Hakuba no Ouji-sama Episode 8 Recap

Okay. It’s a mindset thing. I really don’t get the desire of these women to find someone and marry and my age has nothing to do with with as I’m not too far from 30 myself. But I’m not anxious or worried about ending up all alone…actually…that’s my preference since I don’t believe in marriage (for myself), so these women in this story…I can’t really relate to them and the choices they are making.

Anywho, so Hara and Ozu shared a nice romantic kiss at the beach and thus both did not get the urgent phone call that one of their students was injured in an accident. Again, I am amazed by what Japanese teachers have to do when its something that parents should be doing instead. Anyways, Ozu does apologize and Hara smiles saying that he always apologizes which makes him apologize again. He then tells her that while she doesn’t smile often, he likes her smile. Awww. Ozu then walks Hara home, hand-in-hand, and the two part ways outside her apartment building.

The next day they are scolded by Akiyama and the principal for both of them not answering their phones. Where were they? The two both bow deeply and apologize for their grave error. The PE teacher (Takamine?) jumps in and says they probably just went out together after doing all that work for the field trip, right? Hara says no while Ozu says yes. This causes more problems. Akiyama pulls Hara aside and tries to question her, but Hara says nothing, not even to her good friend Mori. In spite of the trouble, she’s happy and they can’t take that happiness away from her. Ozu-sensei…will protect her right?

The two go to visit the hospital where the mother is blustering still. She is very unhappy when Ozu gives more of a wishy washy answer again and send him away to talk to Hara herself. Hara is horrified to hear that the mother will be keeping a close eye on Ozu who is a brand new teacher that she believes isn’t up to par. Hara knows that she is the older one and that she must do what is responsible and end the relationship before it starts in order to save Ozu’s job. Awwww. Thus, Hara tells him outside to forget about their night on the beach even though she doesn’t mean it. This is her proof of love.

At work, their coworkers can’t believe that there’s anything between the two since they have only acted like normal coworkers since that incident. Hara begins to question how you know you have found the one and asks her mother. Mrs. Hara explains that back in her day, what attracted her to Hara’s father was his seriousness and dependability—he was a man who could take care of her. Things are much different in this day and age. Hara goes to deliver tea to her father and his guest and overhears Mr. Hara talking about how he worries over his daughter winding up alone and helpless, but he can’t be like his wife and urge her to marry. Awwww.

Hara then meets her Arima and Mori for drinks and tries to talk seriously about things, but Mori cuts off the conversation as being too depressing. Arima then tells the two that she is engaged and shows a picture of a chubby and smiling chef-in-training. Both Hara and Mori are surprised and forget to congratulate Arima at first. Hara then asks what made her decide to get married. Arima says she was fed up with being alone and wanted to know there was at least one person who would stand by her side and be with her. I guess…that’s a fitting reason to get married as any.

Meanwhile, our male trio is also out drinking. Imamura asks Egawa about Hara and Ozu’s ears perk right up. Egawa warns Imamura about doing such childish things again. Imamura apologizes and then says it is because of Mai. He told her before she died that she wasn’t the right kind of girl for the serious Egawa. It was only after Mai died that Imamura realized just how much she really did love his friend. Since Imamura can’t apologize now to Mai, he hopes that Egawa can find someone who can make him happy. Egawa smiles and says the drinks are on him.

Oddly enough, the more and more people who talk to him about his marriage to Kaori, the more and more unhappy Ozu gets. You can definitely tell he’s got doubts about matrimony. His mother pushes him to set a date and find a nice place for the proper lady Kaori while his father complains about how awful marriage is. And who’s fault is that? Sure, it takes two to make a marriage…but it’s not all his wife’s fault that he went astray, is it? So thus his miserable marriage is partly his fault. Ozu even snaps at Kaori during one of their web calls when she keeps griping about his new job. He wanted to work with people, not numbers, and that’s why he quit his office job for teaching. Kaori tells him that his tone of voice was quite scary since he’s never used it on her before.

For a person who is supposed to be 24 and engaged to be married…Kaori is horribly immature and insecure. Yes, long distance relationship, blah, blah. However…the way she acts and talks is as if she doesn’t even try to understand Ozu at all and where he’s coming from.

With Arima’s confession and her parents’ worries, Hara decides to reply to Egawa’s text to go on a date on Sunday. She agrees and the two have a happy fishing date. They are a lot a like and can talk on the same level and you know that Hara isn’t forcing herself to be jovial or nice…she does genuinely resonate well with Egawa. She even agrees to keep seeing him, which makes the serious Egawa break out in the cutest little smile. I sincerely hope he doesn’t get his heart stomped on.

Hara confesses that she is now dating Egawa to Ozu who is not happy to hear this news as Egawa hasn’t told him this. He’s even more unhappy to learn that Hara is sharing things with Egawa that Ozu himself doesn’t even know…like fishing. He goes to his office and looks at his picture of himself and Kaori and puts it down. Kurosawa asks what is wrong and Ozu apologizes for seeming rude, but asks just what marriage means. Kurosawa says that objectively, it is something done to perpetuate society; romantically, it’s about finding that one person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Kurosawa knows that he is not in a position to talk after what he’s done, but he did honestly marry his wife thinking she was the one and he’s certain that he’s made her cry. That is why when he falters now, he wishes to try to recall all the feelings at the beginning.

Thus Ozu does some “soul searching” which leads him to Hara’s door. He calls her out and when she arrives outside he tells her that he sees her as a woman, but since he is a teacher and engaged, he should not be feeling this way. Thus, he has decided to end his feelings for her completely. He felt he had to confess this to her to gain closure. Hara takes this all in and as he’s about to leave she tells him what a horrible person he is. Closure? How can she have closure like this after he said something like that? She was trying so hard to forget that sweet moment and then he goes and says this. Totally horrible and unfair. This cuts Ozu to the quick.

He goes to the restaurant where he was eating earlier with his father and the cook there wants to know what’s wrong since Ozu can’t finish his yummy omurice. Is it work or a woman? A woman. The chef is happy. That means it’s love if he’s so torn like that. Emotion is taking over reason. The chef and his wife then tell their story. The chef left a well-paid and cushy position at a company and followed his wife all the way there. That’s because his love triumphed over his reason. Hearing this makes Ozu realize something and he rushes off on his bike.

When that gets a flat tire he runs the rest of the way to Hara’s apartment. He knocks on her door begging her to open it and she tells him to just leave. Ozu then confesses that while he knows he shouldn’t, he just can’t help himself anymore—he loves her. Hara is silent and then slowly opens the door. She loves him, too. Ozu grabs her into a hug and steps into her apartment. They share a sweet kiss before resting their foreheads together. It’s late. Time for Ozu to go home. When he gets there, Kaori is sitting on his bed.

Trouble is only now just brewing. Can Ozu end things cleanly with Kaori to make a start with Hara? Will Hara be able to survive Kurosawa’s wife’s confession (she knew about the affair all along), or will Hara find true comfort and solace with Egawa instead? Things are finally wrapping up and winding down…or up… rather.


  • Thanks for the re-cap. This shows got me stumped. There are good and bad reasons for either outcome, though the romantic in me leans toward the teachers getting together. We will have to wait and see!

    • Yeah, I’m torn. I want Egawa to have his own happily every after, but only if Hara can really, really love him and not just “settle” for him, which is kind of what it sounds like her friend Arima is doing – settling out of loneliness and frustration since she never once mentioned loving her fiance. I would kind of like Hara and Ozu…but I just don’t know at this point. Such a confusing drama in many respects.

  • In reality, how true is that part regarding the teachers having to be on call for their students? I find that really astonishing.

    Do you find the pacing of this drama to be as slow as I do? It is only because of the chemistry between the leads that’s keeping me interested.

    Btw, how many episodes are there?

    • Actually, in Asian dramas (Japanese & Korean esp), teachers are showcased to have this role. They patrol streets to catch students breaking rules (like curfew, etc) and they are called when students get into trouble, so I believe teachers really do have a kind of role where they are like on call for their students like that.

      The pacing is indeed very slow. It’s not enough to completely bore me, but I do find that I wish tings would hurry along a bit more.

      It looks like this drama will have 13 episodes.

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