Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 3

This series, I can’t say I hated it or disliked it…it’s more along the lines of the fact I knew I’d be confused from the get go and wasn’t sure if this series would totally make me end up hating it due to sheer frustration of trying to understand things or not. But, you know…it’s growing on me. Kimura Takuya is doing an amazing job at playing the stoic android and the bumbling professor (who reminds me a bit of his character from Dr. Brain in a way) and if he’s doing all of his own stunts…kudos to him. He’s not old by any means, but he’s no spring chicken anymore either.

Ando Lloyd evaporates and leaves Asahi scrambling to the college to protect Nanase. On the taxi ride over, she recalls something Reiji said about her being too self-centered when it comes to shogi and that is why she always loses to him. What does he mean? He rotates the board around so that his pieces face her and she suddenly sees how vulnerable she’s left herself because she never took her opponent’s moves into consideration. Reiji then instructs her to do what annoys the opponent the most. So what does Asahi do? She calls up Reiji’s lab workers and they flock to him as he tries to kill Nanase. Since AL doesn’t do collateral damage, he tries to leave, but gets stuck.

Later, AL takes a moment when Nanase slips out of the room to go after her and kill her. Asahi grabs a box cutter and runs after him. As he tries to kill Nanase, she holds up her wrist and threatens to kill herself if he kills Nanase, thus making him fails his mission. Asahi then promises that Nanase will keep the secret of the androids and the war, etc. AL isn’t quite sure if he should believe this as humans are notorious for saying one thing and doing another, but both Asahi and Nanase promise that they will not tell a soul.

The two girls go to Reiji’s office and Nanase cannot believe that the android tried to kill her and is charged with protecting Asahi. This incident does make Asahi certain of one thing, though—Reiji cannot possibly be AL’s client. Why is that? Because there is no way Reiji would allow anyone to hurt his precious little sister either. Nanase then says she will dig around in her brother’s computer to see if she can discover anything about just what exactly is going on.

After all that drama, Asahi goes to work. Her coworkers Hoshi and Sakiko bicker as always as Sakiko rushes out early instead of doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Sakiko then reminds Asahi that she should go home because her husband (I thought they were just engaged, but they did get married, my bad), has returned and needs some care. Asahi says she’s right, but she really doesn’t want to go home to the android.

She gets home and AL is recharging again in his usual position. Asahi tries to cook dinner, but AL’s whatever shuts down all the electricity and says that there is no wasteful usage during recharge time. Thus Asahi is stuck using a gas burner and lamp for light. She burns her mouth, drops water into her food…and angrily goes into the bedroom to glare at the “sleeping” AL. When she goes to take a bath, she finds out her hot water is not working as well. This leads her back to the bedroom where she kicks him as hard as she can…and only hurts herself. It was really such a cute and funny scene.

Kimura Takuya, Shibasaki Kou

At work the next day, Sakiko flubbed up and had the new specs sent to their office instead of where they were supposed to go. She then notices that Asahi seems very touchy—did the newlyweds quarrel. Hoshi says this is impossible as Asahi agrees. The two then notice her bandaged ankle. Sakiko worriedly says that Asahi should leave Reiji. LOL. They think that AL might have physically abused her. Asahi vows she won’t let the android get her down and tells them both that she will treat them to yakiniku after work.

Later, Sakiko then tells Hoshi she has a group date and offers to skip the dinner and go on the date so Hoshi can pursue his feelings. After a brief hesitation, he does jump at the chance. An alarm then goes off as a fly lands on the wall in the company. This surprises the android who sent the little electronic bug in. How can humans have such advance sensors? Or was it someone else? This android quickly phases out as AL comes to kill him.

At the yakiniku dinner, Hoshi make a comment about Reiji not liking meat. Asahi tells him that isn’t true at all. She then recalls when she first went to eat meat with Reiji. Since he was poor, it was his first time eating beef and he enjoyed it immensely. Hoshi then makes a quick exit and AL makes his presence known. He assures Asahi that she is always on his radar so that he can protect her. He then tells her that the other night was her fault and not his because she could have tried negotiating with him on the power thing and he might have conceded a bit. This does not help her mood at all. Enter Hoshi who says that he always liked Reiji and read up a lot on him, but Asahi knows so much more than he ever could. She should do her best to make up with her husband.

After dinner, Asahi goes shopping and gets a chainsaw. She gets home and sends jolts of electricity through AL before taking out the chainsaw and telling him she will destroy him. AL brings up murder, but Asahi insists that a machine is not a living being and thus it is not murder. Enter the police who tell her they received a DV report and they cuff her and drag her out as she vehemently protests wrongdoing. How funny.

Suppli then pops out of nowhere and says she reported the crime. If she hadn’t then just maybe AL would be in several pieces by now. She then asks him why he didn’t avoid the shocks when he could have done so easily. As always, our android remains tightlipped. He just tells Suppli that his eyes are having problems and she quickly gets to work while Asahi complains she can’t possibly sleep in a jail cell…which isn’t true because a wee bit later she’s sleeping peacefully. The fly from earlier is on seek and destroy mode. The newly fixed AL quickly phases out and squashes the tiny assassin. He then covers Asahi up and sits beside her. This…is something a mere, unfeeling machine wouldn’t do. The lines are already starting to blur. Interesting.

During the night, AL recalls his missions. we see him dressed in military gear and coming across a harmless family. His android eyes are red instead of the usual blue we see and his sensors tell him to kill all of the humans, which he does without hesitating. This seems to disturb our android. Asahi wakes up and sees him—it looks to her as if he’s having a nightmare. She then notices the blanket. She’s starting to soften towards him.

The two leave the station as AL hacked the police system and had her released and all charges dropped. Asahi says that she didn’t belong there in the first place and the charges are ridiculous. How so? She tried to murder someone? Murder? You don’t murder machines. Reiji tells her that she is lying and calmly walks away. This surprises Asahi. You know…even though she was angry and wielding a chainsaw, I really can’t imagine her “killing” AL—I really just thought it was more of like an extreme form of negotiation.

At Asahi’s apartment, AL tells her about his sensors and how he saved her life in the cell. Her life is in constant peril. Asahi then asks if her death will cause a dystopian world in the future. AL tells her that the opposite is true. Then…what happens if she lives? AL tells her that to him, protecting her and saving her life is the same as saving the future…what the heck is that supposed to mean? Grr. Darned cryptic android.

Ashimo is at the station where his desk is completely covered in no smoking signs. He throws them all away and continues to light up. He opens his laptop and the screen saver is also a no smoking sign. LOL. But will he change his ways? Heck no. His partner apprises him about the DV charge and shows the paperwork. Ashimo tells him to take it to PI Godai for further investigation. Why? What’s wrong. Ashimo turns the paperwork over and takes a pencil and scribbles on the back. Why is it that only Reiji’s signature doesn’t have pressure points that show up on the back? Suspicious.

Asahi goes to pick up the messy room and sees that her alarm clock is broken. She goes to throw it out, but AL tells her it is still useable and takes it out of her hands. He then sits down and tells her that all objects are trashed once their usefulness is gone. Asahi then recalls Reiji working on an ancient cassette player and him telling her that all objects have a shelf life and he’d repair them for as long as possible to get the full advantage of their lives. Asahi is definitely finding more and more of Reiji in AL. I’m really, really interested in the big reveal. Wonder when we will get it?

At the office, Hoshi tells Asahi about security and the alarm going off and she recalls AL’s comment about the sensors he installed. Sakiko then gets a call from the lobby saying her father is there to see her. She immediately says her father would not come see her and tells the guards to ask if he knows her birthday. The man doesn’t. Hoshi and Asahi believe that this is just an intruder then, but are shocked to hear Sakiko say that man is definitely her father then. Ouch. Sakiko goes down to meet her dad who turns out to be none other than Ashimo!!!!!

What does he want as he never comes to visit? Heck, she doesn’t even consider Ashimo her father as he’s just a murderer. Doesn’t he know that her mother still hates him for killing mommy’s little brother? Ashimo asks what is wrong with killing a criminal? Sakiko then wonders if her father is human at all to ask that. Ashimo then spots Asahi and greets her. Asahi nervously nods back and makes a beeline back to the office upstairs. Ashimo then questions Sakiko about Asahi and his daughter blows a gasket. Of course, her dad is only there to use her to help an investigation. She then yells for the guards saying an intruder broke in and Ashimo is dragged out as he protests he’s her father. Serves him right.

You do have to love the dichotomy. Even though AL is a killing machine and has no problem killing whoever gets in his way or learns his secret…isn’t it funny that a human is just as bad? And even AL shows hints of robotic remorse whereas Mr. Officer doesn’t.

Ashimo then seeks out Nanase to talk about Reiji’s mysterious reappearance. He tells her that he has proof that her older brother really died. He believes that there is something inhuman at work here. Nanase goes to tell him about AL being an android, but sees AL in the distance holding a gun trained on her and seeing his lips move to says that he can kill her at anytime. Nanase quickly says there is nothing and rushes off. Like that wasn’t suspicious at all.

Nanase then calls up Asahi to talk and Asahi tells her to come to the office. Nanase does and demands to go to the police about AL. Asahi reluctantly agrees to this if this is what Nanase really wants. She heads over to the phone, but can’t help recalling AL’s troubled “dreams” and his Reiji-like thinking. Seems she really doesn’t want to make that call and put the android in danger. Nanase then uses this chance to try to stab Asahi in the back because it’s not really Nanase, but an android in disguise as the human!

AL quickly injects himself to boot up the Asura OS and transports himself to the Enigma HQ. He then fights with the young punk android who has the upper hand a few times, only to have AL quickly make mincemeat of him. During this fight, Asahi overhears  the android calling AL AS-II XII—a killing machine. How ironic that an android designed to be a killer is trying to be a hero.

After AL defeats android #7 (or is it #6 since there were twin androids earlier…), the Asura OS shuts down and he collapses (it really does look like a machine suddenly winding down and stopping). Asahi asks him about what the other android said and then asks if he has emotions. AL quickly refutes being able to feel anything, but Asahi believes he just might be able to feel sadness. This is after AL tells her that he cannot forget a single face of a person he’s killed, nor their numbers. Poor guy as you can tell it is eating away at him in some respects. Asahi then asks what happens if he simply stopped killing. Then he’d obviously be scrapped since he’d be useless. She doesn’t seem to like this reply.

Back at her apartment, AL recharges and she sadly looks at him recalling his words about how quickly humans throw away what they deem useless. Awww. The next episode previews look to be interesting. Can’t wait. Didn’t think I’d say that about this drama.

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  • I agree with pretty much all your opinions here. I am watching Unemployed Romance, Hakuabo Oujisama JT, Ando Lloyd, Marry Him If You Dare, and just recently dropped Heirs this season. I am lost as to why the dramas this season are not getting enough love.Last season Dramafever practically begged me to watch Lee Min and Master’s Sun. As a note, for the harrassment, I waited til the season was over to watch Master’s Sun and did so on a different outlet by pure chance. I am thinking of adding Secrets and Pursuit of Happyness, but Ando Llyod and MHIYD are my favorites so far.

    Also, I am like you, I am begining to wonder about the whole professor android relationship. Is it possible, they can be one in the same? Sounds illogical but ep 2’s Last Queen seems to be his sister, or at least, sister model. As for the Prof.’s sister, did not Ando say her life is in danger period. That means if other droids find out she knows, they will kill her and it doesn’t have to be Ando. I honestly don’t know what Asahi was thinking when she told her. I was like, ‘Did you forget the consequences?!?’ Plus, when the sister left the bedside at the end of ep2, I am pretty sure he looked regtretful then. Despite what he said afterwards.

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