Smile, Donghae Episodes 63-64 Recap

Well…there really isn’t much going on. Why? Because of how much they drag and drag everything out.

These two episodes focus on Donghae trying to get to talk to Kim Jun to find out if Saewa’s father-in-law knows James or not and we have Saewa doing whatever she can to ensure that Donghae does not get to see Jun anymore just in case the truth is leaked out. She even goes as far as faking a text from her father-in-law telling Donghae he never wants to see him or speak with him again. Donghae, being Donghae, even though that hurts him, he respects Jun’s wishes.

We also have Saewa doing her best to get back into Hye Sook’s and Do Jin’s good graces…very unsuccessfully. Although…even though Do Jin is very unhappy with Saewa right now, you can tell he’s not happy with the underhanded tactics his mom employs to handle his wife. Saewa is even more desperate now than ever as she signs an agreement with Hye Sook stating she will divorce Do Jin of her own volition if she cannot get him to take her back in a month’s time.

In order to stop Anna from meeting Kim Jun, Sool Nyeo lets Sun Ok know that Jun is going back to anchor the nine o’clock news. Well…that is a great way to keep Anna from watching the news to see him as we all know the Lee family won’t tune in to watch his broadcasts. This news sends Sun Ok running to her husband and she finally finds out that all of Kang Jae’s business has been ruined because he lost the hotel contract. She then goes to the restaurant where he works. Seeing his pathetic state renews her anger against Kim Jun and she goes to the broadcasting station to let him have it. The only problem is she can only shake in fury as he passes by.

Sool Nyeo comes home and everyone is immediately worried and angry. Sae Young tries to get the Lee family to stop bashing her sister’s father-in-law, but that doesn’t work out to well. Bongi rushes out to get some medicine for her mother and Donghae immediately follows her out as he’s worried about her being out late by herself. Aigoo. Bongi is such an idiot. All day she’s been telling Donghae to stop being nice to her and confusing her because he doesn’t like her and has rejected her. WHAT part of Donghae’s speech made her think that? He was perfect clear that he just can’t do anything yet in the position he’s in, but Bongi has made up her mind that means he doesn’t like her at all.

Donghae finally grabs her and tells her that he likes her, but he has nothing to offer her so until he can stand on his own and proudly declare his affection and be someone the Lees can accept, then he can’t in good conscience do anything about a relationship right now. Donghae goes in for a kiss, but Anna comes out and the two spring apart. Donghae rushes into the house while Bongi happily throws her arms around Anna and declares how much she loves her. The surprised Anna returns the hug and happily says she loves Bongi, too.

Ji Chang Wook

Bongi and Donghae get their bonus for having the best selling dish on the Christmas menu. The two are happy about this. Donghae and Anna decide to use this money to buy gifts for the Lees and for Hye Sook. They go shopping and Anna pouts that she can’t have some cute pajamas like they have for kids. Donghae assures Anna that they will go shopping for her next time.

Jun lets it slip to Saewa that the end of the year family dinner is that night. Saewa is shocked and livid. So Hye Sook sought to keep her out? When Hye Sook and family leave the hotel, she looks at Saewa and immediately goes back in. Jun gets his wife to agree to a quiet dinner at home while Saewa tries to plead with Do Jin to understand that she is still his family whether he likes it or not.

As Jun goes down to the lobby to wait for his wife, he catches a glimpse of Anna with Donghae as they returned to the hotel to pick up the presents they accidentally left there. He pauses, but continues on his way until he overhears Bongi talking to a woman she calls “Anna ahjumma.” This really catches his attention and that’s where we end 64.

I can’t wait until that secret drops. This dancing around for a bajillion episodes gets rather old.

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