsuco – “ONE LOVE 29-year-old Christmas”…not sure if that’s the song title or the album title, but it’s a beautiful song in the video clip.
  28. Yoo Jae Suk & Yu Hui Yeol feat. Kim Jo Han – “Please Don’t Go My Girl” Yoo Jae Suk did surprisingly well for this not being a dance song.
  29. Park Myeong Su & Primary feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo – “I Got C” Myeong Su actually did a decent job singing this live.
  30. No Hong Cheol & Rose Hotel – “Call Me Oppa”
  31. HaHa & Jang Kiha & the Faces – “Super Grassman” – such a crazy performance if you can watch it love.
  32. Infinity Challenge cast – “Yes, We’re Together” which is a very touching and meaningful song
  33. StarJeong Jun Ha & Kim C – “Will Be Gone” – to me this was the best and possibly most innovative song from Infinity Challenge’s song festival.
  34. B1A4 – “With You” from Reply 1994 OST not a bad track, but definitely not the most outstanding from this drama.
  35. – “Can’t Have You” from Reply 1994 OST. I like this song better than B1A4’s.
  36. AV169 – “TEAM” I hadn’t heard of this band before, but totally fell in love with this song and will keep an ear out from them in the future.
  37. BACK-ON – “Nibun’noichi” a Gundam opening theme. I do like BACK-ON.
  38. Bertrand Hahn – “Massacre” Not a huge fan of metal. I just don’t like hard to understand scream fests, but I do like this interesting song. This song by Korean band Bertrand Hahn is all in English and meshes soft mellow vocals with hard sound leading into a harsh, guttural chorus that really works for some reason.
  39. StarCHIHIRO – “Akai Ito” (Red Thread). Yay! Absolutely love all songs by CHIHIRO and this is no exception. I only wish I had the whole song to share.
  40. StarANUBAN – “COUNTDOWN” – an awesome Thai rock song. I just discovered this band and can’t wait to hear more from them.
  41. starCROSS GENE – “Page of Love” I wonder if this group will do promotional activities in Korea again, or if they’re just going to stick to the Japanese market? I do like their Japanese songs.
  42. Dawen – “Hello” a nice debut single.
  43. Dean Fujioka – “My Dimension” …it’s strangely addictive
  44. DEEP – “I Promise You” this ballad has a very touching MV.
  45. Dream5 – “Minna de Tewotsunago” This group…I can’t say why I like them, but I do.
  46. StarFT Island – “Madly” I am really loving the mature sound of this group. They keep getting better with age.
  47. girl next door – “URBAN DANCE” – a highly addictive and fun song. I love this band.
  49. i☆Ris – “WONDERLAND” doesn’t this song seem like it should be part of a musical? Especially with the MV for it.
  50. StarJung Junil – “Next Winter” Ah, MATE. Great band. Jung Junil’s solo work is just as good.
  51. KEYTALK – “Coaster” it’s a fun debut single for this Japanese band.
  52. LGYankee’s “Always!!” from their Best album. They have a lot of great songs that you should check out when you get a chance.
  53. LUNA SEA – “Ran” Geez. LUNA SEA and GLAY are putting out a lot at the end of the year. Not that I’m complaining at all.
  54. StarLUNAFLY – “Corre” This is a pretty amazing cover of a Spanish song. I’m actually impressed by how well the trio sings in Spanish. Kudos. Wonder what my eonni would think as she’s fluent in the language…?
  55. M.I.B – “Money In the Building” I like their unofficial MV for the song.
  56. StarMabel – “Happiness” Pretty.
  57. Mando & Chigi – “He Says, She Says” is a strangely addicting song.
  58. StarMayday – “Step by Step” I’m in love. Mayday is just awesome. I don’t think they have any song that I don’t like.
  59. MyName – “Shirayuki” another great song from the ever-maturing MyName.
  60. Natthew – ไม่เสียใจที่ได้รักเธอ He’s an awesome singer and the BTS footage is really cute and sweet. He’s active in both Korean and Thailand.
  61. O-Pavee – “Attempt”
  62. StarOren – “A” is a beautiful tribute to his late father.
  63. phatmans after school – “Tsukiyomi” A great song with an interesting MV.
  64. Pro C feat. K.Will – “Bad Memory” masterful rapping mixed with K.Will’s awesome vocals. A good combo.
  65. SCREEN mode – Moonlight STORY a strong debut single from this rock duo. I really enjoyed the songs.
  66. Slot Machine – “Trance” The MV…I really feel sorry for the poor guy…
  67. StarSofty Wav – “Breaking Off” this acoustic group is amazing! The MV really suits the theme of the song of two lovers parting ways and saying their last
  68. Song Riders – “Snowing Again” with the music box intro… and the somewhat depressing MV, you really don’t expect such a lively song. It’s still good, though.
  69. Supersub – “สัญญา” which essentially means a type of promise, pact, or agreement and can be used to talk about engagement. Since I don’t know Thai, I’m not sure the meaning, but it’s a good song.
  70. Taeyang – “Ringa Linga” The song as a whole isn’t bad, but I really enjoy the chorus the most.
  71. Tattoo Colour – “The Rain” from Carabao OST. Haven’t watched the drama, but it has some great music.
  72. StarKatagiri Maiko from MAY’S – “Tokyo Blue”
  73. StarTommy heavenly6 – “Can you hear me?” What a video to go with the song. I have no idea, but her look really reminds me of the younger Avril Lavigne… I like how the English in the song is very clear and understandable.
  74. Tommy heavenly6 – “RUBY EYES”
  75. StarTwo Base – “In The Time” soft, plaintive verses with a rocking chorus. Love this debut single for KT Snow’s project band.
  76. ViV – “BE THERE” wish I could get you a clip of the full song. It’s pretty good.
  77. ZE:A – “Step by Step” the song is good, but I really like how they do the shots between the members so it goes pretty seamlessly.
  78. ROME – “White Vanilla” the song alone is good, but its really cute what they do in the MV to make up to the girls they like. Although, it’s distracting to hear all the phone notices.
  79. View – ชัยชนะนี้เป็นของเธอ from ผู้ชนะสิบทิศ
  80. I’m not really certain about the group’s name nor the song title, but it makes me tap my foot along and I really enjoy the song.
  81. PARATA – “First Listen” great song and a cute video to go with it.
  82. Klerm – “หยดน้ำที่เคลื่อนไหว”
  83. Ice Sarunyu – “อยากโดนเป็นเจ้าของ” the song is really good and the MV to it is cute.
  84. Gun Napat – “Live to Love” from the Master of the Storm OST
  85. Starนิว จิ๋ว – อย่าเอาเขามาเกี่ยวเรื่องนี้ She really has an amazing voice!
  86. James Supavit – “Wuwa”
  87. ℃-ute – “Love is more innovative” I can’t watch the video to this song, but I really do like the song.
  88. Robynn & Kendy – “La La La” these girls have nice voices
  89. Kevin Cheng – “Xingfu de yihan” I did not know that 8th prince could sing! It’s so weird seeing him with hair and in normal clothes as I’m so used to him as 8th prince.
  90. Ken Hung – “Who” a song with a haunting quality
  91. B.A.P – “ONE SHOT” I was impressed because one of the last Japanese songs BAP did, the rapping was still in Korean while the singing was in Japanese, but this time the rap is in Japanese as well. Normally I can’t stand Korean songs translated into Japanese, but I’m okay with this song for some reason.
  92. Cliff Edge – “Gift from You” from the movie No Voice
  93. Sanmyu – “Kore ga ainanda”
  94. Kodera Kenta – I’m really not sure on this song’s name, but it’s really pretty. He’s releasing his second album soon! He’s got talent.
  95. Kodera Kenta – “FOREVER YOU ~eien ni anato to~”
  96. Momoiro CloverZ – “GOUNN”
  97. StarWeather Girls – “HEY BOY ~ueishenmo” (Although I swear in this song they are singing the Chinese phrase “weishenme” which is basically asking why/what for)
  98. StarYamamori Daisuke (from the jrock band ROCK’A’TRENCH) & Iwasaki Kei (from jrock band Sekaiichi) – “Candles” a great collaboration from the vocalists of both groups.
  99. Diamond Yukai – “Moichido yoru o tomete”
  100. 1966 Quartet – “Norwegian Wood” I think this is the only instrumental on my list…
  101. Harukato Miyuki – “Long Wait”
  102. Bakusute – “Oh My Destiny”
  103. Lin Yu Chun – Ballad Show/The Ballad Collection I had never heard of him before but this man has an AMAZING voice that just draws you in.
  104. Inoue May – “Waiting for Sunrise” Oh, I had another instrumental track. Rare. It’s a really great guitar song.
  105. Wu Bai & China Blue – “Together we are doomed” what a depressing title. The song isn’t my usual cup of tea, but I find myself really liking it for some reason.
  106. Kato Kazuki – Toy Box I do like Kato Kazuki. He’s been quite active of late as a singer. Now if only he acted in more dramas or movies…
  107. Leo Ku – “Chu Chu” – a happy new discovery
  108. Pakho Chau – “Don’t be afraid”
  109. StarWakin Chau – 離別賦 It’s hard to believe this man is in his 50s. His voice is still so pure and clear and this is a beautiful song.
  110. Zhou Hui – “Wonderful Life” beautiful ballad!
  111. Action Tang – The record company translates it as “Love You Not Surprised” … I’m thinking the correct translation (for it to make sense in English) is “I’m Not Surprised I Love You” or something along those veins. It’s a great duet.
  112. starShionotani Sayaka – “Snow Flakes Love” she really does have such a pretty voice. You should check out her latest release in full.
  113. Shionotani Sayaka – “Ichirinka”
  114. starJeffrey – “Never Left” another new discovery. I absolute love this song.
  115. starEric Suen & Rachel Liang – “Happy to Forget” is an awesome duet!!! The video that goes with it is really nice, too.
  116. 弘Jr. feat. Snipe – “Destiny”
  117. starNiyama Shiori – “soliloquy”
  118. TVXQ – “Very Merry Xmas” yep, Christmas releases. Kind of depressing. Anywho, a good song from the Korean duo.
  119. Lin Fan – “We Talk About Half the Story” from Just You OST. Watched the first episode…haven’t watched any more, lol. But it does have great music.
  120. Edmong Leung – “Fanren Zhi Jia”
  121. Cliff Edge – “Neverending Memories”
  122. Pong Nan – “Meili dao buneng” it’s a really pretty song…
  123. Pong Nan – “Leaving Las Vegas” (is that really the title?)
  124. William So – “Mou Mou”
  125. √5 – “Love Treasure” is a pretty song. I could do without the small rap part as it doesn’t fit in all that well, but it’s still good.
  126. Super Express – “Kiss Me Baby” a very dance heavy track, but I find it strangely addictive and the MV makes such a mockery of serious action.
  127. Kevin Cheng – “Big Love”
  128. Sammi Cheng – “Primitive Weapons” from Bao 3 Quia Jiawa Zhuti Qu OST
  129. Asou Natsuko – “MoonRise Romance”
  130. Alien Huang – “Da Que Xing” from Just You OST
  131. Goo Hye Sun – “Happy” it is a very pretty song
  132. Kim Ye Rim – “Goodbye 20”
  133. NORAZO – “Wild Horse” despite the horribly fake centaur costumes, this is really good song and totally keeping with Norazo’s unique style
  134. Rhythmking feat. Bumkey & Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) – “Think About You” is a really good collaboration between these three.
  135. MY Q – “Is It Over” this song should be boring to me…but strangely its not.
  136. starMR.MR – “Do You Feel Me” I’m feeling the song (except for Chang Jae’s slightly nonsensical rap part), but I really do wish that Do Yeon and Chang Jae got more lines and did Hon get any besides doing the chorus and background with Do Yeon and Chang Jae?
  137. Min Yeon Jae feat. 4Men – “The Airplane Girl”
  138. Park Jaejung – “At First Sight” the final winner of Superstar K5 with a big band? style sound. Seems like this should be coming out of a musical
  139. BTS – “Attack on BTS” my love for this group is still going oddly enough
  140. VIXX – “ONLY U” I really enjoyed the song and video.
  141. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll” the dark boys are back. I can’t watch the video. The song is okay, but the video freaks me out. I don’t handle horror (or gore) well… and the stuff they do in the video sends shivers down my spines.
  142. San E feat. Sanchez of Phantom – “Break up dinner”
  143. So Jin of Girls Day – “Na Dolligu Sippeo” from Passionate Love OST
  144. starShin Ji Hoon – “Hurtful” it’s a great debut from Kpop Star season 2 participant Shin Ji Hoon. She’s growing up! It’s a great song and I think she gets the emotions out well.
  145. Urban Zakapa – “When Winter Comes” who doesn’t love them? They are just completely awesome.
  146. starUntouchable feat. Koonta of Rude Paper – “Vain” this song…totally addicted to it for some reason.
  147. Niga aneun Eunjeong – “We Meet Again” It is such a soft and pretty song
  148. Woohui of Dalshabet – “Tomorrow” from Limitless Power OST
  149. U Seung Eun – “Healing” mixes traditional Korean instruments with a more R&B feel
  150. Sung Si Kyeong – “To You” the prince of ballad contributes a beautiful ballad to Reply 1994 OST
  151. starLee Jung & Ha Dong Kyun – “Where is the Love” LOVE this song and their voices go well together
  152. Joy O’Clock – “Be Forgotten” I’m so happy I discovered them this year 🙂
  153. Ji Sung – “Heights of Windstorm” a nice addition to the pile of actors who don’t normally sing, but contribute tracks to OSTs of dramas they star in. It is a good song.
  154. Transfixion – “Tonight” We are starting to see more krock bands participating in OSTs and the like. It does make me happy as Korea has some great bands that don’t get the recognition they deserve.
  155. Phantom feat. Navi – “New Era” Yay for Phantom! It’s a good song. They don’t have one definitive style or sound which is cool. I like that they bring something new with each release.
  156. Huh Gak – “Reminisce” Another heartfelt ballad from the little giant.
  157. Frandé – “Ai Renxin” the vocalist does have an ethereal quality to her voice.
  158. Zeng Jing Wen – “Millennium” is a great duet
  159. starLi Wei Feng – “Let Me Love You” the dance and the chorus… AAA seal of approval
  160. Li Wei Feng – “You Said, I Said” has such a corny video, but it’s not a bad song, I like 159 better, though.
  161. starLi Wei Feng – “Reluctant” another great ballad 🙂
  162. starLi Wei Feng – “Zhuǎnjiǎo nàgè nǚhái” ok. I just really love him 😉
  163. Christine Fan – “Quietly Tell You” from the The Stolen Years OST. I forgot she was a singer. I don’t think I’ve heard too much of her after her Pi Li MIT tracks.
  164. starWu Wen Fang – “Where” from The Stolen Years OST. I like this song even more than Christine Fan’s contribution.
  165. starChen Hui Yi – “Not Allowed to Say Goodbye” from Second Life OST
  166. Super Junior – “Blue World” a fairly typical SuJu song which actually reminds me a bit of SHINee’s “Dream Girl” for some reason…
  167. TVXQ – “White” another pretty song for the Christmas season
  168. starNishijima Takahiro (aka Nissy from AAA) – I’m actually not certain if the song title is “Selfish” or “Zensaku do shiyou ka?” Whatever it is called, it’s beautiful
  169. Ohashi Trio’s new album Magic is beautiful. You should check out the entire album!
  170. starAAA seal of approvalThe Breeze – “Try To Remember You” OMG!!!! So, in love with this song. It’s really amazing (to me). I’ve listened to this song over and over and over and over again. This is probably my favorite from this month (it came out the last day of Oct, so it counts for November, right?). I highly recommend checking out their entire album Alive. It’s my style of rock, I guess.
  171. starMato feat. Lee Jae Hun – “December 1” it’s rather odd to come across a female rapping with a male vocalist featuring. I like the combo of Mato and Lee Jae Hun and the video is cute.
  172. Season 5 – “Hot Love Life”
  173. Apartment Khunpa – “Shell”
  174. Misia – “Holiday”
  175. starAwesome Blossom – “Méiyǒu shěbude” from Ài bù zǒu, ài bù fàngshǒu OST
  176. BIKE – “OverHight”
  177. Angelo – “Faith” definitely a song representative of this group’s sound
  178. From The Airport – “Black Skies” even though it’s completely in English, this is from a Korean band. Some of the things they sing and the way they sing them…it’s interesting and different in a good way.
  179. Lovelybut x Jeong Gi Yong feat. Gang Hyeon Jun of Love Phase – “Eyekiss”
  180. starHebe Tien – “You Better Not Think About Me” HIM is doing English subtitles! This is a beautiful song from S.H.E. member Hebe.
  181. starHistory – “What Am I To You” I wasn’t a huge fan of their debut, I liked Pure more at that time, but with their previous song and now this one, I find myself liking them more. And while I do like this song, I laugh every time I hear them say “for reals.” Really? I just can’t help myself.
  182. starTasty – “Day’n Night” The song seems a bit rough in terms of vocal quality and sound at times, but…this song has been on repeat like crazy for me. I really like the chorus.
  183. starRachel Liang – “fēnshǒu hòu bùyào zuò péngyǒu”
  184. Sekai no Owari – “Starlight Parade”
  185. starJomungeun Band – “Blowing in the Wind”
  186. Kim Arum – “Leave” English that makes sense! It actually doesn’t distract or detract from the Korean.
  187. Relot – “Dream”
  188. Crainfield – “Papillon”
  189. Jase Choi – “Locked in the Past” which is part of the 2densound project which gives rookies a chance to release an album. It’s a beautiful song.
  190. Jeong Hye Won – “Nagger” another release of the 2densound project that’s also quite awesome
  191. Redchair – “Break-up Aftereffect” I almost didn’t include this song, but it grew on me.


  • Your music collection puts mine to shame! I need to branch out more.. Think I’ll peruse your playlist sometime this week.

    • I wish I could afford to buy a fraction of it 😛 I love music. I suck at it, but love to listen to it.

      I hope you find some new gems! Let me know if you have any new discoveries you fell in love with.

  • HOORAY FOR YOUR NEW STAR SYSTEM!!!!!! It makes it so much easier to spot your favorite songs out of the hundred+ songs hehe. One thing that might help though is like a…TOP 5 list (LOL) because even with all the starred songs there are still a lot. O__O

    I’ve been listening to this live performance by Ailee over and over:

    • LOL. A top 5 list? I *might* be able to do that 😛 I know the list has gotten ridiculously long. #1 definitely for November is The Breeze. I am in love with that band 🙂 As for picking out a top 5 for the list…that would require more serious thought.

      Ailee is amazing. It’s amazing when you see her real life persona and then see how she transforms once mic is in hand and she’s on stage.

  • I’ve also been listening to this new song featuring VERBAL, Ai & Kato Miliyah. It is strangely addicting O_O”

    • For some reason when this song started I thought of Madagascar and the “I like to move it move it” part in that movie.
      It does have that strangely addicting quality…

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