Asian Music Recommendations – July 2013

Yes, I did a July music post devoted completely to Japanese music. Why? Because the Japanese music alone was an insane amount. Thus I gave it its own playlist. This list is comprised of Korean, Chinese/Taiwanese, and Thai music. It’s very kpop heavy, I won’t lie.

Korean Music

#1 My favorite song for the month came at the end of July believe it or not. Kang Seung Yoon’s “Wild and Young” just caught my attention and I have been listening to it constantly. It’s a fun song with a rock edge. And a newly discovered rookie group (okay, not too new as I kind of liked their debut with “Who’s That Girl” but have been following them since their “Highway” promotions) takes second place with “Waiting for You” (#2). I liked the fact that MR.MR concentrated on vocals and did not have rap integrated into their music, but that’s about to change as they have just added a rapper to make themselves a 6-member group.

I don’t think I have heard of Colla Voice before, but I found them this month with #4 “Geu Norae” [This Song]. The guy playing the guitar in the video reminds me a bit of Yun from Lunafly. Not sure why that is. And does anyone know why one of the members is wearing a gorilla mask? Anywho…glad to have found them and now I will be watching for them. Former H.O.T member Tony An made a July comeback with #6 “On A Day Like Today” and #44 “Yegikkajiman.” I remember him saying he suits sad dance songs. He is right. He does a great job with that genre.

I’m not sure if I have heard of Sean Lee before [션리], but he has an amazing voice. #7 His song “Sarang Sarang Sarang” [Love Love Love] is an awesome ballad definitely worth checking out. Another great, emotion-filled song is Kang Eui Sik’s from the Monstar OST—“For You Who Want My Despair” (#10). A rather serious and passionate rap song from J’kyun featuring Oh Su Min tops my list of song’s this month. The song is called “Heaven” (#11). My beloved rock duo Toxic came back with “Count Down” (#79)—I like the song…not so much the video. Speaking of bands, Litter’s song “Breakers” (#95)is totally awesome!!!

#14 TaeYeon from Girl’s Generation gets lots of OST work it seems. I love her song “BYE” from the movie Mr. Go. I really would like to watch that movie, not because of the song, but from the clips we get from the music video. #16 Speaking of OSTs, Bulldog Mansion rereleased their song “Stargirl” for the KBS short series Puberty Medley. I’d really like to see the drama based on the clips from the drama. The song is pretty fun.

I am so out of the loop when it comes to which Korean artists are working and promoting primarily in Japan versus their home country. I am familiar with SHU-I for their Japanese releases, not their Korean. After a long time, they made their Korean comeback with “Gijugjima” (#17). They are a great group, so I don’t know why they aren’t as popular in Korea, but the same thing can be said of Choshinsung as well, though that group did start garnering more attention in Korea after making it big in Japan.

A-JAX came back with “INSANE” (#18). This is not a song I would generally like since it has a very heavy dance/club beat going for it, but I find myself being drawn in. I hope their member Yunyoung has recovered/is recovering from his herniated disk injury (which is why they only promoted this song with 6 members instead of all 7). #20 Yu Seong Eun’s “Be OK” featuring hip hop duo Baechigi is a shining debut and her 이대로 멈춰 원테이크 영상 (#65) is beautiful.

I hadn’t heard of Kim Ji Soo, but he’s a great singer. I love his songs “Sleep 5 More Minutes” (#21) and “Please” (#22). I watched one episode of kdrama Shark and wasn’t entirely too interested in continuing, but it does have an awesome soundtrack like Lim Jeong Hee’s “Poison Love” (#23). Kim Hyun Joong made a strong comeback with “Unbreakable” (#24) which was a fierce song featuring Jay Park. He follows that up with the softer “Your Story” (#97). BEAST also made a comeback with “I’m Sorry” (#25) and “Shadow” (#72). Another great comeback is Infinite’s “Destiny” (#66). I like that they are more active this year.

Gu Hye Sun released the song “It’s You” (#26). there’s something about the song…it drew me in. #28 M.I.K came out with a heavier dance song. At first I didn’t really like it, but it grew on me. You should check it out—“GET AWAY.” I think I liked it because of the chorus. A great collaboration between C-Luv, Gary (Leessang), and Crush came out this month. It’s called “Where Do You Wanna Go?” (#29). #41 Xiah Junsu’s release of “11 AM” was such an awesome and simple song. I also really enjoyed Kim Sarang’s “ICU” which has a creepy video to it (#98).

I won’t lie, I did not like TAHITI’s debut song. I just didn’t. But their comeback with “Love Sick” (#31) I did find myself liking for some reason. #32 Say Yes with “It Feels Good” has a good song…but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that their band is kind of similar to the idol bands already out there. But, they are still talented. Speaking of idol band…AOA BLACK’s “MOYA” (#33) is addictive. #36 Queen B’Z with “Bad” was surprisingly good. I liked Girl’s Day’s “Expect” but not “Female President” and then they came back with the single “Please Tell Me” (#38)—it was cute, but not sickenly so. EXO repackaged their first full album and came back with “Growl” (#96) which is a good song with an interesting group dance like always.

#39 Kim Greem’s “Just the Two of Us” isn’t the style of music I generally like, but I find I really liked the song. Dating Agency Cyrano had some great music. #40 Jessica from Girls Generation contributed the song “Geudaeraneun Han Saram” which was a great ballad. Speaking of ballads, Cold Cherry’s “I Like It” (#42)is an awesome slow song. #43 John Park’s “BABY” video was hilarious. It’s definitely showing the mischievous side of his that you didn’t get to see as much with his previous songs. He’s like completely transformed when you see him singing versus when you see him on reality shows.

#45 I love videos that tell stories, so I really like Davichi’s “It’s Because I Miss You Today” which is a great ballad with a story in the video. And speaking of videos with stories, MyName’s “Baby I’m Sorry” (#46) is like a mini movie. I’m not entirely sure the video fits the song, but both are well done, even if the video has a very depressing ending. Apink has a very bright and cute comeback. I find myself really liking “NoNoNo” (#47).

Hmm…other great songs I recommend without lengthy explanations as this post will be WAY too long as is: #48 9 to 6 “It’s You” ; #49 S.E.A Time with “Farewell Trip”; #50 Cho Jung Seok “I Love You So Much” from Si Soon is the Best; #51 Lee Min Ho “Love Motion”; #52 Ilac “We Are Friends”; #53 V.One “Bonaenda” from the evilly bad drama Crazy Love; #54 Son Seung Yeon “I’m Not Crazy” featuring MC Sniper; #55 GEEKS “FLY”; #60 Annyeongbada [Goodbye Sea] “Please, Please”; #61 Untouchable “Call Me” featuring Andrew Choi; #62 Ailee “U & I”; #63 Sunnyside “First Love”; #64 J.Lyn “Cry All Day Long”; #69 Kim Jin Ho from SGWannabe “Chimaek”; #70 DreamBox on Air “Tomorrow”; #73 Min Gyu “Bionnal” from Hwansanggeotap OST; #74 Shin Seung Hun “Neoegen Deulriji Anhneun Geumal” from I Can Hear Your Voice OST; #76 J BEL “1999 Love”; #77 Mirror Boy “Please Don’t”; #78 FANA “Shoestring Blues”; #80 December “Fire”; #81 J-Hwan “Run Like Crazy” featuring Panda Man; #82 Rose Motel “Hado Oraedoemyeon”; #83 AA “Midnight Taxi”; #84 Koyote “Hollywood”; #90 VIXX “G.R.8.U”; #92 Queen.J “Jururuk”; #93 DICKPUNKS “Sunglasses”;

Thai Music

#99 Lego Project’s “Isolation” is a great song with an interesting video as is “I’m Sorry to Have” by พี สะเดิด (#100). A great song with a great MV that plays out like a mini drama: แหลงพ่อขุน เดช อิสระ อาร์ สยาม (#101). Season Five’s “Heavily” (#102) is a beautiful ballad. Thai dramas, like kdramas and jdramas, and cdramas, and twdramas have some great soundtracks. Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor contributes สัญญารัก (#103) to an OST and it is a great song. #104 เอก สุระเชษฐ์’s “Lonely Night” (#105)is another beautiful song. Faii Am Fine’s song for Devil OST “Nowhere to Go” is a haunting ballad.

#106 Dr. Fuu’s ไม่มีอารมณ์หายใจ; #107 Plastic Plastic “Curious”; #108 Silverback “Force”; #110 G-Seven “Love Is”; #111 Fair Stin “I Hide”; SPF “Wish”

Chinese/Taiwanese Music

I don’t think these songs were necessarily released in the moth of July, but I found them in July 😛 I wish there was a way to look up more of these songs. I love mandopop thanks to nichan for sending me several mixed CDs with her favorites.

Olivia Ong has such a beautiful voice! You can see this in the ballad “Unchanged” (#114) and the song “Yes, I was Wrong” (#115). Ivana Wong’s “Mishi biao can dao” (#116) is a good song with a very creepy video. I’m loving the song “Beloved” (#117) by Genie and Alien Huang from the Just You OST. Haven’t watched the drama yet, but will probably give it a gander.


  • Puberty Medley is pretty cute, and it’s only 4 episodes so it’s a quick watch. I recommend it.

    With Kang Seung Yoon, his song ‘Wild & Young’ reminds me so much of Big Bang’s ‘Oh my Friend’ that that is what I hear when I listen to it now, lol. I preferred his song “It rains”, it was really pretty. Are you watching the YG reality show WIN: Who Is Next? Don’t watch it, it’s terrible, it gets you really really invested in the boys and then we’re gonna be heartbroken when one group doesn’t debut, lol

    Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Your story’ is oddly addictive, and I actually really like his voice. It’s not smooth, and he has a tone to it or something that I really love.

    • I know I heard “It Rains” when it first came out and it is a pretty song, but for some reason “Wild & Young” just really hit me and I enjoy it 🙂 I don’t listen to much Big Bang, so it doesn’t remind me of any of their songs 😛 No, I keep seeing YouTube videos for that YG show and had no idea what it was about. I think I would be very devastated if the team I rooted for didn’t get to debut.

      Kim Hyun Joong does have a unique voice. I didn’t like his main comeback dance song last time, but liked his softer, ballady/pop songs. But I do really love “Your Story.” Have you seen his self-compose rap he did for Barefoot Friends? The whole cast did a good job on that project and it was interesting seeing how much KHJ feels dissastisfied with his life as a celebrity as much as he likes doing what he’s doing.

      • I don’t watch Barefoot Friends, i watched half of episode 2 and then thought “well this is boring” and stopped watching. I’ve heard it did get better though. I imagine they’re all pretty dissatisfied with their life, I reckon it comes with the territory. With celebrity comes loss of freedom, and I imagine they spend quite a bit of time thinking “is it worth it?”

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