Garasu no Ie Episode 2 Recap

I’m catching up to the three aired episodes! Hopefully I can get 3 up tomorrow. I have to say that this dad makes me hate him with a passion. The way he treats his sons and wife, the way he handles politics…in one part of his life he’s considerably overbearing to an unhealthy extent while in the latter he’s sneaky and underhanded and arrogant as all hell. So…in honor of Shibuwasa-san, a song dedication: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

We actually get some narration from Rei in this episode, although the majority is still done by Hitoshi. Rei talks about how even though the household is rather fragile and Kazu is becoming increasingly jealous, she’s still happy to have a family and to be the wife of a prominent man. Hitoshi then takes over narrating. We get to see Hitoshi sit down to breakfast and notice a loose thread on Rei’s skirt. He stares at it, but can’t bring himself to say anything. Kenji on the other hand has no problem pointing it out. He even teases Rei about it being lewd. Rei teases right back talking about how Kenji’s mind is perpetually in the gutter. Enter daddy dearest who says he could hear Rei and Kenji laughing all the way upstairs while ruffling his youngest son’s hair.

At this point Hitoshi lets us know that his father’s jealousy is geared solely at Hitoshi and Rei and not Rei and Kenji. I’m guessing that this is because while Kenji may say more risqué things, he seems very open, innocent, and quite child-like at times (even though he should be around 26) and we don’t really get too much of a feeling that he views Rei as anything other than his father’s wife while we all know Hitoshi is attracted to Rei as a woman. We see another example with Kenji and Hitoshi running out to get the laundry when a sudden shower takes place. Hitoshi hesitates to touch Rei’s panties while Kenji easily grabs them and stuffs them in the basket. When the brothers come back in, Rei thanks them and goes to dry their hair with towels. Kenji jokes about skinship while Kazu chides his son for his lewdness, but with no ill feeling behind it.  Hitoshi refuses Rei’s hair rubdown. He stares intently. You wonder sometimes what is entirely going on in his mind.

Anywho, Hitoshi leaves for work and passes by a middle-aged woman on the stairs. He hears a woman’s voice from the past calling out his name and he turns an gives his unfathomable look. He then heads off to work while his father sits at home and enjoys his coffee. Sano then calls him and tells Kazu that he leaked an article to a newspaper about some supposed underhanded dealings politician Muraki did for a campaign sponsor. Instead of getting a pat on the back, Kazu coldly tells him that he knows nothing about this and hangs up, but not before writing something down on a memo. Rei tries to talk to Kazu about his argument previously with Hitoshi, but since it has to do with his eldest son, Kazu immediately puts an end to the conversation. The bell rings and it’s Kazu’s ride. Meanwhile, Hitoshi sees the rejected Sano at the train station and is surprised.

Later that night, Hitoshi is again burning the midnight oil when his friend, a reporter, comes in to pay him a visit. Hitoshi is shocked by Morita’s visit and even more shocked when Morita shows him the article by Muraki and says that it is probably none other than Kazu behind it. Hitoshi knows that his father does not like Muraki or his politics, but he cannot believe his father would do something so underhanded. I like how Morita says that Hitoshi’s liking of Muraki is Hitoshi rebelling against his father, to which Hitoshi neither agrees nor disagrees, but he is rather adamant that he believes in Muraki’s politics. As does Morita. He doesn’t want to see Muraki squashed by such an article. Morita wants Hitoshi to look into the originator of the rumors, but Hitoshi calmly reminds his friend that he also works for the Ministry of Finance. He also adamantly insists that his father would do no such thing. Hitoshi also tries to find out more of how Morita knows what he knows, but like Hitoshi, he’s tightlipped about business.

When Hitoshi leaves, he’s again greeted by Nanami outside. He again appears panicked by her appearance. I get that he’s in a somewhat prominent position just by working for the ministry…but still…I think this is ridiculous. Nanami buys him food and he just stands silent without eating. What is on his mind? Should they go to a hotel to clear it? The suggestion surprises Hitoshi. He does say that he’s curious about something and Nanami guesses that it has something to do with Hitoshi’s father and Rei. Nanami is upset as Rei’s presence in the Shibuwasa household has put a strain on her relationship with Hitoshi (what relationship?). Hitoshi silently agrees that Rei is a beautiful demon.

Hitoshi arrives home and sits down. He then sees the memo Kazu left. He’s not happy. Then down comes Rei. What’s she still doing up? She wanted to make sure the fire was out completely in their fireplace. Hitoshi crumples the postit in his hands and asks if his father is asleep. Rei asserts he is and then goes back upstairs. Kazu asks if his eldest son is home. Rei replies Hitoshi is and that he seems to want to talk to his father. Kazu says to just leave the eldest be. Tsk, tsk. If there was no Rei…would Kazu still be like this towards his eldest son? Probably since their politics don’t match at all.

The next day the article hits the news and Muraki doesn’t say much, but says that it was all very vague and ill researched and that the media should be above such things. Nah, the media is not above any stories that will cause a sensation or not. Although, depending on the type of media outlet, they are obligated to do their homework and fact check. At work, Hitoshi’s coworkers says that if Muraki comes out of this okay, he will be very hard to beat and deal with later. Kazu’s direct superior, who I guess would be the actual minster since he’s the vice-whatever, talks about his distaste of Muraki and his politics. Kazu believes that if they tighten their belts and implement the changes they want, then they can easily recover without the radical politician who is probably all talk and no action. Kazu then passes by Sano and tells the tax secretary that it was a perfect defeat…I’m guessing that means the article didn’t do anything like it should have…, but I’m not too certain on his meaning.

While all this is happening, Rei gets a surprise visit from the woman Hitoshi saw earlier. Her name is Onaka and she professes to be a former secretary from the Ministry of Finance. Rei goes out to meet her and the woman hands over taiyaki (red bean filled fish-shaped pastries) and pudding. She says that Kazu has always been kind to her. She then hands over her business card and a gym brochure. Due to her husband’s health, she is now managing the gym and she encourages Rei to sign up for a membership with Kazu. Onaka then leaves and Rei looks completely lost. I don’t blame her, it’s all rather odd.

When Kazu comes home the dispirited Rei asks about Onaka, but Kazu says he cannot remember anyone by that name and he refuses to call and thank Onaka for her gifts since he can’t remember her. Rei doesn’t seem to really believe this. We cut to a dinner scene where Rei apologizes for not having enough mushrooms or meet in dinner (maybe sukiyaki which is really yummy) as she isn’t used to cooking for four yet as this is only the 2nd time in the three months she’s lived there that they all sat down to dinner.

The mood is ruined by Kenji turning on the TV which broadcast the Muraki scandal. The angry Kazu tells him to shut off the annoying television while Hitoshi comments on how he doesn’t like the beating Muraki is taking. Kazu launches into a tirade against Muraki’s ideas and how if his son really feels passionately about the reform, then why isn’t he doing anything at work? Hitoshi calmly says that his father should already know that such reform is not accepted by the ministry workers. Then go into politics. Geez. Kazu talks about how it isn’t politicians that can do anything anyways since they have to worry about popularity and elections and the populace. It’s bureaucrats like Kazu who get the real business done. Hitoshi then complains about the consumption tax increase and Kazu goes off on a tirade in defense of the decisions made by himself and the ministry.

To diffuse the situation, after Kazu apologizes for the heated work talk, Rei passes out the treats from Onaka. As it turns out the taiyaki is Hitoshi’s childhood favorite and the pudding is Kenji’s. This shows that the woman Onaka has very intimate knowledge about Kazu’s children. This makes Rei start doubting her husband even more. Also during this conversation, Hitoshi takes no part in the happy childhood memories his brother and father discuss and pays more attention to Rei’s crestfallen face.

Rei and Kazu go upstairs where Rei demands once more to know just who Onaka is and why she knows the kids’ favorite treats. Kazu gets really angry. Didn’t Rei say you can’t have a relationship without trust? Then why doesn’t she trust him and believe him when he says that she’s the only one since his wife and he has no idea who Onaka is. Poor Rei tears up at this (come one, with Onaka’s actions and her knowledge…you can’t blame Rei). Meanwhile, Hitoshi and Kenji sit below in silence until Hitoshi wonders who exactly Onaka is and just what is going on right now.

Kazu is not done belittling Rei for her lack of trust in him. He does, however, stoop so low as to tell her that she had better get some faith in him because she has nowhere else to go now. Ouch. Kazu opens his bedroom door to find Hitoshi. Eavesdropping huh? Hitoshi calls his father cruel and a liar and throws the Muraki scandal in his face. Of course Kazu denies everything. He then blusters that if neither is wife nor his eldest son believe in him then they can just leave. Rei storms out and Hitoshi demands his father follow her. The prideful Kazu who believes he is always right, won’t stoop to do so as Rei has no place to go (something he reminded her when they were arguing earlier in their room) so she can only come back. Thus Hitoshi runs out after her. Kenji goes to follow suit, but stops and obeys his father when he tells his son to stay as they both have no other recourse but to return home.

Hitoshi rushes all over and finally finds Rei at a playground. He apologizes for his father. Rei only stares at him with tear-filled eyes. Again Hitoshi thinks that she is a beautiful demon. It’s at this point that Kazu happens upon them. I guess he was worried about Rei after all and even had her coat with him. But for some reason seeing his son and Rei looking at each other made him stop and watch unhappily. He does realize, in a way, that he’s the one driving Rei and Hitoshi closer, right? Probably not. He turns and heads home and goes and sits in front of the fire. Kenji tells him that he has just texted Rei, but hasn’t had a reply back. Kazu then tells his youngest son that the boys’ mother wanted that fireplace for the whole family to sit around. News to Kenji. But then again, he wouldn’t know much since he was only 3 when his mother died.

Rei and Hitoshi are walking home together when Hitoshi pauses and tells Rei to go home alone. Would that be best? Yes. So Rei heads home alone. When Kazu asks after Hitoshi, she lies and says they never met. Yes, I now that both Rei and Hitoshi can feel Kazu’s watchful eyes and jealousy, but really, was lying necessary? It’s not like the two did anything. Kazu knows this, but still says that Rei and he should try to trust in one another. Kenji texts Hitoshi to come home and Hitoshi does so. The two keep up the lie and Kazu gets more unhappy. Again, he kind of brings it on himself with his actions.

Later that night, Kazu and Rei have sex and you can see Rei’s unhappiness. She did not make a good choice of a husband unfortunately. Meanwhile, Hitoshi clenches his hands in fists as he sits in his darkened room listening to his father and Rei.

After all that Kazu said to her…sigh. I don’t like him. I can’t really pity him. Rei, at this point, treats both Kenji and Hitoshi basically the same. She doesn’t seem all that conscious of Hitoshi’s feelings towards her, so I don’t get why Kazu is acting the way he is as it will only push his wife away and not keep her closer to him.

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