Hakuba no Ouji-sama Episode 10 Recap

And no progress. Really. Ozu can’t seem to work out his issues and kick Kaori to the curb for Hara who wonders if she should love with her head or her heart. This slow drama is just frustrating at times. It really is. It’s not a bad drama, but sometimes its slaggy pace drives you insane. Not nearly as bad as a daily Korean drama, though, thank God for small favors.

So…what to say? I suppose I should give this episode it’s due diligence, but at the same time…this draggy drama had another draggy episode. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the toned down, slower pacing of this drama for the most part. It is very retrospective and is there to make you think. That being said, there are times you really would like some forward progress and you just don’t get that. Here we are down to the final 3 episodes and we are no closer to seeing a resolution in sight.

I am also a little baffled by why being in your 30s is considered old. I have no problem saying I’m a year and a half away from the big 3-0 and I could care less. It doesn’t feel old to me at all and nor am I desperate to go out and land a man before I turn into a dried up old spinster. This show does make women in their 30s to be clingy, pathetic, and desperate to not end up alone. Well…that fear is understandable as not all people wish to be alone, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be loved, but the treatment of these women in this show is ridiculous.

So, after all that ranting, time to give you the bare bones since nothing major really happened. We’ll start with the fact that Ozu agrees to Kaori’s request for her grandmother’s sake. He is also stuck with figuring a way out of his engagement now that Kaori and her parents want to go full steam ahead. Meanwhile, Hara is feeling insecure which is not helped when Ozu starts lying to her. Oh, sure, he apologizes for keeping stuff from her and Hara just angrily tells him to leave her alone for the rest of the semester (which is nearly over with finals around the corner) as he can disappoint her, but work doesn’t.

During this time, Ozu’s interfering sister has Hara meet with Kaori who goes on about how at her age, Kaori can afford to wait for Ozu while Hara can’t as she will be 35 soon and will no longer be able to get married (what a crock). This really does effect Hara (and is part of the reason she goes off on Ozu and tells him to leave her alone for awhile). She is also very contemplative of her future and love and what will happen with her life.

Christmas comes and Ozu asks to see Hara. She ignores his text, but in the end, she leaves her parents’ house to go to meet him. Unfortunately for Ozu, Kaori called up Imamura and told him about Hara and Ozu. Imamura, being Imamura, doesn’t tell Ozu to man up and marry Kaori, but tells him to stop waffling and make the choice. If Ozu really does love Hara and not Kaori, then Ozu needs to break things off now. Imamura then scolds him and tells him that he’s hurting two women now and making them cry. Ozu agrees and says that he is very angry at himself right now. He does rush out to meet Hara, but there stands Kaori crying and telling him that he’s making her become a pathetic, bad person. Oy.

Meanwhile, Hara runs into Egawa and the two end up going to a different pub. Hara texts Ozu the change of plans and waits. No Ozu. She finally texts him and tells him she never wishes to see him again. Later, Egawa broaches the subject about Hara’s feelings for Ozu and Hara quickly denies them. Egawa goes to catch a cab and Hara says that he is a man you love with your head, not your heart. She is very certain, though, that if she chooses him and tried to love him, that she would be happier in the long run.

During the new year, Hara goes to visit the temple with her parents. Her father switches out her bad luck fortune with his medium luck one. After that she goes to Arima’s wedding. Her friend gives both her and Mori a rose from her bouquet and tells them to quickly make up and stay drinking buddies. So at least their relationship is on the mend. As the three talk of marriage and happiness, Hara comes to a sudden realization and rushes out of the hall to make a phone call only to see Ozu and Kaori in a wedding shop with Kaori trying on wedding dresses. Is it too late for Hara now?

I liked how in this episode Kurosawa tells Hara he is sorry for his wife’s behavior. I also liked how he told Hara she had the right to be mad. Yes, Hara is right that she doesn’t have the right as the other woman, but I think she kind of does since their relationship had been over and she had been doing her best to stay away from him, so she really didn’t deserve the stunt that Mrs. Kurosawa pulled in the end. I also liked how Arima talked about going with your heart instead of overthinking things with your head. It’s Hara’s main problem. She overanalyzes and spends way too much time thinking about things. Although, I still kind of think Egawa would be the better match, even if I do like Ozu, despite his inability to put his foot down for what he wants.

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