AAA Readers: Wo Bist Du?

I can actually ask that question “Where are you” in multiple languages, lol. I studied German and Spanish in high school and college so I would mix the languages together. “Hermanita, hermanita, wo bist du?” Even though my sister is older than me by a whole whopping 363 days, I always called her “little” sister in Spanish. Of course, the “-ita” on the end is more an affectionate term of endearment from me. Plus…I won the height war and am the tallest female in my immediate family. I also liked the word for sister better in Spanish than German.

So, what does that have to do with anything? Nothing really, I just like to be random. Anywho, back to the subject at hand. I’m not a follower per se, but if I see someone doing something that I find interesting, then I might take a stab at it, too. Rose at Shine a Light Rose did a post about interesting search terms that brought people to her site and that inspired me to do the same. Redbeanmochi at Give Me Dramas started the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge and I decided it would be fun to join her as well. This time Heisui from My Drama Tea did a stat post on where her blog readers were coming from and that inspired me to follow suit.

statsI remember starting AAA having no idea what I was doing. Views were low and even when they started to climb, no one really commented…at all. It was sad. I am guilty of silent lurking as well on many sites and while lurkers are appreciate, it’s always nice for a lurker to break out and make a comment to let you know that people are reading and interested. Anywho, that’s neither here nor there. I’m not sure what I expected, but I did not expect the stats that I myself got on where people were from. I figured that most people (and the majority are) would be from the US and were interested in learning more about Asian dramas and movies. I was wrong. Sure, views in the US steal the top spot, but Singapore is #2 on the list. I was actually shocked one day when I saw that the number of views from Singapore surpassed the number of views from the US. It’s like watching a mini battle looking at the stats sometimes.

Even now I am shocked to see just where readers are from. South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Russia. It’s kind of hard to tell from the screen shot, so here is the top 10 countries from my visitors’ list:

  1. United States
  2. Singapore
  3. Philippines (my stepmother’s country of origin)
  4. Indonesia
  5. Malaysia
  6. Australia
  7. Canada
  8. United Kingdom
  9. India
  10. France

I was born in Cali, but have lived in Michigan pretty much my entire life. And even though I live near both Canada and Mexico, I’ve never been to either. Heck, I can probably count the states I’ve been to on one hand almost. I don’t travel, I’m a homebody. Plus, my state does have a lot of beautiful places to go. My sister has been to Mexico and Venezuela since she majored in Spanish… She has an annoying habit of talking to me in Spanish. She’s fluent…I’m nowhere near that level. The only other country I’ve ever been to is Germany, which is sad. My dad, being in the USAF, has been stationed in Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Egypt…heck, he’s been all over. I would have really loved to visit him in other countries, but was only ever able to visit him when he lived in Germany for several years.

My heritage? Like the majority of Americans it is mixed. I am Caucasian of mostly German and French descent. A French ancestor did marry a native American princess from Canada…that gene came out in my dad and sister and the European heritage really came out in me. I know a wee bit of German and Spanish. Some Mandarin and Japanese. Although, I think I know more Korean now than the other Asian languages. I can at least read Korean (whether or not I understand it all the time). I used to be able to recognize several Chinese characters, but not so much anymore. So, yeah, I’m really only fluent in English. I *almost* studied Japanese in my final year of college. But…my faculty adviser talked me out of it because it was my final year of college and with having to design a website for my creative writing club as a final project for my minor and having to write a 25 page paper for my English writing major…trying to learn Japanese (which is NOT an easy feat) just wasn’t quite optimal. I do regret not having taken it when I had a bit more time in my college schedule, but can’t say I regret not taking it my final semester. My final year of college was crazy. Trying to keep up with everything that needed to be done…

Since I live in the Midwest and don’t travel really at all, I think it is cool to see that people from all over the world come to check out AAA. In fact, I think one of the first people to ever comment on my blog was from Australia…or was it New Zealand…I have a bad memory at times. Some visitors are English speakers, some not so much. I love meeting (virtually) and talking to those who stop by to check out AAA’s offerings and I am always amazed at where people are from and that our love of Asian entertainment is bringing us together from all reaches of the world. The internet is an amazing thing.

So…yeah…it’s been awhile since I wrote a rambling post that didn’t actually center around dramas or music in some way. I’d love to hear where you’re from and how you found AAA.


  • I swear I didn’t click on this post because you mentioned me hehe. It’s actually because I read German and saw the title and went ehh? Since when did AAA go German? Lol. I actually have a degree in German studies. I’m not actually fluent – though once I watched an entire Kdrama with German subs just because it amused me. Wow they don’t mesh! Hearing “kwenchana” and reading “alles in Ordnung.” Lmao

    Most mind-boggling country I get search results from: Mongolia. I guess I may not be weird to certain Mongolias that they either like drama or Kpop, but it’s certainly strange to me.

    • Got to love the more guttural German language. I go to a Lutheran church so we have German song titles about where the hymns originated from and I try to see how much German I can actually remember. I thought about using Spanish or Korean for the title, but went with German. I like the phrase “Wo bist du?”

      I find it amazing to see stats from places like Mongolia, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan…Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa…It’s really amazing to see where people come from. It’s also amazing when you think that before the revolution of the internet…there is no way you could connect with people all over like this.

  • I found it interesting reading the comments on Heisui’s blog and spotting all of the Aussie’s, lol. Australia represent! My views mostly all come from the US and Australia, but it’s cool seeing the odd country like Ukraine turn up. Hi Ukraine!

    You should definitely travel. See your country! If I lived anywhere in the US, I’d be in New York at least once a year, if not more. Broadway, baby! 😛

    • Yeah, majority is from the US…and Southeast Asia for me. Go figure. But it is really cool seeing all these other countries you don’t expect turn up.

      Well…I think I would like to travel and see my country and the world a little bit more, but money is always a factor. This is why I don’t fly down south to see my dad like I should, it costs a carp load of money to fly (on a limited income with car payments and student loans). I can’t drive any huge distance by myself because I have a habit of getting lost or taking wrong turns even with a GPS (which can’t be trusted 100% anyways). But I do have a friend who will drag me around MI with him. And he sometimes tries to cajole me into going elsewhere.

  • Nice post!!! I’m currently living between USMexico(it’s complicated) and discovered your blog while looking for j-dramas, Ikemen desu ne I think…I love your “hermanita”reference, my oldest sister always call me like that so it has always a very special word for me.

    • It’s always nice to know where readers are hailing from! Yeah, I think I remember you dropping by for Ikemen…

      It’s really nice that “hermanita” has a special meaning for you. My older sister never really calls me anything. I think there are times she might use a term of affection in Spanish on occasion, but being the oldest…and being American…yeah, nothing so much on nicknames 😛

  • Wow I didn’t know you majored in English! O__O Do you think it was worth it majoring in English? I mean, I hear a lot of people poking fun at how having an English major does not have many options but I don’t know how accurate that really is… >_<

    Anyways it is cool to hear about your family and especially how your family members have been to so many places.

    • Ah, the lovely comments about being an English major. “So…you’re going to be a teacher, right?” No. “Oh. Then what else can you be?” or “You’re an English major? You plan on being unemployed then.” Art majors get the same treatment. English on a whole isn’t a useless major. Thanks to my BA in it, I managed to get a job as an in-class tutor to developmental English and Math classes at my local community college which led to my current job which utilizes both my major in English and my minor in Computer Information Systems (sounds fancier than it really is) as I am the managing editor of a literary website.

      Yeah, with the exceptions of the grandparents I live with, I’m the member of my family that has traveled the least 😛 but I think it’s cool my other family members have had the opportunity to travel and see the world and the US.

      • Ok thanks for the explanation! Yeah I’ve heard those things before and I wasn’t sure if they were true or not. I know that strong writing/critical reading schools are really good but didn’t know what else the major offers..

        • Well…probably the majority of English majors will go on to teach or maybe go on to an MFA program to become “writers,” which means picking up a lot of freelance work or doing technical writing and other such jobs while trying to get themselves published in the current publishing market. I was going to take my BA and get and Masters in Library and Information Science…and then life happened and that didn’t work out, but I can happily say that I am using my degrees, which a lot of people regardless of majors can’t all say. My dad works with people who have gone to college for 4-8 years just to end up working for or joining the military as they couldn’t find a job.

  • This interests me because my daughter studied German and Spanish in high school as well and, in fact, she CLEPPED the first two classes in college for both languages. I think she took the test just to see if she could because then, she turned around and minored in CHinese. She’s majoring in Liberal Arts with a combination of psychology, linguistics, sociology, and neuroscience because she finds it fun. Meanwhile, I became interested in Asian media because of her and a fascination with the industry itself as well as the variances in styles and topics of each country, which led me, of course, to AAA, and she is now considering getting her Masters in the UK where she can pick up Welsh and Gaelic.

    • I took the Spanish test in college and tested into Spanish 2 which meant I had to take it since AC required all students have a semester of a “modern” language. You could only opt out of that if had a 4 or better on an AP test or tested into a more advanced section of any language.
      Wow for your daughter’s major! That’s a crazy combination. Though I’m one to talk because I focused on English, writing, and sociology. If I was better at science, I might have studied genetics because it’s so fascinating, but science and I never got along all that well…guess I’m too right-brained.
      That’s really interesting that your daughter helped get you interested in Asian media which led you here 🙂 I think it would be wonderful if she could go to the UK and study Welsh and Gaelic. I regret not taking a semester to study creative writing abroad in Wales and try to learn Welsh, but…semesters abroad cost a lot more than your average college semester 😦

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