2013 Asian Drama Review

No, this is not a written review of the overall drama season. Really, this is just a year-end review of dramas recapped. Yes, the year isn’t over, but it’s late enough to do a call on the dramas officially recapped. Luckily the amount of new dramas recapped did not decrease. I recapped 10 new dramas last year (and finally finished some old ones that had been pending for forever). This year, by the year’s end, I’ll have completed another 10. That is almost one complete drama per month. Which…isn’t bad, is it? The shortest drama had 8 episodes, the longest had 100. So, I think this just may be the most episodes recapped in a single year. Cheers. Did I make my goal of 15? Nope. Do I feel bad? Not really.

Do I feel bad about not finishing the 100 or so episodes left of Smile, Donghae like I wanted? Yeah. Well, maybe I’ll start the new year with a new drama and renewed energy to finish those that haven’t been. Maybe not. Anywho, I leave you with the 2013 Drama Postcard. Can you guess which dramas they are? (Hint: One wasn’t recapped on AAA and four haven’t been completed yet.)

2013 Drama Postcard


  • If we could ever find Thorn Flower totally subbed! I recognized a couple on the tree that I watched but the rest? No idea. But you did good!! I’ve never recapped a drama! Mini-caps of a group of episodes work for me. Especially since the majority of what I watch exceeds 49 ep! Look forward to next year with you. Season Greeting back at ya!

  • Cute postcard! And wow 10 dramas to recap is A LOT. O_______O I think the most memorable ones I followed along with were for xxxholic and Last Cinderella. I would always check your blog for the latest recaps, hehe! xxxholic was particularly enjoyable and ooo I loved your screencaps for it.

    • Really that drama just had the most beautiful cinematography. I was shocked at how stunningly good it was. I didn’t expect such a beautiful production of a live-action based on a manga after shows like Hana Kimi and Ouran. The ending petered out a bit, but was not nearly as disappointing as Last Cinderella which lost quite a bit of steam.

  • Wow. TEN dramas recapped in a year? TWO YEARS IN A ROW??? That is awesome!! I can’t even compute the amount of dedication that takes, let alone for the 15 that you were aiming for!! *salutes emphatically*

    Here’s to your excellent track record this year, and may next year bring you – and the rest of us too! – many more good dramas! ^^

    • Grand total…will be 35 in 4 years. Not too shabby. Although, when you look that some took years to complete, well that does look bad, but I try not to think about the horror of 2010 and working days and nights and just not being able to keep up. Since I’m down to one job with normal hours now, I’ve gotten a lot better at not dropping series.

      Wishing us all good dramas in 2014! Will Tiny Times FINALLY get to air? I’ve been yearning for the series for forever since hearing about it, what a year ago? I really think a series will make the movies a whole lot clearer…maybe… Or maybe I should just try to find the translation of the story instead.

  • Congrats!!! 10 dramas is not an easy thing… About the guessing, the one not recapped is Cruel City/Heartless City(Impossible not to miss Park sa) and the ones still recapping I only found Ando Lloyd and Hakuba no Ouji-sama….Best wishes for the next year and keep recapping many j-dramas!!!

    • Thank you! In the end, I always fall back on jdramas since they get a lot less love. Also, they haven’t been too disappointing in retrospective of a lot of kdramas I’ve watched of late.

      I’m excited for some of the winter Jdramas and will probably pick up at least one in the new year.

  • Woahh, congrats! 10 is a lot! Recapping is very time consuming and to think you did 10, wow, that is just amazing! Keep up with this hard work and dedication of yours! (:

    &&, just wishing you a merry and wonderful Christmas. May the new year bring you lots of surprises and some more drama watching!

    • Awww, thank you. And wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year season. I hope that the new year brings good surprises and good dramas and lots more discussions.

  • dang 10??? I did…2.4? haha 🙂

    Happy Holidays! Hope you’re staying warm, and I hope this new year brings lots of amazing dramas (filled with good storylines, infrequent tropes, and sizzling chemistry)!

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