Asian Music Recommendations from September 2013 – Part 3

The final post of September music recommendations. This one will be short and sweet. This playlist features music from China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

I can say that probably the Thai music isn’t necessarily released recently. Oh, some of it is and some of it is kind of old, so this is more a discovery of new songs from that region.


#1 Aaron Yan released a single album. I think I featured the first rack on August’s list. This track is the ending theme for his drama Just You – “Unstoppable Sun.” I really need to get around to watching that drama.

#2/#3/#12/#13 Zhan Yu Qi 啟程前 (Before Leaving) – The song has a slow start, but then its pace picks up and saves it from being boring. I like the repetition of “I don’t know” (I’m bad at spelling out the words). I really like her “Yu de Yuanwang” song better, though both really are good. Actually, you should just check out her entire album 😛

#4 Pong Nan “Meili dao Buneng” – For some reason “tong tong” catches my attention… Pong Nan really has a great voice.

#5 One of my favorite songs from this month is Lin Jing Yu’s “Guanfang Wanzheng Ban” – you should definitely check this song out. I tend to really like the artists belonging to Rock Records.

#6 A great song is Jay Chou’s “Sign Language” – although, I’m not 100% that he’s doing real sign language in the MV… but that doesn’t stop it from being a great song. Now about that platinum hair…

#7 I really love Eric Suen’s contribution to his drama’s OST. The Queen! I think is still airing. Haven’t watched it, nor am I really familiar with Eric as a singer or an actor, but I fell hard for this song. I’m not sure if the title is “Love…not” but it’s a great song.

#8 I have also fell for Singaporean twins By2’s “No More Tears.” It’s a really beautiful song with a really sad MV.

#9 Coco Lee’s “Xiǎngniàn nǐ de yè” is a beautiful song, but it took awhile for it to really grow on me for some reason…

#10 Edmond Leung’s voice has an interesting quality to it. Not quite sure I can describe it, but I highly recommend giving a listen to his song “Half Life.”

#11 Anthony Neeley is another favorite singer of mine. His “Everything is Love” (at least that’s home HIM translates the title) is a great song, it really is. He has a slight rock edge to his voice that I like. I do dare you to figure out just how many times he uses the word “Ai” (love). Okay, technically this album was released at the beginning of October. Oh, well.

We hug, then we hurt. We despair until we hope, again and again. Everything is love (love, love love). Precisely love. […] If we don’t give love or receive love then this existence is meaningless. Love is everything.

#14 I love Nylon Chen. He released the single “Zuo zi ji de yin xiong” and it’s another excellent song from him.

#30 This accidentally ended up in the Thai portion of the list and I’m too lazy to move it. Keeva Mak’s “Lun dao ni shimian shi” is a gorgeous ballad.

Thai Music

#15 Vespa (I’m not 100% sure if R-Siam is part of the group’s name or just the record label… since Rsiam is the label) has a beautiful acoustic song in หญิงเดียวในใจ.

#16 Ton Thanasit’s “Without You” is a great ballad. Unfortunately, about the only word I recognize in Thai is “love.” But that doesn’t stop the song from being good.

#17 Another great track from the Kaen Sanaeha OST comes from New Napatsorn. She contributes a very beautiful song.

#19 I really like Thai band Playground. I highly recommend checking out their song “This Stranger.” I really do like how a lot of Thai MVs, actually have stories in them.

#20 Another great Thai band is FLAME. Their song คบออกสื่อไม่ได้ is a really great song. The MV…very risqué. They label is as 18+ (that’s why Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” MV needs to be rated. Great song…was not a fan of her MV, but that’s totally off topic).

#21 If you want to see something amusing, put Thai into Google Translate. The artist’s name I believe is มิวสิค รัชพล แย้มแสง which they translate as “Rat Music General hint of light” but the song หูแว่ว is really good and has a cute MV.

#22 I really find myself liking “Nithan” (Story) by Musketeers. This was released in like September of last year. That doesn’t change it’s a good song.

#23 Thai Lakorn Dao Kaew Duen has a great OST. เล่นของสูง – นิว จิ๋ว I can’t tell which one is exactly the duo’s name and which is the song’s. But, it is a great, upbeat song.

#24 I really like Punch’s song “อธิบายไม่ถูกแต่รู้สึกดี” (roughly “It feels great to be explained”) and the MV that goes with it. It’s a pretty song and I love the story in the video.

#26 Saap Pra Peng [Spell of Pra Peng] OST has a haunting melody with “I Just Love” by แหนม รณเดช. The guitar, the male chorus in the background…it’s a great combo.

#27 KLUI “Never Too Late” – it’s a good song, but I do love it when they do the rewind in the video. Playing stuff in reverse is always fun.

#28 ตุ้ย เกียรติกมล’s ตัวจริงตัวปลอมไม่สำคัญ is another song I’ve been listening to a lot. It’s really good.

#29 Nutty contributes a plaintive song to the Dok Or Sai Kwan OST. She really has a plaintive quality to her voice.

#31 ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์ and ดา เอ็นโดรฟิน have a great duet in มีฟ้า มีดาว มีเธอ. I swear it sounds like their saying “kitten” a lot. They aren’t…but that’s what the Thai word sounds like. Pretty song. Funny if you think about kittens.

#32 If you can believe Google, the song’s name is “I Caught Her Nude” by น้ำชา ชีรณัฐ. The song is a rather addictive dance song. I can’t watch the MV to this. I just can’t do it.

I want to kiss you in the rain. Ah, you make me insane.


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