Smile, Donghae Episode 62 Recap

Whoops. I took a long break. I blame the summer dramas. I took on several airing Japanese dramas and then picked up a daily Korean drama. Insanity. So…now I’m back! And I swear I’m going to finish this drama this year yet…even if it kills me in how badly it drags out the plot, lol.

So Saewa’s surprise visit with reporters throws both Sool Nyeo and Hye Sook off. Sool Nyeo is worried about her daughter’s sudden plan while Hye Sook is angry and honestly frightened by just how scary Saewa is. However, this sneak attack does not go the way Saewa intends as Hye Sook kicks the reporters out (but not before they score some “happy” family shots. Hye Sook demands Sool Nyeo take her daughter back, but Sool Nyeo refuses saying that it is something for the kids to work out, not the parents.

Do Jin and Jun enter and wonder what is going on. Sool Nyeo uses this distraction to make her escape while Hye Sook fills in her husband and sun on just what Saewa has been doing and how much of a fool Hye Sook was made to look like. Saewa insists she is going nowhere as she still loves Do Jin very much and will do anything to prove it. Of course, this makes Hye Sook all the more determined to get rid of Saewa and thus while Saewa remains under her roof she goes back to her strict mother-in-law ways and criticizes every move Saewa makes. How long will the evil vixen last?

Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo goes home scared out of her wits and worrying what will happen with Saewa. Enter Sae Young dressed in a skimpy outfit. Mommy is NOT happy to learn that her daughter is parading around the streets in skimpy clothes being a model. Tae Hoon isn’t happy either. He and Sae Young go to their room and fight and are then kicked out of the Yoon household when Sool Nyeo snaps as it is all their fault Saewa is in the situation she’s in. Right. It’s all Saewa’s fault, not Tae Hoon’s and Sae Young’s.

Not having anywhere to go, the two and their twins end up going to the Lee house. Sae Young spills the beans on the whole situation and the four are allowed to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Bongi works on her recipe and thinks of Donghae and his response. When he comes into the kitchen and she asks him what he was going to say before they were interrupted by Kang Jae, she silently pleads for him to not say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘thank you.’ And wouldn’t you know Donghae kills her twice by saying both. A girl like Bongi is too good for him. Wae? She’s Saewa’s friend and has seen him at his lowest and absolute worst thanks to his relationship with Saewa. Until he’s accomplished his dreams and become a man Bongi can be proud of, then he cannot accept her feelings.

Ji Chang Wook, Eun Ji Won

This throws Bongi for a loop. She is distracted and unhappy looking the next day at breakfast and even ignores Donghae during work. Oh, come one. It was a heartfelt rejection. It wasn’t one of those kiss off rejections when a guy says that stuff to soften the blow to the girl. Donghae honestly wishes to become a better man to show Bongi and the Lee family. It’s not a never, but rather a reason to look forward to the future.

Do Jin, who really is suited for Saewa since he’s so deviously evil, orders Donghae to make him a meal for three people. He then calls up his wife and has her come to the hotel for a date. Saewa is excited that they are on their way to reconciling until Donghae shows up. Do Jin has Donghae sit down and proceeds to eat his meal while the other two sit in silence. When Do Jin’s childishness explodes, Donghae leaves. Do Jin then leaves and Saewa rushes after Donghae to demand why he’s back in that hotel. Donghae tells her that both he and Anna are back and this freaks Saewa out more. Donghae broaches the subject about what Sool Nyeo told his mother and Saewa adamantly refuses any connection between James and Kim Jun. She rushes off with Donghae still suspecting.

Saewa runs into Hye Sook who calls her into her office to talk while Kim Jun arrives at the hotel. Bongi is still ignoring Donghae and accidentally burns her hand when grease snaps. Donghae rushes to her and gets her hand under water. He demands to know what happened—is it because of the other day. Bongi says nothing’s wrong and goes off. Assistant head chef wonders just what happened between the two and I had to laugh when Donghae coldly tells her it’s none of her business. He leaves to get more veggies and sees Jun. He calls out to him and this is where we end the episode.

I’m pretty certain they’ll be dragging the father plot out for quite a while still. Ah, I missed this drama. Even though all the major plot points drag out infinitely, I love this so much more than the evil Crazy Love that I just finished.

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