Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 8

It’s been quite the last half of the week. I got my new TV, rearranged my room, broke my Roku player, started watching another Singapore drama, and totally neglected everything else. I admit fear of this episode. I was really worried how long this whole amnesia plotline would go and the scenes had me worrying. While I am still a bit cautious about how this drama will work out and end, unlike the latest episode of Hakuba, this one I found a lot happening in progression of the plot and we are starting to get more and more answers…although I admit some confusion over one specific plot point.

So we open with Lloyd taking aim and Hoshi and Isaku. Asahi stands in front of them and pleads with Lloyd to remember, which he doesn’t. The erased Lloyd can only remember his job is to protect her and keep his own secret at all costs. He is positively baffled by Asahi referring to him as Lloyd and also addressing him as not being the type of “person” to easily take another’s life. He requests permission to terminate the two men that helped save his life, but gets no response from Cloud Zero. He switches to a different mode to get permission, but eventually Asahi’s pleas are heard and he warns the other men to protect his secret “or else.”

Lloyd phases out and Asahi drops to her knees. So the hope for the future that they have all been betting on has lost all of his memories. Asahi believes that they are buried somewhere and Hoshi agrees that it could be something to do with damage to Lloyd’s memory circuits. He is not as great as Reiji, but he will go through all of Reiji’s information to see if there isn’t some way to fix Lloyd. Hoshi also confesses that he knew he could never measure up against Reiji’s intelligence and gifts so that is why he didn’t attend Reiji’s school and opted to work for a foreign company in computers to make money instead of working in Reiji’s field. By going through Reiji’s research to learn more and save Lloyd, that will be Hoshi facing Reiji as a man. Asahi decides to go to Nanase to make a request in person to help Lloyd recover his lost memories.

We then get to see a scene where the police of the future are working with the leaders of today. They are talking about how bad the Asura system is as that was the reason the androids went crazy in 2113 and killed world leaders. Right. It had nothing to do with the robots being programmed assassins who had enough and decided to destroy the leaders who were using them. Painting the truth and not revealing it all. Typical. The bad androids also say that Lloyd is dangerous even if he’s an older model simply because he does not have nobility. Snort. That was my response. To be noble…that means killing tons of innocent people? Assassination is noble? What a crock. Anywho, thus the police of the future ask to use illegal methods to get what they need.

I love the scenes with Isaku and Hoshi. I am really happy to see the more mellowed out and more human Isaku. At first our chain-smoking detective seemed more robotic than human and he was the human. Now, he’s seeming to get more and more human, which is nice. Then again, he’s placed his bet on the men and the future by believing in the evolved Ando Lloyd. But we get some cuteness with Isaku and Hoshi bickering (almost like an old married couple). Hoshi complains about just how alike Saki and her father are. LOL. Definitely. It’s really cute to watch and this seen (as well as the scene with Saki later) gives this more serious episode some comedic relief. Isaku plays Lloyd’s speech to Hoshi who believes it is a message from Reiji.

Hoshi: “The future isn’t just the arrival of a new day, it’s what we obtain form getting post our obstacles today, isn’t it?”

Isaku: “Get back to work you moron.”

Hoshi: “Tsk. Both you and your daughter are so rude.”

At the college, Nanase and crew are going through pictures from a celebration of a new arrival joining the group. Nanase had gotten her brother drunk and he acted totally goofy. She maintains she just gave her brother the wrong drink. LOL. Right. One student says that he thought at first Nanase was married to Reiji since they were so alike and shared the same last name…but it makes sense that they are siblings, too. He then does a little skit and has Nanase cursing the fact that Reiji was her biological brother so they couldn’t be together. Enter Asahi. The other students leave and Asahi begins looking at the pictures to. Then Nanase snaps and starts strangling the older woman. It’s all Asahi’s fault that Reiji died! Something awakens in Nanase’s eyes and we hear her yell “Reiko, STOP!” before she passes out. Gee, what do you think our disturbed little sister has?

That’s right. DID or Multiple Personality Disorder. So says the doctor who reluctantly tells Asahi since she is Reiji’s fiancée and thus the only “family” that Nanase has left. She has been fighting this for awhile it seems. So…does that mean Reiji knows about this? Is this why she gets worked up, disturbed and has to run for pills, is this why she doesn’t recall some of the things Last Queen says she did? Anywho, apparently Nanase has a personality called Reiko is violent and believes herself to be Reiji’s twin sister. The doctor recommends Nanase be confined for treatment as the more stimulus from the outside she gets, the more chances for her to be lost to Reiko’s stronger personality. Asahi asks for time to think about what to do.

She goes back to Nanase’s room and apologizes to the younger woman. She had no idea that Nanase was going through so much pain to become like she is. Enter Last Queen who says that Asahi should suffer as well. She starts strangling Asahi as well. Oddly enough, Lloyd didn’t show up when there was a human threat to Asahi’s life, but pops up when there’s a robot one. He and Last Queen quickly phase out of the hospital room leaving Asahi completely stunned.

Last Queen introduces her make and model number and calls Lloyd her older brother. This is news to Lloyd who had no idea that he had a sibling android. Apparently the Last Queen is made from his data and collections. However…she is the more advanced, perfected model. She then asks why he’s still protecting Asahi when Cloud Zero and his client no longer exist. She says that his lack of memories is because his AI decided it was unnecessary to have memories related to humans. She then shows him the bad side of humanity and asks him to help her destroy all humans. Lloyd’s response? “Ando Asahi is prohibited from dying!” He injects the Asura system…but so does the Last Queen! Her system is even an upgraded OS so she easily sidesteps and avoids all of Lloyd’s attacks. After the futile fight she smiles and tells him there is only one injection left and disappears to a place where Lloyd cannot follow even though he tried.

Lloyd goes back to the hospital, low on battery. Asahi takes him home to recharge. Hoshi and Isaku say they have had no luck all day. How did it go with Nanase? Asahi replies that she didn’t get a chance to ask as Nanase is unwell. Isaku then tells Hoshi its time for them to call it a day. Hoshi does tell Asahi that he will keep trying to restore Lloyd’s memories.

They next morning Asahi makes breakfast for herself and Lloyd and tells him to eat. He gives the same response that he did the first time and she responds the same as well. This triggers a bit of a memory and he vaguely recalls Asahi giving him the name Lloyd. She is happy he remembers a little. She then goes to work where they introduce the launch of a new product. Hoshi tells her that he sees two unknown men that he had no choice but to let in.

Later that night the trio go out to eat—Asahi’s treat since Saki and Hoshi are covering for her so much at work. Saki probes about Reiji’s recovery and this throws Asahi. Hoshi quickly steps in and starts calling Saki an idiot. Asahi rushes off leaving Hoshi and Saki to drink by themselves. I think we’re going to get a couple here as it seems Asahi has already kind of paired them up in her head thanks to their constant bickering. Saki gets wasted and complains about her broken home and fear that since she doesn’t know a normal family life, then will she be able to happily get married and have her own? It’s nice to see the vulnerable side of her and for her not growing up with her father, she is a lot like Isaku, which Hoshi mentioned earlier.

So where did Asahi rush off to? Home. She had to see the recharging Lloyd to apologize for demanding he try hard to remember (oh the irony when Saki asked how Reiji was doing with his amnesia since Lloyd now has it so to speak) their past. She cries and tells him she forgot that it must be the hardest on him who cherished his memories. It is fine if he cannot remember, as she can and she will keep their memories.

During this touching scene, Kadoshiro Teddy Bear comes to life and starts doing something with Reiji’s computer. Before his holographic image can do anything, the public safety team comes in with a warrant saying a bug has been reported. They find the teddy bear and take it. They then deliver it to the two androids who take the bear back to the computer mainframe where they keep in contact with the Police Cloud. They prepare to resurrect Kadoshiro, but their former leader is worried. About what? Are they doing the right thing? He’s beginning to suspect they aren’t. He’s had a lot of time to think since he’s been nothing but data for awhile. His cohorts remind him what happens to traitors, but Kadoshiro remains firm that the old ways are wrong.

I liked here how Kadoshiro talked about discovering love and much more in his time trapped inside the bear’s body. He has seen all the goings on with the humans fighting to protect Lloyd and there own loved one’s, Lloyd’s evolution, Suppli’s sacrifice, etc. The other androids talked about love as an irrational emotion that destroys reason which leads to bad things. In a certain respect, they are right, but love is so much more than that and to be completely rational all of the time…that is not good as well. Rationale will say one thing, but that doesn’t make it necessarily right.

While the androids request for Kadoshiro’s disposal, he’s still working long distance with Reiji’s computer in Asahi’s apartment. The 5D printer is restored and someone pops out that completely stuns Asahi—SRX Lucky 7R. Just as the two droids go to dispose of Kadoshiro, the teddy bear has been moved! Who took it? None other than Suppli! She tells the two droids that the bear belongs to her and phases out quickly before they can harm her and her bear.

She phases back to the apartment where Asahi is happy to see Suppli. However, just like Lloyd, Suppli’s memories are gone. Her emotions program is also nonexistent. She then goes over to Lloyd to repair his broken memories. This is successful and all that went missing comes rushing back to our stoic android. Asahi cries and rushes into Lloyd’s arms. He is surprised that Asahi is crying and he does apologize with much warmth. He also vows to never make her worry again. Asahi calls him a liar and he says for the umpteenth time that he is not equipped with the ability to lie. He promises to do his best to not make her worry. Awww.

He then turns to Suppli. He has no need of a repair bot like her. He wants his Suppli back. He sends his finger through her brain and reinstalls her emotions program and also gives her back the memories of their times together. Thus the original Suppli emerges from the dull and lifeless one. She is back and calling Lloyd a “closet pervert” (because of his back hug when he was installing the software). This makes Asahi and Lloyd happy to have Suppli back as she was.

Suppli goes to leave, but turns around. She almost forgot her most important  task after fixing Lloyd! She programs the 5D printer and out comes Kadoshiro in the flesh…sort of. Suppli introduces him to Asahi and Lloyd as Kadoshiro Hajime, the head of the police. Asahi asks if that means he’s an enemy. Not any more. So he’s an ally then? Yes, after what he’s experienced, he’s on Lloyd’s and Asahi’s side. Thanks to Kadoshiro’s resurrection we get more information about just what really happened.

Apparently after the devastating earth quake in 2011, Reiji discovered a new particle completely made out of human will. With that power behind him, he was able to make a connection to the year 2113. However, right away he realized what a mistake that was and quickly closed the door. For some unknown reason, the leaders of 2113 want that door unlocked. But thanks to Reiji’s amazing will power and love for Asahi, the door remains sealed.

So then Reiji is…? Kadoshiro explains that Reiji allowed himself to be killed in order to protect Asahi. Upon his death, he knew his brain would be transported to 2113 where he would be able to use the advanced technology there to protect her. The reason that Asahi is a target is because it is believed that if she dies, the will keeping the door closed will be gone, reconnecting 2113 and 2013. Kadoshiro also says that Reiji’s brain data has now been completely destroyed, but the door remains locked. Asahi says that she feels Reiji is still out there and we end with the last two bad android police being upgraded.

I was on the fence from the beginning because this drama raised so many questions without answering any, but now the answers are coming and we are learning more and more the fine line between man and machine and we actually get an answer as to why Lloyd regards protecting Asahi as protecting the future. If the 2113 baddies were to reopen the door, especially with crazy Last Queen bent on annihilating the human race and the horrible massacres that have already happened in the future, we know they will probably set about a type of Armageddon. Besides that fact, with Asahi, she really empathizes with the machines and treats them as people. By her doing that, the AIs are evolving and other humans are falling into step behind Asahi.

The next episode has Reiko completely taking over Nanase (with the Last Queen’s instigation?) and we have Reiji pleading with Lloyd to save his baby sister. What will happen next? I’m kind of cautiously excited to see.


  • i’ve already watched this episode with eng subs, but I thank u so much for the recap b/c it gave me more insight into a couple of parts that i couldn’t connect together at the time. So thank you!!! ^-^ we’re finally getting answers! i’m so happy and sad at the same time that this drama is going to end soon. I think Reiji is still alive, but not his physical self, just his mind/thoughts and heart/feelings. I wonder how this drama is going to end. Will Lloyd die??? I’m bracing myself for it b/c it seems likely, but hopefully, even though the drama may end sad, the ending will be a good one.

    • Glad I could be of some help. You know…I think I forgot to mention that one thing that had me baffled and now I can’t recall what it was. Drat. Oh, wait. I remember now. They said that Reiji intentionally leaked info from the future and that scientists all over accessed it and that’s why they were added to the hit list. But then in this episode, they said Reiji connected to the future, but right away new it was bad so he quickly sealed the door. Doesn’t that seem like it’s saying 2 different things? And why would Reiji intentionally get people killed in the first place? Still a lot of questions left that need to be answered.

      I’m thinking as well that Reiji cannot be physically alive, but his psyche might still be lingering even though they destroyed it in the future. The man is amazing and brilliant. I sincerely hope that Lloyd doesn’t die. I’m very attached to his evolving butt. But it would be fairly typical for the android in the series to bite the dust. Have we had a happy ending for robots in an Asian series yet?

      • i know, right? Zettai Kareshi, i’ve heard, had a sad ending with the robot/main lead dying in the end. As for this one, I so hope, Lloyd, doesn’t die either. LOL at your “attached to his evolving butt” comment. i’m attached too! love KimuTaku playing both roles as Reiji and Lloyd! B/c of that, i can’t ship Asahi with either one but with both of them. Reiji’s character is so adorable and Lloyd is just so hot…***blushing***…He not only has the looks but that acting chops and charisma. i’m looking forward to watching his future works. Have you watched his older works/dramas/movies? if you did, which are your favorites/recommendations?

        You’re right about the scientists being added to the hit list. I wonder about that too, why Reiji let these scientists be killed. maybe he hoped his theory would be wrong, but it’s still uncertain if he actually tested it out in this way. I think the detective was just making a theory about that. Also, too, i was wondering about Reiji’s best friend. It was said that he has gone missing according to TV news reports, but it was never really confirmed if he was killed or if he died or something like that, right ? Only Navier died, right??? or did I miss something? Hopefully the last episode answers all these questions b/c in episode 9 RAW, i don’t think it clarified anything about these. I may be wrong. have to wait for the eng subs 1st to confirm.

  • Oh yeah, you’re right about it being weird or odd that Lloyd didn’t sense Asahi’s life being in danger when she was being choked by Nanase. But he did sense she was in danger from other humans (the police puppets) at the end of episode 8 and he protected her from them, but in the case of Nanase..hmm, i don’t know..i don’t get that part too.

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