Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 4

We don’t get answers per se, but we do learn a little more about Reiji and AL while the mystery behind the lady in white and Suppli remains.

In this episode, Nanase tells Asahi that she hacked Reiji’s computer and found email correspondence from the future. Asahi goes to Reiji’s matching computer in their home office and says she doesn’t know the password. Nanase says that Reiji’s password is 20131215—the date the two were supposed to get married on. This really hits Asahi hard.

After the two hang up, Nanase contemplates about how her older brother opened Pandora’s box when he discovered the link to the future. Lady in White shows up and quickly agrees. This startles Nanase. Another android? LiW takes offense at this (but we all know she is an android…right?) and then proceeds on. She talks about how Reiji opened the box only to quickly shut it after realizing just how dangerous it is. However, he wasn’t quick enough and 11 cops were imprinted to this time period and there you have it.

LiW then asks Nanase if she won’t re-open Pandora’s box for a little while herself. Why? People who have died that should have lived and those that should have died are roaming the earth. Not to mention that Nanase can become quite powerful if she knows the future. Doesn’t she want that technology and knowledge? Unfortunately, Nanase really seems to be contemplating LiW’s offer which we all know can’t be good. I was wondering if LiW is a good guy or a bad guy…and I’m leaning more towards her being bad, but you never know.

The next day Asahi tries watching the news when the TV shuts off on her as it is a wasteful use of energy. She goes into the bedroom to glare at the recharging AL and tells him he’s responsible for the electric bill from now on. Cute. Meanwhile Ashimo gets to work to find even more anti-smoking signs littering his desk. He begins crumpling them up once more and complaining when a former criminate he put behind bars shows up. It turns out the brusque and somewhat machine-like Ashimo really is a softy at heart. He visited this man quite frequently and even gives him money to help him get back up on his feet. The two go out for breakfast where the ex-con has Ashimo look over a bridge rail for carp. He then tosses Ashimo in the water and drops a bomb. Problem one eliminated. Now on to eliminate Ando Asahi.

Back at Asahi’s apartment, she is cooking breakfast when she overhears news on her phone that a professor Kiryuu from the US has gone missing. AL comes out fully charged and healed and freaks Asahi out. She scolds him for not letting her know he was finished and rushes to turn on the TV as Reiji’s best friend has gone missing—another victim of the future list? Nope, Kiryuu shows up at Asahi’s door as he was worried about Reiji when he heard of the death and subsequent comeback of his good friend. Much to Asahi’s surprise, AL deftly executes the secret handshake.

Asahi calls into work saying she will be late since Reiji’s old friend dropped by unannounced. Hoshi tells her to take her time and he looks over the report from Ashimo about the plane accident Reiji was supposedly involved in and he looks grim. Hoshi is not a dumb guy. He’s quite quick to realize things just aren’t quite adding up.

Back at Asahi’s Kiryuu gives her a huge chunk of beef—his and Reiji’s dream from their starving student days. While Asahi sets about to cook it, Reiji’s students show up. The food is done and Kiryuu offers a bite to AL. This worries Asahi, but AL takes a bite and blandly confesses it tastes good. Kiryuu then takes a bite himself and tries to pass it on to the students who are horrified by this and pass up the meat. Asahi asks if AL can taste and he replies he’s equipped with a tasting program. Does an android really need that? After some thought, AL says no. Then…it’s a useless function, right? Probably.

The students leave and Asahi lets Kiryuu borrow some of Reiji’s warmer sweats since its colder in Japan than in Cali right now. They then head on over to Reiji’s office where Kiryuu tries to make heads and tales of the information on Reiji’s computer. Sure enough, Reiji found a way to contact the future…but as to the mechanics of it and everything…Kiryuu can’t figure that out. He’s sure that once “Reiji” recovers his memories, he’ll recall everything. Kiryuu then leaves for the US and Asahi heads off to work.

At the office, Hoshi asks Asahi if the wedding is still on. Asahi laughs this off and says of course it is. Yep, Hoshi’s suspicious, very suspicious and he’s giving Asahi a window to tell him the truth, but she won’t. Asahi overhears Sakiko talking about her father and the two sit down. Sakiko reveals that her uncle, her mother’s little brother, committed a robbery and took a woman hostage. She and her mother went down to talk sense into the uncle and just had him surrendering when Ashimo showed up and shot him. It wasn’t the fact that Ashimo killed Sakiko’s uncle that makes Sakiko hate her father, but rather the fact that there was no emotion on her father’s face when he took the killing shot. It’s too frightening to contemplate and from that day on, Ashimo became an inhuman monster rather than a father.

Asahi returns to her apartment where she watches a dreaming AL. He recalls a night when he and his comrades were on a mission together. They are drinking some type of liquid that makes their eyes glow red (killer mode, I guess). Their leader then says they should try behaving like the humans they hunt down and kill. How so? By eating some meet. He even has a tasting program he can upload into his comrades. The androids eat and their eyes flash blue. Interesting, no?

Asahi then asks AL about memories. Does he wish he could forget what he sees in his nightmares? No. There are others who choose deletion of their memories, but he finds that irresponsible. Asahi recalls Sakiko’s words and how frightening AL remains to her. She wants to know more and more about him so that he can become less frightening to her. She then talks about how she sometimes wishes her pain would go away along with her memories of Reiji. AL asks if she really wishes to delete those precious memories. Asahi just doesn’t know. She leaves for some air and gets a call about her engagement ring. It’s done and in. Asahi rejects the ring and says she doesn’t want it and to be reminded of the man and the wedding that won’t happen.

Suppli pops in after Asahi leaves. She again offers her emotion program which Reiji rejects. Suppli then tells him that it doesn’t matter as intelligent AI will eventually develop emotions on their own and AL is showing more and more signs of this. AL phases out, but Suppli keeps talking. Back in the old days, men tried to put souls in wooden dolls. Now souls are being put in androids. Meanwhile, LiW stops the megane android and threatens to kill him. Megane decides to serve her and get done what she wants. Thus she lets him live and phases out. Megane kinks his head and says he now knows what it means to fear death.

Suppli goes to the hospital where Ashimo is in critical condition. She gives him a miracle drug from the future and we get a really stupid scene where they have Suppli giving a quick about the drug. Some of these scenes seem disjointed and rather random. The next day Ashimo’s condition worsens and the doctors try calling Sakiko who ignores the calls until she can’t anymore and rushes out of the office at long last.

After she leaves, Hoshi fills Asahi in on Ashimo and then confronts her about Reiji/AL. He tells her he discovered Ashimo’s top secret report which shows that Reiji’s DNA was found at the crash site. So just who is it that has come back? Asahi, not wanting to get Hoshi involved in the whole mess of things tells him he’s wrong. Hoshi tells her that he knows her well and has been watching her. As much as he wishes Reiji was alive and well…he’s not and he knows Asahi’s been lying about this. Before the two can argue more, Asahi gets a call from Kiryuu who says he has a final farewell for Reiji. Asahi apologizes and rushes off.

Kiryuu hands over another huge chunk of meat and then goes in for the kill. AL easily stops this. It turns out that this time its not the real Kiryuu but an android posing as him. And this android is not just any android, but AL’s former leader Navier! The one who uploaded the taste program in him. Asahi watches as AL gives Navier a chance as AL doesn’t want to kill his good comrade who he had believed dead already. Apparently this is all the Megane’s plan as he is using Navier to distract AL so Megane can kill Asahi.

During the scuffle, Asahi actually jumps in front of AL to protect him, making the Megane laugh at the absurdity…a human protecting a machine. AL begs Navier to remember the past and tries to stop himself from booting up the Asura system. Just as Navier starts to regain some of his erased memories, the Asura system boots up and AL quickly takes care of Megane and Navier. Looks like AL isn’t in complete control when that system is activated. In his last words, Navier states that he deleted his memories because the many humans they killed during the war haunted him. But even after they were erased, he had nightmares. Goes to show AL was right. Navier then looks at Asahi and goes back into Kiryuu mode. He tells Asahi exactly what Kiryuu told her earlier which was to take care of the great guy that is Reiji. Navier tells Asahi to take care of the good android…funny…Navier has forgotten his name.

Later, the depressed Al disposes of Navier’s lifeless shell. He himself wonders why he kept waiting even though he knew Kiryuu was a fake from the beginning. Asahi says it was because Navier was his friend and AL was obviously waiting for his friend to wake up and remember. AL then insists that he has no emotions which Asahi negates. It’s very obvious that AL does have emotions otherwise he would not be acting like he is now. Asahi then cries and says she doesn’t want to forget Reiji, but it’s too late. AL then phases the ring in and says that hours before his death, Reiji paid off the ring and promised to go back and pick it up. AL then tells Asahi that Reiji is obviously not dead. Curiouser and curioser. Asahi then sobs in AL’s arms and the android does something surprising…he hugs Asahi back to comfort her!

Sakiko is at the hospital where the doctors tell her Ashimo’s not dying is a miracle. She chides her father saying he missed out on the opportunity to die. She then says his accident served him right. Hopefully these two can start mending their broken relationship. Meanwhile, Suppli is in a room with a teddy bear. The stuffed animal is wearing a skull mask. She calls the bear “Kadoshiro” who is the android that LiW killed earlier. Suppli picks up the bear and asks him what he wants to do. The bear’s eyes light up. That can’t be good.

The next morning Asahi bangs AL’s head with a ladle and invites him to eat with her as food tastes better when eaten together. The two sit down to a meal and Asahi asks what AL’s name is. AL replies he has no name. But didn’t Navier try to tell them AL’s name? AL replies it was probably one of his numerous codenames from one of their numerous missions. Asahi then smiles and says she will name him. She will call him Lloyd. Since her surname is Ando…he will be Ando Lloyd. Lloyd doesn’t find this really amusing as he thinks Asahi is trying to be punny. Asahi then says that the glasses Reiji wears are called Lloyd after some famous actor who sported a similar style, thus that is where the android is getting his name from. She gets up to get Lloyd more rice and he thanks her for giving him a name. Awww.

Kimura Takuya

Our android is becoming more and more human. It’s rather cute. Will Reiji really return? Or is his soul in Ando Lloyd’s body? Or will Asahi have to move on from both Ando Lloyd and Reiji? It’s anybody’s guess right now. Next week’s previews look interesting as we are learning more about Suppli and just why she hates Ando Lloyd.

I have to say that the end of this episode reminds me a bit of Zettai Kareshi and Absolute Boyfriend when 001 becomes ecstatic that his owner gives him his own name.

One comment

  • I am curious about Suppli. Her scenes have always been really weird, then really serious and regretful. Looks like next episode will have a lot of her. Maybe they can stop having her act like a bipolar loli game mc(like the ones from God Only Knows) .lol. I have noticed the kinda random sequence of scenes and I have been hoping they will fix that soon. I really liked the part when he materialized the engagement ring. Oh, I am 100% sure ARX Last Queen, aka LiW, is an android. As I said, the sister has no sense. If some andrios doesn’t kill her for being so foolhardy, I will be baffled. How else was this stramge woman able to squeeze between the small space of her chair and wall in a small room without open windows or doors silently. She better hope the Last Queen protects her during that time. Don’t know what to say about afterwards. We’ve heard the scums alive that should be dead line a few times already.

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