Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 6

We are making some slow progress in finally uncovering some answers, but there is still much that is unknown. I will admit shock in learning about just how dark of a character Nanase really is. Is what the Last Queen said really true? I am really curious to know if Lloyd is the older brother that overshadowed the Last Queen or if that is another android.

Lloyd still is suffering from the loss of his repair unit Suppli. Without her, he has no way to repair himself in any significant way. Besides that…he really does miss the loopy bot. While he and Asahi mourn for Suppli, Hoshi proposes to join forces with Ashimo who has found his real partner decaying at police HQ. Ashimo doesn’t want Hoshi involved for fear that Hoshi will definitely die in spite of his intelligence and skills. However, Ashimo does take him on as his partner and even gifts his dead partner’s gun to Hoshi so that the younger man can protect himself.

Lloyd is recharging while Asahi makes breakfast. He senses Ashimo’s proximity and leaps to his feat to look out the window. The detective won’t go away easily. What to do? Lloyd believes it’s best to just eliminate the detective and get it over with already, but Asahi makes him promise not to since Ashimo is Saki’s father. At this time, Asahi gets an alarming call from her mother who says she just got a doctor’s report and it looks like she doesn’t have long to live. Thus Mrs. Ando wants her daughter’s wedding moved up. There is no way that can happen. What about wedding photos then? Asahi agrees to this and begs a favor of Lloyd.

Lloyd wears Reiji’s tuxedo while Asahi puts on her wedding dress. Mrs. Ando is over the moon to see the two in their wedding finery. However, the more and more Lloyd is called Reiji, the angrier and angrier he gets. He’s not Reiji and he doesn’t like people calling him that. It turns out that this is all a scheme on Mrs. Ando’s part as she is getting married soon herself and was worried that her daughter’s wedding would be pushed off indefinitely. Lloyd stalks off followed by Asahi who keeps calling him Reiji. Lloyd explodes at her and says he will go off by himself to uncover the meaning behind his feelings leaving Asahi all alone. Wait…isn’t he supposed to be protecting her?

Asahi goes back to her apartment and is surprised to find Lloyd missing. Where the heck did he go? She then turns on all of the stuff that is considered a waste of electricity while he charges and says she’s happy to be alone and to be able to use things like she wants. However…that is not the truth. She’s worried about Lloyd and where he is. She decides to call up Nanase who is giving Reiji’s graduate students help with their papers. After she dismisses them, she answers her phone.

Asahi asks Nanase to come over, but Nanase refuses since she doesn’t wish to see Lloyd. Asahi explains that he isn’t there and then tells Nanase what happened. The younger woman starts laughing. The android is jealous of her dead brother? How interesting. This floors Asahi…Lloyd, jealous? Surely not. Nanase hangs up the phone and recalls the student’s words about Reiji’s genius and Nanase not being of the same mold. She then flashes back to how her mother and father seemed so disappointed in her in comparison to her older brother. So with the urging of people to be more like the impressive genius Reiji, Nanase hacks a train system and thus the accident that killed her parents and many others occurred. Nanase watches the TV and cries over their deaths only to turn around and start laughing about them.

The Last Queen shows up and asserts that she herself is also overshadowed by her brother. That being said, the Last Queen then throws Nanase’s parents deaths at her as well as Reiji’s. How is it that Nanase killed Reiji? Androids from the future were sent to kill him…how could Nanase contact them and order her own brother’s death when she doesn’t even know how to open the circuit between the present and future? Really confused about this part right now.

Asahi is sleeping peacefully when another android tries to kill her. But thanks to Lloyd’s censors, the bodyguard shows up in the nick of time and takes the battle to an abandoned warehouse—the same one where Suppli was with him last. The other unit begs Lloyd for mercy. He doesn’t want to kill anybody, but has no other choice as murder is the only thing human police allow an android to do. The bot then shows a wedding picture of himself and another android I suppose begging to be saved since he’s a newlywed robot. Right. Lloyd does believe this and lets the other android go telling him that he’s forbidden from going near Asahi from now on. After the other android leaves, Lloyd sits down and tries to call in another unit, but is not able to. Instead, he cuddles up with Suppli’s teddy and recharges.

The next morning Asahi is unhappy to find that Lloyd still has not returned. She goes into work where Hoshi is surprised to see her, but immediately starts in on Lloyd again. It doesn’t matter if Lloyd was sent to protect Asahi as he is surely only using the woman for some reason. Recalling all that has happened so far with the AI, Asahi vehemently disagrees. She believes Lloyd is a good person under it all. Hoshi is amazed that Asahi is looking at Lloyd as a human when he’s just a killing machine. Asahi insists that is not the case and rushes out of the building while Hoshi pulls out a report that talks about ARX 13 going berserk and slaughtering innocent people. How did he get a report on an android from the future exactly?

Ashimo takes his daughter out for some omurice. Sakiko tries to have a normal conversation and tell her father how much she cares about him and how she wishes they can create more memories together, but Ashimo is not complying with her desires. He eats quickly and makes no promises. He then tells her that he doesn’t want her to be sad or cry for him. He isn’t trying to die and is only doing what he can to protect his ex-wife and his daughter. He doesn’t wish to be buried or have a grave or anything like that either. Poor Saki-chan. This is not what she wants at all and no matter how angry she gets or how she cries, her father won’t act like a true father in front of her. He then gives her money to buy a float since she loved those things. She mutters that she isn’t a child anymore, but still orders one. I really do hope that Ashimo lives through this drama and can finally have a good relationship with his daughter as he’s not all that bad.

Three…are they the last three?…androids request help from 2113 and more units, but this is ultimately denied to them since Matsushima Reiji closed off the circuit, there is no way they can send reinforcements to the past. But what about Lloyd and Suppli and the third mystery unit? How did they make it to the past? A different circuit was opened to send them. That can only mean that it was Reiji who did that. The person from the future says that is impossible as Reiji’s brain is under careful and constant monitoring.

At this time, Lloyd once again requests a repair unit. Reiji’s brain in the future reacts and tries to send one, but the circuit is destroyed before help can be sent. While this is happening, Asahi gets a feeling about both Reiji and Lloyd and rushes out of the house searching desperately for the android. Meanwhile, the three bad guys close in on her location trying to kill her quickly in Lloyd’s absence from her side.

Lloyd goes to rush out to help when Ashimo shows up. To keep his promise to Asahi, Lloyd phases his gun out and allows himself to be shot. This surprises Ashimo. Why is Lloyd doing this? Lloyd replies that while he is an expendable unit that no one cares about, the same cannot be said of Ashimo who has a family who loves him and who will hurt and miss him should he pass away. Lloyd then quickly injects the Asura system and phases out to go rescue Asahi from the triple threats.

Just as Asahi is cornered and is shot at, Lloyd comes in and saves the day. The trio assert there is no way for Lloyd to beat them. Lloyd yells that Asahi is prohibited from dying and that he will see an end to these evil units (after the one android confessed to lying about actually having a family). Lloyd easily kicks the trio’s rears and asks for atomic disposal. There is no response since Reiji’s information has been destroyed. Lloyd says that does not matter as he no longer requires permission or orders from his client…he will do everything now by his own will. This astounds the other units…his own will?


We then get a brief break where Last Queen explains that machines men have infused with souls (so to speak) will eventually develop their own wills and once that happens the ultimate question is given…will the machine who is much superior and smarter wish to destroy the people here and now…or not?

Back at the fight, Lloyd grinds out that none of the three androids deserve to live and need to be destroyed. He quickly dispatches the leader. I’m not sure if the other two do die as well or if they phase out before Lloyd can kill them. Once they are gone, Lloyd collapses, as both his OSs have reached critical errors. End episode.


  • thank you for the recap!!! ^_^ I’ve had a feeling that Nanase has a dark past for some reason.

    I’m so curious about the many parallels in this drama between the past/present and the future. For example, besides the obvious similarities between Reiji and Lloyd, there are similarities between Lloyd’s best friend and Reiji’s best friend, and now, if the Last Queen is Lloyd’s younger sister, it’d make some sense that the Last Queen dislikes/hates her brother just as much Nanase seem to feel the same way about Reiji b/c of being in their shadow, but then again, the Last Queen says she is an advanced model that Lloyd can’t even detect her. So how is she in Lloyd’s shadow if they are siblings? So much mystery that unfortunately it’s causing us a lot of confusion. I’m sad that the mystery will all be revealed towards, if not, at the finale.

    When Lloyd said that Reiji would return, I don’t think he meant literally. I think Reiji return somehow through Lloyd’s person. As to whether Lloyd and Asahi have a shot at a HEA, I’m not sure…but i’m just enjoying every scene they have together, especially Asahi backhugging Lloyd, asking him to take a wedding photo with her, his asking her if she was proposing to him, his reaction to seeing her in a wedding dress, his getting jealous of Reiji, and all of that good stuff. Hopefully, the next episode isn’t the last b/c i’ll be so sad if that’s the case b/c these two didn’t even confess their feelings for each other. I’m so curious as to how Lloyd will be revived if he has no supplies coming to him, nor a repair unit… i hope Hoshi revives him somehow. It was said in the synopsis that he’s really smart too, if not as smart as Reiji, but close. Well, here’s me hoping!

    • Well, I sure didn’t have Nanase pegged for a murderer, but I knew there was something a bit off about her. I, too, think, they’ll probably save everything for the finale or the episode just before the end, which will drive me up the wall, but little by little, we are getting to our answers.

      The parallels are very interesting. We have humans acting more like robots, robots acting more like humans, and as you said, the matching between future events and past events. It’s all rather interesting. I’m really wondering about the future and everything. When Lloyd tells Asahi that Reiji will return he stopped insisting that Reiji was killed, so I didn’t think he was meaning via himself, especially since Lloyd gets so worked up being referred to as Reiji. He does not wish to be some replacement for the human.

      They usually tell you when the last episode will be, and in the previews, I don’t think they said final, so I think we’re probably going to 10 or 12 with this drama. I’m too lazy to check the official count on the website to see. But I hope Hoshi puts his own worries and jealousies aside and helps out Lloyd as Lloyd is not the evil android Hoshi thinks he is. I’m also curious what Asahi would think if she had heard Hoshi’s speech about making the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves. I get where he’s coming from…but to so easily say he can throw his life away, I don’t think Asahi would like that at all.

      • Yeah, about Nanase, it’s possible that she’s mentally ill. Seeing her cry then laugh after learning about her parents’ death at a young age sure shows us that she needs psychological help. I wonder if Reiji knew that something was wrong about his baby sister, but didn’t take action to help her for some reason, maybe he knew the truth that she was involved in their parents’ death, but couldn’t bring himself to confront her about it. Or he was so busy in his preparations to protect Asahi that he put Nanase aside.

        I like this point you have made: “We have humans acting more like robots, robots acting more like humans.” That is so true. Wait till you watch Episode 7. It proves your statement true even more. When you said, “When Lloyd tells Asahi that Reiji will return he stopped insisting that Reiji was killed, so I didn’t think he was meaning via himself, especially since Lloyd gets so worked up being referred to as Reiji. He does not wish to be some replacement for the human,” it’s really possible after I watched Episode 7 b/c in trying to repair Lloyd, Hoshi and Asahi received an e-mail from 2113. It seems obvious that it’s from Reiji b/c of the gestures he used to do before Asahi in showing her that he’ll protect her (you’ll know what I mean when you watch it). In the desktop wallpaper, there’s a picture of Tokyo Tower. I wonder what the deal is with Tokyo Tower. It keeps being shown in almost every episode.

        If Reiji is alive, what’s gonna happen to Lloyd??? either way, it’s so sad to think about b/c which is the true OTP: Reiji and Asahi or Lloyd and Asahi or both??? or does it matter? I so hope that we don’t get a tragic ending. I’ll accept sad or bittersweet, but NOT a tragic ending. I’ll pull my hair out if it is.

        About Hoshi, in epsiode 7, it seems like he was gonna kill Lloyd at first, but I’m glad that he thought better of it later on and decided to help Lloyd and Asahi out. That was a relief! b/c other than Reiji and Nanase, I don’t know who else is genius/smart with physics and computers. Meeeeen, the only downside of this episode was the amnesia bit that was included in this drama and used on Lloyd…so frustrating!!! Why?!!!! If Reiji could fix all the fatal errors/damages within Lloyd, why couldn’t he keep Lloyd’s memories intact??? THAT I don’t get ;___________

        In Episode 8 preview, it seems like we’re right in our hunch that ARX 9 The Last Queen is Lloyd’s younger sister and it seems like she’s trying to persuade him to kill Asahi. She even tries to choke Asahi! I hope Lloyd can sense her now b/c she is a dangerous threat to Asahi, but it seems like she is stronger than Lloyd. Then we see flashbacks of Reiji working diligently and seriously on his computer. Hmmm, maybe Reiji suspected The Last Queen’s intentions, but couldn’t thwart her from following Lloyd and Suppli to the present b/c why would Reiji ask for her too??? it doesn’t make sense… sorry, just gotta vent here >_<…

        thanks for reading, though! ^^

        • Tokyo Tower…I don’t know if the tower itself will have any other significances or not, but for Reiji and Asahi, Tokyo Tower was a very special place for them. Hence the Tokyo Tower pillow, lego building, and now the backdrop to prove that the email was from Reiji. If you recall the engagement ring episode, Reiji had wanted to get Asahi a Tokyo Tower engagement ring since the building was so special to them as a couple.

          I was really unhappy with them giving Lloyd amnesia in episode 7. Sigh. We could have done without that. But the previews for 8 still have Lloyd giving his all for Asahi even though his (recent?) memories have been reset. Since LQ is supposed to be more advanced and all that, she probably could have easily slipped in before Reiji closed the portal or slipped in on the alternate circuit Reiji’s brain used to send Suppli and Lloyd. LQ is really a confusing character. She has helped Lloyd and Asahi (or so it seemed) in the first couple of episodes, yet she talks of killing her brother with her own hands with Nanase and even instigated other androids into killing Lloyd and Asahi.

          • Yeah, I am really to learn about the Last Queen too. Anxiously waiting for the new episode. For the last three eps, your opinion has been spot on for me. 7, 6, and 5 has me not caring about some earlier questions. And a lot of them, I have just enjoyed added info to the answers. I feel like I was spot on about his sister. I knew she was off. Now that what I suspected was confirmed, I am interested in the new things we will learn.I have a feeling Hoshi is going to die at some point, as predicted. I hope our diligent cop doesn’t get it, but you never know. I hope it doesn’t became a tragedy when the finale does come. I want Asahi to be happy but I am not sure if that will be waiting for her. He is an android after all. But one thing that irks me, is when Reiji said in ep 7 that he doesn’t want Hoshi to be unhappy by trying to be like him, and his insistance on protecting her when he was alive. There is nothing wrong with protecting the one you love, but his frequent references to protection seems a bit out of norm to me. Add the extent of his alterations of history, and possibly the length of time he preplan this is questionable. And from what I gathered early in the season, it was his tinkering that led to the nuzzle on her back, so why? He must have known it would do so? I am running around in circles with it but maybe I am missing a piece of the puzzle. Maybe we will get some new details of why.

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