Thorn Flower Episode 3 Recap

And this episode brings us to the events of the opening episode of Thorn Flower and what happens after Se Mi falls.

We open this episode with Hyuk Min enjoying his peep show of Se Mi who is trying to dry off after accidentally falling into the pool. Enter Soo Ji who is NOT happy to find her fiance drinking and ogling some other girl. To make matters worse, he then starts loving up on Soo Ji. She gets angry and keeps telling him “no” and that he can’t treat her like that. In steps Ji Min, thus bringing that episode to a close. Soo Ji rushes out and bids her farewells as she just can’t stay after enduring that.

Se Mi has changed and dried herself off and is back helping out at the party. Ji Min spots her as Seo Won tries to hit on Ji Min and asks her to dance. Ji Min, of course, won’t give him the time of day and says she’ll have him dance with her “friend.” Ji Min then goes to Se Mi who is picking something up off the floor and starts dumping plates of food on her head and then pretending her obvious non-accident was an accident. She then calls everyone’s attention. Not only are they there celebrating Seo Won’s success, but they are also celebrating Se Mi’s success as well. Ji Min then tells Seo Won that Se Mi is the girl he should dance with. Seo Won keeps his cool and asks Se Mi to dance and the angry servant rushes from the room to clean up for a second time.

While this is going on at the vacation house, Nam Joon seeks out his aunt at her singing lesson (she’s the teacher, not a student). She wraps up the class and the two go out for a drink where Nam Joon reveals that he wishes to chance his plan. What? He doesn’t wish to be an accountant? No, not that. He wants to work a Tae Kang like his father before him. Why? After going through his father’s things that his aunt gave him, Nam Joon is convinced his father was wrongly persecuted. The only way to solve the riddle behind his father’s death is to go into the company that essentially killed him. Needless to say his aunt is completely against this (as they can’t lose him like they lost his father), but there is no deterring Nam Joon.

Joo Chul (Hyuk Min’s and Ji Min’s father remember) is meeting with Seo Won’s father Baek Doo Jin and talking about their plans in the future for the company, politics, and their children’s eventual union. They wouldn’t be so cheery if they know what is going on right now at the vacation house…

So what is happening? The party is over and there is only Se Mi, Seo Won, and Hyuk Min left in the house. Se Mi is being good and dutifully cleaning while the two men are upstairs drinking themselves into a stupor. Hyuk Min laments his friend’s depressing rejection even though they are celebrating his success in academia. He goes out for more liquor and sees the comely Se Mi. Thus beings the cat and mouse chase we saw in the first episode.

At this time, Se Mi’s parents arrive home. Mrs. Hong goes home while her husband goes to the main house to look for Se Mi and take her home. Inside, he hears his daughter’s screams and he rushes upstairs where he meets Seo Won. The young man panics and tries to prevent Jun from rushing in to save his daughter. This causes Jun to go flier backwards down the stairs bashing his head in. Seo Won weakly calls out for his friend before yelling that someone died.

Unfortunately, Hyuk Min has his own problems upstairs. Se Mi climbs over the railing of the balcony. His attempted rape is thrown aside in hopes of saving Se Mi from injuring herself. Now…I’m not really sure if she just kinds of let goes or slips. But down she goes and we have blood blossoming around her head. Hyuk Min rushes downstairs to see how she’s doing and he finds Seo Won and Jun’s body. He freaks out and then runs outside where he believes Se Mi is also dead.

The two young men panic. There goes their life with each person killing another person. Seo Won then goes into denial and blames everything on his friend. He then comes up with the brilliant plan of faking a car crash to hide the accidental deaths. So they go to the Jun car (Mrs. Hong is sleeping peacefully inside with a mini-celebration table ready for her husband and daughter) as Ji Min and the driver come up. Apparently Ji Min left behind a rather expensive sponsored necklace. Hyuk Min asks the driver’s help and then goes inside and takes the necklace from his sister. The driver then drives Ji Min home and tells her its best not to question what is happening at the vacation home.

The two young men then drive the Juns to a cliff. When Hyuk Min goes to put the necklace around Se Mi’s neck, he notices that she is still breathing. He freaks, but Seo Won says no matter what she will die. The two then place Jun in the driver’s seat with Se Mi in the passenger’s and proceed to push the van off the cliff. Of course…I think Hyuk Min shows a bit of a conscience as he can’t start pushing right away (knowing Se Mi is still alive, I guess), but he ultimately chooses himself and his future and down the car goes.

At this time, Mrs. Hong wakes up and calls for her husband and daughter while Je Joon is trying to call his beloved Se Mi. We end with Se Mi’s eyes fluttering and her crying.

One comment

  • The preview at the beginning threw me. Hate that but it was nice to finally see what happened. But who leaves a single woman in a house with drunk men by herself?! That was what stuck to me like clue!

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