Asian Music Recommendations – October 2013

I did this playlist in update order so it’s kind of like in the order these songs/albums were released…but not really very accurate.

#1 Oneness 3rd maxi single Giari Diamond. It’s a good single and worth listening to.

#3 ROACH “GET MORE!!” – love this kind of music and the video is funny which is always nice. The English in the song is really nice and clear, which always makes me happy since Asian music is infused with lots of Engrish and inaccurate pronunciations. Or…the English makes no sense in the context of the song.

#4 Got to love a female rock band! For the most part, I like most of Scandal’s music and “Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene” is no exception.

#5 KNOCK OUT MONKEY “Paint it Out!!!!” – NeeNee likes rock in many forms (not all). LOVE all the sky footage in the MV. Not surprising if you follow my rarely updated anymore photography blog.

#6 This song by UNiTE vaguely reminds me of a different group at its start…I wonder if it’s more like the original ayabie in its opening strains…? That aside, “Misora Musubi” starts with more traditional strains only to turn into more of a pop/rock song.

#7 I think I shall forever love ATSUSHI’s voice from EXILE. He’s got a lovely voice that you wouldn’t quite imagine necessarily by his outer appearance which seems rougher and tougher 😛 “Confession” is a soft piano melody with a beautiful video that really suits ATSUSHI’s vocals.

#9 May J. is a ballad queen in Japan. Her mini album Love Ballads is full of goodies. I really like the song “Lovin’ you.”

#10/#20 After even more controversies, Block B is finally back. I can take them or leave them. They aren’t bad, but I’m not really a fan of theirs, but I really like their song “Be the Light.” It could be because it’s more of a ballad. And, then there is their song “Very Good”…I was surprised as I did kind of like this song of theirs although I agree with Simon and Martina about one of the worst bank robberies ever in the MV.

#12 D=OUT!!!! (pronounced like doubt) I love them. It took me awhile to grow accustomed to Kouki’s voice, but once I did, I totally fell for them and I have since managed to buy most of their albums. You should definitely check out “Electric Shock No. 18”—it’s a great song…the video…I have no idea what exactly is going on in it.

#14/#23/#46 I actually first discovered Jung Joon Young thanks to his appearance on Immortal Songs II (because I don’t follow Super Star K, so I actually have no idea when artists who took part in that program debut :P). I was totally excited about first mini album release. “Spotless Mind” and the two different MV versions for it is pretty sweet and I loved “The Sense of an Ending” as well.

#15 Joo Won is one talented young man. Acting, musicals, singing…he’s just awesome. I love his song “Love Medicine” from the Good Doctor OST.

#16 O-PAVEE really has a beautiful voice. I love his song “Attempt” (if you can believe Google translate on the song title พยายาม).

#19 Sashida Ikyua has released his first album “Black & White.” Check out the whole album and fall in love with his voice!

#21 TINY-G “Miss You” – the song is addictive. I must say that their new look had me not recognizing them at all. They went from the cutey-pies from the last song title that I can’t spell without looking it up, to a more sexy and mature look.

#24 Wei Li An’s theme song “At Your Side” for idol drama Pursuit of Happiness is a beautiful song.

#26 Nikiie’s “Signal” is a song I find myself listening to again and again.

#29 Bedroom Audio has a great ballad with their single “kxd mi di”

#30 EXILE/EXILE Pride ”Konna sekai o aisuru tame” – great song, but the EXILE family never disappoints.

#32/#33/#34 I’ve made no secret that I love Standing EGG. With every album they never disappoint. I’ve pulled three songs out, but I really can’t choose just one. My recommendation? Buy their album. You won’t regret it…unless you don’t like that style of music I guess.

#36 geek sleep sheep…phew what a hard name to pronounce 10 times fast. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I’m keeping my eye on them now after falling in love with their song “hitsuji”

#37 Visual Kei band DIV has come out with their first album. Yay for them. You should definitely check out their song “ZERO ONE.”

#38 Yangpa is one of the ballad queens of kpop. She participated in the Hitman Project to David Foster with the Korean version of “Glory of Love”—it’s such a beautiful rendition.

#39 Sandaime J Soul Brothers came out with the achingly beautiful ballad “Winter’s Tale.” Seriously, there is no one from the EXILE TRIBE that isn’t superbly talented.

#40 Japanese band fhana’s “Tiny Lamp” is a great song. I’m kind of out of the anime openings and endings loop anymore, but apparently it’s the opening song for Silver Fox.

#42 Kacha’s ให้ฉันทนเหงา ดีกว่าเขาไม่รักเธอ is another great Thai ballad. He’s got a great voice.

#43 Check out Breakerz AKIHIDE’s song “Rain” featuring cellist Hatsushiro Ito. It’s a masterful combination of guitar and cello and a really pretty song and I’m not one who listens to instrumentals all too often.

#44 Totally kicking myself for not including this in the Halloween recommendations. JP7 ZOMBIE’s “Walking Dead” featuring LYn is definitely a good Halloween MV as we have people running away from and killing zombies. A rather gruesome MV. But a great blend of rapping and LYn’s beautiful vocals.

#46/#52 I tend to like T-ARA’s ballads and not so much their other music. Go figure. “I Know the Feeling” is a great ballad. I actually like “Number Nine” for the most part. Some of the heavier dance beats I’m not a huge fan of, but I like the song over all.

#47 C AllStar’s single “Bao Qing Ge” is a great discovery… although it was technically released in late September…but oh well.

#48 Iconic rock band Sinawe’s “Reason of Sorrow” is an interesting blend of rock and…what exactly is the effect they use for the verses? The Flangler or something like that? Anywho, a great song.

#49/#84/#93 Yay for a new single from Andrew Tan! His voice seems huskier than usual with this song…or is it just me? Still…I love it! “Fei Ni Bu Ke” is a great song.

#50 SHINEE …It’s so repetitious that it sticks in your head… “Everybody, Everybody, Every every body” It’s kind of rare for Min Ho to have singing parts and not just rapping.

#53 By2 “The Fool” after discovering them, I do love this twin duo. It’s a fun song with a cute MV. Nothing like a guy walking around in a giant piggy head.

#54 Han Bora and Knock came out with the beautiful “In the Rain”—a song I have on repeat often.

#58 Kpop rookies Boys Republic comes out with a dance and rock infused song “You Are Special”—it’s strangely addictive.

#59 1sagain’s “Fallin’” is an awesome song with toned down rapping and smooth, easy to listen to vocals.

#60 After “On and On” and “Hyde” VIXX has been showing their softer, cuter sides. Their collaboration with 옥상달빛 (Ogsangdalbich/Rooftop Moonlight) “Girls Why” is a simple and addictive song with a cute video.

#61 MONKEY MAJIK!!!!!!! I live the song “Alive” but then again, I just love them. They are a great band.

#62 MYNAME does have great ballads and great dance songs. “Day by Day” is a great follow up to “Baby I’m Sorry.” I’m not sure which song I like more. At least this song doesn’t have a horribly depressing movie-like video.

#63 A great song with a fun video “Don’t be angry for long” by Mr. Lazy featuring T. JETSET’ER.

#64 I’m not familiar with JAWEYE but I discovered their song “Alternative World” this October and fell in love with it. I highly recommend checking them out.

#65 N’Shukugawa BOYS (which is NOT an all male group) has a great video and song for 全.力.女.子!Although…I’m not 100% in love with all the sound effects in the song.

#66 canna’s “Kanna no Hana” is a beautiful song. A great duet. Or rather, Mr. Sunglasses does a great job at adding on to the chorus for Mr. Mustache. I really need to learn their names.

#67 Lots of great Thai music finds in October. I haven’t heard of Getsunova before, but discovered them with คำถามซึ่งไร้คนตอบ which is a really great ballad.

#68 Fell in love with STARTLINE this year. Their song “Zombie” has an addictive melody and a fun video with our beloved glasses-wearing comedian.

#70 LOVE the song “Marry Me”. HATE the dance. I’d like to slap the choreographer upside the head for thinking these dances moves were a good idea. Oh, sure not the whole dance is horrible, but that knee dance and thumb shaking section… Ick. Oh well. LOVE Pure and I was waiting for a follow up since their debut with “I Still Love You.”

#71 Roy Kim and acoustic. Yes, please. His song for Reply 1994 “Seoul Here” is beautiful. Totally in love with this drama and its OST.

#72 Raychell’s “Hikari” is just gorgeous.

#73 Thai rock band TEN TO TWELVE’s “I Love it Even More” is a fun song with a cute MV featuring a cute old couple.

#76 There is just something about Jaurim’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”—check it out. It’s got a haunting quality to it.

#77 Thai drama or movie or whatever it is The Sixth Sense 2 has a great OST. “My Loved One” by หวิว is awesome.

#78 Fell in love with Moon Myung Jin thanks to Immortal Songs II. Happy to have him release a new album and absolutely adore his song “Listen”

#79 As One featuring Bumkey’s “What Are We?” is a great song. They’ve been around for several years, but this is my first time really hearing of this duo.

#80/#153 Jay Fung has a beautiful voice. He really does. I really love his song “Know How to Love” …”Worth the Mess” is a good rock song…all in English.

#81 Yozoh’s “Alice in Weird Land” is a great song and really fits the crazy plot of the movie somehow.

#82 Shin Ji Hoon’s “Right There” is a beautiful and sad song. Another song I listened to often.

#83 Heo Young Saeng says goodbye to his fans before leaving for military service with “Momi Yaghan Ai”—it’s fitting for SS501’s ballad prince to leave with a ballad. I really love this song.

#85 Jin Ju’s “Shout” is highly addictive. The dancing not so much as she looks kind of awkward in her MV to me. That aside, she has a beautiful voice.

#86 ROYALcomfort released their first mini album. I totally fell for their song “I Tried to Convey the Love to You”

#87 Song Heejin’s “Memory of the Wind” is a great emotion-filled ballad that will suck you in.

#91 Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Kagero” is a beautiful guitar melody that perfectly compliments his emotional vocals. The MV is really sad 😦

#92 “Please Love Me” by band COCKTAIL is a beautiful plea. Again, a new band discovery for me. I like discovering new artists.

#94 Miyano Mamoru’s “Identity” blends heavy dance beats with a more traditional song quite well. At first I didn’t really like the song when it begins, but it really grows on you the more you listen and the chorus is positively catchy.

#95/#108 “Last Day” b y KARAMAIL is a good song with an interesting MV. Nothing like fighting on an airplane where you have no place to run off to. Another great Thai band. You should also check out their contribution to the Sixth Sense 2 OST.

#96 Narly Bros. Featuring Lee A Rae “2-1” is a nice mix of rap and beautiful vocals.

#97 Another ballad group debuts. Timber’s “3 Days” is an amazing song with amazing vocals. But…I’m a sucker for ballads.

#98 Kim Bo Hyung of SPICA releases a solo song “Crazy Girl”—a twisty video, but a great song nonetheless, she’s got a great voice.

#99 Korean band Lunch Band [Dosilrag Band] released their first mini album last month. I fell in love with them with a previous single. They are a great band with a vocalist who can really get the emotions of the song across. “Do Not Break” is a great song that has me singing the chorus.

#101 Rookie Jjun releases a heavy dance track “Way To Your Heart”—it’s highly addictive. This young man is very talented. His English pronunciation is really accurate and the English parts of this song actually make sense. That always makes me happy.

#103 Grace Wong has a lovely voice that I fell in love with thanks to her song “If I Believe.” Another person with great English pronunciation in her singing.

#106 I just love Kodera Kenta. Check out his original song “Nagareboshi”—a sad love song.

#107 Not sure who Jae is (another new discover for me in October), but totally fell in love with his song “Kimi no So wa te”

#109 The number one question whenever K.Will releases a new album or single…will he get to star in his own MV this time? Not this time. But I’m happy for more K.Will. “You Don’t Know Love” is another great song from one of Korea’s ballad princes. The video is cute and stars EXO member Chang Yeol.

#110 I’m not currently watching kdrama Basketball, but the OST is amazing. The One has a great voice and “Thousand Nights” is a beautiful ballad as expected of him.

#112 I wondered what had happened to Korean group CODE-V and I found out they are more active in Japan right now than in Korea. Their 5th single is a gorgeous and heartfelt ballad—“Ima, Tsutaetaikoto”

#115 Fell in love with Thai band AB normal and their song ถือว่าเราไม่เคยพบกัน

#118 I am not familiar with the genre of Pop Opera…but…have discovered it thanks to RT and his 5th anniversary album. Check it out. It may not be your cup of tea but it’s epic and interesting.

#119 Jpop group PrizmaX’s “Ready” is a catchy and fun song with a cute MV. Surpisingly enough, there is TONS of English in the song. The English makes sense and their pronunciation is relatively clear and accurate. Always a plus.

#120/#155/#156/#157 You can definitely tell fall is here (well…now nearly winter) as tis the season of ballads. Z Chen’s “Remember it was Best Forgotten” is an aching and beautiful ballad as well as “Night.” “Poet” is a more uplifting ballad and then there’s the great song “Date Line.”

#121 I find myself listening to e-girl’s “Round and Round” a lot. It’s highly addictive and their one of the few girl groups I can enjoy for some reason.

#122 Girls’ Generation Yuri releases a song for the movie No Breathing. It’s a great song and after seeing the cast and the clips for the movie…I really, really want to watch it.

#123 Yu Seong Woo and San E collaborate on “U Who?” It’s a great collab and I’m happy to see San E being more active now.

#125 Bii. I just love him and his voice. This MV is rather cool because you get some more behind the scenes like looks or kind of like it looks like it could be a mini movie. Bii has just a lovely voice.

#127 Zeng Jing Wen contributes “The First Time” for idol drama Second LIfe. Haven’t watched the drama, but love this song.

#132 I don’t think I’d ever heard of Detempo and FabulAS, but they did an excellent job with the song “Cuz I’m the Man” (Namjanikka). I’m starting to like hip hop more and more.

#133 I have also discovered Adason Lo. He’s got a beautiful ballad with the song 《如果說不愛你》

#135 Urban Zakapa—they just rock. Check out their song “Geogguro Geodneunda” (Walk Backwards)—you won’t regret it.

#135 Hubert Wu mixes more traditional sounds with pop music in the ballad “Enlightenment” from the TVB drama Dianshiji Shifu.

#137 Another rookie group debut. Shocking isn’t it? ToppDogg is a new hip hop group and their debut song…it is addictive. Check out “Mallohae”

#138 Ballad group 4MEN and Ben collaborate on “Baby Baby”

#139 Thai duo’s นิว จิ๋ว song “Play High” is a great song. The two’s voices really do compliment each other well.

#140 I have no idea if this is just an old MV uploaded by HIM or if Tank really did release a new song. But you should definitely check out “Lan”—Tank has a wonderful voice.

#141/#142 More great ballads—Asan’s “The Loneliness Sings” and “Custody”

#143 I really want the puppy in Joyce Cheng’s “Chongwu ta Pet” MV. It’s a beautiful song, it really is. And the puppy is soooo cute.

#145 D-day releases their first mini album and the song “Do You See” is a great ballad. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

#147 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE’s song “Freedom” is a great alt rock song and a masterful blend of the female and male vocals of the band. Another song where you get more English than Japanese. Go figure.

#148 Thai lakorns have some great OSTs. เอ๊ะ contributes the ballad สิ่งที่มันกำลังเกิด to the อันโกะ กลรักสตรอว์เบอร์รี่ OST.

#150 Rapper Kanto joins up with Kim Sung Gyu from Infinite with the song “What You Want”—a good collaboration between the two.

#151 A great acoustic song from Acourve “What I Want to Say”—Hadn’t heard of them before, but will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more from them.

#152 Choi Ji Hoon’s “Together” is a beautiful stripped down song. His voice and guitar…a beautiful harmony. There’s other stringed instruments, but the guitar really stands out (and possibly a violin).

#154 Thai singer เต้น นรารักษ์ has a beautiful voice and released a beautiful ballad in the song หน้าสวยใจเสีย เพลงประกอบละครทองเนื้อเก้า

#158 Alfred Hui’s “Time & Tide” starts of soft and slow and then explodes into the chorus which saves the song from being dull or kind of monotone. It’s a great song with an interesting video.

#159 Trouble Maker’s “Naeil Obseo (Now)” is a very catchy song with a very raunchy video at times. I do have to wonder why young idols dye their hair grey or silver… Anywho, you can’t deny that Hyuna and Hyunseung do make a good pair.

#160 Thai actor and singer FILM contributes a song to his drama Sixth Sense 2. He does have a great voice (he’s not a bad actor either). Check out his OST track “My Dear One.”

#162 The awesome vocals of La Boheme are showcased in their song “Thankful”—it’s really beautiful.

#163 I’m sure I actually shared this song before. If so…oh well. I guess that just shows how much I love the song. You can see Sashida Ikuya play the piano and sing his beautiful song “Ballad” in its entirety.

#165 Just discovered Jin Hohyun. He’s got a great voice and his song “Cheong-gyecheon Talk Romance” is a beautiful song.

#167 STi…never heard of him, but I totally love his song “Look At Me Now”

#168 Roo. She has such an amazing voice. I really do love her and this is like what…only her second release or something. You should definitely check you “Even You Don’t Love Me” (such a sad title).

#169 Kim Jaejoong keeps in his rock vein with “Just Another Girl”—he really does suit this genre. Lots of English in this song. JYJ isn’t necessarily known for having the best and most understandable English in their songs, but this English does make sense, thankfully. I love Jaejoong. I’ll miss his music when he goes in to serve his mandatory military service as it’s coming upon that time for him.

#170 I’m not familiar with Eugene Lin, but am happy to have discovered him. He released a full-length album in September and the track 蒲菊雨 is a beautiful ballad blending more traditional sounds with pop. You should definitely give the whole album 1 a listen.

#171 Jrock band Yeti’s “monochro” is an addictive melody. Another song I had on repeat this past month.

#172 Korean rock duo Jaywalker’s “Crash N Burn” has a kind of haunting quality to it. I love this song so much for some reason.

#174 Della is a favorite artist of mine. She has an amazing voice. She’s lending her amazing vocals to Bu Bu Jing Qing which is slated to air sometime next year and puts our leads from Bu Bu Jing Xin into the modern realm with a very complicated plot. Not sure if I’ll like the drama, but I LOVE the music they’ve been showcasing so far.

#176 Jpop girl group Prizmmy’s “Crazy Gonna Crazy” is a song with a strong dance beat, but yet I find myself liking it for some reason. Not quite sure why that is.

#177 Jay Chou’s “You Are Everywhere” is a great song with a really cute MV.

#178 The Papers with Lee Seong Kyeong released the song “I Love You” which is absolutely gorgeous! You should definitely check this song out.

#180 U-KISS sans maknae Dongho have comeback with a strong dance hip hop song “She’s Mine.” It’s sad to have Dongho gone, but U-KISS is as good as ever.

#181 MEGA STICK. Don’t think I’d heard of this rock band before, but then again…this is their first album. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I instantly fell in love with it and listened to it over and over like crazy. I highly recommend checking out their first album.

#185 I can’t explain why, but as soon as I heard TWIN CROSS’s “I Do Not Laugh at You” I fell in love. It’s a great song. Another one that you should definitely check out.

#186 Sang Woong’s “Bonaeyo” is a very pleasing and soothing song. It’s a great fit for autumn and I love listening to this over and over and over again for some reason.

#187 SSi Park’s “Nae Chingu-neun Nappeunnom” (My friend’s a bad guy) is an addictive hip hop song. It always amazes how fast these people can rap.

#189 There is just something about Kim Hyeon Sik’s “Night is Lonely”…it’s got a plaintive quality to it and while the vocals aren’t amazing, the song draws you in.

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