Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 7

Last week was crazy because of the holiday, so things got really backlogged and delayed. Oh, well. I enjoyed the time spent cuddling and playing with my favoritest (only) nephew in the whole wide world.

This episode, while making some very great points, had kind of a dull feel to it. I mean, Hoshi’s light bulb moment was so, so, so…silly. It was an important moment, but I honestly can’t believe it took our resident hacker and Asahi-lover this long to figure out that an android is a machine programmed by humans. Seriously. Shakes head. Sure, this android is also an A.I., which means there is a great margin for other things, but again, these androids are really only as good as the minds that programmed them.

At the end of the last episode, Ando Lloyd collapsed after saving Asahi’s life. Both his operating systems have been dealt fatal errors and now that Suppli is gone, there is no one who can do major repairs for our loveably stoic android. Enter Ashimo who surprises Asahi by helping her get Lloyd to safety without calling in the cavalry…or the press. Why is he helping? Ashimo says that is because Lloyd didn’t take the shot and let Ashimo shoot him instead since Lloyd is an expendable robot while Ashimo is a human with a family.

The two go back to Asahi’s apartment where Ashimo suggests contacting Hoshi. Asahi is horrified to learn that Hoshi has partnered with Ashimo to spy on her. She does not want to bring Hoshi into this…because of his attitude or to try to keep him safe…I’m not sure what exactly her reasoning is, but she eventually asks Ashimo’s help in contacting Hoshi as he really is the only shot she has at saving Lloyd since Nanase refuses to help out this Reiji look-alike who nearly killed her. Ashimo leaves and is followed by someone. Uh-oh. Hopefully are greatly misunderstood chain-smoking cop will be okay.

Back at the university, Nanase is happily humming. The Last Queen says that Nanase is in a great mood. Nanase asks about the Last Queen and Lloyd—are they sibling androids? That is correct. Lloyd is Last Queen’s older brother and she is happily looking forward to the time that she can kill him, just like Nanase killed her parents and her brother. Nanase will admit the parent part, but she does seem genuinely perplexed by the Last Queen’s insistence about her having anything to do with her brother’s  demise. The Last Queen looks at Nanase and wonders if it’s some type of disorder. This part was confusing, but I’m guessing the Last Queen means disorder in the sense that either Nanase is crazy and killing her family members or disorder in the sense that Nanase has no recollection of doing so…

Asahi cleans up the bloody mess that is Lloyd. I’m still trying to figure out why androids bleed. She is startled and worried and huddles next to the immobile android all night. The next day Hoshi gets a call from Ashimo and goes to meet with the “secret” police council and two android policemen from the future. Hoshi is tasked with stopping the murderous Lloyd who massacred millions of innocent humans with his team. Hoshi agrees to this and takes the injection that will cause Lloyd to self destruct upon startup.

Hoshi goes to Asahi’s and sends the nervous woman out of the room so he can start on repairing Lloyd, but not before he asks her if she’s willing to revive a monster who has killed millions. Asahi has faith in Lloyd who is haunted by his nightmares and killings and who let Ashimo live. Hoshi hooks Lloyd up to his laptop and initiates the repairs. He is amazed by just how this android is created…it’s system matching those of humans almost to a T.

When Asahi brings in coffee and the bread she always made Reiji, I think Hoshi’s reaction was natural. He’s worried that Asahi is drowning in Reiji’s memories instead of trying to move on with her life. Why else keep the Reiji look-alike around? The girl needs to wake up and move on. That is true. Of course, depending on the time frame and everything, which I don’t think has really been all that long, Hoshi’s words are a bit too cruel. Asahi was deeply in love with Reiji. His death was really hard on her to the point she did try to kill herself. She needs time to move on from his death and her feelings for him. Hoshi should respect this and do his best to support her instead of complain that she’s being too unreasonable.

When the repairs of been made, he gets ready to boot the android up and inject the virus. However, he does hesitate. He takes out his beloved lighter and flicks it open. He watches the flame and wonders if destroying Lloyd is the right move. It is, isn’t I, Matsuhima-sensei? It turns out that when Hoshi went to sit for his college entrance exam, he was shaking horribly and trying to get a cigarette lit in the bathroom. Reiji pops over the stall and offers him his lighter. Although, Reiji, learning Hoshi is a student, does not want to give it to him as smoking can harm your brain. Hoshi says it is the only way he can calm down enough to reach his potential. This makes Reiji cave and give the younger man the lighter.

Hoshi rushes out of the stall and asks if Reiji smokes. Reiji replies he doesn’t, but looking at the flickering flame of the lighter helps him to concentrate and gives him many ideas. He tells Hoshi to keep the lighter and concentrate on the flame instead of smoking which will harm him. Hoshi agrees to this and vows to pass the test and become Reiji’s student and thus become like Reiji. Our loveable nerd says that he doesn’t want Hoshi to pass the exam as if he becomes like Reiji, then he will only be unhappy. Interesting.

The flashback ends and Hoshi goes to inject Lloyd when something dawns on him. He quickly goes back and checks out Lloyd’s profile. He sees the future Lloyd wearing his military uniform which bears the emblem of an elite French executioner’s family. Why would androids choose to put that emblem on themselves? Hoshi’s eyes widen and he recalls the footage from the future that he saw where Lloyd’s troop went on a killing rampage. It was meant to look like a bug, but for all units to experience a bug at the exact same time is rather odd. That can mean only one thing—it was more like a virus uploaded to the androids.

Hoshi shows the emblem to Asahi and describes how this poor French family was made into executioners whether they wanted to be or not. He feels it is the same thing for these androids. They were turned into executioners and slaughtered millions in Africa and Asia…as if it was some kind of population control. This clicks with what Ashimo said the other night about there is no way to democratically control population growth. Hoshi then deduces that Lloyd developed a will of his own and went after all those world leaders because they were the ones who ordered the systematic slaughter that Lloyd could not live with. We get to see a clip where Lloyd kills one leader after saying that “those who should have lived, died, and those that should have died, lived.” Sound familiar? That is something the Last Queen keeps harping on as well.

As Hoshi tries to reboot Lloyd without success, his laptop and Reiji’s computer begin pulsing. An email then arrives from 2113. It is from Reiji! This shocks and touches Asahi who does pray that Reiji protect Lloyd. The computer then starts reworking Lloyd’s system to get him to startup after the failed reboot and subsequent OS failures. At this time, Reiji’s brain activity is detected once more, shocking the other androids. Reiji’s brain activity was destroyed, so how can he still be interfering? They then order SIT to Asahi’s apartment to kill Lloyd, Asahi, and Hoshi.

Hoshi gets a call from Ashimo, but it’s really an android disguising his voice. Hoshi knows this as well. He also know that the Ashimo he saw at the earlier meeting wasn’t the real Ashimo because Isaku did NOT reek of his usual cigarette smell. The real Ashimo is thankfully alive and being held hostage to be used as collateral. If Hoshi and Asahi disobey, then Ashimo Isaku’s life is forfeit. But before they can move on that threat, someone (the Last Queen?) releases the cop.

SIT rushes in and orders Asahi and Hoshi to give up Lloyd or else they will be declared terrorists and killed. Hoshi goes to leave the apartment with his gun, but Asahi stops him and tells him to continue working on and protecting Lloyd while she tries to buy time. The head of SIT is not happy to hear that Hoshi an Asahi must be killed as well, but he goes ahead and goes to continue blindly following orders when Ashimo shows up. Sure, the obedient monkeys will be easily promoted, but that is not the best for society. How can the SIT members blindly take the order to kill innocent people? Granted, the head SIT guy does seem unhappy and reluctant, but the main still plains on faithfully following an order that doesn’t make sense.

As the head SIT member goes to shoot Asahi and Ashimo, Lloyd finally reboots and injects himself with the Asura system. He goes out and easily handles all the SIT members. I don’t think he killed a single one, just immobilized the entire unit. He then phases over to police HQ and tells the man in charge there that he has a list of all the current police who are working with the future police. If they do not stop their actions and leave Ando Asahi alone, Lloyd will hunt down and kill all of their families. Quite the threat. I’m not happy about this threat because I never liked the idea of massacring innocent people because one person in their family is a complete evil person.

Lloyd then phases back to Asahi’s apartment where he collapses because the Asura system as reached his limit. When he gets back up, he is surprised to hear Asahi call him Lloyd. Who is Lloyd? He then introduces himself with his model number and says that she must be Ando Asahi. He has been sent from the future to protect her. Uh-oh. Just great. It looks like when Reiji helped repair Lloyd, the android’s memories were completely wiped. We end with Lloyd pointing a gun at Hoshi and Ashimo threatening to kill them.

Oh brother. But…since Lloyd has developed a will of his own, it hopefully won’t take long for him to “remember” who he is and how he evolved. I was also happy when Asahi yelled at Hoshi who happily said he would go out and sacrifice himself to save Asahi as dying for her would be a great honor. I’ve been watching a few Chinese dramas lately and one of them (a perfectly awful drama that I don’t recommend) has one character chastising another saying that they cannot only thing of themselves, but how others will be hurting because of them.


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